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Monday, 14 September 2009

This site is now closed

Well, it is done and for better or worse, the new Home of the Green Arrow has been built and made ready for our occupation. Sure there are still lots of jobs that need doing around the place but it is habitable and for that I must thank the following two individuals.

My oldest and truest friend, John Of Gwent for his incredible efforts in building the site for me whilst trying to hold down a day job and still remain a committed BNP activist. John, as agreed, I have released your family and they will be back with you soon. You have my word they were not mistreated. Thank You. Have a day off.

Equal thanks must go to our good friend Stuart, currently working in Japan, his superb technical skills and advice helped enormously and we thank him of his offer of future assistance.

These two men, holding down full time jobs and operating in different time zones managed to make sense of garbled emails from myself and work together as a team to get us up and running. Thank you my kinsmen. But you know it does not end here.

So what now? Well we have top quality columnists, I will not name them, you know who they are. We have News Hounds who will fetch you the news both National and International whose links you might not normally come across in your travels. And we thank them all for their past efforts and their efforts in the future.

So what else is needed to make the new site really rock? Well we need at least two Sun Style writers to churn out shorter articles with bite for those readers who do not have the time to read the in depth articles of the columnists. Hopefully they will read and advance their knowledge of what is really happening in the world by book marking the essays to read when they do have time.

And the plans for the future?

  • We will build in a secure Forum.
  • We will build in a secure chat room.
  • we will create an Online Radio Station.
  • We will create a video area.
Well that is enough "we wills" for now. There are a lot more. But they will happen, I promise you that.

Eventually when all the above is done, the name of the site will change from Home of the Green Arrow and Friends to Friends of the Green Arrow and I can retire to the front room and play poker knowing the site is in good hands with the new Green Arrow whoever he or she may be.

Now then, before we move, just enough time to tell you why the name Green Arrow was chosen for this site just over two years ago - and it is nothing to do with a comic book hero whose existence was unknown to me at start up.

I chose the pen name Green Arrow in memory of a man who used to write angry letters to a local newspaper I read as a child of 9 or 10. He was always complaining and railing against The Establishment and his persistence stuck in my memory. He must be long dead now but at least I remember him and now you also know of him. So in a way his memory lives on.

And why the video at the top of this article? Well I guess because it reminds me of an happier time. I also find it kind of symbolic because I remember listening to one of the earliest transmissions from Radio Caroline and hoping that they would do well.

So this site is now officially closed. Please go here and bookmark Our New Home. You will be able to monitor the sites success or failure, as Alexa ratings and Count will always be displayed. Our current rating is 6,713,428. Well let us see what we can do about that.

Important. You do not have to register to read the new site but it would be nice if you did. The login is mainly for writers and news-hounds but by registering you are showing your support for the site in the same way "The Follow" display on this site was an indicator of the sites popularity.

Thank you for reading the Home of the Green Arrow and Friends.

Join the British Resistance
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The Start of The End Game

The time is coming when you are going to have to make up your minds on where you stand in the coming conflict. With your kinsmen and culture or with those who would destroy it.

If you want a future for your children then you are going to have to fight for it now. Maybe not any time in the coming year but most certainly within two to three years.

At this moment in time the fight is thankfully still political but that will change regardless of how successful the Nationalists are in achieving political power. There will be fighting on the streets no matter what. What you are seeing now is just the "taunting" stage prior to the main event.

The colonisers are determined to take Our Land and way of life. They have been ordered to do it. They have been promised rewards in their warped idea of heaven and on earth also.

So all you people who still swallow the lies of The Establishment had better start thinking for yourselves. Go discover the truth and then grow some balls and join the British Resistance.


Sunday, 13 September 2009

Truths too big to hide

By Sarah: Maid of Albion

The trouble with lies is not only that there are a limit to the amount of times you can tell the same lie. but also, if that lie is about fact there will always be a number of people who know the truth and they will be less easy to lie to the next time. The more lies you tell, and the bigger they are, the more the numbers of such people will continue to grow.

For example, the British media have, of course, recently been lying about the Muslim riots, which have been occurring in Britain over the last few weeks. The lie in this instance is that the riots were caused by, white. right wing, extremists , and not the innocent cuddly Asian youths accidentally chucking bottles and bricks at the police. The truth, of course, is that in Birmingham and more recently in Harrow, small numbers of peaceful, white, anti-Islam protesters, exercising their historic right to demonstrate, (a right incidentally which the Left treat as sacrosanct when anyone else does it) were attacked and prevented from demonstrating by far greater numbers of aggressive young Muslims and UAF Thugs. Whereas in Luton two weeks before, the violence entirely involved Muslim and UAF thugs, again attacking the police, because no white “right wing” protesters even turned up.

Of course, the truth will never stop the media from telling a lie, but their problem is that each time they tell the lie there are a group of people who know that what they are being told is not true, on account of the fact that they were there and saw what really happened.

For instance, there were many people in Birmingham on August 8th, who witnessed events as they developed, and then will have been rather perplexed by the completely different version of events which they then saw reported on the TV news and in the newspapers. Those people will have been a lot more sceptical than they would have been previously, when the same misinformation was given out about Luton. In turn, those in Luton, who saw what actually happened there ,will join those from Birmingham in questioning the total bollocks which the press, together with the politicians, have been reporting about Harrow, and so it goes on.

As these events continue to happen, as they surely will, the numbers of of people who witness the truth, and, therefore, know that the media is not telling it will, grow. In time, hopefully, they may join those of us who have leant the truth via the internet or wider research and personal experience, in realising the shocking degree to which our news services in this country misrepresent facts.

Of course, as in so much else, our home grown news distorters are mere amateurs by comparison with their counterparts across the Atlantic. Those working for news agencies such as CNN and MSNBC in America can rival Pinocchio when it comes to lying, however, by some means, possibly resulting from the amount of cosmetic surgery they all, male and female, appear to have had, they have mastered the means of preventing their noses from growing when they do so.

Of course again, the lie is only as effective, as the number of people who do not know the truth, but unfortunately for them, as their lies get bigger so do the number of witnesses.

This weekend, at least on million, and most probably closer to two million, unhappy American taxpayers descended upon Washington to protest against various of the Obama administrations ill conceived and worse thought through policies. This was probably the largest of such demonstrations Washington has ever seen, exceeding the much hyped Million Man March and the Promise Keepers Rally. The numbers involved were not only filmed and reported on right wing blogs, but also in the UK Daily Mail, who presumably either didn't get the memo, or were too busy lying about the BNP or the Muslim riots, to realise they were also supposed to be lying about America.

Those who marched were there, those who saw the film, saw the film, so they know they were being lied to by CNN or ABC when the numbers who attended were reported to be in the tens of thousands, or, as I understand it, in one instance the marchers were referred to in terms of “scores” of people.

That means that at least a million Americans who marched on Washington, now know that the American media misrepresent the truth. (Hey Buddy, wake up and smell the coffee, how do you think Barry got elected?) Saddly, many amongst that million already know that, as they have attended so called “Tea Parties” and Town Hall meetings to express their concerns about Obama's policies in recent months and then heard the TV news report an entirely different event to the one they attended. However, it remains a significant number.

The media will continue to lie, we can't change that as it is in the nature of the beast. We can not save lost souls and it would be a waste of time to try. When the multi-cultural Hell they have helped create implodes, as it unquestionably will, they, the media, will be the last believers, staggering through the smoking ruins clutching microphones and croaking “Diversity is our strength!” through melting mascara, as everything collapses around them.

