Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Who Occupies the Moral High Ground?

Mister Fox

Conservative philosopher Roger Scruton has written that “ an ideology needs an enemy”. In the West that is us - “whites”. The chosen method is to dehumanise the enemy so that it can be persecuted or even assassinated without conscience. They think it will fool the public when they try to outlaw the BNP’s racial admission rules, despite leaving the various black and Asian groups to operate their own racial membership policies.

These comments show the Ideological Caste’s dehumanisation of its enemies in language they would otherwise eagerly attribute to Nazis:

Trevor Phillips: “The BNP should be treated as less than human”.
Nick Bourne - Welsh Tory MP: “The BNP are subhuman”

The voice of whites in Britain is the BNP and the whole establishment is conspiring to de-humanise them with a level of incitement that is unprecedented. If this type of hate campaign was against another ethnic group they would be facing a seven year jail sentence. The whole Establishment has shown itself to be the same type of hate-filled ideologues that dehumanised Jews in Nazi Germany. It is an ideology of hate like those in Soviet Russia, Mao’s China and Cambodia against a particular group.

I am very grateful to Stuart, a NHS employee for this illuastration of how de-humanisation works.
It reminds me of anti-aggression training in the NHS. Things to watch for before you get thumped: You nurses are all the same! All you nurses are *******s, you go from being an individual person (which it is not okay to hurt), to a group of people, to a non-human that it is okay to hurt. Once you are not human watch for the thump. It’s coming very soon." Change nurses to BNP and the swear words to thug, knuckle-dragger, Nazi and racist.”

If a BNPer does something wrong the Caste generalise to dehumanise them, and the whole party is dehumainised But the Caste present themselves as individuals when they are exposed for breaking the rules and thieving from the public and so the whole party is still thought respectable when really the mainstream parties are brimful of deceivers and crooks.

It has been reported that the Met will question some MP’s and Peers about their expenses. But the newspapers, the Met and the government and most of the public all know it will be whitewashed. Even so, public opinion will be manipulated to deceive people into thinking our ruling elite are subject to the law.

The Establishment smear campaigns contain some ‘facts’ but are mainly half-truths and downright lies because, as have I said, they can not counter the new arguments. What they use to dehumanise their targets they ignore in their favoured groups.

The Sunday Times of 14th June showed that underneath the veneer of respectability and intellectual gravity the Times’ journalists tell the same lies as The Sun and Mirror - Nick Griffin MEP does not have dogs called Anne and Frank; he did not loose an eye during paramilitary manoeuvres, but when a discarded shotgun cartridge hidden in household waste exploded in a fire; MEP Robert Fiore, a friend of Griffin’s, was not implicated in a terrorist bombing in Italy. That is another lie and Fiore has sued several papers for reprinting that lie started by a Communist front organisation. Both the Sunday Times and Searchlight share a political outlook.

They foster the same ideology of hatered for the indigenous British as semi-literate gutter press: The Sun and Daily Mail lied that the BNP put out leaflets during the EU elections calling for the Gurkhas to be sent home. That was done by an anti-Fascist group who illegally put the BNP’s name to it. (1)

But these journalists don’t let honesty stand in the way of good propaganda. They expose Griffin’s past sins against convention but cover up the much more serious sins of the politicians on their own side. The Caste accuse Griffin and his party of hating, but their hatred for their own people is perverse and unnatural. Deep in their psyches, one suspects, these liars fear and envy Griffin’s honesty and courage.

We are taken us on countless TV documentary journeys into tribes and tribal cultures around the developing world and shown stomach-churning sights of animal sacrifice and initiation rites, and never do they tell us that to preserve these people is Nazi or racist or thuggish.

Try and say that Europe has ethnic people and traditions that must be preserved too and you will run into a wall of hostility. Marxists have managed to bully people of the north European cultures into accepting that they have no racial identification and, therefore, do not really exist, and they have no right to even murmur about self-preservation. To do this would be evil and selfish, and re-connect to all those too awful symbols of European supremacy: slavery and Adolf Hitler.

BBC Wales aired a programme just after the EU elections to expose Arthur Kemp, and it was an excellent example of the genre. It started with a pre-judgement(prejudice) against not just Kemp but those sinfull people they call “white”. (2)

By selecting evidence on them that ignores all other ethnic groups it proceeds to discriminate against them. It also left out what is really happening in South Africa like the genocide of white African farmers by blacks to create the impression that Black rule is a success.

BBC programme-makers typically wait for months until they get something on their prey, then they present it purely according to their ideology (which, of course, enables them to pose as tolerant and so very morally superior to their “Nazi” prey). The hypocritical immorality is never allowed to intrude. When the BBC acted in concert with the legal system to prosecute Griffin what was over looked was that he did not make the speech to the public. It was the BBC who broadcast it to the public.

All this takes place within an extreme ideological world view that uses modern multiracial myths like “They seek to divide communities”. That one depends on the false notion that multiracial communities are melding together.

