Tuesday, 8 September 2009

What did you do last night?

So what did you do last night? Tell you what. I'll tell you what I did first.

Well I went to an informal British National Party meeting and was more than pleasantly surprised to find the place packed with BNP activists from all over South Wales.

Like myself, they had wanted to meet up with other activists to discuss recent news events such as the attack by the EHCR on democracy and the BNP in particular and also the news about the possible attendance of a BNP representative on Question Time.

Well as expected, the informal talk about the EHCR was "lively". What else can you expect when you have a room of strong willed British Nationalists together in a room? All united in defending Our Country and all with different ideas for the best way of doing that.

But BNP activists, as well as being strong willed are also disciplined and logical. After much discussion and several hours talk it was unanimously agreed by a non binding show of hands that they were all in favour of staying tight and supporting the Party and the Chairman in whatever course of action they recommended. South Wales is solid, as I am sure is every other region in Our Country.

Question time was discussed in minutes - nothing really to report there. Then the talk moved over to a general discussion on preparing for the General Election that will be on us before we know it. All good stuff and well worth the drive.

One last thing. I am glad that I have kinsmen like the ones I sat amongst last night to count on as friends. I suspect that in the coming few years we are all going to need all the friends and allies we can get.

So what did you do?

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