However, before that happens and as their lies get bigger and more desperate, the numbers who, for whatever reason, realise they are being lied to will grow, and maybe some of them will start to fight. That, at least, affords us some comfort and a little hope that there will be a future to come after the dark period which we will soon all have to face.


Rapist praised by Judge - the world is insane

I am fed up with saying it.  The British National Party, on reaching power is going to have to go through the entire system and weed out all perverts and head bangers and come up with a solution for dealing with them.  I will not give you my solution. 

Especially ones like the sick in the head, Judge Anthony Goldstaub QC.  I do not care and I know neither do you, whether they are imprisoned or just sacked but they must be removed from their positions and have their pensions stripped from them. 

The sick judge, sentenced a creature by the name of Stuart Wood, with previous convictions for indecent assault on young girls and violence to just seven years for a vicious rape but then went on to praise the rapist for converting to Islam!!!!  Is he bloody insane?
'You have turned to Islam and this promises well for your future, particularly as you are now an adherent of a religion which respects women and self-discipline.'
What a pig thick ignorant judge.  Of course Islam bodes well for a rapist.  It was created by a rapist.  The right to rape non moslem women is a reward for those who serve the Cult of the Dead Paedophile.

And of course under Sharia Law he would not even have been found guilty.  Under Islamic law, rape can only be proven if the rapist confesses or if there are four male witnesses.  Women who allege rape, without the benefit of the act having been witnessed by four men who subsequently develop a conscience, are actually confessing to having sex.

As for the complete bollox of a statement.  "A religion which respects women", then this cretin of a judge should just go visit this link here.  It is the UK Enrichment News that also stores some details of the numbers of rapes committed by the enrichers of Our Country.  You will surprised how many of them are moslems who "respect" women.

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The communist Matt Withers of Wales Online

I see that the communist writer for Wales Online, Matt Withers has been doing his masters bidding again and taking another pop at the British National Party.

Matt who also writes for the state funded Searchlight organisation that is run by the convicted communist Gerry "Unstable" Gable, makes a series of easily disproved stupid statements in this rant here.

He claims that the BNP play the martyr card by stating they are denied a platform in the communist controlled media. But that is the truth. The BNP have been fighting to break through the NO PLATFORM barriers for decades.

He also says that any half-decent frontline politican should be able to demolish the BNP in a debate. Well organise a debate then Matt. I am sure the BNP would be willing to put someone forward. But first you will have to find an half-decent politician somewhere in the Lib/Lab/con alliance and they just are not there.

Then he makes a shameful attack on a BNP councillor who was unable to attend several meetings for personal reasons. I suggest Matt that if you really want to write about "bad" councillors that you go visit the Liars, Buggers and Thieves site. Any chance of an article on how rotten The Establishment crooked councillors are Matt? No, did not think so you butt licking red worm.

Matt you remember, was the dipstick who tried to organise a spam email attack on the British National Party back in September 2007. Does that sound like the actions of a "professional" journalist or a red stooge?

Incidentally in the Searchlight article that the red wrote, he claimed that there was no record of any asylum seeker being given a cheque to buy a car. He may be correct. They are given what is called an Integration Loan - what they buy with it is up to them. Car maybe?

The Integration Loan is a new initiative to provide interest-free loans to refugees to help their integration into UK society.
A failed asylum seeker, Mohammed Ibrahim who left a young girl dying under the wheels of his car after a hit-and-run accident has been freed to the disgust of her family.

The shocking truth behind the European Union (Part 1 of 6)

1. The leaderships of the CONservative, Labour and Lib Dem parties have been taken over by pro-Europeans. These leaderships implement the EU's policy, and ignore the wishes of their voters. That's why your vote doesn't make a difference.

2. The six European Union treaties give it the constitution of a dictatorship, and the laws of a police state. Dictatorships lead to oppression and poverty. Politicians conceal the EUs Constitution because it is similar to the old Soviet Union's.

3. The Queen has signed all six EU constitutional treaties. These treaties make it clear the EU will abolish the nations of Britain and England (and our Lib-Dem, Labour and Conservative parties, Lisbon Treaty clause 8A-4).

4. The EU is illegal under British law. Five Prime Ministers and the Queen have committed six acts of Treason by signing the EU treaties which will abolish our nation and replace it with the EU; they secretly repealed two of the five laws of treason in the 1998 Crime and Disorder Act (s36.3) to escape a prosecution.

5. The police state growing around you, and reported on by some national newspapers, is the EU police state. We've been in the EU for 36 years, we are harmonising our laws with the EU, the emerging police state is the result.

6. Political correctness, the undermining of parents, the family and teachers, the teaching of sex and homosexuality to under tens, the promotion of single parent families etc. etc. is subversion by the EU or its Common Purpose organisation over the last 34 years, using the 200+ techniques of the Marxist German Frankfurt School.

7. The EU will be an economic disaster. We now lose £45 billion a year trading with Europe; before we joined we broke even. The EU's 120,000 regulations cost us £100 billion a year (Better Regulation Commission Annual Report 2005); they will bring us a soviet style command economy and poverty. Our politicians lied to us.

8. If you have voted Conservative, Labour or Lib Dem over the last 35 years you have voted for the EU police state, and for the abolition of your own party.

9. German Chancellor Angela Merkel forced the Reform or Lisbon Treaty on us (passed by Westminster 21st January, 138 majority) which replaced the British Constitution with the EUs on 1st January 2009. Westminster is now powerless and defunct. The EU treaties dont allow for a British General Election, due by 5th May 2010, when the EU will have the power to abolish Westminster. You will then be imprisoned inside the EU police state, and ruled by unelected EU dictators, who will control the nuclear weapons of what used to be Britain and France.

*Expose all traitors within our Parliament past and present, don't let them get away with this. NO violence please, they feed off Civil disorder. Expose the bastards behind this and enlighten other with your new found knowledge*

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six


Saturday, 12 September 2009

Youtube freezes popular video counters

I have wondered why some videos I have either put up myself or linked to have their counters frozen for long periods of time. For example the video about the mad moslems plan to take over the UK, that I posted this morning has had its counter frozen at 311 and by all accounts it will now stay like that for a couple of weeks unless I can find a fix. So lets see if there is one out there.

Now after searching, I find that this is done deliberately to stop people spamming their own and friends videos and is triggered by a high hit rate, personally I think Youtube are bang out of order.

Hmm. Well so far, all I have found are sites that require you to pay to get your video unlocked. I think I will pass on that. All very depressing according to these comments here.

OK - Every cloud as silver lining. I laughed my socks of at this young guy. The video is boring until he goes into his routine at 45 secs in. Made me laugh anyhow but I might just be weird.


The Islamic Flag will fly over Downing Street

This video contains images of recent protests against the Islamification of Our Country and the building of a super mosque in Harrow. Again the media try to link the British National Party to these protests.

Anjem Choudary, Judge of the Shari'ah Court of the UK and
Principal Lecturer at the London School of Shari'ah

The above video that you must watch, was released earlier today by Anjem Choudary as a result of the recent attempted protests by the multi-racial English Defence League and the Stop the Islamification of Europe(SIOE) organisation.

