Saturday, 12 September 2009

Inside a UAF meeting of madmen

Lets observe a typical Communist meeting of United Against Fascism (UAF). The UAF is a government sponsored group of thugs who shout "fascism" and "Nazi" at anyone who deosn't hold the same view as them and their political masters. They're also known to physically attack members of the British National Party.

The creature speaking is the professional black communist agitator Lee Jasper who you can read more about on this site by clicking here. Seriously now, click on that link and see how Lee spend £100,000 on "honey glazed thighs".

"I love thee [sic] feet, ankles, legs, thighs, bum and belly, arms, head and brain. But most of all I love you in a flaming red sari, bangles, chains or failing that in a bikini!"
List of UAF supporters within our own parliament:

Peter Hain MP
Keith Vaz MP
David Cameron MP (Leader of the CONservative party)
Diane Abbott MP

Plus load more here. Is YOUR MP on the list? If they are, write to them and ask them why?

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