Thursday 30 April 2009

Ealing Council and Searchlight dirty tricks

Please click, enlarge and read the above image.

It is taken from Ealing Councils list of political parties that are displayed so that ratepayers and residents of Ealing can contact the party they are interested.

However, if you look at the entry for the British National Party you find the following

Now if this is someone's idea of a joke, then it is not funny, because if you ring the number, then Sonia Gable will answer the phone and if you were to write to that address it would be delivered to the home of Gerry Gable, the owner of Searchlight and the person responsible for coordinating the violent attacks on members and supporters of the British National Party.

Now currently the BNP are receiving many donations by post and requests for new membership and your average person would not be aware of just who Searchlight are.

This is a deliberate attack on democracy with possible fraudulent intent. One wonders if this was the idea of the imported American company BSD?

You can complain to Ealing Council in a number of ways. All of them listed here.


Harry Flashman comment on The Guardian

Young Peter Hain grew up in South Africa

Well I have to be honest, I really liked this comment left by Harry Flashman in response to an article by the orange orangutan Peter Hain attacking the British National Party.

In fact I liked it so much I have copied it over so you do not have to dirty your browser by visiting The Guardian where it was left.

Can you imagine how awful it would be if Britain was run by Fascists?

They'd make sure everyone carried identity papers and you'd be arrested if you failed to show your papers to a policeman, a policeman who would be armed with stun guns and two handled billy clubs and who'd beat unarmed demonstrators to the ground if they protested government policy. The police would be granted the right to intern suspects without charge for months and if anyone spoke out against the government they'd be arrested as "terrorists".

There would be constant monitoring of every citizen by CCTV on every street corner, the government would have access to your emails and phone messages, Jesus, they might even do crazy stuff like implanting computer chips in your bins to monitor your rubbish!

Anyone who happened to dislike some aspects of the government's social policy would be forced out of business and making jokes or speaking your mind about certain protected classes of people could see you losing your job or even your children. The state would gain control over the lives and livelihoods of tens of millions of citizens and anyone who deviated from "acceptable" standards of behaviour would be punished by being deprived of health or welfare assistance.

The state run media would be intimidated into parroting government spin and lies and everyone from doctors and nurses to teachers and neighbours would be expected to report to the government any behaviour which was deemed to be outside government decreed standards.

Who knows they might even go crazy and start invading other countries.

Er. . .

Hang on a minute.


NUT, Searchlight and the UAF

In January of this year, the National Union of Teachers (Nuts), voted in favour of establishing a political fund.

As announced on their website, the sole purpose of the political fund is to raise money to be "solely" used for the purpose of attacking the British National Party.
The term “political fund” has a special meaning in the law which relates to unions. It is not just a fund out of which a union pays for political campaigns and activity. These can be paid for, as they are paid for by the NUT campaigning for teachers and education, out of ordinary funds.
If you are a teacher or member of the NUT, who believes that your trade union should not be interring in the democratic process of Our Country but should be campaigning to improve the declining education standards that are now sub standard, then you have the legal right to opt out of paying into this fund. You can download an NUT Political Fund Exemption Notice here.

Teacher are also reminded that in the NUT fund-raising and campaign details, that you can download here, the document reveals the support of your trade union for the communist organisations Searchlight and the UAF, that have been responsible for vicious attacks on supporters and members of the British National Party. By giving your support to these evil organisations, you are condoning if not committing the following:
  • Verbal abuse of elderly paper sellers
  • Physical attacks on BNP members and supporters.
  • Death threats made by phone to children of BNP supporters and members.
  • Damage of property to members and supporters of the BNP.
  • Intimidatory phone calls to possible venues that have permitted BNP meeting to take place.
  • Theft of property.
Regardless of whether you are a conservative, labour or even Liberal Democrat supporter, then you should not support state sponsored bodies such as Searchlight/UAF that advocates and encourages violence to silence those they disagree with politically.

The British National Party condemns all violence. So should you.

If you can face down a class of todays teenagers without fear then you can face down a trade union that wishes to use your money to subvert and undermine democracy.

, ,

Liverpool Organising speaking on St Georges Day


Freedom of Speech

Gerd Honsik
I may not agree with what you say,
but I will defend with my life your RIGHT to say it
(I know that is not what Voltaire wrote for you pendantics)

I was just reading over on the Jerusalem Post that an Austrian historian has just been sentenced to five years in prison after being found guilty of "Wiederbetaetigung" - which means "re-engaging" in Nazi era beliefs. The crime is punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

Gerd Honsik
, was convicted in 1992 for questioning the "established" version of 2nd World War events but fled to Spain, where he was deported from in 2007.

To deny the "Holocaust" is now a crime in many European Countries and efforts are being made to bring the UK in line with those countries to imprison those who dare to question history.

Holocaust or Holohoax, I do not know. I have read many books and done much digging over the years and have not yet reached a conclusion. For every claim or documentary evidence there is other evidence refuting it. I do know that my father was machine gunned fighting against the Nazis.

And to be honest, I am much more concerned with the genocide that is facing the True Brits in my country and the white race across the world.

But the imprisonment of someone for daring to hold believes contrary to the "official" positon is not something I like.

I would feel exactly the same way if a communist writer was imprisoned for writing that Stalin was a cuddly little teddy bear and not a mass murderer who had his own gas chambers or that the massacre of 40,000 Polish Officers in Katyn never happened.

I would express in the strongest terms, my disappointment that he held such views, given the amount of evidence available but I would not want him thrown in prison for twenty years. I would be the first in line to stand vigil outside his prison and would campaign for his release.

Yet another reason, why the freedom loving people of Great Britain must leave the EU with its Napoleonic Code and its unjust laws.

In a related article I read that Gordon Brown has committed the British People to help in paying for the maintenance of Auschwitz. Personally I think the British People have already paid enough in lost land and blood in liberating Europe. Let Germany pay.

You might remember also, reading about Ken Booth, a school governor who was criticised for comaparing the concentration camp to a theme park.
Mr Booth, who says his own father suffered at Belsen concentration camp, said: “No-one is comparing Disneyland to Auschwitz but we are talking about how it has become more akin to a theme park.

“Everyone agrees atrocities took place. But to over promote one facet perpetually gives the impression that some one entity has the franchise on self-pity and suffering and all the other casualties of the war were less significant.

“Why can’t we all just remember all of the war dead on our normal Remembrance Sunday? Money could go to better things like books and equipment.

“It has started to be run as a theme park and promoted as such.”
Seems he was right along. This from the article about how Auschwitz is funded.
At the moment the Polish government shoulders the burden of the funding for site maintenance and the running of its museums, directly funding half the required 20m zloty (£4m) with unreliable tourism revenue making up the rest.
Unreliable tourism? Sounds like they are turning the place into a theme park to me also and that should not be allowed to happen.

What has the European Union done for us?

By Nemesis

The media has peddled misinformation to the public in an attempt to indoctrinate the British peoples into falsely believing that the constitution of the E.U. is in the British interest.

However, the available information suggests the contrary. The E.U. appears to be a British liability portrayed as an asset only by and for the controlling Plutocratic minority of contemporary British society. Only this minority group that benefits from this deceit fosters this fallacy while probably knowing it to be false.

The costs incurred by the U.K. tell us that the financial aspects of E.U. membership arrangements are adverse to the overall interests of the majority of the British people. The financial so called benefits for example are greatly outweighed by the financial disadvantages.