One of the subtler tricks is to describe their activists as “anti-racists”, thus sanitising them and by implication demonising the other. It also hides the fact that these anti-fascist groups are the ones involved in street thuggery. For the elites are in league with the street thugs and use deceitful photographs like the Searchlight agents flying to Italy to be photographed making Nazi salutes to BNP deputy chairman Simon Darby so that the media could publicise it to put people off voting for them. Or worse! (3)

The Ideological Caste cover up for each right up to the point where someone oversteps the rules of public acceptability. Even then, a programme described the BNP’s attacks on the expenses scandal as a “toxic cocktail”. Everything is manipulated. The public is provided with no material that has not been ideologically filtered.

Even before this month’s EU Parliament elections the gutter-press Guardian was working overtime to stop the public voting for the BNP. When that failed they carried straight on with the attack:
Andrew Brons said of his victory: "I regard this as the first step towards the UK, the British people, getting freedom from the European Union dictatorship."

Divorced with two grown-up daughters and four grand children, Mr Brons was 17 when, in 1964, he started his political activism, signing up for the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement, an organisation that was deliberately founded on Hitler's birthday. NSM members were responsible for an arson campaign against Jewish property and synagogues in the 1960s. It is not that these sentiments should go unchallenged, they should, but the media play them up to harm someone for what he said 23 years-ago to focus attention away from their Muslim allies chanting “Jews to the gas” throughout Europe last January. (4)

The Establishment are trying to destroy rivals who are openly challenging them and exposing their corruption as the BNP exposed the police cover-up of the widespread child-rape of young white girls by older Muslim men. Take no notice of this obsession with holocaust denial they use that to weaken us while nearly every Muslim in the country denies the holocaust and believes Mossad did the Twin Towers but the media keep that quiet!

There are many racial attacks on Jewish people by Muslims. There are Muslim shops all over the UK selling ”The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. Many of our elites encourage terrorism not only Peter Hain and George Galloway. Ken Livingstone's is a history of invective against Jews and Israel. A couple of months ago Cherie Blair’s sister Lauren was filmed by intrepid BNP photographers inciting Muslims against Jews in a Blackburn park but the media ignored it.(5}

Here she is interviewing Bob Bailey a candidate in the EU elections for Iranian owned Press TV. Why did the police allow her to get away with it? For the same reason they cover up Muslims child-raping young white girls all across he country. They are in league with Muslims against their own people and the Jewish community.

Witness: The profile told us: ”At the time he (Brons) was the chairman of the National Front and was marching through the streets with his colleagues chanting slogans including "white power" and "death to Jews". Brons’ supposed statements were 24 years ago whereas Muslims attacking Jewish restaurants in Golders Green was only in January during the Gazza demonstarations. Like their Muslim allies chanting “Jews to the gas” throughout Europe. Why play up the one but keep the other quiet?

At Globalist Rupert Murdoch’s Sun Graeme Wilson devalued an elected British politician:”Bad egg hit by good egg.” Then the common language again: ” Griffin- his fascist party’s first MEP.”
A less measured variation on the theme from Weyman Bennett:” We came here to stand up for the people who have faced the intimidation of violence of racist thugs.” UAF supporter David Cameron used the same language when he called the BNP “Nazis and thugs.” (6)

What else do the media keep from the public? Labour MP Shahid Malik predicting the total Islamification of Britain and a Muslim prime minister, “Allah willing”, within the next thirty years at the October 2008 “Global Peace and Unity.”

Over the past four years, Malik claimed more than £60,000 from the Commons authorities towards his “second home” in London and number of luxury items including a £2,600 home cinema system yet he was brought back into government!

On the 10th of June 2009, The Metro and The Sun set up a target for violence or violence. (7)
John Higginson chief political correspondent of The Metro showed his intellectual grasp of political ideas by writing in mindless cliches:

Far-right leader Griffen is splattered as anti-fascists protest over poll victory.”

What really happened – an organised and fascistic, physical assault on Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons at a press conference they had called - is distorted by the code-words. Thus, the morally undeserving “far right” Griffin is justly humiliated by (merely) protesting “anti-fascists”.

The Daily Star went further and incited its readers to throw chapattis at Griffin. This is simply hate-speech and can only serve to inflame the racial situation as chapattis are ethnic food.

Over at arch-Globalist Rupert Murdoch’s The Sun, Graeme Wilson devalued an elected British politician thus:

“Bad egg hit by good egg.

Then the common language again:

“Griffin- his fascist party’s first MEP.”

The semi-literate papers have for years told their readers how to vote but now they are inciting violence against a legal political party. The owners of these papers are foreigners, and this is outside intervention in our internal politics. Never again must foreigners be allowed to own our newspapers.

Both Establishment and apparatchiks use a common language. The “anti-fascists” commonly describe the BNP as fascists and the apparently respectable opinion-formers have adopted this. In his interview with Griffin, David Dimbleby used the word fascist. Dimbleby would not invite SWP leaders like Martin Smith and Weyman Bennett to dinner, unless he wanted to show what a fine fellow he is, because they are the wrong class. But when it comes to defending the elites’ way of life they share the same prejudices.

