Saturday, 12 September 2009

The Islamic Flag will fly over Downing Street

This video contains images of recent protests against the Islamification of Our Country and the building of a super mosque in Harrow. Again the media try to link the British National Party to these protests.

Anjem Choudary, Judge of the Shari'ah Court of the UK and
Principal Lecturer at the London School of Shari'ah

The above video that you must watch, was released earlier today by Anjem Choudary as a result of the recent attempted protests by the multi-racial English Defence League and the Stop the Islamification of Europe(SIOE) organisation.

In the video Choudary clearly lays out to all but the dimmest Dhimmi, just what the moslem intentions are towards the British People are and none of those intentions are peaceful. They come here not to integrate but to conquer.

And by looking at the first video and reading the reports from observers at these "attempted" protests by people objecting to the theft of their country, the moslems appear to be winning.

Such are their numbers now, that they are now able to mobilise thousands of their young "warriors" onto the streets of our former towns and cities at short notice and when they turn up they come tooled up with weapons.
we are happy to present the Muslim alternative, socially, economically, politically, judiciary in every department in fact of society
Such now is the arrogance of these people that they even issue a warning to the communists who are attempting to use the moslems as the claw hammer to destroy Nationalism. The moslems do not need them any longer. The UAF have served their purpose and Choudray sends them also a clear message. Submit also or else. As he says in the video;
We should not allow those people like the UAF and socialists and the labour party and the Respect Party to hijack this agenda for their own personal and selfish aims which have nothing at all to do with Islam
I am afraid from what I am reading and learning, is that the time for a peaceful solution to the British Peoples problems with the invaders is coming to an end and it fills me with fear for the future of Our Children.

It may well be that only a massive campaign of Civil Disobedience by the true owners of this land may now save us and even then there is no longer any guarantee that we will win.

The government should now heed the Islamic writing on the wall and remind themselves of what happened in the Romanian Revolution of 1989 when the oppressed people finally rose up against their evil masters and overthrew the state in a violent revolution that lasted all of a week.

They might also like to consider the fate of the Romanian Leader and tyrant Ceauşescu who was stood up against a wall and shot.

For more information on Anjem Choudary's plans for Our Future please go here and follow the links.