Sunday, 21 June 2009

In the Red Corner, Jessica Morden. In the Red White And Blue Corner, your very own JohnOfGwent

by JohnofGwent

Over on my own blog site I posted the details of my letter to my MP Jessica Morden sent as soon as I had witnessed the youtube renderings of the UAF egg-chuckers and the lack of a police response.

On Friday I got home from work to find her answer.

I think it merits being quoted verbatim particularly since it shows what she feels the party stands for. She begins promisingly enough ...
"Let me state clearly, I do not condone violence against any individual, regardless of personal beliefs. On the case of Mr Griffin, I am not aware of the exact details of the level of police intervention, or lack of, but violence against any individual should not be tolerated"
But she then goes on ...
"I am rather surprised, considering your clear revulsion for violence, that you are prepared to stand for the BNP, considering their ultimate intentions, policy and the track record of some of their members. Of course you may stand for anypolitical party you may choose and I look forwaed to the political battle with whoever stands for what party"
Given that the footage of the attack on Nick Griffin and the obvious lack of any sort of police intervention before, during or after, except to arrest some of our people, I find it strange that Jessica is still unaware the UAF are allowed to rode roughshod over democracy. But that's what they stand for anyway. But it's her second paragraph that incenses me. But what else was I to expect ? Jessica has been brainwashed into considering us the orchestrators of violent confrontation by her own party machinery.