The caste usually incite violence indirectly so they can keep up the appearance of respectability. But Peter Hain, who did so much to bring about the genocide of whites in South Africa and has never apologised for it, has now called for violent confrontation with the BNP. He is trying to do the same thing here - while he makes himself rich by corruptly trousering £103 grand. The language is the same as with the others:

It is vital that everyone now isolates and confronts the BNP and works with United Against Fascism to defeat them. The gang of UAF thugs attack Nick Griffin everyone can see ...

The Sun are now encouraging more attacks, and this in a country with hundreds of Muslim extremists and terrorists. They are actually encouraging assassination. If anything happens again remember that and get the evidence from the newspaper reports of how they lead people on.

An openly illegal incitement to violence against a democratically elected politician was published by London media:
I’m so disappointed with the people that threw eggs at BNP leader Nick Griffin yesterday when he attempted to hold a victory press conference...come on people...we live in a multi cultural democracy...so next time please FOR THE SAKE OF THIS DEMOCRACY can you chuck BRICKS at the racist instead???...much more effective, n’est pas?

Ali Sichilongo, London

So why are such untrue and hateful words employed in the media? Possibly because of something Griffin has in mind for the elites. He told the BNP conference in Blackpool:

“We all know that they have announced that there will now be another inquiry into the Iraq War. Of course there should not be an inquiry, but rather a war crimes trial, based on the principles established during the Nuremburg Trial.

“The accused must include the politicians and the propagandists who generated the background to the war. This will include the newspaper editors and media owners who are just as responsible for the lies which led to that war.

“However, we have enough evidence right now to make a case against Geoff Hoon and Tony Blair for an incident during the Balkans War when a Serbian TV station was bombed. I will be laying a charge with a central London police station very soon over this matter.

This is why the corrupt thieves and liars of the caste have to try and silence those who threaten them. Presumably it’s also why Griffin does not have state security like Geert Wilders in the Netherlands and Salman Rushdie did here. His protection rests largely in us informing the public that State forces are dehumanising him for attack..

(1) http://www.cesc.net/radicalweb/scholars/rankin/ar2.html

(2) http://www.arthurkemp.com/


(3) http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/multimed....1204_34745a.jpg

(4) http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1055554.html

(5) http://keeptonyblairforpm.wordpress.com/....lic- order-act/


(6) Drag to 6 minutes.


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European Union's Financial Crisis

By Albion

I see the EU has been placed in receivership.

You’re kidding!

I most certainly am not. I fully understand your reluctance to give any credence to this information as I have in the past been accused of resorting to childish exaggeration.

What caused it?

Well you see it’s complicated. You can liken it to the American financial crash with Fannie Mae, Lehman Brothers, Bear Sterns and Freddie Mac imploding.

Don’t see it, what’s the comparison?

Well much of the EU member countries tax payer’s money disappeared as swiftly as a UK politician ducking for cover when being questioned about abuse of expenses and second house mortgages. The financial breakdown was further exacerbated as a result of MEP’s awarding themselves huge salaries in the 6 figure range and expenses that would keep a dozen pensioners fed for hundreds of years.

They spent millions on first class air travel home and spent lavishly on 5 star hotels. They gave millions of Euro’s to third world countries, like Moldova, Slovakia, Romania and are building a massive underground system, and an international airport at Riga. Plans are already in operation to implement a space programme for Latvia.

I have it on good authority the European Particle accelerator which so far cost $790 million blew a fuse on switch-on and hasn’t worked since. So any handy person out there; well what a golden opportunity!

This reckless spending resulted in turning these poor countries into first world countries, and at the same time buggered up the finances of the first world member countries who in turn paid the bulk of the membership fees. Oh and a number of the EU's most senior ministers have hurriedly fled into exile to Argentina.

Have any assets been confiscated?

Well if you are quick there is a sale of EU commission limousines, some office furniture and stacks of flag poles and nondescript flags that flew outside of the EU Commission building, and a hideous water feature that stands near the main entrance.

I think there might even be a statue of Nelson Mandela too.

Oh and a primitif painting of a duck floating on a pond hanging in the main foyer reputedly costing 20 Million Euro’s.

Other strange things are happening. Brussels itself is going broke; few planes are arriving into the country so the airport authorities have opened up the old WW2 grass airstrip off the main runway and the Belgium government have resorted to using its aging fleet of Dakotas for international flights. NATO, the BBC EU Liaison department and Race Relation’s Industry have put their offices on the market.

Oh, and their space programme department have for sale a half dozen slightly used rockets. You will find them on EBay.


Oh yes, it doesn’t end there. The railway line between Brussels and Strasbourg which every month did a full scale removal of all EU paperwork encompassing the process of government hasn’t seen a train for over a week. There is talk to help recoup some of the money they are going to sell that part of the railway system to a non-profit railway enthusiast preservation group.

Belgium will be financially destitute and will have to rely once again on selling Chocolates, Beer and Sprouts for survival.

