Sunday 31 August 2008

Keith Brown. No mention of:-

No mention of the lies about Keith walking with a brick in his hand towards Khan's son.

The video, according to the prosecution, showed that Mr Brown was not at his gate, but in fact walking down his path quite normally. The video, the court was told, also did not show that Keith Brown was holding a brick as was being claimed and that Mr Brown was shown to walk at a normal pace towards his gate as the car was reversing in the street.

No mention of the hidden video in Khan's wardrobe of the incident.

No mention of PC Lynch, in the witness box, who explained to the court that he had no knowledge of a brick that had been handed to him, allegedly used by Keith Brown to threaten the Khans.

No mention of Mr Khan admitting to taking a wheel brace putting Keith Brown's blood on it and placing it in his car.

No mention of the 8 Asian men and 8 Asian women stood watching Keith die instead of calling the police or ambulance.

No mention that Keith and Khan used to work together for eight years. In fact Keith used to give Mr Khan a lift to work every morning in his car, hardly the act of a "racist".

No mention of forensic evidence of a penknife handed over by one of Mr Khan's sons allegedly used by Keith Brown to threaten them contained no DNA evidence whatsoever to connect Keith with the weapon.

No mention of the judge as he started his summing up and added that the jury were not to consider Keith's BNP involvement as anything untoward. The court was told that the Party is not a criminal organisation, as many of our political opponents allege, and that involvement and activism within the BNP does not go hand in hand with racism.

No justice for Keith Brown, BNP

The widow of a British National Party activist, Keith Brown, who was murdered by his Asian neighbour, has condemned the manslaughter verdict.
Outside the court Julia Barker told reporters that she felt the verdict should have been murder.

But Habib Khan claimed he had held a knife against his neighbour "to scare him" when he saw him trying to strangle his son Azir, and the jury concurred.

Saturday 30 August 2008

South West MEP Glyn Ford

Judge a man by the company he keeps

The Labour MEP for the South West (and don't forget Gibraltar) Glyn Ford, is planning to organise anti-British National Party events in Devon in the run-up to next years European Elections.
"In the last European elections they probably would've won two or three seats if it wasn't for the UK Independence Party. UKIP seems to be on a slight decline now and the BNP plans to capitalise on that.
And indeed we do Mr Ford. Indeed we do. We also intend to remind the people of Devon just who and what you stand for. So let us make a start now and I will watch Poirot another time. The butler done it.

Glyn Ford
, MEP sits on the unelected Steering Committee for the discredited Unite Against Fascism(UAF) movement and is a personal friend of the communist Gerry Gable of the state sponsored Searchlight magazine.

The divorced MEP who is considered to be "effeminate" by fellow MEPs and is a frequent traveller to various parts of Asia is also the national treasurer of the Anti-Nazi League(ANAL) - are they still about? When not travelling the world, he is also secretary of the Marxist European Parliaments Anti-Racism intergroup.

Cretin Ford, screeches;
"If the party got a seat it would be the start of an economic downturn. Big companies from places such as China won't want to go somewhere they're not welcome.
This on the same day when goverment figures reveal that we are about to lose another 2,000,000 jobs to places like China where people work for the price of a meal in order to just survive. Wake up man.

But wait a minute. There is more. Much more. Was it not Labour MEP Glyn Ford who was facing investigation after claims that his houseold bills were paid from his parliamentary expenses? Why yes it was.
His former parliamentary assistant, Kay Baxter, told The Express newspaper: "I became his household manager when the parliament was paying me to be his parliamentary assistant.

"Most of the household bills were paid for from the office fund. In effect his house became a hotel paid for by parliament.

"The office paid all of the electricity bills, phone, water, rates, television licence and even the council tax."

Mrs Baxter ran Mr Ford's constituency office from a basement his semi-detached home in Mossley, Greater Manchester, for 13 years.
Well despite the Labour Party saying they would ask Mr Ford to resign if he was found guilty of misusing public money, the man is still in place and I have been unable to track down news on any inquiry by either the eu or Labour.

The British National Party has a long memory. With power, they will be able to strip people of bought Titles. remove pensions and confiscate assests rightfully belonging to the True British People. Roll on that day and roll on the tumbrels.

Moslem murderer jailed for eight years. Bollox.

An hero of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile

The Daily Backstabber is reporting that the Moslem murderer of British National Party activist Keith Brown has been jailed for eight years.

Excuse my language but this is complete and utter bollox. The Dhimmi press and judiciary are bending over backwards like one of Chris Bryants cottaging friends to ensure the real truth of this murder is kept away from the True British Public. They will not succeed.
Judge Tonking said Khan had acted "in the honest belief that he needed to protect his son" but in doing so had killed Mr Brown.

He said: "It is beyond question that, by acting in the way that he did, Mr Khan killed Mr Brown unlawfully and, whatever their differences, the fact is that Mr Brown lost his life.

"That is a consequence for which Mr Khan must be punished with a significant custodial sentence."
Significant custodial sentence? Bollox. Bollox and more Bollox. Khan the killer was sentenced to six and a half years for the cowardly murder that the establishment have sanitised by calling it manslaghter.

The court have already agreed that this piece of filth be allowed to serve four years at home under the government tagging system.(Awaiting link) Do not be surprised to see images of him swaggering around town, a hero to the colonisers in less than a year.

But we do not forget. The British National Party never forgets. Justice will one day be done for Keiths familly and his memory.

Up of your knees my countrymen. That position does not suit you. Because if you do not, Dhimmi scum like the poster of the following comment on Walesonline will continue to be the voice listened to by the mad marxist elite who spits in our faces every day.
I think,the fact that the charges were reduced to manslaughter from murder,in some small way reflects the horror felt by the people of Britain at his appalling ordeal,but,I believe that is not good enough,and this plainly innocent citizen should be released as soon as possible and allowed to get on with his life.
I could not respond to the post. I was banned from that forum for posting links to the Liars, Buggers and Thieves site.

It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.

How can the people of Rhonda vote for this man?

This MP thinks that under 11s be taught explicit sex lessons. Yuk.

Well the Rhonda has a bit of a reputation around Wales and I know like most parts of Wales it was rather late in getting access to the internet but surely the flood of information about the homosexual Rhonda MP, Chris Bryant, has filtered up the valleys even to them.

Chris who is big advocate of "cottaging - the revolting practice of gay men meeting up in public toilets for sex with complete strangers" and soliciting for homosexual encounters by posing in soiled underpants whilst texting "I'd love a good long f***" is now proposing that under 11s be given explicit sex education. His pretext is that this would reduce teenage pregnancies. Some might think he has another motive.
After Labour's victory in the 1997 General Election, he was reported to have dropped his trousers in a Soho nightclub and performed a "sex act" on himself while swigging champagne and singing "Things Can Only Get Better".
Now you might think that most people would find this dishonourable members action repellent and wish to disassociate themselves from this man. But not the First Minister for Wales (remember. He is the one who went and played golf rather than represent the people of Wales at the Normandy Landing Commemorations) Rhodri Morgan. He said at the time that he did not know "what all the fuss was about". And yet people in Wales still blindly vote Labour. Strange people us Welsh.

