Thursday, 31 May 2007

Islamic takeover of France imminent

So who is it to be? You and yours or them?

A top U.S. national defense expert and Pentagon adviser has warned that even with the election of President Sarkozy in France, that it is too late to stop the eventual Islamic takeover of that country and much of western Europe.

"It probably is too late for Great Britain and France and maybe even the Netherlands and Germany"

No matter how hard the Government stamps down on the opponents of multiculturalism the civil wars that are coming to Western Europe will drag us all in, regardless of whether we vote Labour or British National Party. Dozens of Kosovos all over Europe, all fighting to stop the spread of the cancer called Islam.

It will be no good saying "I am a pacifist, I believe in a multcultral society." because the enemy will not care. They want you to either convert or die.

You can read the full article over on that excellent Early Warning site called Drakes Drum.

When the swords flash let no idea of love, piety, or even the face of your fathers move you.

A message for all those Juthas out there

The excellent Pat Condell is at it again....Check this out and lets hope we have lots of Jutha and Juthi readers who can start screaming again.

You can view another Pat special here.

"Wanted him and their son to die as Islamic Martyrs"

British? - Nah!

So what kind of wife would encourage her husband to become a terrorist and blow himself and others to bits? Is she seeing someone on the side or is there another reason?

So what can kind of person is this wife, who as a mother who would also wish for their baby son to grow up and become a suicide bomber?

In a case currently going on at the Old Bailey, which you can read about here, the Prosecutor said;

"His wife was not only aware of his intention, but positively encouraged it - despite that fact that his actions would almost certainly result in his death and in their son being without a father.

"These are mindsets which are beyond ordinary understanding and which possess a chilling resilience."

But we do understand why she encouraged it. She is a coward. She is so frightened of death that she would sacrifice both her husband and son to avoid the "Torture of The Grave".

To keep his followers in line, the crazy creature called Mohammed told them about the "Torture of the Grave". Now whether a good guy or a bad guy, waiting for "judgment day" after death for a Moslem is no fun. The only way it can be avoided is to go straight to heaven as a martyr. That way you do not have to hang about until "judgment day" but also get to take delegated family and friends (cant remember how many) with you.

That is why Mothers and Fathers send their children to blow themselves to bits. Means they can go on living without worrying about death because their son has paid for their ticket to paradise. Cowards not fit to be parents.

Check the links here.

Muslims not allowed to change their Religion

In Malaysia - The One to Watch, we looked at the case of a brave woman in Kuala Lumpur who understandably wished to leave the Cult of the Dead Paedophile and become a Christian.

Despite all the persecutions from the brain washed zombies who follow the ramblings of a dead lunatic because it is easier then thinking, she persisted and took her case to the highest court in their doomed land.

Well I think we knew all along what the end result would be. You can get an idea from the image where we can see the zombie people celebrating the defeat of secularism and freedom of religion in Malaysia.

The creature that passes for their Chief Justice, Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim (Theres a mouthful), said the civil court had no jurisdiction in the case and that it should be dealt with by the country's Islamic Courts.

"The issue of apostasy is related to Islamic law, so it's under the sharia court. The civil court cannot intervene."

Now according to Sharia Law, the penalty for a woman apostate is life in prison, with confiscation of all property. For a man death. Remember you only need two crazy adults to say your an apostate and your toast.

Understandably, Christians and other religions in the country are very concerned as this will announce "Open Season" to the Mohammedans and away they will go, doing the only thing they do well. Destruction of property and the takings of lives.

Read the true story here or if you prefer newspeak from the bBC, then you can read their usual distortions of the truth here.

As Islam tightens its grip around the throat of the counties it has infected, more and more religious refugees will be fleeing from their evil.

Where will they go and who will come with them as a fifth column? You know where and you know who will be coming with them.

What are you going to whisper to your Grand Child in twenty years time. "I remember when this Country was white and Christian. The British National Party tried to warn us but we did not listen. Lift your veil and let me see your face before you go to school."

hat tip to JohnOfGwent

Black Britons United

My but these guys can be funnier than the mad Moslem's. Good job us True Brits have a sense of humour.

Leaving aside the fact that there is no such thing as a Black Briton, there is a numb nut over on the google group "Black Britons United" who has really got his knickers in a twist and has posted the following;

I just though you should all know..We are on the backfoot. The racists have a serious blogging strategy going on. Here is a list of a few of the UK racist blogs.


I like the little critter. I really do. He accuses the True Brits of being racist whilst posting in a Black only group. Black Britons? Whatever next. White aborigines?

Come on guys, we are running out of time. Time to wake up, get fit and be ready to fight for your country. Take your place in the firing line and join the British National Party.

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Britain must adapt by accepting Sharia Law

Just substitute the word "cartoons" with the word "Truth"

The cult of the Dead Paedophile are really finding their feet in Our Country and their demands increase daily.

The Dhimmi traitor Blair is opening a two day program on Monday with his Pakistan counterpart Shaukat Aziz in London. One day we really must get around to hanging that man. You might also find this interesting. The lunatic truly believes he is God.

Among the items to be discussed will be; the west should reciprocate by incorporating aspects of Muslim and non-Western teaching in its own legislation and political culture.

In other words start implementing Sharia Law but just to make it clear, the Cult of The Dead Paedophile will also be saying;

"We are asking our speakers to challenge Western scholars and politicians to consider how countries, such as Britain, might adapt to better host the increasing number of diverse religious communities that have made their home here"

But you know, when the Death Eaters say religion, they mean only one. Theirs. The Cult of Mohammedan. The cult of the zombies. The cult of the living dead. Islam. But why the heck should we adapt? They are "guests" in Our Country. Some might say they have outstayed their welcome. I certainly do. Anyone for Hegira?

And if you think that Islam will change and moderate over time then I have more bad news. Pakistan slips down daily into the pit of hell despite attempts by some of their leaders to prevent the creation of another region of hell on earth.

Pakistan's governments has just created a draft bill that would allow for male apostates who leave Islam to be be sentenced to death rather than just life in prison like female Muslims who become Christians.

What a fun country that is going to be when the only evidence required to say someone is an apostate, is the testimony of two adults. Remember that verse in 1984?

"Underneath the spreading chestnut tree, I sold you and you sold me.
They lie here, and here lie we, 'neath the spreading chestnut tree."

One easy way for the state and others to grab people property and children. Taking into account that testimony by non Muslims in not admissible in Pakistani Courts. You can see it now.

"Your an apostate Christian and we are going to kill you and take your property".