Rumour has it Brussels is also up for sale.

The high class tailors in the city haven’t had any orders for over a week, the restaurants are going broke and the red light in the red light district has gone out and the working girls have stopped working..... if you understand my meaning.

I believe there is a huge pall of smoke at the back of the EU Commission’s building.


Don’t think so, I believe they are hurriedly burning all the EU financial accounts for the last 12 years.

Its serious then?

Well not really actually.

How come?

Well it appears an enormous unforeseen side benefit of all this madness and mayhem is that all member countries can now return to some semblance of self government, control of their own borders, return to some form of democracy and freedom of speech and dare I say it bloody sanity. Good innit?


Monday, 29 June 2009

One man's icon

Is it just me, but can anyone else imagine any circumstances where the death of an aging white rock star would have become an event of international mourning if he had been accused of paedophilia twice and had admitted sharing his bed with pre-pubescent boys?

One person who the media have studiously avoided interviewing is the - now grown up - Jordy Chandler (above), I wonder what he makes of the current circus?

Sarah: Maid of Albion

More about Halal Gelatine.

By the Informer.

My previous article about Halal sweets was treated with derision by the loony left.

I have been accused of being racist, foodist, and all the nasty little words that the supporters of the mad people can think up.

All this over a few packets of sweets. Or was it?

I have been researching the use of gelatine that can be considered Halal and therefore suitable for Muslims to eat.

In the west almost all gelatine is produced by recovering it from slaughtered pig bones and sinews. Maybe this comes as a surprise but it has been done for hundreds of years without a fatality, apart from the poor pig. Extraordinarily safe regulations are in place to ensure that only pig products are used.

The requirement for bovine (beef) gelatine is very low because of the continued uncertainty regarding the safety of beef by products after the BSE disaster. Stringent regulations make it virtually impossible to render gelatine from beef without using material which is not allowed to be eaten.

These rules apply only to Europe, and this is where the problem arises.

Although many products containing beef gelatine claim that they are produced in the EU, giving the impression that the ingredients are safe. This is without doubt not the case.

Having trawled as many sites as my day would allow I have been able to absolutely conclude that the vast majority of Halal gelatine is sourced from the Indian Sub Continent, with the remainder from the Middle East. (Unusually this being mainly from goat’s bones and stringy bits).

This of course means that Halal gelatine can bypass all the regulations. One wonders what else does?

Now then bearing in mind that the glaringly obvious hygiene standards of these countries falls 200 years behind ours, and that the donor animals have to be slaughtered whist still alive (Halal words not mine) probably in disgustingly fly ridden conditions, I chose not to eat anything made with Halal gelatine.

Being a sharing caring sort of a chap I would advise you to do the same and boycott this insanity

Solidarity opposes the new McCarthyism

The Guardian recently published an article entitled 'Ed Balls considers ban on BNP teachers'. It was written by Polly Curtis, the education editor of the newspaper.
The article stated:-

"The government is investigating a possible ban on British National party members working as teachers in schools in a move that could challenge the legitimacy of the far-right party.

A source close to the schools secretary, Ed Balls, said there had been several meetings on the issue with teaching unions which are lobbying for a change in teachers' contracts to prevent them from working if they are members of far-right groups including the BNP. The issue was being "actively looked at"
, the source said."

Solidarity has always had a clear policy opposing political vetting in employment. We regard this as a New McCarthyism. The motivation is nakedly political - an attempt to intimidate people from exercising their democratic rights of freedom of expression and association. It has nothing to do with how people actually perform their job.

Solidarity is already progressing cases involving the existing political bans in the Police and other professions. We take the view that no improper sanction should be imposed on a person merely because of their membership of an association. Nor should someone be dismissed because of the activities and objectives of any form of association (Vogt v Germany, 1994, ECHR). Solidarity looks forward to overturning the existing bans as they are neither necessary or proportionate and conflict with basic Human Rights. We will also oppose any new bans.

General Secretary Pat Harrington declared: "If Ed Balls is foolish enough to take any action limiting freedom of expression or association in our country he will find resolute, determined and unrelenting opposition."

If you would like to donate to the work of Solidarity in this area please click here.

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Did you notice what Simon Darby said?

OK, I know you read the Deputy Leaders of the British National Party's article here but did you actually take on board what was being said?

I am referring to the second part of the article in which he reported on a debate that took place in the Parliament of the Pigs recently. Let me refresh your memory.
Mr. Mitchell:
I am not defending the BNP; I am trying to explain the nature of the vote.

What will happen when people come to us and ask why the Government cannot do more to help industry and all we can reply is, “Aid to industry cannot be allowed in Europe,” or if the Government's reaction to proposals for retrospective business rate payments in the docks, which will cause closures and unemployment, is that they cannot stop them because aid to industry will be struck down in Europe?

What about when people say they want something done about immigration or labour conditions or that they want British jobs for British workers at the oil refineries on south Humberside and all we can reply is, “Sorry, we cannot help you; Europe stops us from doing anything”? That speaks of the kind of futility and discontent that leads to an increase in the BNP vote.