The duly elected intelligent and highly educated people in our society are obviously aware of this. However, this group appears to accept European Union dominance over the British way of life out of self interest … in doing this they betray their own integrity and the peoples’ trust. It is sad to find that those that were once perceived as the cream of our society have lost their way and accepted the proverbial thirty pieces of silver.

. The real financial costs of the U.E. can be seen in the following table:

Table of payments into and from the E.U. for the U.K.2002- 2008

In 2007/08 the UK contributed £13,763 million to the EU, received back £5,693 million in grants and £3,960 in the British rebate, leaving a huge net loss of £4,110 million – a net loss of over £80 million per week to the British taxpayer.” In addition “When added to this is the £6,000 million per annum cost to British business, which HMG has confirmed arises from complying with EU regulations, then the price of belonging to the EU is crippling.[Accessed April 24th 2009].

The table tells us that from 2002 until 2008 E.U. membership has left the British people directly out of pocket in payments to it by TWENTY TWO BILLION TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY EIGHT MILLION POUNDS for this six year period only.

The period 2007- 2008 tells us that the weekly amount lost to the British people in payments to it is EIGHTY MILLION POUNDS.

The loss to British business THROUGH E.U. POLICY is estimated at SIX THOUSAND MILLION pounds per annum or if we notch it up one it becomes SIX BILLION.

The weekly business loss of just over £115,000,000 (Six billion divided by fifty two) added to the £80,000,000 for E.U. payments give us a weekly loss of over £195,000,000 ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY FIVE MILLION. (The price tag for three NEW hospitals at around £65 million a piece or thirty one NEW primary schools at £6.2 million on a WEEKLY basis).

The total annual financial drain or loss to the U.K. on these two issues for 2007-2008 was £4110,000,000 (payments) + £6000,000,000 (business) = 10,110,000,000 TEN BILLION ONE HUNDRED AND TEN MILLION POUNDS.

The TOTAL LOSS to the U.K. for E.U. membership in the period 2002- 2008 is £22,268,000,000 (payments) + £36,000,000,000 (business) = £58,268,000,000 FIFTY EIGHT BILLION TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY EIGHT MILLION POUNDS according to the figures available.

It does not take the brightest spark to work out that E.U. membership for the U.K. has created a FINANCIAL DISASTER just on these figures alone … a liability that the British people can no longer afford … a liability that is spreading misery and despair throughout the British people. In addition to the payments made and business losses in the U.K. through E.U. legislation.

The country suffers additional financial drain by employing an immigrant workforce … A PRACTICE MADE PERFECTLY LEGAL UNDER E.U. RULING.

It was estimated that around ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY BILLION POUNDS was drained out of, or lost in, the British economy in 2007- 2008 as a result of practices carried out by immigrant workers (Money sent out of the U.K. to their country of birth (deflation), State expences for British workers who have lost their jobs to immigrants, National Health utilisation, legal costs, immigrant worker tax fiddles, etc of the three and three quarter million immigrant workers in the U.K.).

If we add this to the finance lost through E.U. membership payments and business losses through E.U. legislation we have £4110,000,000 + 6,000,000,000 + £160,000,000,000 = 170,110,000,000 a staggering ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY BILLION POUNDS for just a twelve month period.

If we stopped this financial wastage the country would not need to borrow vast sums of money to support our crumbling economy … in fact the economy would not be crumbling.

However, other expenses such as the State costs for immigration control has not been researched for this article and suggests that E.U. legislation in relation to immigration would cost well in excess of the figures given.

The costs exposed here would suggest that only lunatics would adhere to the practices dictated to the U.K. by Brussels … however, the motivation does not appear to be as much lunacy as it does greed.

Sadly, the damage done to the U.K. through European Union legislation stems well beyond financial matters despite the primary cause being greed. The undermining and destruction of British culture and the insidious acquisition of our heritage is of grave concern.

The E.U. mandate on immigration allows immigrants to legally exploit the targeted country without becoming part of it. The process is actually more aptly described as colonisation. The immigrants retain their alien and incompatible cultures in their host country with no intention to integrate.

The process often gives way to the foreign culture being embraced and given precedence over the natural native culture into which the immigrants intrude. If not checked this process will be the death of the British way of life. British culture is being destroyed by the mandates of Brussels.

The heritage of Britain has been been formed by British people for British people and should not fall into the hands of foreign charlatans and the illegitimate. The heritage of the British people is seen in honourable (Well they were once … weren’t they) positions of members of parliament and the House of Lords.

What are foreigners doing in these positions of political power … positions that are part of our heritage … positions to which they have no ancestral right?

Our Christian religion is being undermined, our universities are under foreign compromise, our economy is being taken from us or destroyed.

The welfare system that was established for us by our ancestors is now overloaded through its exploitation by intruders … intruders whom we are expected to play second fiddle to in our own country.

The laws of so called equality in employment and housing is geared up to discriminate unfairly against the British people … allowing aliens to insidiously take over our rightful ancestral legacy.

The culture and heritage of Britain is gravely threatened by the rules laid down by Brussels … rules that Britain can no longer afford to abide by …. The stranglehold Brussels has upon Britain needs to be broken if the British peoples are to remain truly BRITISH and have a BRITISH future.

To briefly evaluate the situation the processes of the European Union, through recent changes that have taken place, is destroying the British economy, culture and heritage and most importantly the British peoples.

So let us reiterate: What has the E.U. done for us?

In adopting the authority of the European Parliament British authority over our own affairs has been annulled. The British leaders responsible for this act have handed control of our country over to foreign powers.

The E.U. mandates are the main contributors towards the destruction of the British economy.

The destruction of the British economy is responsible for the knock on current social degeneration that British society is undergoing. The promotion of greed and selfishness is now at a level probably never seen before in the U.K.

  • The E.U. mandates have spurred the acceleration of poverty and social deprivation amongst the lower echelons of British society.
  • The E.U. has engendered the rise in misery, despair and fear amongst the British peoples.
  • The E.U. is orchestrating the destruction of British culture.
  • The E.U. is orchestrating the destruction of British heritage.

The Plutocratic controlled European Union is most certainly the nemesis of the British people and British way of life … as sure as I wish to be the Nemesis of the Plutocracy.

If you can think of anything DEMOCRATICALLY positive (that is for the benefit of the British majority_not the minority toads riding the gravy train) to have come out of the E.U. to the benefit of the many without greater loss I would be glad to know of this.

If any Marxist reads this article and would like to discuss it rationally I am open to debate as are all BNP inspired writers who can support their conclusions with hard facts. Additionally, the indoctrinated people in question should note that the BNP is the new peoples’ party … if we represent the people, who are the pseudo Marxists representing?


News in from Jumadal Ula

Green Arrow discovers the location of Jumadal Ula
(Click for larger image)

Never let it be said that the Green Arrow does not know how to laugh at himself.

By now, all readers of Nationalist Blogs have come to realise that one of the ways that the New World Order intends to subvert Our Country from within, is to flood it with refugees, illegal refugees, immigrants, illegal immigrants, migrants, illegal migrants and if necessary Martians and give them the vote(please read this document- very important).

All are welcome, providing they vote for The Establishment parties, with their "Sod the Country" policies so long as they feather their own nests.

And to ensure their success, they have helped set up Operation Black Vote, Operation Asian Vote and the Searchlight Party that combines every person in the world who hates the British National Party.

Searchlight, of course as you know, is led by its communist owner Gerry Gable, who is still seeking revenge, after discovering his wifes "friendship" with several National Front activists. Come on Gerry, forgive her. It was a long time ago and I am sure she has stopped making comparisons by now.