"No I'm not. I'm a Muslim".

"Shut up. Your a non Muslim now and your evidence is inadmissible...Death by hanging.

Only a complete moron can believe that letting this cult continue in Our Country can end in anything but civil war and death.

Make sure that when the time comes your part of a Big Family like the British National Party because there are tough times coming. Failing that put your head back under the blankets and die in your sleep.

Persecution, whenever it occurs, establishes only the power and cunning of the persecutor, not the truth and worth of his belief.

More on Islam. By najistani


Viewed rationally, Islam is a non-starter. Its 'Holy' Book consists of half-digested fragments of Judeo-Christian theology, mixed with the bile of hatred, and spewed into the fair face of Christendom from the putrifying guts of a violent, deceitful, plundering pedophile. The Koran is full of historical, scientific and logical errors and even contradicts itself on numerous occasions. Not exactly the work of a Supreme Intellect!

And yet Muslims claim that these demented ramblings and rantings are the literal word of God Almighty, to be treated with utmost respect. They throw enormous tantrums when Korans are left in toilets or returned to libraries with bacon-rashers as bookmarks. In the Islamic paradise of Pakistan, damaging a Koran or insulting The Pedophile are punishable by death.

To understand Islam we need to look at the most primitive organisational state of mankind - Tribalism.

If we regard the Ummah as a tribe, and the Koran, the Pedophile and the Black Meteorite as the tribe's three main totems, we begin to get a better understanding of Islam. A tribe derives its identity and unity by displays of reverence towards supernatural totems, and feels insecure and threatened whenever the power of its totems is weakened, for example by the totems being 'humiliated' or 'polluted' . One of the surest ways of demoralising a tribe has always been to desecrate its totems.

This explains the rage at the Motoons, and the 'hate crime' of the Koran down the toilet. It also explains why the Saudi authorities made such a fuss when they found a Christian in Mecca. The precincts of the Holy Meteorite had been defiled by a najis kaffir.

Tribal culture and psychology are difficult for civilised people to understand. Most parts of Western Europe have not been organised tribally since the Dark Ages, so it's difficult to get inside Muslim mind and understand just how primitive and benighted are the psychological processes that go on there. For example:

- A tribe regards itself as perpetually at war with all other tribes - hence the Muslim worldview of Dar a-Harb in conflict with Dar al-Islam, and Ummah in conflict with Kaffir.

- The property and women of other tribes are there for the taking. Might is right - hence the Jizya, Razzia, white slaving etc which are all justified by the Koran. Tribalism also explains the chants of 'We will take your wives for booty' at the London Motoons demonstration - this is the typical behavior of the stone age savage.

- The ethics of reciprocity (do as you would be done by) only apply within the tribe. Hence the lack of any Golden Rule in Islam. The nearest you get to the Golden Rule in the Koran is desiring for your brother Muslim ('kin-selection') what you desire for yourself - in other words share out the booty equally.

- Loyalty to the tribe is of paramount importance - hence the punishment by death for apostates.

- The tribe must not mingle with other tribes or else it may lose its identity - hence the self-imposed ghettoisation and ethnic cleansing of Kaffirs from the periphery of the ghetto as seen in European cities.

- There is a great desire to destroy or humiliate the totems of other tribes, especially where they have phallic significance - hence the attack on the twin towers, and the plans for the MegaMosque whose minarets will be taller than any Christian building.

Muslims in the modern world are living fossils, though like dinosaurs suddenly set down on the streets of London, none the less dangerous for being so primitive. Islam appeals to the lowest and basest instincts of man, and in the absence of a strong, confident modern culture will gradually reduce its host society to a disfunctional state of anarchy where Islam can gain the upper hand.

Tribalism makes it impossible to defeat Islam by reason or appeals to decency. The Koran, the Pedophile and the Meteorite are not capable of being examined rationally or ethically - they are pre-rational symbols of tribal cohesion. And when that tribe is on a roll , and believes itself to be the strongest and fastest growing tribe winning the Jihad against all the rest, no rational argument will persuade its warriors to abandon the winning side.

The Ummah may eventually have an 'Emperor's New Clothes Moment', but it will not come about by reviewing the evidence for a flat earth in the Koran. It is more likely to happen by military defeat in a European Civil War or World War III.


Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Invasion Forces arriving by Land and Sea

Are the Invaders using the Nazi Operation Sea Lion Plans?

The colonisation of Our Country is increasing in speed. At this rate the True Brits will be a minority in their own country within 15 years and not the 30 as envisaged by the Governments own figures.

Immigrants are now arriving at the rate of one per minute. That is 60 every hour or more than half a million every year. And like locusts, once they find a good source of food they breed and breed and breed, whilst the host community couples are unable to afford to keep more than just one or two children because of the huge taxes they pay to keep the invaders and their offspring.

They are now an army of invaders. Whilst you read this, there are 10,000 illegal immigrants currently traveling in vehicles resembling army units. During their travels they also wear military uniforms in order to cross boarders. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck. Then I say its a damn duck. They are an army of invaders by land.

And as their religious Moslem Leaders bless the sea invasion forces before their departure the enemy embark onto their sea flotillas in their thousands every week. And then, just as the Normandy Invasion forces waited for fine weather, so do they before restarting a renewed sea-borne assault on "fortress Europe".

"The season has started ... it seems the word is out that it's time to go again," Laurent de Boeck, the acting regional representative for West and Central Africa of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), told Reuters on Thursday.

Spain fights weakly alone in the front line of the sea invasion, 30,000 landed in the Canaries last year. Read the depressing details here. They are an army of invaders by sea.

And the benefits they bring. Well you can read about some of these here.

-- 42 per cent of TB patients were from Africa, 27 per cent from Asia, 24 per cent from the UK and 6 per cent from the rest of Europe. I wonder how may of the 24 per cent from the UK were not really True Brits?

-- Just under a third were homeless, with 11 per cent living in a hostel or on the streets and a further 21 per cent staying with friends or relatives. 39 per cent were receiving welfare benefits and 13 per cent had no income.

-- 16 per cent weren't registered with a family doctor, 13 per cent were seeking asylum and 16 per cent did not speak English as their first language.

-- More than a third anticipated problems taking their medicine and 30 per cent had no-one to remind them, suggesting a lack of social support.

-- 48 per cent were admitted to hospital during their treatment, with hospital admissions for homeless people being longer and costing two and a half times more than admissions for non-homeless people.

-- A third of the 81 patients tested for HIV were positive.

