Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Spot the difference

An Injured protester this week in Iran filmed by fellow protesters on their mobile phone

Clashes in Tehran between police and protesters, again filmed on mobile phones

Anti racist demonstrators in Belfast, who claim that shortly after this picture was taken they were attacked by thugs making Nazi Salutes and throwing bottles.. duh! pity nobody had brought their phone!

This week the world has watched the dramatic events in Iran as they happened, whilst images filmed by the protesters themselves have been instantly uploaded on to the internet and sent round the world. This is, after all, the internet age, when the public are now the journalists, all equipped with the latest mobile communications, enabling them to send images of everything from revolutions to pop concerts around the planet in seconds.

Isn't it odd, therefore, that when anti-BNP, or in this instance anti-racist, activists, who are usually the yuppies and students, groups who would normally have the latest technology immediately to hand, claim that they were attacked and abused by "Nazis", or "white racists" we have to take their word for it 'cos nobody thought to take a picture?!!


On a connected subject, here is a news story from last year which the media appears to have "forgotten"

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