Friday, 6 February 2009

Watch for new Lib/Lab/con BNP catchphrase

That is the trouble with being an optimist. When things go great, it is only what you expected. When things are not great, you are disappointed because you expected better.

Now a pessimist is the reverse. When things go great, it is a real pleasant surprise. When things are not great, so what?, you did not expect anything else.

That said, I much prefer to be an optimist. It is cheering, inspiring, to really believe that things are going to improve. And so they will. But not until those True Brits who continue to vote for the Tri-Axis of Evil parties finally wake up to the truth about them and cast of their "it is the party my father voted for" mentality, get real and switch to the only party that cares enough to make the changes required for Our Country to first survive and then prosper. The BNP.

Take yesterdays by-election at Hyde-Newton, Tameside. The BNP came second again. Always the brides maid never the bride seems to be happening to us a lot and being an optimist, I am disappointed when clearly I should not be. Because there is no doubt we are moving up the bridal aisle slowly but surely towards the altar of success.

The results were as follows:

  1. Lab 1379 45.5%
  2. Bnp 889 29.4%
  3. Con 485 16.0%
  4. Lib dem 172 5.7%
  5. Green 69 2.3%
  6. Ukip 33 1.1%
The British National Party ran an excellent campaign with a superb candidate, Rosalind Gauci, who trounced the Lib Dems, humiliated the conservatives and showed conclusively that a vote for UKIP is a wasted vote.

Our vote was up, despite all the other parties uniting to denounce the BNP and deliver several different leaflets saying that whoever the electors decided to vote for, it should be anyone except the BNP.

Then the state funded reds were out in force. Not delivering leaflets putting forward their policies, they have none. Just more leaflets accusing the British National Party of every crime ever committed. Leaflets that were sensibly ignored by the now, rock solid BNP supporters of Hyde Newton.

Then there were the assorted "Church Leaders" dressed in their pink dog collars making one big daisy chain around the ward and also calling on Christians to vote for anyone but the BNP.

So you can see that all in all it was an excellent result and one that bodes extremely well for the British National Party come the Euro Elections and much as I will miss him, Nick Griffin will be going to Brussels and with these kind of percentages regularly being won, he will not be going alone. Whoever goes they will make a fine Band of Brothers to fight for us.

And so what of Labour, who will be celebrating the fact that despite their betrayal of the True British People, despite the hundreds of thousands of death their illegal wars have cost, despite their betrayal of British Workers they still managed to win?

They will be happy that the sheep people of Hyde still slumber whilst the slaughterman slowly advances towards them to slit their throats and at this moment to be honest I should not care but I do. Because if they go down they take those of us awake down with them and so we must continue our efforts to wake them to the truth. And we will. We will.

But in their hearts and in the minds of those marxists hiding behind the flag of Labour know that their days are numbered. They said that the BNP would never have any councillors and yet we now have over a hundred. They said that people would not vote BNP in any significant numbers once told "the truth" but they were wrong again.

So mark my words. They will start to use a new catchphrase soon and it will be one they can hold onto at night when they are lieing in their beds. "The British National Party have reached their Political Plateau and can no higher."

And they will be wrong again.

Now for some other news. That battle has been fought and we move on.

I had hoped to be making a video this weekend and uploading directly to the blog. I was going to hit the bricks again, deliver some leaflets and sell some papers, but this morning, looking through the window, I see I will be going nowhere. Unless of course my lifts car has been magically transformed into a Snow Cat, which is unlikely to say the least. So it looks as though you are stuck with me for the weekend.

Readership of the blog and forum continues to increase with a big surge over the last two days from readers of the Guardian. How strange thought I, then on checking I see it was as a result of a comment left by a Shropshire Lass that on checking had been very highly rated in their comments section.

But Gruniard readers? I ask you. Surely some mistake.

Coming later today. Another excellent article from Mister Fox. If you cannot wait to read it then you can visit the GA Forum where it has already been published here.


Anonymous said...

"I was going to hit the bricks again, deliver some leaflets and sell some papers, but this morning, looking through the window, I see I will be going nowhere."

Er .... have you no faith ...

Yesterday there was one lane of cars going down the M4 in "blizzard conditions" and outside them was another making the second lane where the snow ploughs had given up.

Look out for a bloody huge blue 4x4 outside your driveway and keep the kettle on ........

Anonymous said...

Not a bad result at all. Especially when we consider that we only get negative publicity. On Question Time last night,the panel got to slag off the BNP 4 or 5 times, and never,to my knowledge, has anyone from the BNP been invited. Farage was on again,and they even had Will Young on the panel,who seemed to take the opportunity to demonstrate how camp he has become.

Anonymous said...

Watched question time and noticed the BNP digs.
Will Young- what a bloody pansy.he's had the last penny he gets from me.
The BNP havent swallowed the multicultural or Marxist pills that prevents their appearing on the Nodding dogs show.

Brown pawns Britain massive £900 billion GOV financial scam locks Britain into POVERTY.

Tax payers another EU Bill £65 Billion 2009.

Page 7 The Fabian hidden Government.

Anonymous said...

The BNP needs to open a third front against NuLabour. At the moment the war is being waged against:

1) Uncontrolled immigration with consequent crime, overcrowding, Islamification, environmental degradation and population-replacement.

2) The EUrabian project, with enforced loss of national identity and loss of control of our industries, with consequences such as the Great Jobs Sell-out.

But another major vote winner would be:

3) A campaign against Control-Freakery.

Control-freakery has spread alarmingly under NuLabour with over 3000 new offenses being created so far in their term of office.

Control-freakery has invaded government at both the national and local levels.
It encompasses social engineering, political correctness, monitoring and surveillance, thought-control, bureaucracy, form-filling, over-regulation, invasion of privacy, brainwashing in schools, BBC subliminal propaganda, denial of free speech, politicised policing etc etc.

At the local level, huge armies of diversivity-awareness managers are being paid enormous salaries while bins overflow and rats proliferate. Police officers are spending most of their time filling in forms, and when they do get out on the beat they arrest old ladies on charges of Islamophobia for displaying porcelain pigs in their windows.

At the national level, there are endless social engineering initiatives to the neglect of real engineering. Harriet Harman wants to discriminate against heterosexual white males, while the electricity generation and transport infrastructure disintegrate.

Control freakery is often manifest at local levels and is a major immediate frustration in people's lives, unlike some other evils such as Islamification and population replacement, whose ultimate consequences may seem remote to the average voter.

Anonymous said...

Who in their right minds votes Labour these days???.The only ones I can think of are the new imported variety of voter. And they have very good reason to.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments about control freakery. This issue is something that concerns a great many people, and anyone who remembers the days before Scroo Labour will be able to see clearly just how paranoid the state has become.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the fascists help us when they put out their disgusting, hatefilled anti-British leaflets.

Anonymous said...

For God's sake we should have won that one.