There you have it. A clear statement from The Establishment, that they no longer have control over the affairs of Our Country, That all powers have been transferred behind our backs to the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels. Again there is only one way to recover Our Country and that is by voting BNP.

And here, the Secretary of State for Scotland reveals how they depend on the colonisers vote to deny the true British People the right to determine whether they have the right to survive as a people.
In Scotland, on occasion, there is complacency about what happens in respect of the British National party. Of course we all know that its members are racists and anti-Semites, but their vote in Scotland has gone from near zero a decade ago to 27,000 at the European elections. The proportion of the BNP vote in Scotland was higher than the ethnic minority proportion of the population in Scotland as shown in the most recent census.
However, the colonisers are breeding like rabbits, if we do not act soon it will be too late and we will be democratically voted out of existence. And that is why the colonisers are still coming.

Well, I have to go now. Have a great day BNP and a pox on all who support The Establishment and the betrayal of the True British People.

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Brown is pandering to the British National Party

Well one thing that has shown up in the last few weeks, as been the fact that a vote for the British National Party, is never a wasted vote.

Because when the people start voting BNP, the self survival instincts of the the corrupt politicians kick in and they start to worry about being ejected from the Gravy Train they have ridden for so long. They even start to think twice about their mad, New World Order Agenda and creating La La Land for madmen.

They know, that if they are thrown off the train, most of them are not capable in surviving in the shite new world order they helped create and so however much they hate doing it, they are forced to listen to the voice of the people. Too late for that now - more and more of the people have woken up to their lies and false promises.

Lies, like the one given by the unelected, snot eating Brown Clown yesterday.
Local residents will also be given priority over immigrants and people from other areas on council housing queues,
They will not deliver on that. They cannot deliver on it. The laws they put in place will not allow it. The local authorities they have jammed pack with their La La Land supporters will not allow it. The colonisers(they are not immigrants) will still be allowed to jump waiting lists.

Government plans are already in place to build five and seven bedroomed homes across the country, I have seen the documents. Now who do you think those new homes, with "specially" designed cooking facilities and toilets are for? Not you. Not me. Not the Smiths, the Browns and the True British people.

Meanwhile the colonisers will still get this kind of treatment, when white people in similar circumstances would have their children taking into care, their familes broken up and separated by the state.
The family in the £147,000-a-year property moved in last July, after they were assessed as needing to live in a home with at least seven bedrooms due to the size of their family group.
But just as as the government of the day throws money into constituencies where their MP has only a slight majority, so to, do they throw money into areas that they now perceive as being under threat from the British National Party. Which these days, is all of them. You want things done, then the answer is simple. Vote BNP, your vote is never wasted.


So who do you trust?

Away from base today. I wonder what they will do when there are no whites left for them to have a chip on their shoulder about?

Pity we could not build a big, really big space Ark and leave them all to it.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

So what did your son to today?

Where is his other hand?

So what did your son do today? Do you know where he went? Do you know who he spoke to?

Do you care?

Does the father of the 11 year boy shown in the image above know that his son was converted to Islam earlier this month?

The image was taken when the moslem maniac Anjem Chodary was praising the colonising scum that chanted "murderers" during their shameful attack on the homecoming parade of British soldiers in Luton earlier this year.

The boy shown, who have his name as Sean was filmed repeating Arabic chants and swearing allegiance to the Dead Paedophile, Allah and guided through the street conversion by the preacher from hell.

Choudary said that the boy was with his friends but he did not know if the child's parents were there and went on to say:
'The boy told us he wanted to become a Muslim and, of course, some people are intellectually more mature than they are physically. I don't see there is any harm in this.
In countries where madness now reigns, the penalty for attempting to convert a person to another faith other than Islam is punishable by death and thousands have died for either doing just that or have died as a result of being set up by the Liars of Islam.

Now what did your son do when he went out today?


The Relentless Slither of Islam.

click for bigger picture

By the informer.

I feel that I have just been raped.

My body has been Invaded and forever infected. I do not quite know what to do.

Earlier I bought 3 packets of sweets in a local store.
I succumbed to this because they only cost £1 for 3.
Than all of a sudden I felt quite strange and bloated.

I read the ingredients several times, only to notice familiar ingredients plus 5 ‘E’ number colours.

It must have been something else, I am used to eating American Hard Gums, although never from Ireland as far as I know. Surely that could not be the reason.

And blow me down with a feather, I saw it. Printed in tiny letters was the word ‘HALAL’
The buggers are now attacking our children with sweets.

On the face of it this may seem humorous.

But my friends it certainly is not.

They know what they are doing. Exactly what they are doing.

The invaders are attacking us with their food, by getting us used to it.

What the hell is in it, or what have they done to it or Prayed over it to make it HALAL

For years we have been bamboozled into eating curry in ‘Indian’ restaurants where everyone concerned from owners to staff are from Pakistan or more likely Bangladesh. There is absolutely NOTHING Indian about them at all.