A Dads Army and a Dhimmi Government isn't going to stop these people. We need a real Army and a real Government. A British National Party Government that will sweep the invaders back into the sea. A True Brit Government that will rebuild Our Navy and Army and never let the enemy land on Our Soil ever again.
A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.

Monday, 28 May 2007

Japanese threaten UK. Join the Eurozone or else

Now I have a confession to make. I dislike the Japanese. I know I shouldn't but I do. You see my uncle was a prisoner of war in Singapore after arriving just in time for our cowardly leaders to throw the towel in, in 1942. Had our soldiers known the fate that awaited them, they would have died fighting. My uncle would not talk about his experiences but he gave me the curiosity to find out what happened in Singapore and Hong Kong.

If you want a glimpse into the minds of a race that is as mental and cruel as the followers of the Cult of The Dead Paedophile then read The Knight of the Bushido by Lord Russell of Liverpool.

Japan excelled in the mistreatment of prisoners of war. Allied troops unfortunate enough to fall into Japanese hands were abused, humiliated, starved and forced to serve as slave labour. In short they were bastards.

Then after Victory in Japan, what did we do? Why we started to close down our Ship Yards and relocate them to Japan with all the latest technology available at the time. Of course our yards could not compete and who cared about the men who had build the warships and merchantmen that helped win the war. Let them join the soup queues.

Now the descendants of the monsters who mutilated and murdered our men and millions of Chinese can dictate to us our politics and threaten us to join the Eurozone or else.

Or else what? Will they launch another cowardly first strike like Pearl Harbour?

The sooner we are out of Europe the better. We will then be free to rebuild our industries that we have closed as part of our membership deal. You can read about their threats here.

Why cant you find a policeman in Yorkshire?

Pakistani Police waiting for a Christian to beat - Wait for ages and then 3 come all together

If you live in West Yorkshire and sometimes wonder where all the police are, then wonder no more. They are all over in Mirpur which is in Pakistan-administered Kashmir having a nice holiday at your expense.

On a taxpayer funded jolly, a deputation of police (how many in a deputation?) accompanied a bunch of other public funded parasites on the trip. Including for some strange reason a former Lord Mayor of Bradford. Who paid for him and why?

By what right and on whose authority did the West Yorkshire police sign an informal mutual co-operation with the corrupt police force of Mirpur? These are the same Pakistani police who refuse to defend Christians from attacks by the Cult of the Dead Paedophile.

The agreement, although not binding, is aimed at improving co-operation between West Yorkshire and Mirpur police and reducing crime in both countries.

Pity the West Yorkshire police didn't sort out crime in Our Country before worrying about their Dhimmi masters Country.

The British National Party would put the police on the beat not Pakistan.

Petition to Leave the European Union

Something for you to spit at - wipe your monitor afterwards

The undemocratic European Union and its sycophant supporters must secretly thank their lucky stars for the Iraq war and the floods of immigrants into Our Country. In fact it is part of their plan to destroy our identity in order to control us better that they helped bring these disasters about. Next stop an Islamic Eurabia and the end of Western Europe as we know it.

However we will not go easy into the history books like the extinct Dodo. We will resist and do everything necessary to reclaim first, Our Country and then Europe.

So we should attack this undemocratic organisation and its unelected leaders at every opportunity and there are a couple of excellent sites where you can get the ammunition to do so.

There is that you can visit here and also The European Union - The Truth and you can get there by clicking here. Whilst there you can sign petition to leave the European Union or just click here. I think thats enough here's for now.

Don't be a Dodo - Join the British National Party

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Creating the online Infidel Library

There is blog over the pond called, The Outraged Spleen of Zion that has just posted an interesting idea for an on line Infidel Library that would allow Arabic readers to learn the truth about Islam.

The piece includes lots of interesting pieces of information and a couple of good links.

When I read this; "We’re the most powerful civilization in human history. We’ve split the atom and sent men to the moon. We can deal with a cult from 7th century Arabia, if we put our minds to it. Yes, they have a head start, but they have weak points, too. Many of them, and sometimes huge ones. Find a pressure point and squeeze", I was hooked and read on.

Honestly recommend you go over and read the article here. Check out the link about Europe being the early warning Canary used in a mine to the Americans.

Hat Tip to Harry

Please come back Mr Whiteman - We screwed up

It finally sinks in. Some people are better at doing things than others.

Over in what used to be a prosperous country for both blacks and whites called Rhodesia, Robert Mugabe has been unable to pay the wages of his civil servants of the failed Country called Zimbabwe.

Now it is ok for the general population to starve and for the ex white farmers to be murdered in their thousands but once his own start to go hungry, then like all Countries his, is just one meal away from a revolution.

In his desperation to cling to power, this man so admired by scum like Peter Hain must now turn to the hated whites to save his worthless hide.

Despite saying in July, 2005, that his land reform would only be complete when there was "not a single white on the farms", he has had to perform a really spectacular U-Turn and ask the White Farmers back. Read his climbdown here.

Choke on that Hain you worthless piece of dirt. I wonder if South Africa can learn anything? No I doubt it. Not until it is totally destroyed.

The enemy are at the Gate. Defend your way of life. Join the British National Party.

Your Future as a White Minority

The Last of the Whites

What do you think it will be like for your children and yourself in thirty years when the White Race that build Our Land is no longer in the majority?

The way the system works is this way. Even if there were just 5% whites and 95% coloureds, the coloureds would still consider themselves the minority and expect the 5% of the whites to make concessions and keep them.

Do you think a coloured future majority that has stolen Our Nation is going to look after our elderly and disabled in care homes? Do you think they will want to pay taxes or wipe the bottom of old white people who they have been taught to hate. Do you?

Do you think that the authorities will do anything about racist attacks on a white minority? Do you? Your White. Forget it. Just die.

If you want to see what happens to White people when they are made into a minority with no control, look at Africa. Rhodesia has entered the gates of hell and soon South Africa will follow. Those whites who can, have escaped the country but the poor whites who cannot flee are reduced to living in white squatter camps and relying on soup kitchens to survive...Some existence.

There is also a belief among black men in South Africa that they can cure contracted aids by having sex with a woman who does not have the disease. So they seek out very young girls who are hopefully virgins and uninfected for rape and a cure. On top of the reported cases of rape last year, 67,000, the true figures are estimated to be nearer 3/4 of a million. Because White women are less likely to be infected. Because of racial envy and hatred this has resulted in increased gang rapes and the murders of over two thousand white farmers in the last ten years. One wonders how the likes of Peter Hain sleeps at night. The man should hang.