In the video Choudary clearly lays out to all but the dimmest Dhimmi, just what the moslem intentions are towards the British People are and none of those intentions are peaceful. They come here not to integrate but to conquer.

And by looking at the first video and reading the reports from observers at these "attempted" protests by people objecting to the theft of their country, the moslems appear to be winning.

Such are their numbers now, that they are now able to mobilise thousands of their young "warriors" onto the streets of our former towns and cities at short notice and when they turn up they come tooled up with weapons.
we are happy to present the Muslim alternative, socially, economically, politically, judiciary in every department in fact of society
Such now is the arrogance of these people that they even issue a warning to the communists who are attempting to use the moslems as the claw hammer to destroy Nationalism. The moslems do not need them any longer. The UAF have served their purpose and Choudray sends them also a clear message. Submit also or else. As he says in the video;
We should not allow those people like the UAF and socialists and the labour party and the Respect Party to hijack this agenda for their own personal and selfish aims which have nothing at all to do with Islam
I am afraid from what I am reading and learning, is that the time for a peaceful solution to the British Peoples problems with the invaders is coming to an end and it fills me with fear for the future of Our Children.

It may well be that only a massive campaign of Civil Disobedience by the true owners of this land may now save us and even then there is no longer any guarantee that we will win.

The government should now heed the Islamic writing on the wall and remind themselves of what happened in the Romanian Revolution of 1989 when the oppressed people finally rose up against their evil masters and overthrew the state in a violent revolution that lasted all of a week.

They might also like to consider the fate of the Romanian Leader and tyrant Ceauşescu who was stood up against a wall and shot.

For more information on Anjem Choudary's plans for Our Future please go here and follow the links.


Inside a UAF meeting of madmen

Lets observe a typical Communist meeting of United Against Fascism (UAF). The UAF is a government sponsored group of thugs who shout "fascism" and "Nazi" at anyone who deosn't hold the same view as them and their political masters. They're also known to physically attack members of the British National Party.

The creature speaking is the professional black communist agitator Lee Jasper who you can read more about on this site by clicking here. Seriously now, click on that link and see how Lee spend £100,000 on "honey glazed thighs".

"I love thee [sic] feet, ankles, legs, thighs, bum and belly, arms, head and brain. But most of all I love you in a flaming red sari, bangles, chains or failing that in a bikini!"
List of UAF supporters within our own parliament:

Peter Hain MP
Keith Vaz MP
David Cameron MP (Leader of the CONservative party)
Diane Abbott MP

Plus load more here. Is YOUR MP on the list? If they are, write to them and ask them why?

Please go here to rate and leave a comment for the video provider.


Friday, 11 September 2009

News from Englanistan

I see there is yet another Muslim riot going on, that's the third weekend out of the last four. We have had Birmingham, Luton and now Harrow where next? Of course the congenital liars at the BBC are attempting to pretend it is provoked by "right wing" protesters, whereas there were actually about 20 people protesting against yet another of the scores of Mosques being built every month being attacked by over 1,000 out of control Asians.

Just another weekend in Old England.

I want hundreds of mummies

OK, so you do not care about Our Soldiers dying in the illegal wars. They are not your children, so why should you care? So what do you care about?

Well perhaps you might care about something a little nearer home. The fact that the schools where you think your children are safe - give or take the odd hammer attack by marauding moslems - are actually brainwashing you children into something that goes against the laws of nature.

Now, the sane ones amongst you might think that the ideal family is one that has both a mother and a father but if you watch this video you will see that the people writing these books - some might call them paedophiles - I will not - for now - think that the ideal family is one where the main parent has HUNDREDS of partners of the same sex.

So stop swallowing the sick vomit that the paedophile run Establishment is spewing into your mind, reject it and fight for your children and join the British National Party.


Where are all the white children gone?


Emily Thornberry - Labour MP and slug

The Red Toad

Right then, if you follow this link here to YouTube, you can see a five minute clip in which the grossly overweight slug and Labour MP for Islington South & Finsbury, Emily Thornerry gives her reasons why the BNP should be denied the right to appear on Question Time.

Now no laughing when you watch the video, when this enormous creature says that there is no reason why she should appear on a platform with the BNP. For Gods sake, the size of her, there would be no room in the studio let alone on a platform. But let us not get personal let us just look at what we know about this bag of gas.

Emily was voted in as an MP in 2005 with a waver thin majority of 458 votes so she is not going to be around for much longer come the General Election. However, despite her size she is pretty nimble when it comes to shoving tax payers money into her forced retirement sack.

Last year she sucked up £132,980 in expenses on top of her salary.

In just one year she said she spent £20,000 on postage. This staggering figure means that she would have had to have sent out 234 letters a day, 365 days a year. If you believe that then continue to put your X next to Labour on the ballot sheet. She was then forced to repay the sum of £4245.28 when this claim was investigated by the Standards Commission.

Toad Thornberry was one of the Labour MPs who voted through a £4,584 pay rise for inner London MPs, equivalent to a 7% pay rise. This contrasts with the 2.5% pay rise her Government is seeking to impose on public sector staff.

She also voted to keep the MPs £24,000 second homes allowance - the so-called 'John Lewis list' - and voted against independent auditing of MPs expenses. I wonder why?

The champagne socialist is a big supporter of Palestinian Terrorists and a personal friend of Red Ken Livingstone also voted against the Gurkhas who have fought for Our Country being allowed to stay here. Something the BNP does support. Hopefully the BNP will soon have Gurkha members.

In 2006 she was also investigated and found guilty by the Standards Committee when it was discovered she had edited an official press release by the Electoral Commission and added an extra paragraph attacking political rivals.

She voted for the introduction of ID Cards
She voted against a transparent Parliament.
She voted against an enquiry into the Iraq War.

Nice picture of her forming agreed? But wait there is more. Although she campaigns or says she does for more homes, I understand why. She owns three herself.

Despite being a staunch supporter of the education system it did not stop her finding a way to send her own child to the seriously exclusive Dame Alice Owen School.

Boy do I look forward to seeing this overweight red blancmange go splat, when she is knocked of her high horse come the General Election.


Yesterdays BNP B-election results

Voters - voting for same old same

A big hat tip to Martin Wingfield for providing the following by-election results in the local elections that were fought yesterday.

City of York UA

Heworth Ward
Barbara Boyce (Labour) 876
Jennifer Ayre (Liberal Democrat) 608
Andrew Whitney (Conservative) 591
Denise Craghill (Green) 302
Jeff Kelly (British National Party) 172
Eddie Vee (Independent) 25
BNP Percentage: 6.7%

Daventry District Council
Drayton Ward
Chris Eddon (Conservative)
David Jones (British National Party)
John Latham (Liberal Democrat)
Meg Price (Socialist)
Wendy Randall (Labour)
Steve Tubb (Independent)
Count takes place today

Harborough District Council
Welland Ward
Colin Davies (Liberal Democrat) 600
Barry Champion (Conservative) 373
Geoffrey Dickens (British National Party) 122
BNP Percentage: 11.1%

South Tyneside MBC
Westoe Ward
Allen Branley (Independent) 694
Allan West (Labour) 567
Anthony Dailly (Conservative) 320
Les Lovelock (British National Party) 266
Bill Troupe (Liberal Democrat) 225
David Wood (Independent) 194
BNP Percentage: 11.7%

Not bad results in somewhat difficult areas but as we see, the British People have still not woken up to the fact that by voting for The Establishment parties they are still voting for mass immigration, job losses, decline in services, prostitution of their young girls, attacks on their young men, tightening of their slavery chains and the deaths of our soldiers in foreign wars.

