Friday, 27 February 2009

Battle for Britain, Special Branch and The Green Arrow

"When did you last see the Green Arrow?"

First of all, good morning to the patriots of the British National Party, the writers of the "establishment" press, Searchlight, UAF and finally Special Branch who like to keep an eye on me.

It seems that yesterday, Phil Bryant who runs the Battle of Britain site was arrested for sending an "offensive" email to a Labour councillor accusing it of being a "pervert" and "kiddie-fiddler" after being wound up after reading that the councillor concerned supported the promotion of homosexuality in our schools.

Now anyone knowing Battler, as I call him, will know that he calls a spade a spade and has strong feelings about such matters, as we all do. But Battler tends to react quickly without thinking to choose his words. And in the Police State we live in now, that can prove fatal.

Battler, who is the first to admit that he has been a bit of a wild boy in the past and still is no angel(who is?), accepted a Police Caution and was released from his cell.

So far so good but what Battler wrote next intrigued me. Prior to his release, he was taken to another room where he was questioned by two police officers who stated they were from Scotland Yard, advised him he was not being charged with any other offences and just wanted to ask him questions about his blog. I know what my answer would have been but we are all different.

Then Battler wrote:
The strangest question they asked me was whether I knew the Green Arrow personally! I find this strange because the first thing I do on my computer every morning is to visit the BNP website followed by the Green Arrow blog. Have the police been spying on my surfing habits!!!!
And of course you know the answer to the last bit. All patriotic bloggers should realise that from the moment they lift their head above the parapet and start sniping at the enemy "establishment", they can expect return fire.
  • Their phone calls will be monitored.
  • Their text messages read.
  • Their emails will be read.
  • Their snail mail will be opened.
  • Their blog articles read and stored.
  • Their web surfing habits noted.
  • Their sites hacked.
  • Their personal life investigated.
  • Their personal details revealed to the enemies of Our Country.
  • Etc, etc, etc
In short they will try to make life intolerable for a blogger that helps the British National Party to expose them and their treason to Our Country in the hope that the blogger will cease their activities in return for a "quite life".

Those who do know me personally, know I have no real desire to be a blogger or an activist, I am getting old. I want to go play poker, read books, look at the sky and get my former life back. But I will not, cannot, stand by and let the patriots of the BNP fight my battles for me like many choose to do. I will take my place in the Shieldwall until we have taken Our Country back or I am dead.

Now in the comments section of Battlers article, reporting his arrest, some have said that he betrayed my personal details to Searchlight. I do not believe this.

Yes, it is true that he once named me on his site after being fed false information by state agents stating that I was a paedophile, homosexual etc and used a false Green Arrow profile to leave sick comments around the websites and linked to a perverted Green Arrow site that they have created.

But once I had pointed these facts out to him, Battler retracted his claims and leapt to my defence in his own unique way. If Battler believes someone to be an evil pervert, he will say so, as shown by his arrest. Yes he should have got his facts right in my case, before launching an attack but I understand why he did it and may have done the same. The reds are good at this game.

The truth, is that long before the Role of Honour list was stolen, the state had already released details of my personal life and private telephone numbers to their bully boy thugs in Searchlight and the UAF and I was receiving death threats long before most of my fellow patriots.

Incidentally, they also know that my details in the list are incorrect and that I have never lived at the addresses published by some sites. They also know that I have moved twice since then and will be moving again shortly. Being single I go where I please and can live like a Spartan, so long as I have a laptop and basic food, that is all I need.

Now finally a message for Special Branch. If you have any "new" questions for me, come and get me. You know where I am. You have had a file on me now for over thirty years and you should know that, as one of your men said to me over a year ago, "In all that time, you have never dropped the flag" and I never will.

Arrest me. I will not accept a Police Caution but you already know that. Is that why I am still "free"?

But just in case, provisions have been made to ensure this site and sister forum will continue. Software as been used for some time now to backup the entire contents of my laptop on a weekly basis for use in any future trial.

For the truth about the Police, Searchlight and the UAF please read the following.

Searchlight - Finance

Searchlight - Political Violence

Searchlight Exposed

The UAF, Police and TUC

Unite Against Fascism

Bring it on boys and do your worst for I shall do mine.


johnofgwent said...

I just gave green a call so if you've got the monitoring station up and running, help yourself, lads. The phone will be in a tank of acid by the time I finish submitting this ....

Interestingly, as soon as I (quite deliberately) worked into our little chat the location of a certain high security eavesdropping facility there was an interesting little click in the background.

Presumably the guy listening fell off his chair in surprise when he realised I knew the place he was most likely to be sitting in.

Anonymous said...

GA, I'm proud to be a cyber pal of you and Battler. Also proud to be on the "list".

Not my Grandad's Labour Party said...