White America also will soon be gone as the blacks and Hispanics become the new majority. The Nation that should have been a beacon to the White World will fail and first be fragmented into States and then lost to probably China who are preparing for war both economically and militarily now. All those Whites slaughtered in their Civil War. They could do with descendants now.

It would seem that they and us are to go the way of the North American Indians. Who, if their tribes had united and slaughtered the white settlers on arrival then they would still control their land instead of living in casinos on reservations.

The True Brits had better wake up soon or face living of soup kitchens and having their daughters used as an alternative medicine. Get of your knees and fight.

“A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victim, and he wears their face and their garments and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. The traitor is the plague.

If you are white and politically aware and do not support the British National Party then you are a traitor to your Race and Country.

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Welsh TUC fiddles whilst Rome Burns

Global Marxism at work instead of people

You would think that the Marxists who control the Welsh TUC would be screaming about all the jobs losses caused by greedy companies relocating to countries where they are free to really exploit their workers. Here are just a couple, Kimball, Airbus, and a summary here.

But no. They are far too busy fighting the real enemy. The tiny Evening Post newspaper. Forget the jobs. The Evening Post dared to carry an election advert for the British National Party.

Best drive them out of business by instructing their declining membership to boycott the paper and instruct their remaining associated Unions to remove the Evening Post from the list of publications receiving articles from the Wales TUC.

Wales TUC general secretary Felicity Williams says in a letter to the Evening Post: "Wales TUC is committed to the development of Wales as a thriving, multi-faith, multi-cultural society and condemns without reservation the promotion of any extremists who seek to divide our society by spreading fear and suspicion through misleading racist and/or religious propaganda."

It would appear from the above that the parasitic Welsh TUC is committed to everyone and anything except the workers whose money they extort to live the high life of Union Barons.

Read about their stupidity here.

If you are sick of your Union ignoring your fears then leave it and join the one truly democratic Trade Union available to True Brits. Click on Solidarity.

The British National Party - Defender of Our Way of Life.

Malaysia - The one to watch.

End of Christian Church after the Black Plague arrived in Kosovo

I must confess to having a soft spot for Malaya and that part of the world in general. Did I really walk into Raffles in Singapore wearing a Pith helmet?

Now many years later I am interested in Malaya for different reasons then those of a young, single sailor. JB, KL, Tiger Beer and Bars. Lots of bars.

For many decades, the numbers of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile have been slowsly increasing in Malaysia and now they make up 60% of the population. So Islam is the official "religion" and Sharia Law rules regardless of their Constitution saying that there is freedom to practice any religion.

Well they have a problem out there now - and we all know the ending. Bloodshed. You see, ethnic Malays are deemed Muslim at birth and regardless of their wishes they are not permitted to convert to another religion. The consequences are fines, jail or even death for those who dare become Christians.

Well some brave woman has taken the crazies on and challenged them in the Law Courts.

Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia's highest court will rule next week on whether a Muslim has the right to convert to another faith, lawyers said on Friday, in a test case that could shake society in the mainly Muslim country.

The Federal Court, the country's highest civil judicial authority, will announce on May 30 if it has decided to acknowledge the decision of Lina Joy to convert to Christianity and give up Islam, the faith she was born into.

"We're all awaiting with bated breath a case which has a great impact on the course that the country will take," Benjamin Dawson, Joy's lawyer, told Reuters.

Islam is Malaysia's official religion, so Muslims who decide to switch faiths pose a tricky legal question for the government of the multiracial, multi-religious nation.

Ethnic Malays, who make up just over half of Malaysia's 26 million people, are deemed Muslims from birth.

Constitutionally, freedom of religion is guaranteed. But in reality, conversion out of Islam falls within the ambit of sharia or Islamic courts. And sharia law prescribes fines or jail for those who renounce Islam, effectively ruling out the option.

You can read the rest here.

Well here is wishing Ms Lina Joy luck. She is a very brave woman but I do not hold out any hope for the future of Malaysia. The cult will first burn the remaining churches, force the Christians to either flee, convert or die as they did in Kosovo when our Country betrayed the Christians there. Then look out Singapore. Just as the Japanese came down the causeway so shall the Moslems.

Will that wake up the sleeping British Lion? Probably not. One thing is for sure. The only true Defender of the Faith is the British National Party.

The history of men's opposition to women's emancipation is more interesting perhaps than the story of that emancipation itself.

Support Your Local Sheriff

BNP Cllr Michael Simpkins

As mentioned in an earlier post, there is a little ignorant oik with no understanding of the world or what is happening around him. With no respect for democracy, he is organising a protest against a British National Party Councillor in Corsham, Wiltshire.

The reason for the protest, the organiser claims, is because he did not know there was an election. Stop laughing. He is serious. His first protest, he said, failed because he did not tell anyone. I repeat. Stop laughing. He is only a child.

Well this time he has managed to get some publicity and so the B.N.P. Cllr Michael Simpkins has written the following letter to the Wiltshire Times. Why not leave a comment of support.

I offered young Kyle the chance of a live TV debate if he dropped his pointless protest in order to protect my fellow councillors and not waste our police resources. He declined, you'd think with his universtity degree in how to be a kennelmaid he'd wipe the floor with me, especially as he has now researched the BNP fully from the Searchlight handbook. So as his demo is still going ahead, you are all invited along in support of the BNP (Kyle is providing curry & bongo's)June 11th Corsham Town Hall. They are getting there about 5.30 but as most of you have jobs, perhaps about 6.30 for us. Save me some curry.

So if you live within striking distance of Corsham, Wiltshire then your support would be very much appreciated. Enjoy the curry but be careful. You never know what is in them these days.

It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.

Friday, 25 May 2007

T.B. is running wild across the U.K.

T.B. is running wild all over the United Kingdom but if you believe the Main Stream Establishment Media, there is no problem at all. Remember, the United Kingdom had almost eradicated T.B., until the global Marxists decided to inflict multiculturalism upon us.

This has just been reported from Cardiff. Childminder and 4 children have T.B.

A woman childminder and four children have been diagnosed with tuberculosis in Ely, Cardiff.

This is on top of a report about T.B. in Swansea which I reported here a few weeks ago where I first displayed this; Migrants make up about 70% of TB, HIV and malaria cases in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, a report has found.

And you can read about T.B. cases being reported in Aberdeen here.

And bang just as I go to put this article to bed, I find this over on Channel 4 News;

The number of children found with tuberculosis at a junior school has more than doubled from original figures, health chiefs have confirmed.

