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Neath 31st January. Hello Peter.

When Peter Hain discovered that the British National Party had set up a stall in Neath, the strong Labour site he had been parachuted into years ago because of his part in the destruction of South Africa, he went into a "fury" and threatened that he would drive us out of town.

Hain, like all bullies and cowards likes to make sure he is mob handed when it comes to taking on anyone, called on the trade unions, churches and student bodies to join him in a show of support, knowing it was unlikey that he would get any from the people of Neath who almost to a man despise him. Only Gordon Brown is held in higher contempt in Wales.

And so how many turned up to drive the BNP out of town and support the red orangutang, famous for his sunbed tan and locally referred to as Cuprinol Man?

100? 200? 500? More than 500? Nope wrong. A pathetic 15 people joined him in his day of action against the BNP and most of them were paid activists from the trade unions.

Later today, I can tell you that there will be full video footage of Wales BNP activists bearding the lion in what he thought was his own den - until now and even as I type that video is being edited for Youtube and BNPTv. Meanwhile enjoy the clip from it.

The following received also:
We hear from our under cover agents that at 11.00Bst a small group of scruffy unshaven hairy people shuffled into Neath. In the middle was a strange orange thing identified as the 'Lesser South African Twit', or Hain to give its local name.
Similar to a magpie this creature hoards money and valuables whilst repeating 'Not Me Guv'.
In Britain this itinerant behaves like a Cuckoo by getting others to do the work whilst getting all the Credit.
Like a flash he was 'Rogered' and when asked where his hoard was started squarking,"Get them off the streets, Get them off the streets".
This is a typical alarm call of these cowardly types, and is best ignored.
The whole episode was filmed for future viewing thanks to Anne and Toni
More to follow.

Meanwhile I gotta go find a machine with a decent connection but what you can do is visit this link here and favourite, rate and leave a comment for Wales BNP who are on the rise.

Lebensraum and improving racial stock

By Mister Fox

The dominant ideology in the western nations is built around multi-racialism or anti-racism and is a variant of Nazism. The motive is to push “whites” out of their communities and it is done by deceit and against democratic principles or rule of law.

More than 50 million African workers are being brought to Europe in a secret immigration agreement. This is the most evil plan against humanity hatched in Europe since the Nazis herded Jewish people into the gas chambers and the Soviets starved 5 million Kulaks and is likewise meant to destroy a people: the whole of western Europe and her people and has been implemented by the evil E.U.

This ideology is totalitarian with only one viewpoint allowed. It is very intolerant of any complaint about the cruelty and injustice of it and brands dissidents as “haters”, “bigots, “fascists” or “Nazis.” It is implemented by deceit and often in secret.

A “job centre” funded by money confiscated from tax-payers has been opened in Mali and was the beginning of “free movement of people in Africa and the EU”. The report is from the EU statistical agency Eurostat. It rationalises that vast numbers of migrants could be needed to meet the shortfall in two years if Europe is to have a hope of funding the pension and health needs of its growing elderly population.

EU economists is Britain and other EU states will “need” 56 million immigrant workers between them by 2050 to make up for the “demographic decline” due to falling birth rates and rising death rates across Europe. That is a lie!

If the Civil Service Pensions and in particular parliamentary pensions were scaled down to sensible levels more in line with every other pensioner receiving a pension from HM Government there would be greater equality after retirement.

People are paid for doing a job while they are doing it. But I don’t see why the taxpayer should be required to fund a pension which equates to a job when they have left. I know the private sector do that but that is private and driven by profits. It is entirely different.

Moreover, If we were not transferring billions of pounds in Aid to elites in the Third World, and billions as UK subscriptions to the UN and the EU, we might well be able to give our people a better pension.

The report for the EU, is by Moroccan-born French MEP Francoise Castex, who wants immigrants to be given legal rights and access to social welfare provision such as benefits. “Having sufficient people of working age is vital for the economy and for tax revenue.

What they really mean is they want to destroy Europe and the people. Ms Castex said: “It is urgent that member states have a calm approach to immigration. To say ‘yes’, we need immigration … it is not a new development, we must accept it.” To ensure cheap labour for the elites.

The Portugal declaration urges the EU to assist African governments in setting up migration information centres “to better manage labour mobility between Africa and the EU”.The first job centre was opened in Bamako, capital of Mali, on Monday the 6th of October. More centres are to open soon in other west African states then in north Africa.

The media provide the justification by blaming us and people start to blame themselves. We are ruled by being made to feel ashamed of ourselves. The photograph illustrating this report shows a cue of Africans in western dress presumably waiting to come here.(1)

These immigrant African people are prepared for immigration with clothes and language lessons by The British Council. African lawyer Dele Oguntimojou wrote: ”(you) do not know how the youth in the poor African village is being seduced by lush advertising to shed his native dress for blue jeans; to retune his ears from the traditional hi-life to the drum and bass of hip-hop and Brit pop. Even now the British Council is busy across Africa training the next generation of immigrants in the language of the destination country.”(2)

There was an expose in November 2006 that the Government were advertising for immigrants in a Foreign Office pamphlet distributed from Embassies around the world. 'Multicultural Britain - A Land Of Immigrants' encourages immigrants to come here because of the Human Rights Act which gives them privileges over natives and well-paid jobs. Illustrated with photos of smiling non-whites, it is an invitation to people to immigrate here. (3)

Home Office minister Beverley Hughes was found to be approving visa claims from eastern Europe despite warnings they were using forged documents. She only resigned when she found a letter sent to her on 4 March last year by a junior Home Office minister, Mr Ainsworth, alerting her to potential immigration frauds.

