Monday, 2 February 2009

Peter Hain - proud of links to terrorism

Peter Hain tanning chart

One would have thought that an experienced political carpetbagger like Peter Hain would have learned one of the golden rules of life. When you are in a hole, stop digging.

But not Peter, he just keeps going, like some mad mole on steroids. But if he does insist on digging his political grave deeper, then the British National Party are only all too willing to bury him in it and boy is he making it easy.

In this article here, Peter Hain called on trade unionists, church leaders(do they have any) and student bodies to join him and "everyone who are against the BNP" to join him at a demonstration in Neath. The intention, to "drive them(BNP) out of town".
He told the Post that trade unionists, churches and students had been invited to join Labour party members at the protest.

"Neath people do not want the BNP spreading their poison and nastiness in our area,' said Mr Hain.

"Their racist beliefs have no place in Neath. We want to drive them out of our communities.
As it turned out, only 15 supporters turned up and several of these were hard line communists there for their own reasons. To recruit for the SWP.

No Labour Councillors bothered to support their MP. Perhaps they remembered how Hain had been parachuted in against the wishes of the local party after he had fled South Africa and became an unwanted nuisance in Our Country.

BNP activist delivers "Notice to Quit" to Peter Hains constituency office
Clearly from the signs displayed he has had advance warning

But yesterday Peter, who either has the memory of a goldfish or is a fool spoke some real lying rubbish. Liars need good memories Peter and you have been caught out again.

Not realising how well organised the BNP now are at diseemintating information and the truth, and who had released a video of Peter being confronted about his misdeeds(£103,000 of them), the red orangutang had this to say.
Around 20 protesters gathered to voice their opposition to the BNP, although Mr Hain added "If we'd needed to, we'd have filled the whole town square because I think people have been absolutely horrified that the BNP have come into Neath.

"I've been fighting racism all my life, and I'm not going to stop now.

No Peter, you made your request for support and it was ignored. The people of Neath despise you. The True Brits despise you and in case you wonder why, I shall remind you by pointing to the following piece in which you dug your political grave a little deeper.

"My father, Walter, who's been protesting with us, was imprisoned in South Africa for supporting Nelson Mandela."
Nothing to be proud of there Peter. You father was a friend of the murderer John Harris, a member of the South African Armed Resistance Movement who was executed for his part in blowing an elderly woman to bits.

Surely you remember that Peter? I know you were only 15 at the time but you did read the eulogy at the mass murderers funeral after his well deserved execution.

And your father was imprisoned for supporting the biggest South African terrorist of them all. Nelson Mandela. How did you feel when you found out that Mandela, along with the thankfully dead and in hell, Oliver Tambo both authorised the Church Steet Massacre, where both black and whites died side by side?

I doubt that many of the people of Neath know about the above Peter but rest assured the British National Party will be back in Neath on a regular basis and we will let them know the truth about you. Go now Peter. Go whilst Mandela is still alive and there in the South African Hell to welcome you back. Perhaps he will give you a farm. A dangerous job for a white man out there but still better than being imprissoned in this country, Our Country. Not and never your country.

Later on in the article, the Green Arrow site was mentioned (although not by name) when they revealed details of comments left on this site.
A website supporting the party claimed the activists received a good response from the people of Neath — a claim contradicted by Mr Hain.

One user boasted: "We seem to be breaking through all over the place, now! It's marvellous that we are reaching people in places like Neath!"

Another said: "Peter Hain is a foreigner and does not represent the genuine people of Neath."
Now I do not know the idendity of the second commentor but I do know that of the first. It was Unrepentant from the Green Arrow Forum who is also the owner of the excellent site Unrepentant British Nationalism. Give him a visit and leave a comment. Like I said it is an excellent site to be bookmarked.

Finally got to watch the video. Brilliant. Just brilliant. I really want to do some work with those guys.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Green Arrow. How refreshing and invigorating, what a clean hopeful feeling it gives, to see at long last the truth about these leftist scum, (who betrayed civilisation in South Africa), being stated so boldly and truly. You have done this several times - and I, an English South African, thank you. Can't wait for the day when they are made to pay! Keith_SA

The Green Arrow said...

Keith, thank you for your kind comments. I am ashamed of the way we betrayed the White Rhodesians and South Africans.

The BNP supports patriotic white South Africans. We do not class red rubbish, such as Hain as anything other than filth who dishonours the memory of those who build South Africa.

AbertaweBNP said...

Peter Hain and his cronies what a joke, they sepnt all their time speaking to each other, all 20 of them lol, what a rally lol.

It's as if Hain did not want to answer the question about a certain 103K that has gone missing, a trick that even David Blain would be proud of.

Proud to be BNP

ProudGeordie said...

Another fantastic article GA, the way you shame these traitors with the truth is a truly refreshing read after being bored to death by the MSM partyline.

Unrepentant British Nationalist said...

Great article, Green Arrow. The tanning chart is hilarious!

Thanks for the plug, btw, though the fact that journalists read your website is testimony to its greatness.

Salford Supporter said...

I reckon a few thousand leaflets and/or a mention of Hain's appalling past and present actions might be enough have the drive the swine himself out of Neath at the next general election, if not before. Let's hope that he doesn't get deselected by his constituency Labour Party, so that he can feel the disgust of the local people directed toward him at the ballot box. BNP Wales will have done a fine job when that day comes.