However looking at the expenses claimed by Bryant last year, he was joint first with the Additional Costs Allowance and tucked into his grubby underpants a staggering £140,863 of expenses on top of his £60,000+ salary you would think he would buy more than one pair of pants. No wonder he has never voted on a transparent Parliament.

One last thing. Chris is a former London manager of the New World Orders dubious charity called surprise, surprise - Common Purpose.

Come on Wales. Try to shape up and start thinking about your children's future. Do you really want it directed by the likes of a grubby pervert who should be in jail and not parliament.

Friday 29 August 2008

Saving our Children from the State

Since the rise to power of the New Left, in the 1960.s - 70.s, education has been to instill the correct attitudes rather than developing the child’s abilities. The authorities brainwash our children and only certain selected topics can be taught in history with the Second World war dominant because Nazism is used to frighten children away from Nationalist sentiments.

I mentioned history being reduced to acceptable propaganda: a Government funded study in April 2007 found that Schools are stopping teaching the Holocaust in history lessons to avoid offending Muslim pupils. It found some teachers are reluctant teach this for fear of upsetting Muslim students whose beliefs include Holocaust denial. There is fear of teaching children about the 11th century Crusades when Christians armies fought Muslim armies for control of Jerusalem because a different version is taught in mosques."

Sexually transmitted diseases are becoming increasing among youngsters and is being imported from Africa by immigrants. But rather than face this a group of MPs led by Chris Bryant, parliamentary aide to Harriet Harman, says that the solution is to educate children more about sex education from a much earlier age. They want children to have relationship advice 'in context' if they are to make informed decisions about when to have sex.
Chris Bryant - Captain Underpants

It should be remembered that Bryant is openly homosexual as BBC News reported on 2nd December 2003, when he apologised for e-mailing a picture of himself (must read) in his underpants via a gay website. From 1994 to 1996 he was London manager of Common Purpose the controversial charity."

Many Muslims will opt out of this as it will be teaching homosexuality as equal to heterosexual relations.

Children could be taught sex education from the age of four, under plans by Mps. They could also be taught a version of the development of slavery, colonisation and how its links to the British empire and the industrial revolution according to BBC News on 27th August 2008

The Daily Mail of 27th August revealed. They want the Government to make advice on relationships, contraception and sexually transmitted diseases is compulsory in all primary and secondary schools. It is the latest campaign aimed at cutting Britain's teenage pregnancy rate, which remains among the highest in Europe despite repeated attempts by ministers to reduce it.

Even worse the The Daily Mail of 22 August 2008, reported that Almost a quarter of all babies in Britain are now born to immigrant mothers. In London the figure is 54 per cent, rising to 75 per cent in some boroughs....A report revealed that one in eight pupils speaks English as a second language...MPs and unions have called for urgent action to prevent schools being overwhelmed by the pressure but we can not trust them and must do this ourselves. Migrant children take longer to understand lessons and divert the teacher's energies from other pupils. In 1965 Peter Griffiths MP for Smethwich, a headmaster, called for special classes to teach immigrants English and was accused of wanting to start apartheid in schools.

It is much worse now so we must do it ourselves. Home education is not an alternative lifestyle choice it is now an imperative. Children were withdrawn for, say, bullying, unhappiness, failure to cater for SEN, or problems with teaching style and the curriculum but it is to save our children from Government manipulation.

Cultural Marxism is a total ideological system, imposing or manipulating opinions for all aspects of life - "Everything is Political." It is a subtle but less brutal version of Stalin's Russia. This process begins with children at school and operates on different levels. There is the physical level.

The State has DNA records of nearly a million children, some as young as five, and has been secretly taking their fingerprints since 2001. Each week 20 schools introduce fingerprinting. Ostensibly this helps them develop a love of books and reading. It replaces library cards by the child's fingerprint and placing the print on a scanner opens their computer file with records of the books they have borrowed.

Minister for Schools and Learning, Jim Knight, revealed that when working on a crime police have access to the children’s fingerprints but parents are not told. To remove the prints takes professional cleansing. The schools, education authorities and the Government say it is difficult to convert this code back though not impossible and a computer whizz-kid could re- create the original fingerprints for identity theft. To save our children we must set up Home Schooling networks and when the authorities try to impose restrictions, refuse them.

In July 2006 The Observer reported that British children, possibly as young as six, will be subjected to compulsory fingerprinting under European Union rules being drawn up in secret. The prints will be stored on a database which could be shared with countries around the world. Under proposed laws being drawn up secretly by the European Commission’s ‘Article Six’ committee, which is composed of representatives of the European Union’s 25 member states, all children will have to attend a finger-printing centre to obtain an EU passport by June 2009 at the latest. The Home Office wants to include children in its biometric passport scheme in two years' and automatically transfer their details and fingerprints to the new national identity database when they are 16. The Government is underhandedly building a genetic database. Data has been used for genetic research without consent, including attempts to predict "ethnic appearance" from DNA profiles.

Sport too has been jettisoned as the new elites detest competition and advocate co-operation to suppress male aggression. Commenting on our Olympic achievements in the Daily Mail of 20 August 2008, Leo McKinstry wrote: "Over the past weekend, our sailors, cyclists, swimmers and rowers won an unprecedented eight gold medals, by far the greatest haul by Britons in two days in a century of Olympic competition...Of the 14 heroes pictured on the front page of yesterday's Mail, six were educated at independent schools… Nor is this some statistical anomaly. The disproportionate Olympic success of privately educated contestants has been an enduring pattern in recent years....Equality of outcome is the central theme of the politically correct British state. The concept of a talented elite is despised rather than celebrated.

Excellence should not be encouraged for fear of lowering the self-esteem of those who lag behind. the sale of playing fields to make way for lucrative housing developments. Then there is the growing feminisation of the teaching profession, where more than 90 per cent of primary school teachers and 60 per cent of secondary teachers are women - a development that again leaves many sporty boys unchallenged...

The Commons Select Committee on Culture recently demanded that our national sporting body, UK Sports, should collect more information on 'the backgrounds' of top athletes. Such data, the committee said, would 'help increase the socio-demographic spread' of funding. In other words, the committee wants more social engineering, more drivel about equality, more intervention in the name of access. This is the sort of nonsense that has ruined state education and it would only undermine our sporting competitive spirit."

The new elites loathe male authority and attack masculinity as patriarchy. They see the main enemy as white racism and this justifies disadvantaging white pupils. No other ethnic group can be racist because they are sentimentally categorised as victims of our oppression and require "special needs".

While we are blamed as oppressors we are being oppressed at school by telling children their clothes or views could be offensive. What this really means is what you are doing is not acceptable to the upholders of the totalitarian orthodoxy.