Democracy is a wonderful thing.

The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.”
Winston Churchill

“The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all.”

“The great thing about democracy is that it gives every voter a chance to do something stupid.”
Art Spander

“Applause, mingled with boos and hisses, is about all that the average voter is able or willing to contribute to public life.”
Elmer Davies


New York to hold ceremony at Ground Zero

Disturbing Images

Today is the eighth anniversary of when a bunch of zombies from the Cult of the Dead Paedophile took the cowards way out of life to escape the Torture of the Grave and flew a couple of planes into the Twin Towers of the the World Trade Centre and murdered over 3,000 New Yorkers.

Although there is concern amongst the families of those who died on that day, that the progress towards the planned memorial and museum is slow and that Ground Zero is still nothing more than a large hole in the ground that shames America.

We won't

However as you can see from the images, the metal recovered from the site of the mass murder as been used in the building of the USS New York.

USS New York

It was built with 24 tons of scrap steel from the World Trade Center .

It is the fifth in a new class of warship - designed for missions that include special operations against terrorists. It will carry a crew of 360 sailors and 700 combat-ready Marines to be delivered ashore by helicopters and assault craft.

Steel from the World Trade Centre was melted down in a foundry in Amite , LA to cast the ship's bow section. When it was poured into the molds on Sept 9, 2003, 'those big rough steelworkers treated it with total reverence,' recalled Navy Capt. Kevin Wensing, who was there. 'It was a spiritual moment for everybody there.'

Junior Chavers, foundry operations manager, said that when the trade centre steel first arrived, he touched it with his hand and the 'hair on my neck stood up.' 'It had a big meaning to it for all of us,' he said. 'They knocked us down. They can't keep us down. We're going to be back.'

The ship's motto?

'Never Forget'


Thursday, 10 September 2009

Just watch, listen and learn

If you honestly believe we can ever live in peace with these people, than you are madder than them.


The dangers of the "On Campus Mosque"

by johnofgwent

It's that time of year again. A level results came out, clearing came and went (no thanks to government restrictions on the number of home students our universities are permitted to admit, in order to make room for foreign students and their lovely money) and the best and brightest of our young people are preparing to start a life of three, four or maybe even five years intense study away from home and independent for possibly the first time in their lives.

Except trust me they'll be back in two weeks with a fortnight's dirty washing .... !

But while I was carrying out the task last year of every parent of every wannabe student, ferrying them to and from the "milk rounds" of open days, I was struck by how much things had changed since I was the 17 year old with the A level grades seeking a way to the next level in academic life.

Most of all was how insular our universities had become. In my day the union building and library was accessible to the population as a whole, and a plethora of learned and not so learned societies actively engaged in getting the people of the city involved in what the place was doing. Whether that be public meetings and debates on matters of highbrow and lowbrow interest, or just selling tickets to the "Steeleye Span Fairwell (yet again) Tour" gig in the union main hall. Today you need swipe cards just to get into the library and forget any hope of acces to the union building they donl't let the public in there any more.

And most worrying of all to me is the upsurge in construction of on campus religious infrastructure, the most insidious of which is the rise of the "on campus mosque".

I won't bother putting the links up here, go find them yourself. Google "on campus mosque uk". See how many hits come back to front pages of redbrick universities proudly proclaiming their fully self contained status, their complete insular existence, and their pride in their newly constructed on campus mosque.

GONE are the days when a student had to find accommodation, food and other things in the urban area in which their institution was built. Now the vogue is to drop little johnny off in September, get him his swipe card to let him in to the place, and pick ho up three or more years later at the other end of the conveyor belt.

And that includes any spiritual component of those three, four or five years. And that worries me.

In my day integration with the town or city in which the institution was sited was the key thing. And especially where religion was concerned. The university chaplaincy was a tiny office in the union building with a door to the street that was always open, or at least always unlocked. Anyone could walk in off the street, and any and all were welcome to do so and welcomed when they did. But a key fact was that although all manner of religions were represented through a "hotline" to a local man or woman, be they priest, vicar, rabbi, imam, or a dozen or more others with much weirder titles, very little was done on campus. And why was that ? Well for a start every one of the religious leaders involved in that chaplaincy recognised the importance of providing students with the means to pursue a spiritual side to their studies and their life at their own pace, in an establishment that absolutely was not an enclave of people in the same circumstances cut off from the outside world and the reality of life in it.

But today that is all gone. For a raft of reasons, our students today are kept cut off from the world that funds their education and the real world experience those people in the real world have. And what a magnificent opportunity this presents for the fundamentalist radical evangelical.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Disinformation News

By Sarah: Maid of Albion

Amongst the various items on last nights Newsnight was a report by Nick Bryant on racial violence in Australia, aimed at Indian students. It appears that there have been at least 97 reported attacks on students from the sub-continent who are studying in Australia, which has resulted in demonstrations by Asian students demanding that the government take action to halt the violence.

The situation has become a serious issue in Australia, not only in terms of social order, but also due to the fact that there are considerable numbers of Asian students studying in Australia and the fees they pay allegedly have a significant impact on the Australian economy, at least that is what what the politicians and media claim. (Does that sound familiar to you?).

Apparently, Asian students are not only flooding into Britain to “study” at sundry institutions calling themselves “colleges”, but the same phenomenon exists in Australia, leaving one to wonder what exactly is being taught in the 300 universities and over 45,000 colleges in India.

The cringe beset (and indeed cringe inducing) Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has stepped into the issue, assuring the protesters that his children “absolutely love Bollywood movies” and adding the somewhat Anglophobic aside that, were it not for the “wonderful” cuisine of India, Australians would have been condemned to “100 years of eating English food”.

The item went on to interview a number of victims and victims advocates and covered the issue in some detail, however, one detail was noticeable by its absence, and that was any clear description of the actual perpetrators.

Despite this, Nick Bryant made what appeared to be a deliberate attempt to imply who they might be, by referring to the old “white Australia” policy, which existed up until the 1970's, and which he said left Australia with a historical reputation for racism. This reference was clearly intended to leave the viewer with the impression that these racist attacks were being perpetrated by those same “white Australians”, if that was not his intention, why make such a reference?.

However, if any Newsnight viewer did come away from the programme believing that these attacks were being carried out by blond Australian surfers, no doubt battering their victims with tinnies full of Amber nectar, as BBC2 apparently wanted them to believe, they would be sorely mistaken and indeed misled.

Unfortunately, had anyone not convinced by Nick Bryant’s broad hint wanted to find out the truth, the usual sources of information would not have been much help. Wikipedia, which includes a lengthy report on the attacks, is similarly bashful when describing the attackers. A single reference to “reports” of attackers being variously described as “white, Aboriginal, Asian, middle eastern and Pacific Islander” actually linked to an Australian news article which states amongst considerable liberal angst that overwhelmingly the attackers were, in fact not white.

Lets guess that Wikipedia doesn't expect people to check their links?

In fact to obtain any clear description of the perpetrators, it is necessary to turn to the foreign press, much of which is by no means as reticent. Here are a few examples:

Times of India 12 June 2009: Headline: Indians in Australia say Lebanese youths behind attacks
China Post 15 June 2009: “Indian students took to Sydney's streets in droves last week for three night-time protests sparked by a particularly vicious assault blamed on young Lebanese men”
Rediff News: 11 June 2009: headline “Indian students allege Lebanese students attack them”

No ambiguity, hints and innuendo there but that was not the Western Media.