And yet despite the fact that close on 70 children in one Luton School have been infected with T.B., officials are burying their heads in the sand and refusing to admit that we have a serious self inflicted health problem sweeping the United Kingdom.

The British National Party has the cure. Remember that at the next elections.

So is Shambo still with us?

Shambo - More important than your childrens health

What do you think? I wonder what the Welsh Assembly's priorities are? The safety of the people of Wales or a pampered piece of meat?

Well their cowardice is doing a lot more than putting the health of the population at risk. They are also jeopardizing the entire bovine TB testing procedure in Wales and eventually the rest of the U.K.

Furious farmers - many of whom lost countless highly prized cattle in recent years - are adamant that unless there is action soon there is little point in anyone carrying on the with TB testing if nothing is going to be done to remove infection sources.

The Welsh Assembly - talkers not doers. If you wanted action you should have voted for the British National Party.

T.B.. Another benefit of Multiculturalism that could well cost lives. Only the British National Party has the moral courage to uphold the law and protect the health of our children.

You just gotta laugh at the left

The one thing you can rely on the left doing is being stupid and unable to see the obvious.

There is a little plonker named Kyle Thornhill who objects to the fact that there is B.N.P. Councillor in Corsham.

Pleading ignorance - he said; "Myself, like a lot of local people, did not get to hear that this BNP candidate was standing until it was too late to do anything about it, because if we had I would have stood against him to stop them getting in."

Thinks quite a bit of himself does young Kyle - pictured doing some illegal fly posting. However his first attempt at making a protest failed miserably due to the fact he says that nobody knew about it. Laugh. I fell of my chair. This guy is a future John Prescott.

Anyhow, he is trying again and you can read about it here. Whilst there, give the British National Party Councillor, Michael Simpkins your support in the comments section. I think the Wilshire readership can see the difference between a silly child trying to spit at democracy and a legal political party.

Perhaps Kyle would have more success protesting against the Travellers who have just turned up on Council land with 30+ caravans. I am sure that concerns the people of Corsham more than the crying of a little boy. Sad little oik.

A functioning police state needs no police.

Put these jobsworths back in their boxes

So you did what you have always done. You voted for one of the Tri-Axis of evil parties in the recent elections. You voted that way for a variety of reasons. You voted that way because you Father had before you. You voted that way because you believed that they had changed and would now listen to the people. Either way, if you did not vote British National Party, you voted for the wrong political party and voted for more of the same.

It is the Labour Government and Tri-Axis Councils that are going to force you to put your litter out every two weeks, regardless of the public health hazards. You think they do this for conservation purpose but you are wrong. It is all about money. Money to pay for their huge inflated wages and secure their inflation proof pensions at the expense of the people they feed of like vampires. Sucking us dry but not quite to death.

And this is why we get scum like this creeping around the streets and doing everything in their power to find yet another way to feed of us:-

A woman was handed an £80 litter fine after her toddler grandchild dropped some crisps on the pavement.

Barbara Jubb had picked up the packet of Quavers when it fell from the hand of 20-month- old Emily.

But she failed to pick up two stray crisps that spilled from the bag.

Within seconds two council litter wardens swooped and issued her with an £80 fine.

"This is diabolical," said Mrs Jubb, 57. "£80 is a lot of money, especially if it's just because a baby dropped two Quavers.

"I saw these two women coming toward me with clipboards. One of them produced a card and said, 'We are from the council and I'm going to fine you for littering'.

"I said, 'What litter - it's just two Quavers, it was my granddaughter, she dropped them'."

"People were standing around listening-they were just laughing, they couldn't believe it was happening."

You can read the grubby details of how the councils fund their fat expenses here.

If you want to see an end to this kind of extortion then wipe the liberal rubbish out of your eyes and mind, get of your knees and support the B.N.P.

A bureaucrat is the most despicable of men, though he is needed as vultures are needed, but one hardly admires vultures whom bureaucrats so strangely resemble. I have yet to meet a bureaucrat who was not petty, dull, almost witless, crafty or stupid, an oppressor or a thief, a holder of little authority in which he delights, as a boy delights in possessing a vicious dog. Who can trust such creatures?

And your still eating Kebabs?

Did you eat this girl?

I am sorry about the sick caption but sometimes people need a kick in the nuts to wake them up and that sure is true about the majority of the British People. The British National Party and other True Brits have been warning their fellow citizens for over 30 years about the nightmare nation that would be created by the mad Marxists in their drive to create an impossible multi-cultral Utopia.

Well the train has arrived we are there.

A fast-food shop owner who murdered a schoolgirl joked that she had been "chopped up" and put into kebabs, a court heard yesterday.

Knowing these people they way we do, we have no reason to doubt his words. The only thing to doubt was whether the chilld was the first or one of many. You can read the story here.

What is equally distasteful about this story is:-

She was one of a number of white girls who went into alleyways behind restaurants in Blackpool to have sex with the men who worked in the takeaways.

Now many of these girls were in fact children of 14. Something is badly wrong when we, as a supposedly civilised nation allow paedophiles into our country to pray on our young before feeding them back to us.

Any person reading this who does not support the British National Party in the future is either not British or a Dhimmi tool who should be stripped of their citizenship and rights.

Another reason for avoid food prepared by the enricher's of our society can be found here.

Come on shape up and help save Our Nation. Whilst your at it, you might just save a few lives along the way.

Lets have a swipe at Labour

One John Taylor, a Labour Party Dhimmi Councillor has the breath taking hypocrisy to have an article on his site claiming that the Flag of St George and the Union Flag are theirs and should not be allowed to hijacked by the British National Party.

It is the stinking, rotten to the core, Marxist led Labour Party that has attempted to eradicate these flags from the memory of the world along with the genocide of the True English.

Now of course, that slowly but surely the B.N.P. are forcing the True Brits out of their sleep, Labour and the other Tri-Axis of Evil parties now attempt to use Our Flags as camouflage for their real goals. The destruction of Great Britain.

Well Taylor, the Dhimmi parasite has a poll going on his vomit inducing site asking, "Do you think the B.N.P. are a racialist party?". Although the poll asks for an email address you do not have to submit one. Follow the links here.

The Aberdeen Organiser of the B.N.P. has asked that all Nationalist respond and let this traitor to his Country and people who visit his site know the truth. The British National Party hates no one except the corrupt, self seeking politicians who have brought Our Country to its Knees.