A notorious example was reported by The Times of 7th march 2006: "Traditional nursery rhymes are being rewritten at nursery schools to avoid causing offence to children. Instead of singing "Baa baa, black sheep" as generations of children have learnt to do, toddlers in Oxfordshire are being taught to sing "Baa baa, rainbow sheep".

A spokesman for Ofsted, the watchdog which inspects Sure Start centres, confirmed that centres are expected to "have regard to anti-discrimination good practice" and that staff should "actively promote equality of opportunity. Christmas is being cancelled. The Daily Mail of 11th December 2006:"It is the time of year when parents and grandparents look forward to seeing their children dressed up as Mary and Joseph or the Three Wise Men. But the traditional Nativity play at Knowland Grove Community First School in Norwich has been axed in favour of a celebration of a range of different faiths."

But the most alarming was in the Telegraph of 8 July 2008. The National Children's Bureau guidance to play leaders and nursery teachers advising them to look racist incidents among youngsters in their care. This could be a child of three who says "yuk" to unfamiliar foreign food. The guidance is designed to highlight potentially-racist attitudes in youngsters from a young age. It alerts playgroup leaders that even babies can not be ignored in the drive to root out prejudice as they can "recognise different people in their lives".

The NCB receives £12 million a year, mainly from Government funded organisations and therefore the tax payer is having money taken to pay for their own children to be moulded by brainwashing into what the Cultural Marxist elites want them to be. The authorities are tightening control of the children. The school leaving age is to be raised to 18. It is not to improve education but there will be more time for state parenting as in school holiday clubs and breakfast clubs. This is to condition them for being monitored 24 hours a day in the E.U.

Home educating parents receive income support until their youngest child is 16. But in October 2008 new legislation comes into force and when the youngest child is 12, income support will be replaced with job seeker's allowance and the parents have to seek work. In 2010 the age limit for the youngest child will be reduced to 7 years old. The totalitarians want to keep control of the children which is why we must persevere.

This legislation is to force home educating parents to get a job and send their children to school. As it costs the taxpayer about £5,000 per year to keep a child at school there are no economic reasons to force home educating parents into paid employment and children into state schools. It is a political decision. The government should give home schoolers a tax deduction to the same value of sending their child to a state school. A voucher scheme would allow parents to either home school and use the voucher to pay for necessities like books, or, to send their children to state or public school and re-deem the voucher against the cost. Universities are open to Home Schooled children.

Home schooling families could get together to form Home school co-ops. These groups could meet weekly and provide a classroom. They are families who link to share their abilities and resources and broaden the children's education. This enables children to do science experiments, art projects, spelling bees, discussions; use museums, community centres, athletic clubs, after-school programs, churches, science preserves, parks, and other community resources. There are sports fields and leisure centres to use. By forming groups we could get discounts for block bookings. Secondary school level students may take classes at community colleges, which typically have open admission policies. Parents could work as volunteers.

For advice contact Education Otherwise.

An excellent aticle by Troy Southgate

Riaz Sobrany of Dissident Congress has much experience of Home Schooling.

Two excellent books about PC written from a old liberal perspective are "The Politics of the Forked Tongue" by Aidan Rankin(New European Publications) and "Retreat from Reason" by Anthony Browne (Civitas).

By: Mister Fox of the Green Arrow Forum

Thursday 28 August 2008

Springtime for Hitler

It seems that one of the plastic police as been suspended for having a sense of humour. Then again only the Jews and enrichers are allowed to have a sense of humor and boy what a sense of humour, as you can see by watching the clip above from the film, The Producers.

The controversial volunteer officer was previously removed from the Kentish Town team for suggesting to a black colleague that there was nothing wrong in voting for the far-Right British National Party, it is understood.
This time the PCSO, upset the establishment by goosesteping whist in a discussion with colleagues about the Germans. Whatever you do don't mention the war.

I can stop worrying

I used to worry that some crazed moon bat or deranged red ape might decide to do a Mark Chapman and blow Nick Griffin away and if that did happen who would lead the party.

After watching the above video I can see that I can relax and just worry now about the Chairmans personal safety and not the future of the Party.

Richard Barnbrook just gets better and better. Proving that a man can actually grow into a position. All our parish councillors are just cutting their teeth, they are the future County Councillors. The Country Councillors are the future M.P.s and MEPs and Nick Griffin is a future Prime Minister in-waiting.

Wednesday 27 August 2008

Airbrushing history

I see that Britain's involvement in the slave trade will become a compulsory subject to be taught in British schools. Need we wonder what the purpose of that is? Am I being overly suspicious or will this be another exercise in making white British children feel undeservedly guilty about their heritage whilst casting non-whites as victims of cruel racist imperialism?. I am sure my suspicions are well founded, and that schools will be highly selective in what details of the slave trade they they chose to teach, also, I wonder how much accuracy and balance there will be in what is taught?

Will school children be taught that the international slave trade had been carrying on for thousands of years before Britain became, comparitively briefly, involved?.

Will they be taught that 90% of all slaves were transported eastward to Arabia and Asia where there was a thriving slave trade at a time before England was a single nation, let alone Great Britain?.

Will they learn that there are currently twice as many people living in forms of slavery today, as I write this post as were transported to America in the entire North Atlantic slave trade?.

Will they be taught of Britain's leading role in ending the slave trade and eradicating across a quarter of the Earth's surface, and using our navy to prevent others from continuing the trade. Will they be taught that whilst Britain banned the slave trade in 1807 and abolished slavery across the Empire in 1833, Saudi Arabia did not get around to banning it until 1964 (a century after the American civil war), and in Niger it was not banned until 2003?.

In 1935, 100 years after Britain abolished slavery across our Empire, in Ethiopia an African country which had never been colonised, there were 2 million slaves. What are the chances of our children being taught that?

I doubt those facts about the slave trade are the ones British school children will be allowed to hear about.

All these details together with relevant links and sources were in an article I posted a couple of months back, which, without false modesty, I have little doubt is considerably more accurate that anything likely to appear in the forthcoming curriculum.

I can all but guarantee that facts will be re-written to produce a version of history that will fit the politically correct anti white fairy tales of our day.

In terms of re-writing history to create a past which fits a present political ideology the Britain of today is becoming more like those Eastern block countries before the fall of the Iron Curtain. I recently read the following account on K C Johnson's excellent blog about the Duke lacross hoax Durham in Wonderland, and repeat it here as I think it is very fitting.

In March 1948, shortly after a coup that installed totalitarian rule in Czechoslovakia, when the Czech Communist Party (KSČ) convened a celebratory gathering in Prague's Old Town Square. Tens of thousands braved chilling temperatures to hear KSČ leader Klement Gottwald speak. The new communist foreign minister, Vladimír Clementis stood beside Gottwald on the podium, and gave up his fur hat to shield the prime minister's bare head from the cold.

