Friday, 4 September 2009

Rajinder Singh and the BNP

Rajinder Singh - a friend of the BNP since 2001

Just over a year ago, I was asked what I would do if the British National Party, for whatever reason changed the membership rules to allow all legal "British Citizens" join the party. My reply was, "I would shut down the Green Arrow site and resign my membership".

Well, Harold Wilson(spit) said, that a week is a long time in politics and he was right. But a year in politics is almost an eternity and opinions can and sometimes must change and some of mine have also.

Straight up. I am not happy with the news given out by the Chairman of the BNP and he was damn right that it would “stick in the craw of all dedicated nationalists” but Nick Griffin is a shrewd political operative and he knew that "real" Nationalists would understand the reasons why the party must change its membership rules. He also said this and I am more reassured;
I have no doubt that it is possible to redraft our constitution so as to ensure we comply with the new law while at the same time holding true to our core principles and most importantly of all, to our purpose — which is to secure a future for the true children of our islands.
And so the news to me now, that the party will be allowing all legal "British Citizens" to join is seen by me as being very positive and opening hundreds of thousands of doors of opportunity to gain more money, votes and finally power. I will write more about some of the new advantages later today or tomorrow.

Real Nationalists
must learn now to think outside the box, stand by the Party and work towards its and our final Victory. Leaving now because of a die hard principle, to me is tantamount to walking away from your comrades in the Shieldwall and leaving them to fight alone. You cannot win a war if you allow all your men to be wiped out in a battle that you cannot win.

So that said, the reason for this post. Martin Wingfield who understands exactly what is happening, as suggested that one of the British National Party's oldest and truest Sikh allies, Rajinder Singh be given the honour of being the first Sikh to join the Party. I go further. I would suggest that Rajinder Singh be made an honorary life time member and given a special award for his services to the BNP and Our Country.