Oh but be advised. Taylor has not got the confidence to display the poll real time and so we have to trust him to update us with the results. Just like we trust Labour with honesty when it comes to Postal Ballot fraud.

Vote: The instrument and symbol of a free man's power to make a fool of himself and a wreck of his country.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Then najistani said

Do you know who I am Ayesha? - I am your Husband and Master

The Green Arrow wrote Beating your Meat and eating Zebras and najistani expressed himself so much better in the following. Thank you for this najistani...............................

Continued criticism and ridicule of Islam and its perverted founder are essential if we are ever going to eradicate this loathsome meme, or at least reduce it to manageable proportions

Unlike real religions, Islam is an all-or-nothing cult, there is no room for individual conscience or interpretation, or for give and take with other religions (except when we give and they take).

A Muslim MUST believe that the entire Koran is the literal word of God, commanding believers how to behave (including such obsessive-compulsive trivialities as how to wipe your arse, as well as the more disturbing instructions to subjugate and kill unbelievers ).

Not only that, but a Muslim MUST believe that God entrusted His final message to mankind (Mohammed being the 'seal of the prophets') into the care of a violent, sadistic bandit with a depraved lust for little girls.

But, if the Koran is not the word of the creator of the universe then what is it? The ravings of a madman? A scam? A cynical and destructive exercise in memetic engineering ? A rapist's, extortionist's and pedophile's charter?

The whole festering, stinking structure of Islam is based firstly on the trustworthiness of a pedophile (and pedophiles are notoriously deceitful confidence tricksters both to children and often also to their gullible parents).

Secondly it is based upon the supposed divine origin of a hate-manual consisting of Jewish and Christian scriptures which have been misunderstood, mangled and corrupted and then liberally mixed with Mohammed's venomous rantings. The koran is full of internal inconsistencies and irrationality, including some very bizarre cosmology.

So if Islam is a barbarous, irrational load of vomit spewed up by an ignorant vicious pervert, why has it lasted to the present day?

The answer is that Islam produces and justifies a self-perpetuating totalitarian power-structure - a power-structure that extends from the level of the oppressive and often murderous Muslim family all the way up to national politics, where power rests in the hands of whichever Mullahs can rouse the biggest mobs of psychopathic fanatics.

In order to maintain this power structure, the the cult must be placed beyond criticism. In practice this requires that all rational examination of the Koran and the 'Prophet' be stifled. This has been done very effectively in Muslim countries where insulting the 'Prophet' or desecrating the Koran carries a death sentence.

The Muslims are now trying to place their cult beyond criticism in the west by a variety of means such as:

- Murder (eg Theo van Gogh)
- Threats of murder (eg Salman Rushie)
- Riots (Motoons)
- Multiculturalism (all cultures are equally valid no matter how savage, belligerant, destructive or irrational)
- Post-colonial guilt (Poor muslim victims! We mustn't upset them or hurt their feelings any further)
- Infiltration and intimidation of universities.
- Use of petrodollars to buy media and bribe academic institutions.
- Weasel words such as 'Islamophobia' and 'Respect'. Anyone who does not respect Islam is an Islamophobe, which by clever manipulation has come to be synonymous with 'racist bigot'. So nowadays the PC dhimmis often speak of 'anti-Islamic racism' or 'anti-Muslim racism', ignoring the obvious fact that being a Muslim is not genetically determined, but results from being infected with a parasitic mind-virus (meme) and brainwashed by obsessive-compulsive rituals from an early age.

We kaffirs must keep up the attacks on all Islam's weak points. Like a vampire, Islam feeds on blood and abhors the sign of the cross. Like a vampire it exults in death and flourishes in the darkness of ignorance. However it cannot withstand the light of truth. Shine enough daylight on Islam and and like a vampire it will collapse into a pile of 1400 year old dust.

Dogma is the convictions of one man imposed authoritatively upon others.

Beating your meat and eating Zebras

Well lets get the Zebra out of the way first. If you are a Moslem, is it O.K. to eat Zebra meat? Well leaving aside the obvious, first you have to catch your Zebra before you can cook him. The short answer is. Yes.

So where is this going you ask? Try a dive into the minds of madness. The Green Arrow has been forced to learn more about the Cult of the Dead Paedophile called Islam and found it to be full of insanity or some dead guys idea of how far he could push a joke after his death.

So brain washed are the followers of this cult, that they are literally unable or allowed to think for themselves. Every part of their life is controlled by the words of an illiterate madman who died centuries ago and interpreted by sexually repressed, so called Scholars today.

Want to trim your nails. Make sure you do it the Islamic way or rot in hell. Not joking. The cult has websites where you can ask all those difficult questions like eating Zebra, wearing a watch or turning up your trousers.

But check out what they think about the wearing of a tie. The Moslem's are madder than the Gibraltar Rock Apes.

Q: Tie is commonly used among western community. Now it has become common among Muslims too. Especially during wedding ceremony Groom wears a tie with pride and some Muslim children also wear a tie in schools. Is it allowed for Muslims?

A: Hozoor Muftee-e-Azam Hind Aleh Rehma-tu-Rizwan writes that to wear a tie is definitely Haram and is a resemblance of Kafir. It is a bad deed and an open disobedience of ALLAH Tala Wal Ikram. In Christianity, tie is a remembrance of their false belief of crucifixion of Hazrat Syedna Masih Alhe Salam and forgiveness for Christians. (Fatwa Mustafvia, on page 526) Therefore it is not allowed for Muslims to wear a tie neither during a wedding ceremony nor on any occasion. Do not send your children to schools where tie is a part of uniform code. Because wearing a tie is Haram and it is a must for Muslims to refrain him/herself from Haram and also protect his/her family from Haram. Allah Tala says *1, means "O believers!, 'save yourselves and your family members from the fire of hell". (Part 28, Soorah Tehreem, Ayah 6) Allah Ta'ala Knows the best.

So now you know. Well apart from the beating of the meat. That is a big NO NO. So don't do it. No wonder they are in a rush to blow themselves to bits. Frightened of dieing and frightened of living. Poor sad bastards.

Only the British National Party knows how to do a Full Windsor Knot. Join them and do your tie the right way.

Telling it the way it is.

I know this clip is everywhere - and so it should be. The speaker in the film sums up Islam in just a few minutes. A mad, bad cult for sexually repressed crazies who are frightened of dieing.

This guy could fill cinemas all over the country and give that speech. We would soon have the killer cult on the run. That is the kind of speaker, the British National Party needs on its next election broadcasts.

The guys name is Pat Condell and you can check his site out here. Thanks for that link Harry.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Who is waiting for the next Bang?

