Saturday, 5 September 2009

BNP to appear on Question Time

What a perfect way to end the day.  The BBC has finally caved in to public demand and have invited the Chairman of the British National Party, Nick Griffin MEP to appear on Question Time some time in October.

And here is the bit that made me smile.  They say they are doing it because the BNP have demonstrated "electoral support" at a national level.  If you buy that you are a banana.  They know that the very mention of the three magic letters BNP in a news article or in a news report drives up ratings.  And let's face it, who but guardian readers can even be bothered to watch a show that had its teeth pulled years ago. 

And what of the other parties that make up The Traitor Establishment, what do they have to say?  Well as to be expected they are wetting themselves.  No doubt their MPs will be drawing straws to see who winds up with the short ones and have to tangle with a man who will rip them  and their traitor parties apart.
This weekend the mainstream political parties were divided in their reaction. The Tories and the Liberal Democrats have told the BBC they are prepared to share a platform with the BNP, arguing that its policies must be confronted.

Labour is considering its position. “The custom is that Labour does not share a platform with the BNP, but given the impact of the BBC’s guidelines on our and other mainstream political parties’ position, we are reviewing this,” it said.

One cabinet minister said he would refuse to sit alongside Griffin or other BNP representatives on any BBC panel show: “Nobody’s happy about this. I don’t imagine anyone would be content to go on with them.

John Mann, Labour chairman of the all-party group on anti-Semitism, said: “It’s absurd to give the BNP any space. This is how Hitler came to power and these people have got the same objectives. It’s typical BBC intellectualism giving them airtime.”
Go on Labour, give us all another laugh.  Do a Draylon Bonnett and talk to the BNP through a third person and make yourselves look even more pathetic than you already are.

Good Night BNP.  Tomorrow really does belong to us.

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