In the old Stalinst East Germany, every phone conversation by dissidents was recorded and analysed by the Stasi.

However, in the final years of the regime, the number of dissidents rose well beyond the means of the Stasis to monitor them all, with the result that a huge backlog of tapes accumulated which became worse than useless as time went on.

As the number of BNP supporters grows, the same information overload will affect our own Stasi.

BTW, I wonder what it costs to carry out all this snooping and who's footing the bill?

I'm sure some of the 'readers' of this blog will know the answer, but I doubt if they'll tell.

Anonymous said...

Ahha, more seeds of doubt, fear and suspicion are being sown via poor Phil then? This is standard tactics and you should not give it much thought as it is a negative and thats what the dirty tricks dept is about, spreading negatives.

The buzz will now go round the blogs about Phil, GA, and the dectectives, bugged computers and phone tapping and freak out the not so strong of mind. My advice is forget it.

If none of us, at least the activist types, are not aware that we are monitored by the state in one way or another then we should not be BNP activists in the first place. So forget it and get on with the job of winning back our country and preseving our way of life. We need strong hearts and minds in the BNP.

Negative thoughts are like weeds in your garden. You must pull them out by the roots and destroy them.

We have more friends in the police and other services than you imagine.

Remember this and picture it, any "official" questioning you wipes his/her arse every day, just like the rest of us. That thought puts them in perspective. Totally freaks them out when you tell them so.


Sweetlips said...

Hi GA,

All very strange I'm sure but someone is definitely feeding Searchlight info.

I would not worry too much about the UAF "thugs" it is e gangsters of Searchligt that I would be more concerned about!

Some of their staff members are little more than terorists and or errand boys ot for the UK security services, but for Israel!

I had the disleasure some years ago to come face to face wih them and nothing that Weyman or Ken coul do would be anything as scarey.

These bastards are getting ready t strike and when they do, we mjust all be reared for their shallow, underhand and vile tactics.

Everyone needs to keep safe.

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to keep safe. Indeed.

Try PICKBUSTER. I use it, along with my bundle, of fur, very bad temper, if you are a stranger, and sharp teeth.

Google it and see why.


Anonymous said...

Here's a tip -
During questioning down the nick, tell the officers that, should the case go to court, you will be issuing a subpoena to Julia Middleton, top-banana of the treasonous Common Purpose organisation, in order to assist your defence. Tell them that she will be asked to confirm or deny that the arresting officer or his/her superiors have passed through the Common Purpose programme - a programme which could have influenced the arrest.
They'll drop any case against you quicker than they can say hot potato.
The last thing those treasonous 2@s want is publicity about CP in a court-room.

Anonymous said...

Why are they so worried about bloggers ? Very sinister, GA we've got to be doing something right if their monotoring blogs, phone calls etc, i suppose were classed as extremists because of our thought crimes, if that is what were classified as what does that make these people engaged in war with guns and knives on our streets? Disenfrachised ?, yes the logic of the Left. The thought police are on call 24/7 in this country (but only of course for political dissent) Keep speaking the TRUTH GA, because they don't like it when we do. politicalMIZZ

Anonymous said...

Why are they so worried about bloggers ? Very sinister, GA we've got to be doing something right if their monotoring blogs, phone calls etc, i suppose were classed as extremists because of our thought crimes, if that is what were classified as what does that make these people engaged in war with guns and knives on our streets? Disenfrachised ?, yes the logic of the Left. The thought police are on call 24/7 in this country (but only of course for political dissent) Keep speaking the TRUTH GA, because they don't like it when we do. politicalMIZZ

johnofgwent said...

Hi Anon of 27/02 14:09

Why are they worried about bloggers ?

Because there are too many of us to control.

The Labour party put Blair in charge because they realised the uncontrolled rabble they were in the days when Micgael Foot was in charge would never be elected. But the problem is once a control freak, always a control freak.

And the bigger problem is that Brown is an even bigger one. Did you not see him on TV yesterday, being interviewed about "Mr £693,000 a year pension at 50". Did you not see the seeting rage in those eyes ? Did you not detect in the voice the struggle to control the desire to rip the journalists's head off with his bare hands just for asking "and what are you going to do about it"

Do you believe the stories that the man gets through a mobile phone a week because he keeps hurling them against the walls of his office in number ten ?

Or do you believe that is a fairy story ?

Anonymous said...

my mobile pda went haywire during the leaking of the BNP membership list. once I found my name on the internet I had my phone rebooted and upgraded. BFB's internet connection trouble right before his arrest is also suspect.
Wonder what else the establishment does to keep track?

what a waste of money. but this goes to show that the socialists are not interested in monitoring muslims as they know that Nationalists are more of a "threat" to their regime than Wahabbism.