We are. Or at least those of us who are truly aware of the dangers of Islam are waiting for the bang. The sheep people turned over in their sleep on 7/7 but soon returned to their slumber once the images of destruction had vanished off their T.V. screens. The British Lion can be a very heavy sleeper.

The next bang that comes will kill a few more of us but will waken a few thousand more to reality and all the time those of us who are aware will keep trying to waken our fellow True Brits. And the Cult of the Dead Paedophiles ask on their websites which alarm bell blogs are worthy of a Fatawa or whether it would be right to use "dirty" nuclear weapons against the west.

Today we have news from Hassan Butt, a former insider of the Al Qaeda network who warns that thousands of young Muslims are being prepared to unleash a fresh reign of terror on Our Nations streets.

He says, over on Ummah News Links that the moderate Muslims are also knowingly giving money to fund the war against us.

In conversation with a reporter at a cafe near the site of the London Tube bombings, Butt revealed how he collected "taxes" from doctors and wealthy businessmen in the Muslim community with his sinister team to fund terrorism and lured desperate drug addicts, aided by their evil dealers, in a plot to "poison the West with drugs" .

"Saying thousands of British Muslims support terrorism is no over-estimation. I know because I used to raise money from them. Doctors, teachers and businessmen would all chip in-and they knew it was going towards terrorism."

And so we wait for the bang. We wait for the images and we wait for the Dhimmi Politicians to make excuses for the followers of the Cult of Islam. People are going to die and cause others to cry but a few more of our countrymen will awake. What a terrible price to pay for an alarm clock.

Perhaps we should be pushing for Islam to be declassified as a religion and reclassified as a subversive political movement and/or a hateful and dangerous cult?

Increase the volume - Join the British National Party.

Big Business and Islam

The Hounds

We all know that big business has no morals or loyalty to their countries of origin. We have known that for years.

A classic example is Coco Cola and how it sponsored the 1936 Nazi Olympics and supported the rise of the Nazis by advertising in their newspapers. Then when the U.S. entered the war in 1941, the German part of Coco Cola could not get the syrup to continue making a cola, so they started making a drink that is still around today. Fanta. You can read that here. Talk about, Hunt with the Hounds and Run with the Fox. A win, win situation for Cola.

The Fox

So when I read now that Business is urged to see opportunity in Muslim community, I am reminded of businesses true loyalty. Themselves.

With McDonald's selling halal chicken burgers, Boots selling halal baby food and Tesco , Asdas and many other companies running to catch up in the sale of halal products.

I ask myself, why people would shop, let alone buy a product created by the suffering of animals killed in a cruel and inhumane way?

I ask myself, where are the RSPCA and similar organisations? Surely they are not too scared to take on the people who ritually slaughter millions of animals in ways that would make real people weep if they were to see the deed done?

But you can read about Big Business and Halal here. There was however, something that gave me cause me even more worry. It was this final piece in the article.

Nestlé Malaysia says that there is a growing market for halal products in the UK. A spokesman said: “Initially halal was focused on Muslim markets, but now the demand for halal products is growing from the rest of the world.

And that is the really frightening bit. Not how the Cult of the Dead Paedophile slaughter their food but how the increased demand for their sick sustenance shows how quickly the cancer of Islam is spreading.

The British National Party should organise a non-political grouping to get this evil method of killing outlawed in Our Land and company's that provide halal products should be severely dealt with.

What our country deserves from everyone who enjoys its fruits and freedoms is a little more gratitude -- and a lot less greed.

Sect hire PR firm to win support for Giant Mosque

Like a poisoned chocolate. Attractive on the outside - death on the inside.

In under the article, Are They Under every stone?, I first brought to your attention a dangerous sect of the Religion of Pieces called the Tablighi Jamaat. It seemed that some of the Pakistan's cricketers who were suspects in the murder of their coach, Bob Woolmer were members of this radical group You can read more about this crazy gang here.

Well it appears that just as the IRA, was a two sided coin with Sinn Fein on the obverse, it seems that the main stream Cult has discovered their training manual.

The group has come out of the shadows to push for the building of a new mosque that would dwarf all other mosques and be even bigger than the largest Anglican Cathedral in Our Land. Think big and then think big again.

Now, the usually secretive sect is going public to win over the minds of the Dhimmi in our Kufaar Country. They are setting up a web site to try and convince the world that Moslems are not a bunch of sad,sexually frustrated perverts but cute furry teddy bears.

So although they start of by saying that the Tablighi Jamaat movement “stands for democracy and freedom” and is “a role model to promote social and religious integration”.

They then reveal their true colours by following up with: “complete success in this world and the hereafter is only achieved in following the way of life shown by Muhammad and every other way leads to failure in this world and the hereafter”. Abrogation is a wonderful tool for Moslems.

Why not read all about it at the Ummah News Links. You can then go sign the Petition for the Ban on the Super Mosque here. Then make a cup of tea, sit down, have a think and finally realise that only the British National Party will stop this cancer spreading.

We must abandon the prevalent belief in the superior wisdom of the ignorant.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Is your M.P. on this list of shame?

M.P.'s feeding at the Trough of Our Money - Time to call the slaughter man?

The following is taken from Hansard, which maintains the official record of Parliamentary business, dated the 18th May 2007.

The item under debate is the Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill.

Mr. Winnick:
Does the hon. Gentleman agree that although, of course, the
confidentiality of correspondence is essential—if mine were released
without authorisation I would hardly be reluctant to raise it with Mr.
Speaker to defend the honour and privilege that I have as a Member of
Parliament—this Bill is about concealing our expenses? That is the
essence of the Bill.
Norman Baker rose—
Madam Deputy Speaker:
Order. I have already said this morning that we must focus all our
remarks and attention on the amendments under discussion. The point
made by the hon. Member for Walsall, North was widening the debate.

The full Parliamentary exchange of what we regard as the “MPs Expenses Concealment (Amendment) Bill” may be read here .