But going back to Operation Black Vote, I was interested to read over on the Nigerian, Daily Independent, that a British political party called the Christian Party had set up two offices in Nigeria to arrange proxy votes for Nigerians to vote in the coming European Elections.
Hargreaves told a press conference in Lagos that his party plans to build a voting bloc among British Nigerians and other Africans, who he lamented are the targets of bad policies by the country's far right politicians, especially the British National Party (BNP).
Incredible isn't it. Every man and his dog are being recruited, in order to prevent the British National Party making gains in the coming elections.

Democracy is a wonderful thing but when misused it is a deadly weapon that can be used against a nation. One man. One Vote. ONCE.

Then moving on, I read a rather long article in the Daily Triumph by some writer, called Taju Tijani. Usual stuff. Poor hard done by blacks, evil whites, evil British National Party, etc, etc.

And this where the Green Arrow slipped on a bannana. Wondering where the Daily Triumph was based he saw the words Jumada Ula next to the banner.

Jumada Ula? Where the bloody hell is that I thought? I have always loved geography and maps and wracked my brains indexings system for a clue. But zip. Nothing. Africa. Asia? Not a trace. Was it another Biarmaland or Atlantis?

Giving up, I turned to my search engines. Then I started laughing and when I stopped, I started writing this article. And this line HERE is where we are at now. Actually we are now HERE because I typed some more. Stop It now GA.

Because what my tired eyes had failed to recognise, was that that Jumadal is actually the day of the week in the Cult of the Dead Paedophiles calendar and Ula is the month.

So it turn out that Jumadal Ula 4, 1430 A.H. is actually Thursday April ,30, 2009.

What a numpty I can be. Some of you might like to read this other article that mentions the Islam Caldendar which is about as reliable as a dead rabbit for keeping track of time.

By the way. Good morning BNP.

, ,

Wednesday 29 April 2009

Why did Youtube remove this video?


You tube removed the above video? Why? And why do they remove and suspend British National Party supporters for the slightest or no excuse?

The above image was screen recorded whilst on Youtube by someone who understands the way Youtube operates.

The censorship increases daily. Wikipedia is now totally unreliable because of the influx of Asian moderators. Digg is run by reds.

Well the wheel is turning lads and one day they will pay with their own freedom for denying it to others.

Please download the above, zip it and email it to everyone you know before it is taken down from metacafe.


BNP Councillor Meiron Bowen and Plaid Cymru

Llandybie Church, Ammanford
The clock was added in 1920 as a memorial to the dead of the Great War

Only nine days after the Green Arrow reported on the defection of a former Plaid Cymru councillor, Meiron Bowen to the British National Party, the Welsh Press have finally decided to report on the story.

BNP Councillor Bowen said he had been thinking of joining the BNP for some time.
“I walked away from Plaid because I was being dictated to by party politics,” he said.

“People feel let down by Plaid and Labour and the BNP is prepared to address certain issues other parties aren’t.

“Labour and Plaid have lost their way while the BNP has more in common with the man in the street.”
And the British National Party welcomes free thinking men like Meiron Bowen. Men who are prepared to think for themselves and discover the truth. Then to stand up and be counted.

Not for men like Meiron, the act of staying silent and remaining loyal to a party that has betrayed the people of their country. A brave man and I for one applaud his courage and his actions.

But you have to admire the tenacity of people like Plaid MP Adam Price, who once they decide to be stupid, carry on digging no matter how deep the hole they have dug for themselves. Remember Adam is the man who said just days before Merion joined the BNP:
THE people of Carmarthenshire are above being swayed by right-wing rhetoric,
Determined to keep digging until he buries himself completly he now says:
The people of Ammanford were among the first to respond to the threat of fascism during the Spanish Civil War.

We are certain the message of hatred that is at the heart of the BNP will receive little support today either.
Not sure what the defeat of the communists, who with the support of the Soviet Union, wished to eliminate religion in Spain back in 39 has to do with the BNP but thats what he said. I do seem to recall that the communists did carry out war atrocities on a vast scale but that is par for the course with communists.

However Price is no longer in the hole alone. Labour Councillor, Peter Cooper has jumped in with him by saying stupidly:
“I don’t think Mr Bowen is the type of person voters will take seriously.
No of course not. That is why they voted him a councillor in the first place.

Councillor Bowen will be assisting fellow BNP Councillor, Kevin Edwards in his campaign to be elected in the coming European Elections on June 4th, when everybody with a vote has a chance to change the history of Our Country by putting their X alonside the name of a BNP candidate.

, ,

Peter Hain goes back to his roots - violence

Remember Peter.
We never forget.

Peter Hain
must be as stupid as the American who thought it a good idea to fly Airforce One over New York on Monday and terrify the entire city with memories of 9/11.

Actually, that was a very well thought out stunt, to remind the American Public about the evils of Islamic Terrorism and ensure continued support for their foreign wars. Cynical and callous but effective never the less.

But back to Peter Hain. As anyone else noticed that the time Our Country really started to slide down the pan was when Peter Hain, fleeing from South Africa and his terrorist past arrived in this country? Having helped set South Africa on the road to anarchy, he probably thought time to do the same to the UK. You are going to pay for your sins Peter, you know you are.

Hain a committed marxist and terrorist supporter and suspected bank robber, was a founder member of the infamous and appropriately named ANL organisation that was set up by the Socialist Workers Party to physically attack nationalists back in the late 70's.

Today, Peter, as well as pocketing other peoples money to the tune of £103,000 is still trotskying out the same anti-democratic slogans and calls to violence via the new ANL, the UAF. Another marxist organisation that puts forward no candidates in elections and incites violence against the patriotic supporters and members of the British National Party.

Writing in an article that has been dutifully carried by the lickspittle agents of The Establishment he pours out out a clear incitement to violence with;
The lesson of the Anti-Nazi League's success is that the BNP needs to be confronted wherever its supporters march or appear in public; and they must also be denied platforms to spread their hate. This was the lesson of the 1930s when Blackshirts led by Oswald Mosley targeting Jewish communities in London's East End were physically stopped in Cable Street in October 1936.
Now what Hain is really saying here, is that the stupid people who have swallowed the lies of The Establishment and allowed people, like the orange orangutang to become extremely wealthy is that they should "physically" attack the British National Party at every opportunity.

With regards to Cable Street and London's East End, I am fairly sure that there are now very few real "East Enders" left there. Thanks to enrichment they are now living in the suburbs. But that is another story, so we shall leave it for now.

And Peter, who knows that a British National Party government would reopen the files on his involvement in the deaths of both Blacks and Whites in South Africa, the vanishing of £103,000 and his possible involvement in the Church Street bombings and his novel idea of banking, is desperate to escape justice and is fighting, not just for his political career but his personal freedom also. Because he knows he is guilty. He knows he has blood on his hands and he knows the BNP never forgets or forgives.
All the main parties, Labour especially, must shake off their complacency and take on the BNP directly. Its poison should be combated on the doorstep, through leafleting and campaigning. Labour candidates and campaigners should work with those from Unite Against Fascism ( and Stop the BNP ( Both organisations are mobilising a new generation of activists and concerned people from trade unions, churches and other organisations.
Take on directly? Again a call to violence against the BNP via the alliance of the UAF and the state controlled Searchlight organisation, run by fellow communist Gerry Gable, still smarting over his wifes involement with members of the National Front.

Searchlight targets and the Claw Hammer Gang of the UAF do the attacking.

