Saturday, 5 September 2009

Good Evening, this is the BNP

The British National Party call centre that is is based in Northern Ireland has been contacting existing members and ex-members and offering the chance to either re-new their membership, rejoin or if they wish, become Gold Members or even Life Members. I always fancied being a Gold Member myself. I love badges.

Understandably, many of the party members contacted, despite wishing to subscribe to one of the above options are concerned about security, especially after the business with the leaked membership list.

However, I am reliably informed that the membership numbers associated to members names were not taken and that if in doubt when receiving a call from the Membership team, they should ask for their membership number to be read back to them by the Call Centre as an authentication check.

Nick Griffin, the Chairman of the British National Party, once compared to membership of the party to being akin to a bath with taps running and the plug out. It was a good analogy and one that the Membership Team hope to plug, especially with a General Election on the horizon.

I also understand this information will shortly be released onto the main BNP Website and also issued with the next membership bulletin.

I urge all those members who are due for renewal to do so. Those who can afford to, should take out a Gold Membership and for those with real cash - make a BIG donation and also get Life Membership, the party has only a short time to top up the General Election War Chest and in politics money really does talk.

I shall have to be satisfied with making a small donation:)