Average media profile of non-white crime suspect

We have all become used to the news media trick, which Ann Coulter describes as “to lie by omission” most often used to describe a non-white crime suspect in a manner best illustrated by the picture above, or by the recent Daily Mail report on the race riots in US prisons where by the (deliberate?) failure to mention the words “black” or “Hispanic” the report leaves open the possibility that the racial violence was white on black. In fact, no whites were involved, but I wonder how many Mail readers realised that.

However, the Newsnight report went further, by introducing the irrelevant issue of the White Australia policy, without qualifying it as the Sydney Herald report did, the reporter, Nick Bryant, was linking what he would describe as “white racism” with these attacks, whist, as a reporter, he must have known that the perpetrators were overwhelmingly, and quite probably entirely, non-white. To suggest that he did this unconsciously, at the very least stretches credibility.

Most viewers are not like me, their ears are not attuned to what is not said, and they will bother to check the truth, or otherwise, of what they are being told, and that is what liars like the BBC depend on.

This is a further example of disinformation and misrepresentation by our leading, and state funded news organisation, in an honest society they would not be allowed to get away with it. Sadly, in our society, they will.


From Titans To Lemmings. Part 6

By Reconquista

From Titans To Lemmings: The Suicide Of The White Race

6. Behind The Smiling Rainbow Mask


The title of this series of essays "From Titans To Lemmings - The Suicide of the White Race" reflects in a nutshell what I believe to be THE biggest problem facing Western civilisation at this moment in time, that being, the white race itself. Like it or not, since the end of World War II, the white race as a whole has willingly chosen to behave in ways that are self-destructive; flawed ways that fly in the face of Mother nature as I have been describing throughout the series, but one perhaps stands out as the most destructive of all:

An almost fanatical religious belief in the Marxist-created Multicultural ideology and the imposing of multi-racial societies throughout the West where various races will live together as equals in peace and harmony. This modern-day Godless religion has been adopted by the vast majority of whites in the Western world who are enthusiastically swallowing hook, line and sinker the blissful fantasy of a rainbow Shangri-la.

Towards the end of the previous essay, From Titans To Lemmings Part 5, I stated that the Multicutural ideology has been force-fed to our people at every level of our society. For the last fifty years, equality of the races has been widely promoted throughout the West as hordes of immigrants flooded into our lands. Along with equality of all, a demonising of the white man and a re-writing of his history to portray him as an evil tyrant who looted the wealth of other weaker races while enslaving and oppressing them has placed what I call "the Mother of all guilt trips" on our people to brainwash them into accepting the colonisation of their homelands.

Dissent simply isn't tolerated and those who dare resist the propaganda and speak out against Multiculturalism will then be de-humanised with a myriad of Orwellian thought and hate crimes: Fascist, Hater, Nazi, and of course the worst sin any disbeliever can commit against the Liberal church, Racist, the modern-day heretic of the Godless, Multicultural religion.

But something is rotten in Denmark, Sweden, France, Holland, USA, Great Britain - every Western nation. Whites throughout the West have now had fifty years of being brow-beaten with the Multicultural "all races are equal" ideology. Fifty long years of watching their nations become colonised by millions of aliens flooding into the West; fifty years since the end of colonial rule in Africa; fifty long years since the civil rights movement won equality for blacks in the United States and fifty years of a resurgent Islam with millions of Muslims bringing their retarded faith to our once mighty nations.

For British nationalists, we've had fifty years of enduring a pernicious social experiment being forcibly imposed by an elite who never gave their own people a choice in the matter and who demonised and vilified opponents whose only crime was to speak-out against the enforced colonisation of their nation.

So after fifty years, why don't we put this Multicultural social experiment and its claim of racial equality in the dock? Because behind the smiling rainbow mask lies millions of smashed lives mercilessly sacrificed for the Multicultural dream and in this essay, I want to expose one of the most destructive myths being vehemently asserted by deceitful Liberal/Multiculturalists:

That the black man is the equal of the white man. The ocean of evidence - much of which is deeply distressing - clearly demonstrates that this assertion is nothing more than an outright lie that is causing immense suffering to both whites and blacks alike. And it's way past tea for this lie and the enormous suffering it is causing to be exposed under the spotlight of uncomfortable truth. What follows is the horrific reality festering behind the rainbow mask, a barbaric, savage and brutal reality the Liberals and Multiculturalists deliberately ignore, a reality they'd rather you didn't see.

Dawn Of A New Man

In 1950, the United Nations Educational and Scientific Organisation - UNESCO - declared that "All men belong to the same species: Homo Sapiens". Thus the crux of Multiculturalism was spawned, the belief in equality of all races, that all humans are the same followed by the quite ridiculous assertion that race is purely a social construct. Talk about putting the cart before the horse.

In the sixty years since this declaration, the world has witnessed dramatic changes and in Africa, the "Dark Continent", these past sixty years have seen the end of white colonial rule with African nations now ruled and governed by the native black peoples. As Africa has moved towards self-rule, millions of African blacks have left their homelands to build new lives in the affluent West, a West that offers them equal status and equal opportunity and a share of its wealth within its now Multicultural rainbow societies.

Let's review then these sixty years to see just how equal the races truly are, in this case the black race and the white race by looking at the lands of the West AND the lands of Africa, in particular the former British crown colony of Southern Rhodesia and the former British dominion of South Africa.

Slaying A Titan

If you're old enough to remember the late Sixties and the early Seventies, cast your mind back and recall how the issue of apartheid in South Africa was a prominent news item. Reports about how blacks were forced to live in poverty and squalor in shacks in the townships and who were denied opportunity in their own land were embellished with accounts of Police brutality and government oppression. Depictions of racial segregation in public places further illustrated how the South African black was being oppressed by evil whites, with South African whites dehumanised as evil racists who were cruelly oppressing their fellow human beings.

Musicians refused to tour South Africa "I don't wanna play Sun City" they defiantly sang whilst sportsmen and women refused to take part in events in South Africa. Perhaps the most famous incident occurred in 1974, an incident that highlighted the nauseating greed and hypocrisy of politicians who had demanded that the British Lions cancel their tour of South Africa, citing apartheid as the reason.

The Lions ignored them, and with some magnificent displays of rugby became the first touring side to win a test series in South Africa in the 20th Century. Captained by Willie John McBride, the Lions refused to be intimidated by the normally effective "rough-house" approach of the Springboks and McBride's tactic of meeting aggression with outright violence through the call that defined the tour "99", whereby on hearing this each Lion was to hit the nearest Springbok gave the once invincible South Africans the biggest shock of their lives.

The Lions' victory was a truly magnificent achievement and the British politicians who had vilified the Lions for this tour suddenly changed their tune and made sure they welcomed back the triumphant Lions to bask in reflected glory. Such is the nature of the cunning, power-hungry politician.

Graphic reports of violence in the townships, especially Soweto, featured heavily in television news broadcasts and spawned the icons that defined the black struggle against apartheid, the main one being of course the black terrorist - make that Saint - Nelson Mandela.