Incidentally I now refuse to have anything at all to do with them.

As an aside, what on earth are an Irish company doing here.
Is there such a huge market in Ireland for these goods?
Or is the demand so great here that they are filling a void.

In my village there is not one Muslim family or child as far as I know.
So why are they being stocked? Later I shall ask the proprietor.

If he does not answer satisfactorily he shall lose my considerable business and I shall tell him so.
If he would rather insult me with what he sells then it is his loss.

I will not put one penny in the pocket of those who wish to see me dead.

I shall also write to the papers.

I am also going to email the address on the packet above. Please do the same, but you must remember who we represent.


I suggest that anyone who feels the same take the appropriate action.

We must fight back, and the best way is through their pockets.

Do not buy their goods or services.

Without our money to send over to further the hate that their countries exude they will have no reason to remain here.

My what a beautiful Sunday

My what a beautiful day. Sun is shining, birds are singing and some people, a little bit smarter than the crowd, have already loaded their cars and are heading to the beaches and beauty spots around Our Country.

But in some drives, cars will sit untaxed, their fuel tanks empty, their owners, whose jobs were taken by cheap imported foreign labour can no longer afford to keep them on the road.

And in the gardens of some homes today, people will be looking up at their houses and finally accept that they are going have to sell the home they struggled to buy, because they have lost their jobs when the company they worked for all their lives, relocated to India or Eastern Europe.

Now, a nurse is pulling back the curtains in a ward of an hospital where a young 14 year old white boy lies unconscious , unaware of his mother holding his hand, who is wondering just why a dozen "Asian" youths would attack her son for no reason other than he was white and walking through "their part" of town.

And a 16 year old girl and her mother, who have not slept in months, try to decide whether the girl should keep the baby she is having as a result of being gang raped. What shall I do Mam?

And in other homes, the curtains will be drawn all day and grieving husbands will sit and stare at their wives crying, still unable to accept that their soldier son has died in a foreign land as a result of the posturing on the world stage of the war criminal Blair.

My, it really is a beautiful day.


Saturday, 27 June 2009

Oh Woe is Me.

By The Informer.

Once upon a time Britain was an Island divided by class, religion and loyalty. After 1000’s of years of civil war and attempted invasions a proud united Kingdom was established. Out of this great Britain a parliament of commoners was created to represent each and every Briton equally. This parliament became the envy of the world and was copied by many of today’s democracies. Its members were elected by the populace and accountable directly to them. These members came from all walks of life and obeyed a strict code of honour.

Gradually avarice, nepotism, and corruption began to infect the elected members. Powerful businesses, individual s and workers unions discovered that they could bribe members to favour their interests.

Parliament became disjointed with members taking sides against others, and the old division of classes returned. Two world wars welded the members together again, but members had by now all become allied to self interest groups. Democracy was in decline and minority groups gained a disproportionate voice.

Soon British traditions began to be eroded, and there were again ominous rumblings from Europe.

Dark forces were at work.

Union leaders more interested in the promotion of communist politics picked a war with the last real face of Conservatism. They lost, and we all lost because of it. Coal was no longer the King that Britain’s industrial might was built on.

The world’s oil sheiks seized the opportunity, courting our leaders to sell our souls, without any doubt being well reimbursed for doing so.

Behind our backs the Europeans stole our fish stocks, dictated that we could or couldn’t grow, and pilfered our export markets.

Then the invasion we never had, began. The world’s detritus began settling here spoiling everything and everyone who came into contact with them. Britain began to look, feel and smell differently.

Whole cities now looked like foreign shanty towns, and morals declined. People started losing hope and purpose.

Disgusting sexual habits were promoted and legislated in favour of. Hundreds of thousands of fatherless children and their irresponsible parents sucked the life blood out of the states coffers.

Taxpayers now had to fund the worthless African countries and bolster the Indian Sub Continents nuclear powers as if we now alive owed these people anything.

The Christian Church capitulated and Islam began its inexorable fetid growth.

The police have been taken over, standing idly by whilst maddened dervishes spout their vitriol at our troops and patriotic politicians, whilst protecting the interests of tiny front organisations.

All protest is stifled and members of parliament openly and cravenly support those trying to eradicate us.

There is an answer. The ballot box next year. However those of us who love our country may have to fight an old fashioned war to restore this land to its greatness. We must make our invaders as unwelcome as possible as soon as possible to make them and their scrounging offspring with them.

The time is not near, it is now. We must build our resistance locally until we join up with our neighbours.

It is only when the cowardly two mentioned in the graphic realize how strong that we really are will anything be done to turn the tide.

However they might not get a chance to do anything.

Soon we will be an Islamic state, if the British National Party does not succeed.

This is not a scare story; it is the cold bare truth.

Prepare yourselves.

Nia Griffith MP and the BNP

BNP Councillor Kevin Edwards

LLANELLI MP Nia Griffith has pledged never to eat at taxpayers' expense again after an angry reaction to her food bills.

Last year, Ms Griffith claimed the maximum £4,800 for food, and has been named and shamed alongside 31 other MPs who did the same.