Four years later, a wave of anti-Semitic show trials occurred throughout the Eastern Bloc; Czechoslovakia experienced the most spectacular purge. In late 1952, the government denounced Clementis, KSČ first secretary Rudolf Slánský, and twelve other prominent Communists as "Trotskyite-Zionist-Titoist-bourgeois-nationalist traitors, spies, and saboteurs." Eleven of the fourteen arrested leaders were Jews. All were found guilty in show trials; eleven, including Slánský and Clementis, were executed.

The trials' outcome required creating a new, politically correct, version of the past. Propagandists eliminated the executed party members from communist history books. Clementis, for instance, was airbrushed from the photograph at the Prague demonstration hailing the coup. In the KSČ's version of history, all that remained of the former foreign minister was the cap that he had placed on Gottwald's head.The true story of Clementis and his fur cap comes from the opening of Czech dissident Milan Kundera's novel, The Book of Laughter and Forgetting. To one of the novel's characters, the tale showed how "the struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting." For historians, Clementis' fate illustrates the willingness of totalitarian regimes to alter the past to align with their contemporary political interests; and, from the other side, the need for scholars to resist such efforts.

I think we can be reasonably confident that Gottwald's hat will have lot in common with the history of the slave which will shortly be taught to our children.

By Sarah:Maid of Albion

Carnival of Death endangers us all

The plastic police could not stop a bus let alone a thug

So what is the final score for the Notting Hell Carnival of Death? Not in yet but it is going to be high in costs of those injured, raped and mugged. And the financial bill for those people who live on the route of the enrichers parade of power will be seen in increased insurance premiums.

Then of course there is the small matter of paying for the policing of the event. How many millions as that cost London ratepayers because the London Authority does not have the courage to ban the event in case they upset the colonisers? Damn cowards. I look forward to seeing what Richard Barnbrook as to say about it all. Links please.

And from all over London and surrounding districts the police were sucked from their real duties of policing their own areas in order to stop London Burning.
In some wards Police Community Support Officers, who do not have powers or arrest, were the only ones from the safer neighbourhood teams on patch during the two-day festival starting on Sunday.
But we know the caliber of the plastic police. They will watch your children die rather then put themselves in danger and as they have admitted on numerous occasions, they are not "obliged" to intervene in high-risk situations. No tax collecting is their job, not policing.

The Notting Hell Carnival

Strange isn't it how some people and the police got themselves wound up like clockwork oranges over the British National Party's Red, White and Blue family festival.

First they tried to get the RWB canceled saying that there "might" be violence from the massed ranks of the red apes objecting to people celebrating their culture in a field miles from anywhere.

When that failed, the "community leaders", the jumped up jobsworths in the council, refused a drinks license and when that failed to keep the members of the BNP from attending the event, in a fit of pique they send in some of their finest to warn the Leader of the BNP, Nick Griffin that he would be reported for having an unlicensed Punch and Judy show.

And then just a week later we are treated to amazing displays of "enrichment" by the colonisers destroying a large part of London.

And yet the press and the media remain silent and so those of us not wishing to be enriched by a brick to the head had to get the news from overseas and Youtube to see what really went on at the annual Carnival of Death. For a good report and links to video clips of people besieged in their own homes then go here.

Like the singer in the song says. "You ain't seen nothing yet".

Tuesday 26 August 2008

This blog is being monitored



(1) You refer to the midwinter holiday as ‘C*****mas’.

(2) You save loose change in a p***y-bank.

(3) You allow your children to read uncensored versions of Winnie the Pooh.

(4) You aren't prepared to cast the first stone at a rape victim.

(5) You believe that the earth is round.

(6) You think there’s something weird about a 53 year old man marrying a six year old girl.

(7) You think that repeatedly banging your head on the floor five times a day might be a symptom if Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

(8) You object to being a third class citizen in your own country.

(9) You fail to celebrate cultural diversity and enrichment when your daughter is gang-raped for not wearing a headscarf.

(10) You think government policy should be determined by your elected representatives rather than a raging mob of savages.

(11) You object to your taxes being used to support people who are plotting to kill you.

(12) You aren’t convinced that ‘Jihad’ means ‘Inner Spiritual Struggle’.

(13) You don’t understand why the Jews must be exterminated.

(14) You aren’t married to at least one of your cousins.

(15) You aren't erotically attracted to toddlers.

(16) You sometimes have doubts about BBC reporting.

(17) You occasionally wonder what’s inside those walking tents.

(18) You realise that taqiyya is not a Mexican drink.

(19) You believe moderate Muslims ride unicorns.

(20) You don’t appreciate the multicultural need for Methodist grandmothers to be body-cavity searched before boarding aircraft.

(21) You claim to understand the meaning of “Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them", even though you don’t speak Arabic.

(22) You don't get sexually aroused by kissing meteorites.

(23) You have reservations about ‘faith schools’ where the kids will be taught that you and your family are najis (excrement), at public expense.

(24) You don’t understand why flying your country’s flag has become a hate-crime.

(25) You don’t believe that God is a brothel-keeper.

How many of the questions did you answer ‘YES’ ?

On a scale of 0 to 25...
0 you are a Dhimmi and will be nominated for the Neville Chamberlain Peace Prize.

1 to 5 you are a Najis Kaffir.

6 to 10 you are an Islamophobe.

11 to 15 you are a Thought Criminal.

16 to 20 you are an Enemy of Allah.

21 to 25 you are a Zionist Crusader offspring of pigs and monkeys.

Fatwas are automatically awarded for all scores above 5.
Fatwas will be posted in plain brown paper envelopes in a choice of laminated or embossed styles, generously sprinkled with ricin, anthrax, sarin and polonium.

Source: A comment left on The Spartan Spectator

We did our duty

The price of "Duty"

Celtic Morning as responded to a previous article and so good was his comment, that I thought it worthy of a separate post.

I have taken the liberty of "editing" the post as Celtic Morning tends to just let his thoughts flow. Apart from that everything else is Celtic....

Are the British really dour fighters for the freedom of their homeland?

Our history would seem to suggest it. But what did France, followed by other European countries do ? They over threw the ruling elite with a cry of Freedom. Of course, they didnt defend it very well in WW2 . And Europeans, and Brits fled to America, the Great Republic which promised them so much.

And what did Britain do? They acted as they have done through the ages, we British did as we were told. We "did our duty". But it was duty as our superiors saw it.The general public followed on. Led by their noses, they did as they were told by a revered royalty and the ruling classes. And we still do.

Does a thousand years of "glorious history" boil down to the proles (us) doing what our "superiors" (them) would have us do, and usually without complaint, with pride even. We "stood firm" we "fought heroically" we sacrificed our sons and having done so we stood aside to be ruled, yet again, to a greater or lesser degree by our "superiors."