All the time the emphasis was on portraying South Africa as a racist state that brutally oppressed blacks to make South Africa a pariah on the international stage. Finally, after much international pressure, 1994 saw the end of white rule in South Africa and under the black Saint the new "rainbow nation" was born.

Saint Nelson announced the new state to the world thus:

"We enter into a covenant that we shall build a society in which all South Africans, both black and white, will be able to walk tall, without any fear in their hearts, assured of their inalienable right to human dignity- a rainbow nation at peace with itself and the world."

Fine words. But that's all they are - words. What is the reality of the rainbow nation for both black and white and has it lived up to the lofty and noble goal of a rainbow nation at peace with itself?

Compare and Contrast

Before we look at today's South Africa, let's first remember what South Africa was like under white rule. Under white rule, South Africa was a prosperous, first-world country boasting magnificent cities such as Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, cities complete with first-class medical care, advanced transport systems, superb communications infrastructures and magnificent architecture.

South Africa also created a flourishing agricultural industry that not only fed its own people, South African farmers also helped feed the rest of Africa and South African wines earned a reputation as being among the very best wines available in the world. This is a nation blessed with an abundance of natural resources and South African gold and diamonds, again of the very highest quality, earned South Africa enormous wealth. Along with an excellent judicial system that kept crime firmly in check, the old South Africa stood out as the most advanced nation in Africa, a nation that compared favourably with ANY other first-world nation.

When the blacks came to power in 1994, they were handed on a platter this gem of Africa. Having watched the white man apply his ingenuity and his industry to solve the problems presented to him by Mother nature, the South African blacks inherited a superb, advanced nation without them having to build it. All they had to do was maintain it and if possible, build upon it and improve it to benefit all people, black and white alike.

Yet in just FIFTEEN years, black rule has turned the nation of South Africa into a crime ridden, degenerating, crumbling and stinking cesspit, whose cities are in decay, just take a look for yourself to see how two of the cities named above have fared under black rule:

Johannesburg Then And Now

In particular, check out the "A Tour Through Hillbrow" section and if you have time, read through the comments. Imagine how you'd feel if this was once your community. Many Britons will see the same thing happen to their communities, indeed, many have seen it already. Where black goes, Africa soon follows.

Durban Then And Now

The webmaster there asserts: "Durban is now a filthy squatter camp". See the evidence he presents and judge for yourself.

These images - rarely if ever shown in the duplicitous Western media - are damning evidence of just how unequal the white and black race are. If you listen to Liberal apologists, they will tell you that blacks live in such filth and squalor in these cities because of the legacy of apartheid, yet again placing the blame at the door of the white man for the black man's abject failure. But let's get real here, we're all equal right?

No matter what has happened in the past how on earth does that excuse ANY race ANY people ANYWHERE for living in filth that they have created? We're talking about two of the finest cities created by man handed to blacks on a platter and that blacks have allowed them to decay and to become nothing more than garbage dumps where they raise their children casts a huge shadow of doubt on the belief in equality because if blacks can't manage basic cleanliness then the equality assertion falls at the first hurdle. And what price pride and dignity?

Such filth and decay aren't solely evident in South African cities. You could also see the same decay in Nairobi, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, and especially, Detroit. Many others too but I will leave you to investigate and discover for yourself but the mess in Detroit is particularly shocking.

What if we reversed the situation and forced whites out of their cities and into the townships to dwell in shacks? Do you think whites would make these townships decay - if that is possible - or do you think that there is a very good chance that whites would dramatically improve these places?

The hypocrisy of lilly-livered Liberals who blame whites for these conditions is sickening because when blacks lived in the shack-riddled townships, these bleeding heart Liberals castigated whites for their "criminal oppression". Whites have built fine cities, built a magnificent nation, handed it all to blacks and when blacks bring the squalor of the townships to these once first-class cities, whites are once again blamed for something that ended years ago, a lame excuse that has no bearing on how black people are CHOOSING to live in the present.

Such typically anti-white Liberal behaviour is yet more evidence of inequality. If the races are truly equal, then all should be judged by the same standards without exception. Of course, Liberals refuse to do so because if they did their whole claim of equality would lie in tatters as reality continually highlights the failures of the black race. The Liberal answer then is to blame it all on whites. How cute.

But the deterioration and squalor of South African cities is just the "ears of the hippo". The savage barbarity blacks are committing throughout the nation of South Africa, not just to whites but also to their own people, is a suppressed truth that needs to be spread to as many as possible. Because what is going on in South Africa is also creeping into the West and in fact, the root cause of what is destroying South Africa is also the same root cause that is destroying the West including Great Britain - Cultural Marxism.

Law Of The Jungle

During the time of apartheid, South Africa was depicted as the most racist and evil nation on planet earth. Once black rule became reality and signalled the end of apartheid you would think that peace and harmony would reign in the rainbow nation. Think again.

Let's get some facts down about apartheid. Apartheid was a system of racial and legal segregation introduced by the governing National Party in 1948 and it lasted until the end of white rule in 1994. During these 46 years, a total of 21,000 blacks were killed due to political violence but this figure doesn't paint a true picture. Because out of these 21,000 deaths, 14,000 of them occurred between 1990 and 1993 as the country transitioned towards black rule.

Of these 14,000, 92% of them, were due to black on black violence, mostly tribal for territory and only 514 of them were down to South African security forces. Further, between 1948 and 1989, 7000 blacks were killed, the majority of them as they committed criminal acts, namely armed robbery, rape or assaults.

Life for blacks under apartheid was a far cry from the unjust and oppressive picture painted by white-hating Liberal-Multiculturalists who never mention just how much blacks benefited under apartheid, check out this two minute video that busts the Liberal myths:

Myths of Apartheid

So surely, things must be better post-apartheid, right? Let's see.

Crime is now totally out of control with an unbelievable murder rate of between 50 - 140 murders EVERY DAY. Violent robberies committed against whites are an almost daily occurrence and the extreme levels of violence and brutality against the victims is absolutely appalling. From biting off fingers or cutting them off with scissors or shears to remove rings to torture with red-hot irons to obtain money, the brutality has no bounds. But what is even more alarming is that once the money or valuables have been obtained, many victims have either been badly beaten, raped - both husband and wife - repeatedly or executed with a bullet to the head or even tied up and burned alive.

Liberals assert that the rampant crime is caused by poverty but this begs the question: Why are whites battered, raped and murdered AFTER giving the robbers what they wanted? I suggest it isn't poverty that leads to these horrors being committed it is racial hatred that brokers no compassion for the victims whatsoever. And the media and the world's governments, so vehemently critical of apartheid, say nothing of this inhumane savagery.

They don't even report that in the shack-ridden townships, ALL crime is committed by blacks against blacks. These are townships policed by black vigilante groups whose punishments include whipping, beating and burning their fellow black brothers who they deem guilty of committing a crime.

In addition to the out-of-control crime levels, there is also an ongoing genocide against the Boer farming community with over 3000 Boers murdered by blacks since 1994 and to its shame, the world turns its back on these victims, preferring instead to perpertrate the myths of apartheid. This SKY news report shows how these farmers have to live and the horrific brutality they are suffering:

Boers Murdered In South Africa

If you listen very carefully to the black politician who dismisses the genocide of the Boers as the actions of criminal elements, you will hear him mention a word - a lie - that betrays the envious reason at the root of these vile atrocities. I will leave you to judge for yourself without giving any more away and you'll find more links to the right of the video providing more information about this diabolical crime against humanity.