The origins and links to violence of these two evil organisations that work against democracy and against the interests of the True British People are well known.

But clearly still not known by those who continue to vote and support Labour and those who support David Cameron who is a signatory to the violent UAF as is Peter Hain.

And still I ask is there not one journalist out there with the courage to do a little digging into the true nature of Searchlight and the UAF? I am more than prepared to provide documents and links to information supporting everything I have written above.

Or is honour, duty and love of freedom of speech, only to be found these days in the members of the British National Party?

, , ,

"Negative Campaigning" - An American Import we need to chuck back in the pond

One Day Gerry Gable will say you will find a youthful JohnofGwent alongside Dai, John and Phil from UHW Medical School in this crowd. A tenner to the man or woman who can spot the JoG.

by johnofgwent

I have a confession to make.
At the age of 20 and a half I took an 18 year old woman to a student "vicars, tarts and flashers" party. There I danced provocatively with three male medical students each of whom would not look out of place on the set of St Trinians. Their fishnet tights and blonde pigtail hairstyles (wigs from the stage school for two of them, his own golden locks plaited in the case of the third) gave a particularly convincing finishing touch.

I drank copiously in the company of a work colleague whose appearance convinced all he had spent weeks living rough drinking meths and cider. His subsequent stage performance stripping to his boxer shorts to reveal a codpiece built around a stolen orange flashing road cone light brought the audience to tears.

Meanwhile the "Reverend JoG" spent the evening showing his flock the evils of wine and fornication and delivered a sermon on "hellfire and retribution" with demonstrations of puinishment meted out with the riding crop he had cunningly concealed in the jodphurs he'd worn under his cassock all evening. Many applauded as he proceeded to spank all and sundry to the accopmpaniment of the popping of camera flashbulbs.
OK so by now those who rolled on the floor laughing as you visualise the scene I describe above which really did happen in Cardiff University in 1977 are probably asking what on earth I am on about in this post and why.

It is simple really. Negative Campaigning is alive and kicking and needs to be kicked into touch. There was a day and not so long ago when American Presidential Elections were fought by two people slugging it out with each other over their failings, their dodgy finances, their dubious sexual conquests and their indulgence as teenagers in sex, dtrugs and rock and roll while British Politicians of all colours both political and skintone who were faced with such matters on camera would instantly wipe the floor with their interlocutor for having the audacity to drag the personal life and foibles of oneself and one's political opponents into the media. Such things were just "not done" in British Politics the chastened paxman wannabe would be told on air.

And they would have a point. For as the late Clement Freud said to camera a few years ago speaking of the time when he was Member for The Isle Of Ely "in those days it was customary to PAY your secretary and SLEEP WITH your wife". And while there may have been some (or many) who had other ideas, no-one in their right mind would think of using it as a weapon to smear their fitness for political office.

Yet this week despite Gordon Brown's denials and his distancing himself from his former "closest and most trusted aide" I have seen attacks against George Osborne who apparently aged 22 was photographed at a party in the company of a (fairly stunning, actually) woman of ill repute sixteen years his senior. I have seen another aimed at David Cameron who is said to be shown in a youtube vid "raving the night away at an acid house party". In truth that vid from nearly two decaded past is of such poor quality it might well be David Cameron but equally it might be David Icke. What I think I can say with certainly is that a fellow partygoer is probably buying a new car this morning with the blood money handed to them by some hack for the provision of that ancient footage.

And that brings me back to my opening confession. One of these days I might just decide to stand up and give our political overlords a bloody nose at the ballot box - or have a damn good go. And if I did, you can be sure someone's dirty little helpers would be out there digging up whatever they could. And who knows who might hand over a grainy, underexposed photograph of a grainy, but highly overexposed (!!) JoG wielding a riding whip in suggestive circumstances.

Why would they do this ? Because their policies are as bankrupt and empty of substance as their party bank accounts. They have nothing to offer in the way of positive policy and resort instead to trying to knock lumps out of the other guy. "Vote Labour" says Rhodri Morgan at the Party Spring Conference, "not for what we will do - which you will hate - but for what the opposition will do as they are crap". A sentiment echoed by his stand in and Welsh Secretary Paul Murphy. And meanwhile I see Trish Law is "taken to task" - by some Labour Upstart Nerd half her age who looks like he hasn't found the need to buy a razor yet - for "not bothering to stand up in the hot air politician pit in Cardiff Bay", when in fact she spends most of her time in her constituency listening to and dealing with issues raised by her constituents . Pardon me Mister Labour Nerd Soon To be Expelled From Office but isn't it your job to deal with your constituents and how much of that have you done ?

Coming back to party festivities, in reality the fact that I managed to borrow the riding gear I mentioned from my previous girlfriend and wear it in the presence of my current one AND use it to spank her and three blokes yet still persuaded her to marry me a year or so later should demonstrate beyond doubt that I have the skills necessary to stand for high political office in this country (!), although what may possibly count against me is the fact I'm stilll married to her twenty eight years later and haven't gone near another woman since (and if you'd seen what she looked like then, you'd know why). But I believe in getting my confessions in first.

Feel free to take the credit for the scoop, GA (!!!)

Tuesday 28 April 2009

BNP South Wales investigates Immigration

Now this is a cracking piece of work by South Wales BNPTV and well worth watching.

My only complaint with it does not concern content but background sound and so you might have to tweak your volume. I am sure that our boys or having to learn on the job will soon know as much about Sound Engineering as the best out there.

When you have watched the video, then please go here, where you can rate, share, favourite and leave a comment.


The Briish Lion Roars In Defiance

Enough is Enough
Time to fight and bite back

By Reconquista

5. The British Lion Roars In Defiance


There is a common saying I'm sure you're familiar with: "Knowledge is power." As with many common expressions of wisdom, this doesn't quite ring true. Knowledge for the sake of knowledge is folly. The only way knowledge brings power is when it is applied to achieve something. For British Nationalists, this means applying knowledge to achieve the noble goal of defending the realm from its enemies and ensuring that Great Britain remains a free nation for the British people and their descendants.

Britain is a nation at war although the majority of British people either don't realise it or refuse to accept it. Islam has declared war on the West and it has declared war on Britain. This declaration of war has absolutely nothing to do with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; with the Christian crusades; with the support for Israel or Western decadence or any other lame excuses lying Muslims and their lick-spittle apologists trot out.

Islam has declared war on Britain SOLELY because it is in "Dar al Harb" the lands of the hated and despised unbelievers - kuffars - and it is the duty of every single Muslim on planet earth to turn "Dar al Harb" into "Dar al Islam". They are commanded to wage war against the kuffar by their deity and they have been set the example by their prophet Mohammed who waged war against unbelievers, personally murdering, torturing and enslaving kuffars who refused to submit to the will of Allah.

Whether you or anyone else likes it or not or whether you choose to accept it or reject it, Muslims are waging jihad against you and every other Briton. In this series of short essays: Resistance: The British Counter-Jihad, I have attempted to demonstrate the brutal reality of Islam and the serious threat it poses to Great Britain. In particular, the broad scope of Islamic jihad; the example of the Islamic prophet Mohammed; the suicidal ignorance of our own people; Sharia law which justifies the abuse of women and children among its myriad of legalised inhumane horrors and not least, the violent persecution of Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and Christians by "moderate" Muslims all around the world wherever the evil of Islam dwells.