They may no longer be hereditary peers but they are, none the less, the modern equivalent. They lead and we dutifully follow. They command, we obey. They lie, we believe or, if we do not believe we accept, wring our hands and cry "what can we do." The cry gets ever more feeble as we sink beneath our hopeless burden, After all, that's democracy. Isn't it??

The struggles grow less as the servant beast is overwhelmed by the masters mighty strategies. Could this "British spirit" really be no more than a myth? What we have been conned into believing was "spirit" was, in reality, little more than acquiescence, a blind obedience, we have "done our duty" which in reality translates as, like good little children, "we have done as we were told."

So it is really no wonder that we have allowed our country to be taken from us because we are only doing what we are told. No one told us starkly what was going on(Apart from Enoch Powell and a few others) No one told us to resist. No one told us to do what was clearly our duty and to fight it.

In fact they told us to welcome the invading aliens for it was all for our benefit. They told us to accept a new and modern way of life which would sweep away just about all we ever believed in. And with few exceptions the sheep people, the soon-to -be Dhimmis, once again did all they were told to do and stepped aside as their country was taken from them.

The Proles are happy, proud to be British because we have won a few baubles at the Olympic Games. Once again, they are conned, this time on an "Olympic Scale!"

Proud. When aliens get lesser sentences then our own kind even though they commit greater crimes.

Proud. When an old lady is roundly abused by a scum bag invader on a bus ride.

Proud. When houses, benefits, health care, school places, maternity services are given to aliens instead of our own kind.

Tell me I am wrong. Did we once have a unique British spirit or was it all just a myth? And if we did have it, tell me where it has gone for we certainly don't have it now. All our troubles, all our dangers, are ignored.

We've won some gold medals! And they are not really gold anyway. Like our famed British spirit, they too are just a myth. False gold.

If we had true spirit we would not have stood for what has been done to us and until we find some real spirit the common people will remain just that. Common, downtrodden serfs watching the privileged go by in the fast lane while they themselves fade out of existence in the new, enriched, mulyi culti world.

The judges will tell us that we cant take the law into our own hands. Just whose hands should it be in then?

Monday 25 August 2008

A denial of greatness

By Sarah Maid of Albion

The number 2012 bus rolled into the Bird's Nest stadium in Beijing and out pored a ramshackle group of people, of varying shades and ethnicities, who proceeded to perform what appeared to be a waddling dance, whilst pretending to wave their rolled umbrellas at the bus. All the diversity quota selected figures from a Common purpose wet dream were there, a black man with dreadlocks, an a Asian in one type of turban and a black woman in another type, hers in a shade of canary yellow only seen on women recently arrived from Lagos, and usually at the front of an NHS queue.

Amongst them were a smattering of white people, but they were clearly there merely to make up the ethnic mix rather than as a representation of the historic, native, population of London, a group whom the Guardianista approved organisers seemed almost embarrassed to acknowledge.

The requisitely diverse dancers were then replaced by a mixed race girl who won the X-factor and went on to have some hits in the USA, who, together with an ageing rocker sang a sanitised version of “Whole Lotta Love”. This was supposed to represent London as we inherit the Olympic torch.

After the show with which the Chinese had just entertained the world, the British performance at the Olympic handover ceremony was cringingly embarrassing, not even redeemed by the village hall amateurishness of its effect, as the politically correct message was obviously deliberate.

The only respite from the grinding awfulness of the show came in the beautiful, if androgynous, form of the worlds second most famous living Briton, David Beckham, who obediently kicked a ball into the politely applauding if perplexed audience. Never was the Essex born Adonis's habitual expression of self effacing embarrassment so fitting, and no doubt so widely shared.

Was that the best we could do? Was that how London, for centuries the greatest city on earth, is now to be portrayed, is it how we, who live here want our city to be portrayed, indeed, as London is the capital of our nation, is that how we, the British, want our nation to be portrayed. Is that really how we want the world to think of us?

It was certainly how the politically correct guardians of our image wish to portray us, in their self hating desire to reinvent everything that was once viewed as British. Who can doubt that at the centre of planning for what one is reluctant to refer to as "the show", was a desire to flick a large 'V' sign at British history, because certainly there was no evidence of British history, or indeed London's history on show in Beijing on Saturday.

What does it say about us as a country? More importantly what future has a nation which has rejected its past?

What was the purpose of Saturday's excruciating performance? Will it attract visitors to Britain? Will it attract investment? I doubt it.

Do tourists come to Britain to “embrace our multicultural society” or do they come in search of our heritage and our history.

Apart from the relatively small number who come here for that noisy, crime infested and overcrowded street party going on this weekend, overwhelmingly they come for the later and not the former.

They come looking for a London steeped in white European history, a London of palaces and Christian churches, of Shakespeare's Globe, Tower bridge and a living story richer than almost any other city on Earth. They come to the city which houses the mother of parliaments, the essential birthplace of democracy and the form of law most widely adopted throughout the world.

People from across the word come to visit that capital of a nation from which more that is good and noble and more which has benefited mankind has flowed than any other. They came to the land which was the leader in bringing an end to an international slave trade which had existed for millennia, a land from which was responsible for more advances in medicine, science and human knowledge than almost any other, and to experience a culture which has had more impact on the world than any other, overwhelmingly for the good.

London as a city in its own right and as the capital of our great has given great things to the world, and it is a travesty that the real London was not celebrated this weekend. Gangsta rap and zoo nation do not represent London, they do not represent Britain, they are symbols of what is being done to us, but not of what we are.

Just who do these council people think they are?

A Council Spokesman

I was just going to flick to another page after reading about yet another tax and rate payer funded council wasting our money by producing and distributing a document telling their staff not to use phrases such "Man on the street" and "manning the switchboard" as they were offensive to women and had just thought "plonkers", went to click the Next Button and what caught my eye and made call up Scribefire but this line uttered by a politically correct Council Clown of the Month spokesman;
"We introduced the guide because as community leaders we must be aware of what modern society requires of the public sector. This includes the sensitivity of various individuals and groups, and current thinking in society in general.

"It is easy to make fun of individual phrases or words but what we are seeking to do is to be more sensitive and responsive to the needs of others in our society."
Community Leaders? Just who does this jumped up jack ape think he is? Get it straight Plankman. You and all the Council Staff in all the Country are servants of the ratepayers who pay your wages. Council Staff are not and never will be Community Leaders.

Now if you and others like you in Councils have nothing better to do, I suggest you do what you are really paid for. The collection of rubbish. Not the producing of it. Now bugger off.

The International Aristocracy

Rebecca and her daughters knew what to do with toll gates

Waking early and finding that I currently have no Internet connection, I try to read. But my mind goes to an article that I read yesterday about the proposed "fast track" lanes on the motorways.

These lanes, owned by private companies, will only be open to people who pay around £5 to use them and means that those with money will be able to sweep past the lanes of the "common people" stuck in crawl mode on the inside lanes.

