Friday, 26 June 2009

Brian Binley MP and the BNP

Michael Barnbrook BNP
This is the last man you would want on your case

So the conservatives think that by forcing their MPs to pay back over £250,000 that they stole from the British People, they will wipe the slate clean for them to increase their wages to compensate for their loss of stealings, they have another thing coming.

Now whilst I am pleased that The Telegraph revealed the information about the corruption of the Pigs In Parliament, I have always been disappointed that the British National Party and the man responsible for forcing the whole issue out into the limelight, did not get the recognition they deserved.

That man of course was Michael Barnbrook, the Law and Order spokesman for the BNP and whose name should be in the newspapers today for revealing the dodgy dealings of yet another conservative crook, Brian Binley MP.

Whilst the press are happy to post that this Prince amongst Pigs has been made the subject of an official investigation after being reported by the British National Party and are happy to publish the Pigs rebuttal to the allegations. They are not decent enough to ask for comments from or even name the person who has brought about the investigation. Michael Barnbrook BNP.
Binley is quoted as saying:"I'm actually very happy this has happened because it gives me the chance to clear myself fully.

"It's clear the BNP thought this would be awkward for me, but in truth I welcome it. It is immensely helpful, although they clearly didn't mean it to be.

Binley who had his driving licence revoked for repeated motor offences, as also been reported by another political watchdog for claiming for drinks which is against the rules laid out in the parliamentary Green Book that tells MPs to really go for it and rip the public off.
On 17th June 2009 it was revealed that Binley had claimed over £50,000 in expenses, renting a flat from his own company, BCC Marketing. Two months after beginning to rent the flat, expenses rules were changed to clarify that MPs could no longer rent properties from businesses in which they had an interest. Binley appealed to the Speaker of the House Michael Martin, whilst still claiming for the flat. Binley lost his appeal after two and a half years, during which time he still claimed for the flat in question. Binley has not had to repay the £57,000 he improperly received while the Speaker deliberated.
No Binley, the BNP do not think this will be awkward for you. They know it will. They also know it will make it almost impossible for you to continue stealing form the public, even if Camerloon decides to let you keep the party whip.

Nice one Michael. Those in the know appreciate the great work you do for Our Country and Party.