The aim of the Muslims is simple: Turn once Christian Great Britain into Islamic Al-Britannia. They are fiercely committed to this "holy" task - Islamic jihad - and their fanatical pursuit to establish the global caliphate is backed by billions of Saudi Arabian and Iranian petrodollars to advance Islam in our land. Billions spent by an oil-thirsty West that funds its own destruction.

How jihad is prosecuted is explained in more detail in the previous four essays. By itself the knowledge about jihad is useless. It needs to be applied and that means using it to fight and defeat the current global Islamic jihad. In this final essay in the series I am going to present some ideas for actions you can take to help you apply the knowledge as effectively as possible. I also hope that they will provide food for thought so more ideas and strategies are created.

Beautiful Britannia is being violated by beasts. What are YOU going to do to defend her?

Once, Twice, Thrice Bitten - When Will The Penny Drop?

We British offered the hand of friendship and hospitality to Muslims. We tolerated their "religion of peace" and we shared our wealth to help Muslims build a better life in our green and pleasant land. In return, Muslims have trampled on our values and traditions, battered our youth, raped our women, sexually abused our children and then denounced us as "racists" and "Islamophobes" when we spoke out to defend our people. If that wasn't enough, they slaughtered innocent Britons on the streets of London and continue to plot and plan atrocities to slaughter even more of our innocent year in, year out. They then demand more tolerance and respect from us - or else.

Ahmed Lord of Jihad even successfully crushed free speech in Great Britain by threatening to "mobilise an army of 10,000 Muslims" if Geert Wilders - a democratically elected Dutch MP - was permitted to speak to the House of Lords. Ahmed declared this suppression of freedom "A victory for Muslims." And still we British tolerate this kind of belligerent intolerance from Muslims.

Clearly, and despite deceitful apologists telling us "Islam is a religion of peace" - an insult to the intelligence if ever there was - Muslims have yanked the lion's tail with impunity and will continue to do so. Tolerating Islam is an act of hypocrisy - no worse, it's suicidal insanity. Time to stop the madness. Enough is enough and it's time these intolerant, self-righteous, hate-filled Muslim invaders heard the mighty British Lion roar.

This means you, me and all British Nationalists have to fightback by applying our knowledge effectively so it weakens the enemy. There are lots of actions we can all take, some difficult, some easy. But act we must or Al-Britannia will become reality, possibly in as little as twenty to thirty years time. And if we fail to act, this reality will mean violent conflict. History teaches us that such conflicts have always been the harsh reality of Islam from the year Mohammed received the violent Meccan verses of the Qur'an in 622, the first year of the Islamic calendar.

Do not doubt this for a second. Do you remember the "Verse of tribute" 9:29 of the Qur'an we discussed previously? It makes it quite clear that you as a dirty kuffar will be offered 3 choices if Islam gains hegemony in Britain:
  1. Convert.
  2. Willingly accept subservient dhimmitude.
  3. Fight and die.
There are no other choices, none. And British blood has already been - and will continue to be - shed as unrelenting Islamic jihad is waged in Britain. Jihad that only ends when Britain dies.

And right now, Britain is dying.

What follows are suggested peaceful actions, all entirely legal and in accordance with our right to free speech and our perfectly justified right to defend OUR land and OUR people. Let me make it quite clear that I do not advocate the use of violence towards Muslims at this stage of the conflict, a mark of humanity and decency Muslims will not afford to their womenfolk nor dirty kuffars, be sure of that.

But let me make it equally clear: If Islam continues to be forced upon us and innocent British people continue to be the victims of Muslim violence then the time to escalate our response will surely arrive. First our resistance will be legal and peaceful. But if we continue to be told to lie down, shut up and meekly accept our subjugation by Muslims waging violent and oppressive Islamic jihad against us then they badly underestimate the British. Cowardice is never a virtue, never, and especially not when it is done under the guise of the twisted liberal morality of "tolerance and equality". I for one would rather die fighting proud for freedom than ever exist with bowed head as a subservient dhimmi or become a coward by trashing my values and beliefs and converting to Islam for an enslaved, peaceful but altogether sham existence.

A Lesson From History

Do you remember Neville Chamberlain and his shameful act of cowardice to appease a tyrant? Let me remind you of Winston Churchill's speech to the House that finished Chamberlain:

"You had a choice between honour and dishonour. You chose dishonour and you will have war."

It is a lesson from history we should heed and heed well. Islam cannot be appeased, Muslims refuse to live among kuffars as equals in a spirit of peace and tolerance and they will impose Islam upon us by whatever means they can. You have a choice between emulating Chamberlain or Churchill, weasel or lion.

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

In the previous four essays, I have presented evidence about the harsh truth of Islam; its prophet Mohammed; its legal system - the Sharia - and how women, children, Jews, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists are being abused, tortured, violated and slaughtered by Muslims wherever the cancer of Islam festers in the world. As well as endorsing religious and gender apartheid, cruel and brutal punishments are handed out to Muslims themselves who have the misfortune to live under Islamic rule and who fall foul of Sharia law.

The problem as I'm sure you know is that most of our people are blissfully unaware of these truths about Islam so the first strategy to deploy is to inform our people about Islam's dirty little secrets.

I really want to share this with you: Just five years ago, I was totally unaware not only of Islam but of how the despicable traitors in Westminster are destroying our nation whilst gorging themselves on the public trough. It was first the truth about Islam though that brought me to the BNP because they were the only party speaking out against the Islamisation of Great Britain. They still are thank God.

The four previous essays along with my essay about how Britain could easily find itself in the same perilous situation as Israel have been placed in a single document. It is a document that can help us in our quest to propagate the truth about Islam to the British people in several easy-to-do ways.

Below is a link to the PDF document - meaning it can be read by any computer - containing the previous four essays. You'll need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader - it's free - to read the document.

Here are some suggestions for using the document to raise awareness and hurt our enemies:

1. Share it with your friends and family. You can email it to them or burn it to a CD to give to them. That's the obvious and easiest usage but I think we can use the document in other far more astute ways. See what you think of these:

2. Burn a copy to CDs and send one to your clergy. Priest, vicar, bishop, monks, rabbi etc. Tell them "I think this is really important and I have a lot of concerns about this. I would really appreciate it if you could read it and give me your thoughts." If you belong to the Church of England and you attend worship, you may also wish to ask your priest why the Archdhimmi - sorry, Archbishop - of Canterbury - promotes the horror of Sharia law. Why not send him a copy as well? (I am not CoE, I am an atheist but I fully support the BNP's stance on promoting traditional Judeo-Christian values, the values that built our once strong Nation.) Give copies to your fellow worshippers and send it to Church groups and organisations.

3. Robert Spencer of has correctly stated: Opposing Islam isn't just about terrorism it is about the oppression of women. What about sending the document to women in your community - doctors, teachers, women's organisations and support groups, women's rights groups - whatever you can think of. State: "I have serious concerns about how young girls and women are being oppressed and abused under Islam and I don't think many women are aware of how serious and widespread the abuse is. Please read the enclosed document which contains some important information about how shockingly widespread and brutal the abuse is along with details about why it is happening and I would be grateful if you would reply to my concerns." You could also send copies to homosexual groups too. The punishment under Sharia for gays is to be "thrown from a mountain". In Iran they just hang them. After beating them of course. The goal here is to make people aware that the same cruel abuses will be enacted in Great Britain should Islam continue to flourish, i.e. women, children, kuffars and homosexuals will be treated in the same disgusting, inhumane manner.