No Place For Innocence

But perhaps the most shocking statistic of all concerns child abuse. In the rainbow nation of South Africa, 530 children are raped every day with a staggering 23,450 children raped in the last year alone, that is ONE CHILD RAPE EVERY THREE MINUTES. Over 1000 children were murdered and 20,870 were assaulted during this time, many of whom had body parts - lips, ears, genitalia and internal organs - removed for making traditional black African "Muti" medicine.

Here's a distressing report about child abuse in the rainbow nation over on the excellent South Africa Sucks blog, a blog that is revealing the truth about what is happening there. Warning: Some of the images on the page are graphic and disturbing:

Child Abuse In South Africa

When you then discover that there are over 10,000 child prostitutes on the streets of Johannesburg and that children are also being sold as sex slaves in Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, Durban and Cape Town, then the scale of child abuse in the rainbow nation is simply astronomical.

Just before I completed this essay, I read this report dated 9/9/09 over on WMD.COM and astonishingly, the heinous child abuse perpetrated by African blacks is plumbing new depths of depravity:

Babies Raped To Cure AIDS

How on earth any race that treats its young in such a savage, diabolical manner can be regarded as human never mind equal to other human races I have no idea.

Another Titan Falls

If things are bad and deteriorating daily in South Africa, then they are utterly catastrophic in Zimbabwe, the former British Colony of Southern Rhodesia. Since the end of white rule there in 1980 and the establishment of the black ruled nation of Zimbabwe, a once strong and advanced nation has totally imploded and the similarities with its neighbour South Africa are a damning indictment both on the African black and the self-righteous Liberal-Multiculturalists who blindly insist that the races are equal.

Did you know that Rhodesia used to be referred to as "The bread basket of Africa"? Here we had a nation whose white farmers were so industrious and so successful they not only fed ALL of Rhodesia's people, they created so much surplus they helped to feed an entire continent!

Look at it now. Under the rule of the dictator Robert Mugabe, a man who has no problem whatsoever with executing and persecuting blacks who oppose him - his own people -, the Zimbabwean economy has deteriorated into an absolute shambles.

The land reform program, the process by which land was stolen from white owners and handed over to blacks, has achieved the not-so-enviable feat of turning the country from a net exporter of food with an industry that employed 400,000 people into a net importer of food. This insanity has now lead to a severe famine in Zimbabwe with an estimated 5 million people now facing malnutrition and starvation. On top of this, water shortages are causing a cholera epidemic.

Due to the complete inability to effectively manage their own nation, Zimbabwe under black rule now suffers from hyper-inflation, with the dizzy height of 11.2 million percent being reached in 2008. From US$1 buying 80 Zimbabwean cents at the time black rule was established in 1980 to its current rate of around US$1 = Z$50 million with the desperate spectacle of a loaf of bread costing SEVEN MILLION Zimbabwean dollars, under black rule, Zimbabwe has collapsed into a dysfunctional state with devastating consequences for ALL of its people with yet more pain and suffering piling on the misery.

All underpinned by the Western Liberal-Multiculturalists who stood by and watched whites being ethnically cleansed from their homeland and who propagated the despicable lie that this was right and fitting because of the horrors inflicted on the African black under colonial rule. In typical arrogant and self-righteous Liberal style, once whitey has been kicked out of his land, these paragons of virtue completely ignore the devastating consequences being endured by black African people whose empty bellies know all too well the difference between living under white rule and black rule.

Not that your cappuccino drinking, sushi nibbling devout Liberal-Multiculturalist will ever take the rainbow glasses off and see the reality they've helped to create. For these naive well-fed dreamers, the Multicultural fantasy is their sole raison d' etre and when reality unfolds in stark contrast to the rainbow utopia, they will simply put their ideology first and disconnect from reality because they simply cannot bear to confront it. Truth hurts, especially when its brutal.

That these people are afforded the luxury of avoiding any responsibility or accountability for their misguided and irresponsible actions is an absolute disgrace. Yes I know many of them are acting with good intentions but you and I both know a certain road that's paved with them. South Africa and Zimbabwe are strewn with these roads and millions of people there are living in the harsh, brutal destination all of these roads lead to.

What is important to realise about this all-too short appraisal of black rule in South Africa and Zimbabwe is that the same game that destroyed these once mighty Titans is now being played throughout the West including our nation, Great Britain.

Besmirching Britannia

Just as the white South Africans were made to pay for the injustice of apartheid and just as white Rhodesians were ethnically cleansed from their land to right the wrongs of colonialism, so too are British whites made to feel guilty because of Britain's role in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Indeed, such is the determination of our Marxist enemies to deploy the guilt weapon, Britons who had nothing to do with slavery whatsoever were so bullied, intimidated and burdened by this guilt trip they marched in chains, led by a British politician, the rotund hypocritical Labour MP John "two Jags" Prescott. He certainly doesn't know what an empty belly feels like.

If the hypocrisy and cowardice doesn't make you vomit, here's the BBC report of this shameful event that happened in March 2007, a full two hundred years after the abolition of slavery:

Prescott's Apologists For Slavery

Note the organiser's risible "as we seek to undo the damage caused by the slave trade..." guilt-inducing nonsense, not missing the chance to hammer home the myths about the slave trade. What these self-hating dolts never mention is that African blacks were not just victims of the slave trade, they were actively involved in the slave trade by capturing and then selling their own. Nor is the fact that slavery is also rife in Africa itself, where albinos, dwarves and people from other tribes are enslaved by African blacks and always have been.

What rankles with me is pious Liberals banging on and on about how evil whites were for enslaving blacks but never mention the appalling conditions many of their forefathers were forced to work under at that time in their own country Great Britain. But as their forefathers were white, their exploitation is left in the cold shadows while the rainbow spotlight focuses on maximising the "injustice and horror" of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

But tellingly, those who continually remind us of the wrongs Britain committed during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade don't mention the fact that by far the worst enslavers of blacks isn't the white race it is the Arab race who enslaved blacks for the best part of 1400 years. Indeed, blacks who converted to Islam aided the Muslim Arabs to enslave their own people. Arabs refer to black slaves as "abid" and these slaves were treated barbarically, from castrating the males to using the women as sex-slaves, and a shocking 85% of these people would die as a result of slavery.

Contrast this with the fact that 90% of blacks captured during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade survived and it begs the question:

Why is it blacks, egged on by irrational Liberal-Multiculturalists, continually bleat about the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, using it as a brick-bat to portray the white man as inherently racist and to demand never-ending reparations for this injustice yet do not apply this to their brutal Arab slave-masters? The Trans-Atlantic slave trade lasted for the best part of 300 years and it was brought to an end by whites themselves, so why is it blacks don't have the same anger and sense of injustice about the Arab slave trade that they have towards whites?

Maybe the fact that you will never find Arabs marching in chains through their cities to apologise for enslaving blacks offers a little clue. Guilt won't work on the Arabs but blacks know it works like a charm on whites and blacks will blame whites as much as possible, from slavery to racism to apartheid to colonialism all to distract from their own severe shortcomings and to extract as much value from whites as is possible.

That whites are so easily manipulated by this insidious guilt weapon is further evidence to support my assertion that it is the white race that is behaving in self-destructive ways amounting to suicide of the species.