There are already toll roads and toll bridges in place which wrongly add to the costs of the ever burdened British Workers as they attempt to get to work and sometimes those "extra road taxes" price them out of a job.
The 27-mile M6 toll road near Birmingham, opened in December 2003 and run by the Australian-owned firm Midland Expressway, has seen its toll fees rise by 50 per cent in just four years.
Where and who are the new Hosts of Rebbecca who will destroy these "toll gates?".

And who will be the people who will sweep past the peasants sat in their toy cars? It will be their "betters", gazing through their tinted windowed Mercedes at the Milk Cows that keep them in luxury?

They will be the "elite", they will be government and local authority representatives. All enjoying the "rewards" of being part of the New World Order. The will be united in Common Purpose.

And who really are the "elite" and how many of them are there? Well not a lot as someone once said. Research indicates that there are no more than 6,000 individuals controlling a world population of 6 billion. 6 billion serfs working for 6,000. 6 billion people whose destiny and lives they control. No wonder they feel superior and smug.

Some, just a few of these individuals will have climbed to the top by hard work, but for the rest, they will be the inheritors of the huge multi-national companies that now rule the world and nations. They will be from the 1% in Our Country who owns 70% of the land. Land they inherited from ancestors who took it by force from the people.

These people do not see individuals, they do not see families and they do not see Nations. They believe themselves on an higher plane than the rest of us mortals. They see a One World, a world with no boarders, a world which they rule from their Ivory Towers and private Islands. A world where the entire populations of once proud nations such as ours are all "leveled down". Leveled down to the point where they will labour just for the price of a meal.

And "troublesome" nations with national pride and races of people, such as White Europeans will be exterminated. Genocide of the white race by colonisation of their homelands by the enforcers of leveling down. The Enrichers, the colonisers. Sheep themselves who have been herded over to their new greener pasture in order to turn the green fields into quagmires of brown mud.

And nationalistic nations with pride in their own land and history will be destroyed, financially and by bombings. Bombed the way we shamefully bombed Serbia. A small country that was obstructing the growth of Eurabia. And if they can bomb Belgrade they can bomb London. And some might say. Good. We have already lost London.

Now some of you might think that a patriotic force like the British National Party becoming the government will be enough to save us but it will not.

The British National Party can save Our Country, it can improve the lives of True British People, it can take back the National Assets of that which has been stolen from the creators of the nations wealth but it cannot save Europe. Unless.

Unless the BNP works with and encourages the growth of other White Nationalist (and it is coming to that. White or die) movements throughout Europe then eventually Our Country will be forced into submission by the New World Order.

The "elite" have destroyed our fishing, farming, industrial bases. All these need to be rebuild. Alternative, energy sources sought at all costs. For if we are to survive we need all those things back.

Nationalist Movements across the World must unite now. In Europe they must form alliances and take the battle into hell itself. The European Union. Like guerrilla fighters, we must use the assets and resources of the enemy to beat them at their own game.

Australians, Canadians, New Zealanders must wake their people and point to our sad country and show their citizens what awaits them if they do not grow the balls to fight back soon.

And afterwards, when we have destroyed the Soviet Style EU, we can then build a confederation of Nationalist Nations governed by people who care about the sick, the elderly, the children who are the future. A Europe Governed by people like you, people who care.

And the New International Aristocracy that we foolishly allowed to come into being? What of them? Well I have never been a republican but times change. Perhaps I take up knitting and watch the tumbrels roll by or we can just leave them on their Islands in the Sun to survive any way they can.

Sunday 24 August 2008

How much does the EU cost Britain a year?

Well the answer to the question in the title is £4,110,000,000!!

Britain is the second highest "donor" to the EU (after Germany)

In 2007/08 the UK contributed £13,763 million to the EU, received back £5,693 million in grants and £3,960 in the British rebate, leaving a huge net loss of £4,110 million — a net loss of over £80 million per week to the British taxpayer.

While our pensioners freeze to death in the winter, the EU tax eaters are sending all of the UK taxpayers money that has being invested into other countries. Poland and Eastern Europe donate little to the EU and yet still get more of the cake then Britain(and Germany for that matter).

The above link will show you how much Britain's donations into the EU have risen in the past few years. In 2002/03 we invested £3,081 million to the EU kitty. Since Poland and Eastern European countries like Romania joined the EU, that has gone up over £1,000,000,000!! While our pensioners are freezing in the winter, our sick remain untreated and our own find it hard to pay ever more stealth taxes!


Excellent debate going on here on the Gates of Vienna

The Voice

Duped into Death

Way back in time, I read a poem about suicide bombers that really grabbed me, so I cut it from the paper I had read it in and put it safe. So safe that it was safe even from myself.

Then when I started blogging, the memory of it came back to me and so I hunted and hunted for it in vain, then started searching the internet but with no success as I had shamefully forgotten the authors name and the title of his work. I thought it lost to me forever.

Then last night, I discovered its paper copy folded tightly and tucked behind a photograph in my old wallet that had been replaced by a gift from my daughter several years ago.

It was first published in the Peterborough Column in December 2, 2003 and was written by a Michael Shenton of Bournemouth. Please read it. Even if you are not a lover of poetry you will find the message interesting.

The Voice

The voice that whispered in my ear
In urgent tones precise and clear Said:
"God is hate and God is War

And God wants blood - so make it pour.

And if you sacrifice your life,

Leave behind your child, your wife,

You'll win for all eternit
A place in Paradise. Trust Me!"

I packed explosives in a car,

Parked and waited near a bar,

Then watched the strangers milling round

Scream as thunder shook the ground.

Devastation everywhere...
broken bodies lying there;
I'd brought them death, I'd broug
ht them hate -
And won the key to Heaven's Gate.

But Heaven's gate I couldn't find.

Confusion, panic gripped my mind.

I searched and searched, but all I
found was one
vast portal underground.

The Devil opened up the door.

I saw a hundred souls or more

Seated round in a fiery room,

Their faces wreathed in pain and gloom.

"Meet my bombers," Satan cried.
"Mine was the voice, the voice that lied.
"Join the dupes whose souls I've won -
"Deluded fools, every one."

Saturday 23 August 2008

Publicising Paedophilia

By Sarah Maid of Albion

As the world's most famous living convicted paedophile Paul Gad, a.k.a the ex-pop star Gary Glitter was pursued by the world's media across half of Asia. At times the cameras focused on his face in such close up, one could almost count the unhappy one time singer's nasal hairs. There is little chance of the press attention letting up, and we can be sure that the faded star's every movement will make newspaper headlines for weeks to come.

The flashbulb frenzy which accompanied Gad's appearances at airports from Vietnam to Bangkok, Hong Kong and finally Heathrow, threw into sharp focus those paedophiles whose activities the press choose to publicise and those they do not.

Some may claim that that Gad's one time celebrity status was responsible for the level of media attention, which clearly is true to a degree, but many otherwise obscure individuals with no famous past will find their faces plastered across the front pages and TV news stories if they are exposed as a paedophile.