4. You pay taxes to MPs who are supposed to serve you and protect you. Send them a copy of the document. Send them a letter explaining your concerns as outlined above and demand a written reply as to how they will address these concerns. Another idea would be to have a page or a website naming and shaming those who do not reply or who dismiss the evidence. Something similar to the excellent Liars, Buggers and Thieves so we have a "Roll of Dishonour" for the Weasels, Dhimmis and Cowards. An appropriate insult for such spineless traitors would be to follow-up by sending them a white feather as suggested recently on the forum and in comments on the Green Arrow blog. But naming and shaming those who don't reply or who dismiss you as "Islamophobic" (more on this later) means they cannot then plead ignorance when they eventually answer for their cowardice and treason. Just a thought.

5. What really does beggar belief is that the Marxist-liberal lib/lab/con elite are actively promoting Islam in our schools including cancelling traditional Christian celebrations and feasts in favour of upholding Islamic ones. If you have a child in school, send the head teacher a copy of the document, again, stating that you have serious concerns about the issues raised and that you would be grateful for a reply. You could also send copies to leaders of youth organisations, the Scout movement for example and if you are in a parent's group, send other parents a copy again, stating that you have serious concerns about Islam. Make a very prescient statement of fact about Islam: Children and youths are dreadfully abused WHEREVER Islam takes root. More about the school system in the next section.

6. Criticising Islam will soon be a hate-crime which will be enforced by the Police. If you know any bobbies - remember when that was a common British word for the Police? - why not give them a copy again, stating your concerns. You could also send a copy to senior police officers and what about sending copies to those in the armed services including senior officers might be a good idea and this would have greater impact if you have served in the armed forces. It also warns them that we know what the truth is and we're not going to meekly accept subjugation.

7. Send a copy to journalists, local as well as national. Ask them why the abuse of women and children is being tolerated and why they fully support this. Let them know: We're on to Islam and we're on to them as well. You could even email them the document using anonymous email accounts if you wish.

8. Run a blog? Make the document easily available for all your visitors. Leave the link to the doc in comments on blogs you visit and if you're a member of a forum and the subject of Islam is raised, well, you know what to do.

9. A random approach but useful nevertheless. Burn as many copies to CDs as you can and leave them in public places. Pubs, public transport, benches etc. and to arouse curiosity, put a label on it saying: IMPORTANT. Read In Private. Or: Don't Overwrite - Shocking and Important. Or maybe: Why Aren't We Being Told The Truth? Use the last label suggestion for CDs you send to MPs, the Clergy, head teachers etc. The object is to arouse curiosity, be creative, give people an itch to read the document.

Of course if you choose to guard your identity, just send the document anonymously. The aim is to get this information to as many people as possible to raise awareness about the reality of Islam and the very serious threat it poses to Great Britain - and the world for that matter. Another aim is to let those responsible for the advance of Islam in Britain know that we are on to them and we're getting the truth out. We're not meekly accepting Islam any more.

Raising awareness is absolutely crucial because blissful ignorance is going to hurt our people big time. Ignorance is not recognised in nature. If you are in the Northern Territories of Australia in baking heat and you decide to cool down by taking a swim in a river inhabited by salt-water crocodiles then you will be eaten. Explaining to mother nature "Well I didn't know crocodiles were in here and if I had I wouldn't have jumped in" will do you no good whatsoever.

Ignorance about Islam will prove equally as fatal make no mistake about it. Islam will devour you and Great Britain, just as salties voraciously devour blissfully unaware bathers.

The Achilles Heel of Islam is the vile truth about its prophet and the horrors of Sharia law. The more Britons who are aware of what Islam truly is the better. And as well as raising awareness, more people will make the journey from liberalism to nationalism and give their support to the BNP, as has happened with me and many others I'm sure.

I don't just want my essays to be content for the excellent Green Arrow Blog, I want them to help us win our battle against Islam and to recruit more Britons to support the BNP. Please use them as you see best fit to get the truth to our people. I cannot overstate the importance of informing our people about Islam, it is absolutely crucial, the survival of Great Britain depends on it.

Please Sir

In the fifth action listed above I suggest sending the document to the head teacher of your child's school. Here comes the first hard action. If your child is attending a school where Islam is being promoted as a "religion of peace" and where Islamic traditions are upheld, such as forcing children to wash their hands before touching the Qur'an - a book that instructs men to beat their wives 4:34 - then demand that your child be exempted from these classes.

The serious problem here is that YOUR CHILD is being spoon-fed a heap of lies and inaccuracies so they tolerate and respect an ideology that is oppressing and abusing children all around the world, just as it always has. It is state-implemented brainwashing to serve the lib/lab/con political goal of destroying our nation and our people, nothing less and that means it constitutes child abuse.

Another suggestion you may like to consider if the state is abusing your child in this way. Withdraw them from the school system. Home-schooling is an option to look at or maybe if possible, send them to a school where they are not receiving Islamic indoctrination. Consult with other parents if you can, search the Internet for more information, do whatever it takes to prevent your child from being brainwashed.

These aren't easy choices I know but you do not send your child to school to be abused by politically motivated teachers advancing the goals of their Marxist masters to undermine and destroy completely the Judeo-Christian foundations that built Great Britain along with the futures of our children. It's despicable, absolutely despicable.

And we've not even discussed the premature imposing of sexuality on our youngsters. What more evidence do Britons need to realise that they have been marked out for destruction?

Sleeping With The Enemy

Another fairly difficult action involves no longer shopping at supermarkets for several very good reasons. Not least is the BNP's encouragement to buy local produce from local farmers and growers. Farmer's markets are excellent and not only will you be enjoying better quality foods, you'll be reducing food miles. Then there is the question of the impact supermarkets have had on local communities and small businesses.

Remember when we used to be a nation of shopkeepers? The supermarkets destroyed all of that and changed our communities for the worst in my humble opinion.

Of more relevance is that many supermarkets these days sell halal foods as well as copies of the Qur'an. I for one will not patronise any supermarket that promotes Islam in any way. Imagine if during WWII Woolworths sold copies of Mein Kampf and other Nazi propaganda? Islam is the enemy, those who promote it for profit are collaborating with the enemy and I refuse to give them a single penny.

In addition to not shopping at supermarkets is not to buy anything from Muslims. Ever. Why enable the enemy to prosper in our a nation, a nation they are hell-bent on destroying? Why shop in stores run by people who regard you as filth, unclean, the equivalent of excrement and urine, of dogs and pigs because you are an unbeliever, a dirty kuffar? Why fund Islamic jihad?

Despite the fact that I used to love curries as well as the occasional kebab I will never eat from fast-food shops and restaurants run by Muslims. For one, the meat is "halal" meaning the animal was slaughtered by having its throat slit; two I don't want the enemy to prosper in Britain and three, I will not take the slightest risk of being at the mercy of my enemy.

If you want to enjoy fast-food, there are plenty of alternatives not least of all the good old British chippy - if there's any left near you. You could also make your own fast-food, whatever, the goal is to no longer patronise any business, shop or store run by Muslims.

The Black Stuff

Without doubt, the main reason why Islam has re-emerged over the last 40 years is because of the West's dependency on oil. The oilfields of the Middle East have earned Islam the largest transfer of unearned wealth in history, all US$13 trillion of it. This transfer of wealth has enabled mass Muslim immigration into the West as Islamic nations - mainly the Saudis - fund Islamic jihad in our lands. This means the building of Mosques whose minarets blot our towns and cities, Islamic schools, community centres and learning institutes along with the funding of Muslim organisations who are all waging jihad to advance Islam in Great Britain.