A Bitter Pill

It is time for whites to refrain from meekly accepting this guilt-trip, a guilt-trip that damages blacks as much as it damages the white race, and to stand up and speak the truth. Enough of the lies, enough of the deceit and the manipulation and enough of this naive and futile devotion to a seriously flawed, childish ideology that forces truth to be sacrificed on the altar of Multiculturalism in the pursuit of a fantasy that cannot ever become a reality: Racial equality, especially equality between whites and blacks.

If one studies history, it becomes clear that wherever the white man has taken root, he has used his ingenuity and his industry to assess and then solve the problems presented to him by Mother nature. History is cram-packed with innovations that have taken mankind forward in leaps and bounds: Agriculture, Science, Medicine, Engineering, Technology along with efficient systems of governance and the rule of law.

What is glaring is that there is absolutely nothing invented or created by the African black that has advanced mankind in any significant way. I cannot think of ONE single invention that has made my life much more comfortable, much more pleasant or made work much more efficient that has been invented by the African black.

In contrast, look at what the white man brought to Africa, from flourishing agriculture to vibrant commerce to medicines that helped the black man combat many of the illnesses that blight the dark continent - malaria, cholera, dysentery, yellow fever, typhoid fever - do you like me wonder how many black Africans have benefited from the wonders of the white man's medicine?

Indeed, the current disease blighting Africa, especially South Africa is HIV/AIDS and in what can only be described as a quite astonishing and grossly irresponsible action, the ruling black ANC government advised people to have a shower after sex so they didn't contract HIV/AIDS. Is this a sign of equality? Really?

I assert that blacks know all too well that they cannot compete as equals with the white race. They know full well - and many are finding out to their great cost - that left to themselves, black societies degenerate into chaos and catastrophe. Blacks know that whites produce the wealth they are wholly incapable of creating and this arouses an intense racial hatred for whites in the black race that manifests in violent crimes such as the robberies described above or in the repulsive and demeaning gang rape of white women.

Yet still these retarded incompetents blame it all on the white man because that's all blacks can think of. So bereft are they of any creativity at all, the only answer blacks can think of when asked as to why Africa remains a third-world sewer is "eiish, cuz da wyt stole everything and oppressed us, das why we got entitlemunt to everything." What utter nonsense.

Blacks will always blame whites for their many failures and they will always demand a share of what the white man creates because they just cannot sustain themselves otherwise. Should whitey refuse they scream "WAYCISS!" like little children scream "I hate you!" when Mummy refuses to give them sweets at the supermarket checkout.

Instead of giving them a share of its wealth in return for nothing the white race should demand that blacks to do something to earn a share or leave them to get on with it in their own dark continent and let Mother nature take care of them. Which she most certainly will if stupid, pious, bleeding heart white Liberals can resist the urge to interfere and stop treating the black to a title blacks can never earn: The white man's equal.

If the white race fails to understand that continually allowing itself to be manipulated into handing over its wealth then not only will it hasten its own demise, it will also continue to cause African blacks enormous suffering. Not just through black incompetence but also through violence because black not only bears a seething hatred for whites, a fierce tribal mentality leads blacks to inflicting even greater acts of savagery and horror on their own people. And this occurs wherever black goes as Londoners know all too well.

Sick Dependency

Here's a couple of examples that illustrate how handing over wealth to Africans who have not earned it and who believe they are entitled to it either because of colonial rule, slavery or merely for the fact they can manage to breathe air, actually causes more misery and suffering and just prolongs the problem. I could provide hundreds more and I am not exaggerating.

In 1984 & `85, Bob Geldof and Midge Ure highlighted the famine in Ethiopia and along with the major rock and pop stars of the time, launched an appeal to raise money for the victims. Band Aid and Live Aid literally rocked the world, it was an amazing feat but what did it achieve? In 1985 the population of Ethiopia was around 35 million, today, just 25 years later, it is at 70 million and growing. This in a country with very little arable land, a country blighted by political corruption, war and famine, yet Saint Bob screamed at us:

"Give us yer money people are f**king dying!"

No Bob, drop the word "dying" and then realise that for all your good intentions all that's been achieved is to line the pockets of the corrupt rulers there and instead of alleviating the suffering of the people, it's actually increased it.

Saint Bob isn't the only one. There are a myriad of charities that exist to improve the lot of the African people. Many find out the hard way that blacks have little appreciation or gratitude for it, a good example being the Irish charity Niall Mellon Township Trust who built basic brick houses for South African blacks, all funded by donations from the West, handed over the keys to people who had paid nothing for them and who did very little to aid in constructing them and who, once whitey had cleared off, rented them out to their own people and returned to the shacks and pocketed the cash.

Charity Homes Rented Out

Other Liberals pay a far higher price for placing fantasy before reality such as this poor woman here:

Missionary Meets Reality

Allowing people to believe they can have something for nothing creates a sick dependency and is certainly not a noble virtue because it does nothing to help the receiver, it just keeps them down with the giver feeling a misguided superior sense of moral piety and an inflated ego. The barbaric and savage events that occur each year in Africa demonstrate how badly flawed this approach is. Another question concerns what happens to people who are wholly dependent on handouts should the handouts stop?

Why is it that after all of the aid that has been donated to Africa through God-knows how many charities and after white colonial rule had created infrastructure, systems of governance, agriculture, wealth-generating and thriving commerce and introduced advanced medical care that has helped cure people of many of the diseases inherent to the continent, why why why are people in Africa still living in squalor and filth and committing so much barbarity?

Additionally and importantly we can also ask: Why are swarms of African blacks still leaving their homelands and their people to live in the West? Surely a better approach is to force Africans to do something to earn Western aid, aid which should focus on helping the Africans address and solve the problems nature presents them so they can build stronger nations in the long-term, that's real help, not just bailing them out when the proverbial hits the fan. Do you like me wonder what will it take to make Africa a peaceful, independent and just society where all Africans can enjoy a dignified life as promised by their blessed Saint Nelson?


Every time somebody dares to question Liberal-Multiculturalists who assert that the races are evil, they are demonised and dehumanised as racists. Yet it is now very clear to me that in fact, the Liberal-Multiculturalists are the true racists. In chasing their rainbow fantasy, they have destroyed South Africa and Zimbabwe with catastrophic consequences that have caused blacks to suffer enormously - famine, violent crime, government abuse and oppression, child abuse and murders of children for muti medicine and rampant HIV. They scream racist at their opponents but they care not a jot for what has happened to millions of African blacks.

Whites too have and are suffering from an escalating and brutal violent crime wave including a genocide of the Boer farmers. And at each turn Liberal-Multiculturalists blame whites for everything and reward other races with scant regard for the consequences. This is because Multiculturalism is anything but, it is about the total destruction of the affluent Western, first-world societies created by whites followed by the annihilation of the white race without any care or responsibility for the ensuing dreadful suffering that will be endured by blacks. All that matters is that whites and their societies are erased from every corner of the world.

There is a trite sound-bite regarding evil that is regularly trotted out in an attempt to explain how evil arises: "All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing."

It may have a grain of truth but that's about it. Because for evil to truly flourish it requires much more. It requires people to willingly place fantasy above reality, to knowingly accept falsities over truth and to place vanity and self-interest above all else along with avoiding any responsibility for the consequences of their actions and to knowingly disconnect from the realities they create.

South Africa and Zimbabwe show us the destiny that awaits Great Britain if we continually allow the evil that destroyed them to continue to thrive in our land.

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