The MPs who voted for the shameful Amendment are:-

Labour MPs

Bob Ainsworth (Coventry North East)
Graham Allen (Nottingham North)
Janet Anderson (Rossendale & Darwen)
Adrian Bailey (West Bromwich West)
Sir Stuart Bell (Middlesbrough)
Clive Betts (Sheffield Attercliffe)
Liz Blackman (Erewash)
Nick Brown (Newcastle upon Tyne East & Wallsend)
Colin Burgon (Elmet)
David Cairns (Inverclyde)
Alan Campbell (Tynemouth)
Ronnie Campbell (Blyth Valley)
David Clelland (Tyne Bridge)
Harry Cohen (Leyton & Wanstead)
Wayne David (Caerphilly)
Parmjit Dhanda (Gloucester)
Brian Donohoe (Ayrshire Central)
Frank Doran (Aberdeen North)
Jim Dowd (Lewisham West)
Angela Eagle (Wallasey)
Maria Eagle (Liverpool Garston)
Clive Efford (Eltham)
Jim Fitzpatrick (Poplar & Canning Town)
Caroline Flint (Don Valley)
Michael Foster (Worcester)
Mike Hall (Weaver Vale)
Tom Harris (Glasgow South)
Doug Henderson (Newcastle upon Tyne North)
John Heppell (Nottingham East)
Keith Hill (Streatham)
Huw Irranca-Davies (Ogmore)
Kevan Jones (Durham North)
Martyn Jones (Clwyd South)
Fraser Kemp (Houghton & Washington East)
David Lammy (Tottenham)
Bob Laxton (Derby North)
Tom Levitt (High Peak)
Ivan Lewis (Bury South)
Tony Lloyd (Manchester Central)
Tommy McAvoy (Rutherglen & Hamilton West)
Stephen McCabe (Birmingham Hall Green)
Ian McCartney (Makerfield)
John McFall (Dunbartonshire West)
Shona McIsaac (Cleethorpes)
Tony McNulty (Harrow East)
Khalid Mahmood (Birmingham Perry Barr)
David Marshall (Glasgow East)
Gillian Merron (Lincoln)
Alun Michael (Cardiff South & Penarth)
Laura Moffatt (Crawley)
Elliot Morley (Scunthorpe)
George Mudie (Leeds East)
Meg Munn (Sheffield Heeley)
Denis Murphy (Wansbeck)
James Plaskitt (Warwick & Leamington)
Stephen Pound (Ealing North)
Ken Purchase (Wolverhampton North East)
John Robertson (Glasgow North West)
Frank Roy (Motherwell & Wishaw)
Joan Ryan (Enfield North)
Martin Salter (Reading West)
Jonathan Shaw (Chatham & Aylesford)
Jimmy Sheridan (Paisley & Renfrewshire North)
Sion Simon (Birmingham Erdington)
Angela C Smith (Sheffield Hillsborough)
Anne Snelgrove (Swindon South)
John Spellar (Warley)
Ian Stewart (Eccles)
Mark Tami (Alyn & Deeside)
Dari Taylor (Stockton South)
Gareth Thomas (Harrow West)
Dr Desmond Turner (Brighton Kemptown)
Claire Ward (Watford)
Tom Watson (West Bromwich East)
Dave Watts (St Helens North)
Malcolm Wicks (Croydon North)
Phil Woolas (Oldham East & Saddleworth)
David Wright (Telford)

Conservative MPs

Peter Atkinson (Hexham)
Simon Burns (Chelmsford West)
Sir John Butterfill (Bournemouth West)
James Duddridge (Rochford & Southend East)
Tobias Ellwood (Bournemouth East)
Julie Kirkbride (Bromsgrove)
Greg Knight (Yorkshire East)

If your Member of Parliament is on this list of shame, why not use the links on the write and ask him what it is they do not wish you to know.? Only the British National Party knows how to clean up the pig sty and remove the creatures from their feeding. For an interesting article on how the M.P.'s abuse the system, check out the B.NP. news section here.

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murder is less to fear.

Multiculturalism and diversity

I do not know why, but I have an irrational thing about cut n' pasting. I suppose it is a mild feeling of plagiarism, but that is silly. I am sure that the writers of the information would just be pleased that their work reaches as many people as possible. They know our nation(s) survival is at stake.

The first piece I have grabbed is from that superb alarm bell ringer Fjordman who writes here about why we cannot rely on "moderate Muslims" when he quotes Mullah Krekar:-

“Every Western woman in the EU is producing an average of 1.4 children. Every Muslim woman in the same countries is producing 3.5 children. By 2050, 30 percent of the population in Europe will be Muslim.” He claimed that “our way of thinking... will prove more powerful than yours.” Read the full article for some disturbing information.

The next piece is a comment that najistani read over on Dhimmi Watch.

"Many people do not understand what "multicultural" really means. The first tenet of is cultural relativism; all cultures are equally valid and one is no better than another.

Why should an immigrant respect and adapt to the culture of his new country when he can settle in an enclave totally populated by people from his home country? He has his home away from home plus all of the benefits home didn't offer. Who could ask for a better deal?

And on top of all that, there's free health care, welfare, and other assorted freebees, no questions asked, no strings attached.
These people come from the worst places on earth but in no time flat, they're so arrogant and emboldened that they're ready to overthrow the government and create a national hellhole just like the one they fled.

Who could help but love them and generously contribute to their sustenance? They deserve it! The extant culture and the native population are eventually viewed as repressive, racist, bigoted, prejudiced, even by their own government.

The government struggles to appease the demands of minority, special interest groups at the expense of the native citizens. What a complete and utter farce!

Multiculturalism and diversity are two entirely separate and distinct entities. A nation can be diverse without being multicultural, which would describe the United States thirty years ago.

Multiculturalism's insidious tentacles have spread and although multiculturalism has not been officially enacted by legislation, it has become an unofficial and widely accepted policy in the U.S.

Identity politics have become a divisive and ubiquitous pain in the ass with dozens of special interest minority groups competing and clashing, while the majority scratch their heads and wonder what in the hell went wrong.

The government bureaucrats and liberal egalitarians fall all over themselves to ensure that none of these third-world parasites are victims of diabolical "racism", the most heinous of crimes, while ignoring the real crimes, disease, and social upheaval they import and inflict on the general population.

It certainly would be easier to eliminate the intractable, belligerent, parasitic muslims, but that would be an admission of multicultural failure. The success of this inimical but hopeless social experiment is so important to Western elites that they would rather see their nations collapse than to dismantle their failed utopias. They will NEVER ADMIT FAILURE.

I think the final stage preceding a revolution will be a semi-police state, a last-ditch effort to maintain the appearance of law and order in the midst of chaos. They have already taken draconian measures to prevent civil unrest between muslims and non-muslims, and there will be more to come.

So whether the wishy washy left like it or not. There are real bad times coming. When they arrive you had better hope that we have a British National Party government, because no other political party will have the balls to defend Our Country.

Oh. One last thing. Go check this site out. They have some good ideas.