This is probably the hardest action to take but the more of us who take it the better. We have to stop greedily sucking from the Islamic oil tit, continuing to do so is going to destroy us as it will further empower Dar al Islam. Our suicidal dependency on Islamic oil is one of the biggest weapons the Muslims wield against us and although what follows is very hard because it entails lots of changes, I urge you to give them serious consideration.

Reduce your oil consumption as much as possible. Can you ditch the car or if you have two cars, can you lose one? Look at every car journey you make - can you cut down by eliminating unnecessary journeys? Are there reliable alternatives available? I have got rid of my car because most of the journeys I was making simply weren't necessary, especially using it to go the supermarket. I use public transport when I need to, I walk to the shops and I don't do "big shops" once or twice a week. I shop at local shops and I buy what I need when I need it. I have not missed the car one little bit and for everything I used it for I found alternatives. Sure it's not as convenient but funding the global Islamic jihad for comfortable convenience is too high a price to pay. I must state that I gave the car up when I was a dyed-in-the-wool liberal who wanted to "help the environment". How silly of me, but even though I now know better, I will not go back to driving a car for a much more important reason: It helps to fund Islamic jihad.

Obviously oil is used to manufacture thousands and thousands of products and it would be impossible to eliminate all of them. But cutting down on our oil consumption by not using plastic bags, by reducing petrol consumption, by buying natural products as much as possible and whatever else you can think of that can reduce oil consumption simply has to be done. Our dependence on Islamic oil is destroying us, plain and simple.

Another benefit to reducing oil consumption is minimising the impact Peak Oil will have on you, something the BNP have been warning us about for years. If you've got some great ideas about reducing our dependency on oil then please share them with us on the Green Arrow forum at:

The Home Of The Green Arrow Forum

The more of us who take an action, no matter how small, the better. Self improvement guru Jim Rohn put it succinctly:

"Everything counts, your actions and your inactions."

An Unwelcome Guest

Here is another hard but crucially important action and here's why:

What if I said to you: "This is Jamil the Jihadist and this is Millie the Marxist. Every night, they're going to sit in your living room and tell you and your family what you should believe, how you should behave, who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. You'll have to pay Jamil £150 a year and you'll have to pay Mille £30 a month because she will also be telling your family what products to buy and what image society wants them to conform to."

Would you willingly and attentively proceed to allow it? I'm sure you're saying "No way!" yet millions of Britons are doing it and paying the BBC, Sky, ITV etc. to brainwash them into acting against their own interests.

If you have a television - or televisions - in your home, unplug them, put them in the car and take them to the tip. Because the description above is exactly what the television is now doing to you and your family. The TV is brainwashing Britons into accepting ideologies that are going to destroy them. It is insidious and it is prolific, every programme you watch will be brainwashing you to accept multiculturalism and Islam. It is now a propaganda tool par excellence for our enemies and it takes pride of place in most homes in Britain and it becomes the focal point for British families for on average 5 hours a day.

The television is a weapon that YOU are deploying against YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY and you are paying the enemies of the British people such as the BBC for this privilege. Even the movies you watch now contain multicultural anti-white propaganda and BNP legal advisor Lee John Barnes has written several superb articles about the danger Hollywood, the media and celebrity culture present to us over on his blog and I urge you to read them:

Lee John Barnes Blog

Just search for "Hollywood" and I guarantee, the time spent reading through what is returned will be worthwhile.

Along with kicking out the enemy from your house, I would just like to echo what Green Arrow has said many times on his blog: Stop reading newspapers (for exactly the same reasons given above) and get your news from the main BNP site, from BNP supporting blogs and from UKTabloid.

Even watching sports has become an anti-white, multicultural experience especially with football and rugby with endless "No To Racism" campaigns. But it is crucial that we Britons stop paying for ourselves to be brainwashed by ideologies whose goal is the destruction of western civilisation. If I watch anything - mainly sport or old b&w movies - I use the internet.

There are far better alternatives to watching television - for example spending time with your family, hobbies, exercising, and of course, fighting the counter-jihad and no doubt you can think of many more - and I'm sure you will not miss it. I certainly don't and even if I did I would simply refuse to aid my enemies by allowing them into my home and funding the destruction of my people. The simple truth is that the media are now no longer concerned with reporting news in a factual, non-biased way. They exist to make money and spread Marxist, multicultural, pro-Islamic propaganda and as such they are the allies of our enemies.

Why pay to make enemies welcome in your home?


I hope you are now going to take action to counter Islamic jihad and when you do, as predictable as night follows day, you will be accused of being either a "racist" or "Islamophobic". Both of these are completely bankrupt and are used by dishonest and intellectually deficient individuals who need to resort the logical fallacy of "ad hominem" because they want to suppress the truth.

These attacks on the character of the individual as well as being dishonest simply do not hold any water. For a start, Muslims are not a race, there are white, black, oriental and Asian Muslims. Secondly, Islamophobia is an artificial construct, a hate-crime designed to prevent Islam from being criticised.

If I am ever accused of "Islamophobia" I have a response I think you'll find very useful:

"I'm actually Islam-allergic. Beating women, marrying little children to sexually abuse them and murdering and enslaving human beings because they don't or won't worship a paedophile makes me sick."

Have courage, you have truth on your side and as I stated in the very first essay of this series, the Achilles Heel of Islam is the horrific truth about what it really is. The truth is our most potent weapon and it's time we deployed it with intent to seriously weaken the enemy.


You're now armed with knowledge about the harsh reality and the inhumane cruelty of Islam. You're now very aware of Islamic Sharia and it's vile punishments and your eyes are wide-open to the threat Islam places to Great Britain and the British people, a nation and a people who could well be under Islamic hegemony in just 25 years time.

You're also equipped with a tool to help you expose the truth about Islam and you also have several suggestions for actions you can take to weaken Dar al Islam. And I hope most sincerely that you have found the essays informative and interesting too.

So what are you going to do now Kinsman? Perhaps you've enjoyed the read and will now move on to another site to do some more reading as you do every day. Perhaps you're going to share a comment warning readers to "wake up" or "we have to do something or we're doomed" or possibly you're going to reveal the essays express your long-held fears about "the religion of peace". Then it'll be time to reflect on your "action" and enjoy a nice hot cuppa and a kit-kat.

OK, I know comments are an integral part of BNP blogs but they just don't do enough to weaken the enemy and YOU NEED TO BREAK OUT OF YOUR COMFORTABLE HABIT and GET SOME FIRE IN YOUR BELLY and TAKE MORE EFFECTIVE ACTION INSTEAD.

Any time about now would be good because time is certainly not on our side. This is not a game, war has been declared on us and we need WARRIORS who will fight Islam and fight it hard.

Leaving lots of comments around the BNP sites and blogs doesn't hurt the enemy anywhere near enough and they also eat time, time where British children are being abused, British women are being raped, British youths are being battered and the paedophile worshipping jihadists are busy DESTROYING YOUR COUNTRY and ADVANCING ISLAM IN BRITAIN. RIGHT NOW.

I'm not suggesting you no longer leave comments, far from it. I am suggesting that you be mindful of how much time you spend on comments compared to taking effective action. Prioritise.

If we're going to stop the Muslims then you, me, and every other British Nationalist had better get BLOODY ANGRY and START FIGHTING BACK by getting RIGHT UNDER THE SKIN of our enemies.