In fact, paedophiles do not have to be one time celebrities for their mugshots to head up the evening news, what they do have to be, however, is white.

According to the press reports Paul Gad went to an Asian country and sought out under aged indigenous girls for sex, and as a result it became a major international news story. However, when large numbers of Asian men in British cities target under aged indigenous girl for sex the news media falls silent.

As we have seen before with the young white boys who are falling unreported victims to the imported crime waves on our streets, the sacrifice of our young girls is also going on beneath the press radar. If the victim is white and the predator is not, it is not news, no matter how young and vulnerable the victim may be.

APP at the BNP’s Red,White and Blue festival.

The Australian Protectionist Party's Mark Wilson was invited to speak at the
British National Party’s Red,White and Blue festival. Mark’s speech went down very well and we will produce a video of Mark’s speech in the near future.

Part of the interview I found interesting, were the comments made about Pauline Hanson and her One Nation Party and its demise after Asians were allowed to join it.

Civic Nationalism does not work.

Great interview Mark and good luck to Darrin Hodges, the NSW state chairman of the Australian Protectionist Party, who is campaigning for election to the Sutherland Shire Council.

Friday 22 August 2008

The Fox's Prophecy

Click to enlarge

Now in all fairness, I do not ask much of you guys who read this site. Apart from repeatedly requesting you to join the resistance called the BNP, take control of your local councils, save Our Country, then save europe and finally the world, I ask nothing of you.

Well I am now. I would like you to read (perhaps again) the following poem whose origins are cloaked in mystery. By all accounts, the original manuscript was found in old English Church and reputed to be by a D.W. Nash and written in 1870. A depressing start but inspiring hope at the end. I would have liked to have known the author.

The Fox's Prophecy

Tom Hill was in the saddle,
One bright November morn,
The echoing glades of Guiting Wood
Were ringing with his horn.

The diamonds of the hoar-frost
Were sparkling in the sun.
Upon the falling leaves the drops
Were shining one by one.

The hare lay on the fallow,
The robin carolled free;
The linnet and yellow finch
Twittered from tree to tree.

In stately march the sable rook
Followed the clanking plough;
Apart their watchful sentinel
Cawed from the topmost bough.

Peeped from her hole the field-mouse
Amid the fallen leaves.
From twig to twig the spider
Her filmy cable weaves.

The wavings of the pine boughs
The squirrel's form disclose;
And through the purple beech-tops
The whirring pheasant rose.

The startled rabbit scuttered
Across the grassy ride;
High in mid-air the hovering hawk
Wheeled round in circles wide.

The freshest wind was blowing
O'er groves of beech and oak
And through the boughs of larch and pine
The struggling sunbeam broke.

The avried tints of autumn
Still lingered on the wood,
And on the leaves the morning sun
Poured out a golden flood.

Soft, fleecy clouds were sailing
Across the vault of blue.
A fairer hunting morning
No huntsman ever knew.

All nature seemed rejoicing
That glorious morn to see;
All seemed to breathe a fresher life -
Beast, insect, bird and tree.

But sound and sight of beauty
Fell dull on eye and ear;
The huntsman's heart was heavy
His brow oppressed with care.

High in his stirrups raised he stood,
And long he gazed around;
And breathlessly and anxiously
His listened for a sound.

But nought he heard save the song bird
Or jay's discordant cry;
Or when among the the tree-tops
The wind went murmuring by.

No voice of hound, no sound of horn
The woods around were mute,
As though the earth had swallowed up
His comrades - man and brute.

He thought, "I must essay to find
My hounds at any cost;
A huntsman who has lost his hounds
Is but a huntsman lost".

Then round he turned his horse's head
And shook his bridle free,
When he was struck by an aged fox
That sat beneath a tree.

He raised his eye in glad surprise,
That huntsman keen and bold;
But there was in that fox's look
That made his blood run cold.

He raised his hand to touch his horn,
And shout a "Tally-ho"
But mastered by that fox's eye,
His lips refused to blow.

For he was grim and gaunt of limb,
With age all silvered o'er;
He might have been an arctic fox
Escaped from Greenland's shore.

But age his vigour had not tamed,
Nor dimm'd his sparkling eye,
Which shone with an unearthly fire -
Fire that could never die.

And thus the huntsman he addressed,
In tones distinct and clear,
Who heard as they who in a dream
The fairies' music hear.

"Huntsman" he said - a sudden thrill
Through all the listeners ran,
To hear a creature of the wood
Speak like a Christian man -

"Last of my race, to me' tis given
The future to unfold,
To speak the words which never yet
Spake fox of mortal mould.

"Then print my words upon your heart
And stamp them on your brain,
That you to others may impart
My prophecy again.

"Strong life is your's in manhood's prime,
Your cheek with heat is red;
Time has not laid his finger yet
In earnest on your head.

"But ere your limbs are bent with age,
And ere yours locks are grey,
The sport that you have loved so well
Shall long have passed away.

"In vain shall generous Colmore,
Your hunt consent to keep;
In vain the Rendcomb baronet
With gold your stores shall heap.

"In vain Sir Alexander,
And Watson Keen in vain,
O'er the pleasant Cotswold hills
The joyous sport maintain.

"Vain all their efforts: spite of all,
Draws nigh the fatal morn,
When the last Cotswold fox shall hear
The latest huntsman's horn.

"Yet think not, huntsman, I rejoice
To see the end so near;
Nor think the sound of horn and hound
To me a sound of fear.

"In my strong youth, which numbers now
Full many a winter back,
How scornfully I shook my brush
Before the Berkeley pack.

"How oft from Painswick hill I've seen
The morning mist uncurl,
When Harry Airis blew the horn
Before the wrathful Earl.

"How oft I've heard the Cotswolds' cry
As Turner cheered the pack,
And laughed to see his baffled hounds
Hang vainly on my track.

"Too well I know, by wisdom taught
The existance of my race
O'er all wide England's green domain
Is bound up with the Chase.

"Better in early youth and strength
The race for life to run,
Than poisoned like the noxious rat,
Or slain by felon gun.

"Better by wily sleight and turn
The eager hound to foil,
Than slaughtered by each baser churl
Who yet shall till the soil.

"For not upon these hills alone
The doom of sport shall fall;
O'er the broad face of England creeps
The shadow on the wall.

"The years roll on: old manors change,
Old customs lose their sway;
New fashions rule; the grandsire's garb
Moves ridicule to-day.

"The woodlands where my race has bred
Unto the axe shall yield;
Hedgerow and copse shall cease to shade
The ever widening field.

"The manly sports of England
Shall vanish one by one;
The manly blood of England
In weaker veins shall run.

"The furzy down, the moorland heath,
The steam plough shall invade;
Nor park nor manor shall escape -
Common, nor forest glade.

"Degenerate sons of manlier sires
To lower joys shall fall;
The faithless lore of Germany,
The gilded vice of Gaul.

