Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Just for you Ladies

This card is dedicated to all those lovely Ladies who fight for and support the British National Party. Without their backing and support, us men would be lost.

Thank you Ladies. Now go thump the old man for not getting you a card.


Anonymous said...

Saudi's have their cult cops going around markets stamping on all flowers warning of the dangers of Valentines Day.
Flowers and Chocolates a danger?

A clip from a Telegraph reply..hits th nail on the head.
Re Geert.

It's POLITICAL, not religious.

Blocking jihadists may diminish violence, but the mujahideen are only enforcers.
Islam is a self-replicating political program with a complete legal, military, educational, penal, civil, family,social, and cultural code, all wrapped in the cloak of religion--a politcal-theocratic meme.
It's the only govt system
that has built-in instructions that command it's followers,
as a religious duty,
to perpetually grow, expand, and replicate it.

Every adherent has a role,
so blocking extremists
will not stop the
'expand, convert, and separate' strategy that has
dispossessed TheOther
all over the world--North Africa, India, Lebanon, Albania, Armenia, Balkans, etc.

The Koran calls this
jihad by the pen, heart, and tongue which, to us, means building up the institutions of Islam.

Cultural conversion and dispossession of a homeland comes mostly from
the majority
of adherents--the moderates, who build up
the institutions of Islam--schools, hospitals, shops, mosques, financial institutions, food service and processing, etc.

When the population is sufficient, and as the institutions are being built,
simultaneously comes the destruction of the institutions of 'the other'.
This is where the extremists come in--attacks on symbols and infrastructure of the native society--usually churches, transport, police, fire, schools, govt offices, and politicans.

This process follows
a clear and
easily discernable pattern--it has repeated itself
for 1400 years,
and in dozens of countries just in the last 50 years.

This is POLITICAL Islam--a political ideology, political party, and politcal party cloaked in a religion.

In countries where this program has been implemented, he results have been identical 100 percent of the time-displacement and dispossession of 'the other'.
It's absurd that anyone anywhere could think that 'it'll be different in Britain'.

Sammie Hall
on February 14, 2009
at 08:00 AM

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I would do so if he hadn't, but he did bless him! :)

Happy Valentines Day to you GA, on behalf of all your adoring fans.

Anonymous said...

wow, what a faint attempt at proving you're not a queer, so very heterosexual - big fag with ya pink frilly cards!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou GA it's the ONLY Valentine i got, thankyou for the kind words ! A big Kiss to you, and Happy Valentines day to you as well X politicalMIZZ ps GA have you noticed all the men gone quiet on this one, cats got their tongues ! ha ha.