This means taking EFFECTIVE action to weaken the camp of Islam EVERYDAY. Stand tall and proud and FIGHT. FIGHT ISLAM, FIGHT IT EVERYDAY and FIGHT like your life depends on it because I am warning you LOUD AND CLEAR that if you don't, you, your children, your family and your country WILL face the full horror of Islam. The Muslims are coming for you and yours make no mistake about it and it's us or them. Ask the Kosovan Serbs. They know this to their great cost.

. Really stick it to those who promote and tolerate Islam. Spread the truth about Islam to our people as much as you can and stop paying for the destruction of your country. Make it a goal to take an action everyday. The more actions we take the more our chances of winning. The truth is on our side, let's use it to maximum effect to kick this abhorrent, retarded, inhumane death-cult out of the realm.

If you have any suggestions of your own - legal and peaceful - to help us fight Islamic jihad, great, GET INVOLVED and bring them to the battle by sharing them with us on The Green Arrow Blog.

The time has come for the British Lion to roar its defiance and for Britons to fightback against the Islamic jihad. The hour of the British Resistance has dawned and you have an important part to play.

Inform. Agitate. Annoy. Irritate. Make our enemies uncomfortable and don't give the bastards a second of peace until they get the message:

Islam is not wanted and not welcome and we will defend Britannia.

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No Right of Reply for BNP!

Silenced by The Establishment

In another biased article from the left-wing rag, the ‘South Wales Evening Post’, the anti-BNP journalist lobby teams up with Carmarthenshire MP Adam Price to protect Plaid’s dwindling majority  by trying to claim that ‘Voters will not be swayed by BNP.
Which of course is fair enough, as after all Price is entitled to hold and express his opinions, and it’s the journalist’s paper after all.
But what’s not fair enough is the marked absence of any right of reply then afforded to the BNP by the South Wales Evening Post, who decline to provide any sense of balance in their agenda-driven articles.

So, just to redress some of the balance missing from the local press, we print below the ‘Right of Reply’ letter that the ‘South Wales Evening Post’ refuses to acknowledge:

To: The Editor, South Wales Evening Post.

Dear Sir,

I read with interest the article entitled ‘Voters will not be swayed by BNP’ (Post 16/4/09) where the Plaid MP for Carmarthen East & Dynefwr, Adam Price, alarmed at the collapsing support for Plaid in his constituency, tried to claim that because men from Ammanford went to fight against fascist totalitarianism in Francos’ Spain that somehow this would help to protect his seat from being challenged in a democratic election in Carmarthenshire.

On the contrary, I have no doubt that such men would have no difficulty in recognising precisely the far-left totalitarian fascism that Adam Price and modern-day Plaid represent. They would recognise an arrogant political elite which betrayed its’ own people by favouring foreign candidates with a taxpayer funded project called ‘Operation Black Vote.’ (Ref 1 & 2)

What would such men have thought of a muslim Plaid AM leading an Islamic march through a Welsh city? (ref 3)  And what would such men have thought of being represented by a Plaid MP with a passion for interracial, man-on-man action which totally compromised his ability to speak out against the spread of Islamic mosques in Carmarthenshire? (ref 4 and 5)

Adam Price and Plaid are clearly worried that people in Carmarthenshire are seeing through their smears and becoming ‘swayed’ by BNP policies such as devolving democratic power to the lowest community level possible, ensuring that  government is truly accountable to the people who elect it, and guaranteeing them an urgently needed fundamental ‘Bill of Rights’ for British people. (ref 6)

With a taxpayer funded income of £317,496 in equivalent pay at stake, (ref 7) the honourable member for Carmarthen East & Dynefwr can perhaps be excused for expressing his fear of BNP Councillor Kevin Edwards representing Penygroes, and whom he describes as '
Carmarthenshire’s only BNP Community Councillor’.

Whilst I would not wish to deny Adam Price his delusion that no-one has been swayed by the BNP in Carmarthenshire, I would however advise him that in the case of Llandybie Community Council, it’s a trap. There’s already at least two of them on this one.

Yours sincerely,
Brian Mahoney.
Regional Organiser.
Wales BNP









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Monday 27 April 2009

Prepare to be declared an Illegal Organisation

by johnofgwent

Equality Bill - Part 1 and Part 2

Section 7 and Schedules 15 and 16 of Harriet hate-Men's latest conquest makes it illegal for associations (for example private clubs and political associations) to discriminate between those who "share a relevant protected characteristic" and those who do not.

Harriet is about to make the BNP a proscribed organisation.

The question is, are we going to let her get back in after the next election in order to instigate the relevant statutory instrument to execute this into legislation.

Searchlight and the UAF using same tactics as the Taliban

Have mercy on me, please have mercy. The charges against me are false and no man has ever touched me.”

OK first a bit about Pakistan. This site has been predicting the collapse of Pakistan now for close on two years and will be proved right yet. Rest assured I take no pleasure in that.

As the Taliban increases in power you can gain an insight into what sort of hell that country and one day Our Country will be in by reading this link here, unless of course, the cancer of Islam is cut out of Our Country.

Not going to go into too much detail about Pakistan as that is not the purpose of this article but I suggest you check out this link here about 300 suicide bombers on the way to Islamabad.

You can read about why the Pakistani Army will not win the fight against the Taliban by clicking the link.

Already 200,000 Pakistanis have already fled in the advance of the Army from Hell who are blowing up girls schools and committing other acts of terror as they advance.

And 200,000 is just the start. Because as the suicide bombers start acting like Chinese crackers and blowing their body parts and those of their countrymen up into surrounding trees to hang there like bloody red decorations, the "refugees" will start heading for somewhere safer.
"A Taliban victory will enslave our women, destroy Pakistan's rich historical and cultural heritage, make education and science impossible, and make the lives of its citizens impossibly difficult. Some are already contemplating an exodus."
And where do you think that somewhere safer is? And these refugees will not be coming through the channel tunnel, they will be sailing in on cruise ships and landing by the Jumbo load at our airports. And they will claim refugee status. And it will be granted.

And it will be like something from the book the Camp of the Saints. A nightmare and the end of Our Country. Unless of course, you have a government strong enough in will to say NO.

And now, the scene set we arrive at the purpose of this post.

Searchlight and their street thugs of the UAF have a lot in common with the Cult of the Dead Paedophile. Although they try to conceal their real identity from the people by calling themselves anti-fascists, they are in fact Communists. Vicious red vermin.

As evil as Islam, where anything goes and any means justifies the end. Terror, lies, bribery, corruption and intimidation. All weapons to be used to further their cause.

Communist Gas Chamber. Bodies left to rot.

Communism, that has murdered its way across history. Mass killings of its own citizens. The massacre of 22,000 Polish Officers in the woods of Katyn and even Gas Chambers.

And who is using the tactics that the Taliban learned from the Communists.
"Using the media is part of their (the Taliban's) psychological warfare," said Imtiaz Gul, chairman of Centre for Research and Security Studies, an independent think tank in Islamabad. "This way, they inject fear into the minds of people who might oppose them, keeping the majority silent."
The thugs of the UAF, their victims targetted by Searchlight are beaten with claw hammers, their property damaged and their families intimidated by midnight phone calls and death threats. There is more, much more I could say, but I have made my point.

Anyone who continues to support such undemocratic organisations such as Searchlight/UAF and their false flag operations of LMHR, Hope Not Hate and Stop the BNP are as guilty as those who put the bullets in the backs of the heads of those Polish Officers kneeling in front of their graves or those who turned on the gas in the tunnels of death.

You want freedom? You want democracy? You have only one chance in hell and that is to stand up and be counted. Stand with the men and women of the British National Party or hang your head in shame in front of your children.