"The sports of their forefathers
To baser tastes shall yield;
The vices of the town displace
The pleasures of the field.

"For swiftly o'er the level shore
The waves of progress ride;
The ancient landmarks one by one
Shall sink beneath the tide.

"Time honoured creeds and ancient faith,
The Alter and the Crown,
Lordship's hereditary right,
Before that tide go down.

"Base churls shall mock the mighty names
Writ on the roll of time;
Religion shall be held a jest,
And loyalty a crime.

"No word of prayer, no hmyn of praise
Sound in the village school;
The people's education
Utilitarians rule.

"In England's ancient pulpits
Lay orators shall preach
New creeds, and free religions
Self made apostles teach.

"The peasants to their daily tasks
In surly silence fall;
No kindly hospitalities
In farmhouse nor in hall.

"Nor harvest feast nor Christmas tide
Shall farm or manor hold;
Science alone can plenty give,
The only God is gold.

"The homes where love and peace should dwell
Fierce politics shall vex,
And unsexed woman strive to prove
Herself the coarser sex.

"Mechanics in their workshops
Affairs of state decide;
Honour and truth - old fashioned words -
The noisy mob deride.

"The statesman that should rule the realm
Coarse demagogues displace;
The glory of a thousand years
Shall end in foul disgrace.

The honour of old England,
Cotton shall buy and sell,
And hardware manufacturers
Cry "Peace - lo, all is well".

Trade shall be held the only good
And gain the sole device;
The statesman's maxim shall be peace,
and peace at any price.

"Her army and her navy
Britain shall cast aside;
Soldiers and ships are costly things,
Defence an empty pride.

"The German and the Muscovite
Shall rule the narrow seas;
Old England's flag shall cease to float
In triumph on the breeze.

"The footsteps of th' invader,
Then England's shore shall know,
While home-bred traitors give the hand
To England's every foe.

"Disarmed, before the foreigner,
The knee shall humbly bend,
And yield the treasures that she lacked
The wisdom to defend.

"But not for aye - yet once again,
When purged by fire and sword,
The land her freedom shall regain,
To manlier thoughts restored.

"Taught wisdom by disaster,
England shall learn to know,
That trade is not the only gain
Heaven gives to man below.

"The greed for gold departed
The golden calf cast down,
Old England's sons shall raise again
The Alter and the Crown.

"Rejoicing seas shall welcome
Their mistress once again;
Once more the banner of St George
Shall rule upon the main.

"The blood of the invader
Her pastures shall manure,
His bones unburied on her fields
For monuments to endure.

"Again in hall and homestead,
Shall joy and peace be seen,
And smiling children raise again
The maypole on the green.

"Again the hospitable board
Shall groan with Christmas cheer,
And mutual service bind again
The peasant and the peer.

"Again the smiling hedgerow
Shall field from field divide;
Again among the woodlands
The scarlet troop shall ride."

Again it seemed that aged fox,
More prophecies would say,
When sudden came upon the wind,
"Hark forrard, gone away".

The listener started from his trance -
He sat there all alone;
That well-known cry had burst the spell,
The aged fox was gone.

The huntsman turned,
He spurred his steed,
And to the cry he sped;
And when he thought upon that fox,
Said naught, but shook his head.

Victory for Solidarity with Sita Suez Case

The extremist leftist Unite Union and its allies have been utterly defeated by the pro-British worker union Solidarity in their attempts to get British workers sacked at the Wolverhampton Sita Suez plant.

The three workers were the subject of a smear campaign launched by Unite, and culminated in Sita Suez, suspending the men simply because of their membership of Solidarity, and no other reason.

Solidarity immediately mobilised and brought its considerable legal expertise to bear upon the company. “We are pleased to report that Sita Suez has seen the error of its ways, and has agreed to reinstate the three Solidarity members immediately, without any blemish on their record,” reported Pat Harrington, Solidarity secretary general.

“The ‘investigation’ has been terminated, and the attempts by the anti-British trade union to punish workers for leaving and joining Solidarity, has failed. Our thanks to all those who supported the campaign,” he said.

BNP chairman Nick Griffin said he was delighted with the outcome. “This goes to show the gangsters running the other trade unions that the days of them being able to bully and intimidate British workers is now well and truly over. This case marks a turning point in the fight for British worker rights, and will resound throughout all industries. British workers have the right to join any trade union of their choosing, and no-one, especially not a bunch of fat-cat far leftists, can force them to do otherwise.”

Join the Solidarity Trade Union here.

Three Dumb Blondes and the BNP

Three Dumb Blondes or rather should I say three rather silly, dizzy, little teenage girls have decided they are going to save the world by holding an "anti-racist" music festival in support of Love Music Hate Racisim.

With some of the worst writing I have ever seen, worse even than mine, something or someone called Sundari Sankar reports here, how Camilla James, Alex Shearn and Katrina Farell, all 17 are aiding in their own destruction by promoting the LHMHR.

The foolish girls do not know that this so called charity is nothing more than a front for the extremely violent communists of the UAF/SWP. A front for collecting money from idiots like them. But they will learn... the hard way. I am sure there are many turnips out there who would be prepared to teach them about real racism and female equality.

Now I must warn you, especially you Celtic Morning, old friend, that what you are about to read next is going to have you frothing at the mouth or banging your head in despair. With all of her 17 years experience of life, Camilla said;

"I think Kenilworth is predominantly a white, middle-class town, which is where the problem stems from."
Now, who or what is brainwashing our children in Kenilworth? Could it be... why yes it is. A real True Brit by the name of Jaz Nahal, the religious education teacher at Kenilworth School who will also be one of the speakers at this ill conceived event. Just what is he teaching our children?

However there is at least one person with brains in Kenilworth. One Weekly News reader, where the article was published had this to say when he or she, recognized the event was nothing more than another part of the campaign of intimidation against the BNP and organised by the UAF.
"The stated aim is to prevent the ordinary British public from telling the truth about what is happening to their lives, their communities and to their country.

"Their aim in other words is to achieve their goals by intimidation.

"Given the group's full title, the message this time is clear: 'The white, middle-class fascists of Kenilworth must not be allowed to protest whenever their town is desecrated by marauding gypsies'!"
Perhaps these silly little girls should do their homework first. In Islamic countries, at 17, they are already too hold for the Cult of the Dead Paedophile and by now would have been married off after first suffering genital mutilation, dressed as letterboxes and put to work for their Islamic masters, the men.

The event will be held at Abbey fields on August 30 from 1200 on. We look forward to seeing the images.
A young brunette goes into the doctor's office and says that her body hurts wherever she touches it.

"Impossible," says the doctor. "Show me."

She takes her finger and pushes her elbow and screams in agony. She pushes her knee and screams, pushes her ankle and screams and so on it goes.

The doctor says, "You're not really a brunette are you?"

She says, "No, I'm really a blonde."

"I thought so," he says. "Your finger is broken."
You can read more where that came from here.