Even when the House of Commons wasn't sitting, they claimed the full £400 a month under the allowance scheme, which was meant to cover eating expenses accrued while staying away from their main residence, on parliamentary business.

The revelations sparked a backlash from critics who feel MPs, who have a minimum salary of £64,766, not to mention all the other allowances, should at least be able to pay for their own grub.

Now Ms Griffith points out she didn't break any rules, but has announced she won't be claiming for food again.

She said: "A few weeks ago, I voted for an interim measure to reduce it immediately to £25 per night for nights actually spent away from your main home, but it should, quite frankly, be abolished. So I have decided not to claim it in future."

Now it has also emerged that Ms Griffith claimed £9,533 in legal fees and stamp duty while purchasing her new London home shortly after becoming an MP in 2005. She has since claimed £2,270 for a "complete redecoration" of the flat, designated her second home, and at least £4,000 on furnishings, electrical goods and furniture.

She said: "I claimed for the stamp duty when I bought a flat in London, which is within the rules, as an allowable expense, and the money does at least go back to the Treasury."

But she accepted: "I do think there is a problem if property prices rise and MPs are seen to be making a profit on a property they have purchased with taxpayer subsidy.

"I therefore think that any profit made should go back to the taxpayer."


Too late as far as I am concerned Nia. It's very simple your greed has been exposed, in the year that you claimed £400 a month to feed yourself TAX FREE this is what has been happening in your constiuency since September 2008.
  • 85 Workers were axed at Llenelli's Calsonic Kansei in Felinfoel.
  • Thyssen Krupp Tallent announced 30 redundancies at it's Felinfoel plant which is now facing closure.
  • Car trader J & J Motors announced 22 redundancies in Cross Hands and Skewen.
  • 5 jobs are to be lost at the National Botanic Gardens in Llanarthe.
  • Llanelli car parts factory Schaeffer (UK) let 60 workers go ai it's plant in Bynea.
  • Amman Valley Enterprise ceased trading leaving 6 people out of work.
  • Llanelli YWCA closed with the loss of nine part-time jobs.
  • Corus closed it's Pontarddulais and Llandybie plants with the loss of 125 jobs.
  • Llanelli shops Adams,Burtons,Topshop,Woolworths and Burtons have closed.
Figures recently released by Camarthenshire Council that unemployment rocketed by 89.46 per cent in 12 months. Some 3721 people are out of work in the county with more than a third of the people unemployed are under 24 years of age.

So while you continue to enjoy "Tir Gofal" funding while ordinary farmers have to wait.

While you "swan around Troughminster" lining your own pocket, proudly carrying the bag of Harriet Harman who recently announced she wants to lower the sexual age of consent to 14 your constituents are really suffering as a result of your governments policies that you so enthusiastically endorse.

A General Election is coming and for the British National Party it cannot come soon enough. We will expose you and your parties lies.

We will make sure that every elector in Llanelli will know every penny that you have milked from the system while they lose their jobs and their homes.

Councillor Kevin Edwards

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Of Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax

"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--
Of cabbages--and kings--
And why the sea is boiling hot--
And whether pigs have wings.

Waking earlier than usual, I find my mind littered with thoughts, ideas and information that it had pulled out of my memory during the night. Sometimes I find entire articles ready for me, other times just links to information needed to write one. Strange thing the mind.

Depressingly, the thoughts and links are all depressingly depressing. For that you can thank Big D for pointing me at the main site just before my bedtime and Bertie for earlier pointing me in the direction of an Islamic school in Leicester.

But first, some breakfast. I usually have a warm beer and cornflakes but being out of corn flakes I decided to go for toast and marmalade complemented with a good strong coffee. No Milk. What is to be done? Well I tried substituting the milk with beer but quite honestly it did not work. In fact it was a bigger failure than my attempt to make a beef and sardine curry. And boiling the beer and adding coffee was also a failure and a waste of beer. So I have settled for a roll up and a beer. Incidentally, despite what people like Wellard might say, I NEVER drink before 6 a.m.

Now these thoughts I found waiting, had not been sorted or indexed but an old fashioned mental "Bubble Sort" puts them in some kind of order, so away we go.

The spoilt and self indulgent little rich bitch, Lilly Allen has been spouting off about the British National Party again, this time at Glastonbury, Clever girl. The three magic letters, BNP always means free publicity, even for a 2nd rate singer like Lilly Pondlife. Off topic, but what was Sarah Brown, the wife of the unelected Brown Clown doing at Glastonbury with the foul mouthed creature Naomi Campbell?

Allen, in "a tribute" to the recently deceased piece of bleached white plastic, the paedophile Michael Jackson, wore a single white glove.

Before anyone starts on about Jackson being innocent, consider this portion of a statement made by the young boy Jordan Chandler who Jackson bought off with the $22 million US dollars.
Michael Jackson masturbated me many times both with his hand and with his mouth.
Michael Jackson had me suck one nipple and twist the other nipple while Michael Jackson masturbated.

You can read the entire Jackson files, here on The Smoking Gun. Jackson was about as innocent as OJ Simpson. All we need now is Gary Glitter to read Jacksons eulogy at his raising to sainthood ceremony. Fittingly, Jackson had converted to Islam before his death.

But back to Pondlife Allen. Before playing "Fuck You", Allen told the crowd to raise their middle fingers in protest against the BNP for having the temerity to win two seats seats in the European Parliament.
"Fucking boo them," she told the audience. "This song is called 'Fuck You', and I'd like you to join me by putting your middle fingers up at those bastards." When the audience responded by cheering wildly and raising their middle fingers, Allen collapsed in a fit of laughter.
During the show, in which she exposed her sagging breasts and later revealed that she had been "****ing herself" before going on stage. What a tacky, dirty, drugged up little slapper she is.

However, I suppose that Allen is a singer of some sort and I wonder if she knows how the Cult of the Dead Paedophile feels about songs and singers, especially female ones?

Now, I believe that over the last few years, I have been forced to learn more about the disease of Islam then most. And what I have learned is very alarming. We in the West are in very grave danger and those foolish people who think we can live side by side with these people are dangerous fools who could get all our throats slit.

Consider this, there are a billion followers of this cult. A billion people who need to be told how to use the toilet, how to wash and how to live their daily lives. They are incapable of making logical descisions because they are conditioned into not thinking at an early age in schools like the Leicester Community Islamic School.

They are like the Borg in Star Trek, they do not integrate. They assimilate and if they cannot assimilate they destroy. They are like machines, for they have lost their humanity as a result of their programming.

The Moslems colonisers in Our Country are only paying lip service to our laws and customs whilst they wait for demographics to hand our land to them without a fight. Meanwhile they are building their infrastructure ready for the day they feel strong enough to take control.

Let me show you an example of what I mean about paying lip service whilst they contaminate the minds of their own young in their Islamic Schools.

This is one of the lessons that those poor children are currently being taught.
"Songs cause hypocrisy to grow in the heart just as water grows crops"
What does that mean? Well let them explain it to you for me. Straight from the mouths of the madmen.

Pay attention to this line Lilly, you cretin.

"As for listening to songs sung by a female or a beardless lad,
it is considered as oneof the gravest sins that corrupts one's religion.

Right here we go. Cut n paste time.
A man came to Ibn `Abbaas, may Allaah be pleased with him, and asked him: “What is the legal judgment pertaining to singing? Is it permissable or prohibited?” Ibn `Abbaas replied: “On the Day of Judgment, will singing be classified with truth or falsehood?” The man said: “With falsehood”. Ibn `Abbaas commented: “You have reached the judgment yourself”.

Songs are the gateway to adultery as they contain inviting the beloved to an appointment, sitting with him (her) alone, practicing love, friendship, and lamentation over missing him (her). Besides this, songs call for dissolution of the veiling of women. Al-Fudhayl Ibn `Iyaadh said: “Songs are the gate to adultery”. Yazeed bin Al-Waleed also said: “O Bani Umayyah, beware of songs. They decrease decency, increase lust, and do away with one's integrity. It has the very same effect of wine and even replaces it. If you have no alternative but to listen to songs, do not let your women do the same, because songs are the gateway to adultery”.

Women are more affected by songs, musical tunes and the meanings of their words than any one else. Listening to songs may lead a girl to fall in love with the singer, to the degree that his songs and pictures are never far away from her mind. Is there an evil temptation greater than this? Many are the decent girls who have become prostitutes because of such songs.

Is it not true that songs encourage one to satisfy his lusts? Don't they motivate one to practice each and every bad deed? Don't they tempt a person to have an affair with a woman or even a child?

Songs and wine are companions, and they tempt one to commit sins and evil deeds. Satan made a bargain between these two evils so that, together, they will support each other in calling to corruption. Songs lead to prohibited adoration and committing ugly deeds. O Allaah, keep us away from Your Wrath and things which lead to Your Punishment. Hereby I end my sermon and ask Allaah for forgiveness.
Now I will never accept that anyone who thinks the above or follows a cult that preaches that kind of insanity is normal or capable of integrating with a civilized cultured people. I do not care if what I say, gets me 7 years in prison. They are stark staring bonkers and if the World is ever to have any peace and if civil wars are to be avoided then Islam must be destroyed. Not just held at bay but destroyed before they destroy, not just us but the world.

Now then, for those of you still with me. It is time for some lessons on what our enemies really think.

Is it permissible to swear allegiance to a kaafir(that is us by the way) ruler?
Based on this, it is not permissible to swear allegiance to a kaafir ruler, and if the ruler becomes a kaafir then he should be deposed, according to the conditions that are known to the scholars.
Kaafir is a derogatory term for non brain dead people and is like calling a black person a "Nigger". Kaafir however is considered acceptable by The Establishment.

Killing Non Muslims

Well enough lessons for today. School is now out. Homework on Islam can be found here. Recommended is the Islamic Politics section.


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