There were also allegations about abuse of the European Community Association Agreement (ECAA) which had already been raised by James Cameron, the British consul in Romania who blew the gaff. Ms Hughes told BBC Two's Newsnight that Mr Cameron's claims were the first she knew of the alleged "scam". But it is now clear she sent letters in March and April 2003 in reply to Mr Ainsworth's concerns.

Here is an insight. Lin Homer was chief executive of Birmingham city council and presided over what investigator, Judge Mawrey, called "massive, systematic and organised fraud" in an election campaign. It made a mockery of the election and he ruled that not less than 1,500 votes had been cast fraudulently in the city. He the comments after he upheld allegations of postal fraud relating to six seats won by Labour in the June 2004 ballot. For this she was promoted to chief of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate.(4)

An excuse is "The Home Office is a shambles." Why so? How come politicians do well in other jobs but fail as Home Secretaries? The Home Office is brilliantly succesful: it has been infiltrating immigrants into the country without people realising for years! But as usual the ideologues have no practical grasp and think only of the utopia of a multi racial world and cheap labour for themselves and the corporations.

Hitler changed the concept of Lebensraum from colonisation to enlargement within Europe. “For it is not in colonial acquisitions that we must see the solution of this problem, but exclusively in the acquisition of a territory for settlement, which will enhance the area of the mother country, and hence not only keep the new settlers in the most intimate community with the land of their origin, but secure for the total area those advantages which lie in its unified magnitude.(5) He added a racial bias to Lebensraum and claimed that the Soviet Union was run by Jews so Germany had a right to take Russian land in search of a unity between the German Volk and the land, Blood and Soil.

In a speech and interview with The Brussells Journal, Vladimir Bukovsky, the Russian dissident, who spent twelve years in Soviet psychiatric units, told of documents from secret Soviet files which he was allowed to study in 1992 as a reward for helping leader Boris Yeltsin. These documents confirm a “conspiracy” to turn the European Union into a socialist state and those who oppose further European integration will be regarded as xenophobes. I think Patricia Hewitt said this publicly. (6)

I would add to his otherwise accurate analysis, that when it comes to race, the dominant western ideology is a variant of Nazism. The importation of immigrants to enrich us, make us more vibrant etc is a form of Lebensraum. It began as an understandable reaction to the barbarity of Hitler’s Nazis but has now itself become a cruel, tyranny.

The Nuremberg Trials exposed genocidal practices and prompted official policies of medical ethics and the 1950 UNESCO statement on race. Scientific societies made similar statements on "race " and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, was a response to abuses during the Second World War. It was adopted by the United Nations in 1948. It proclaimed: "Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family." This was extended in the 1978 UNESCO declaration on race and racial prejudice - the fundamental equality of all human beings is the ideal toward which ethics and science should converge but in practice racial theories are still used to justify improving the racial stock. In his three-part television series ”Mongrel nation” in June 2003, the Lebanese-born comedian Edie Izzard, claimed that Mongrel dogs are cleverer than pedigree dogs. This metaphor suggested that mongrel people are as a master race, genetically superior to the rest!

The definition of racism in the Macpherson report: “Racism in general terms consists of conduct, words or practices which disadvantage or advantage people because of their colour, culture or ethnic origin.”(Para, 6.4) Our rulers are discriminating against us because we are white! Where Hitler had proposed a “thousand –year Reich” inhabited by a “Master Race” of Pure Aryans, the inverted Multi-Racial idea is a perfect world made up of a new type of person: the Coffee-Coloured person.

Totalitarianism and oppression into the British legal system with the Commission for Racial Equality, in the 1976 Race Relations Act, of Home Secretary Roy Jenkins. His biographer, John Campbell (Weidenfield & Nicolson.1983) revealed, he believed: “That immigration was good for Britain and if people resisted they should be socially engineered into accepting it". Commonwealth immigrants like previous waves of immigrants from the Norman Conquest, to the refugees of the 30’s, could help overcome “our natural Island lethargy”. Roy Jenkins is probably the most evil British politician who ever lived.

This was the first time that Race had been used in British law and is similar to the Nazi race laws which compelled Jewish people to register their property and "Aryanized" Jewish businesses which replaced Jewish employees and ownership was taken by by Germans who bought them cheap.. Jewish doctors were forbidden to treat non-Jews, and Jewish lawyers were not permitted to practice law.

A similar law is being introduced by Harriet Harman, the Minister for Women. This so-called “Equality Law” is to stop white men getting jobs and to allow employers to give ethnic minority and female candidates preferential treatment. The “doublespeak” is “positive action" and prevents applicants with better job credentials getting the job if they are the wrong sex or race.(7)

People in Nazi Germany had to carry an identity cards, but Jews had special identifying marks: a red "J" stamped on them and new middle names for those who did not have obviously "Jewish" first names: "Israel" for males, "Sara" for females. The cards allowed the police to identify Jews easily.
The Daily Mail of 26th September reported on our new EU I.D.Cards. The Home Secretary claims “the cards would protect against identity fraud, illegal working, and help people prove their identity easily” but like the Nazi I.D.Cards foreigners will not have to show them to get a job or use the NHS and schools. The cards are covered in EU lettering and an EU symbol of a bull.

We have racial lists kept to ensure preferential treatment for other ethnic groups cynically known as equal Opportunities monitoring forms which help people give priority to other ethnic groups.

The term “Racist” is not descriptive but inhibitive. It is to cow us while our society is transformed from a natural society to a Multi-Racial state. After the Second World War Nazi and Fascist were more coercive, but as the war receded Racist became more effective as it was universally pejorative and not restricted to old-fashioned ideologies. It is corporate elites who want cheap labour imported as well as outsourcing and they operate within the “tender idealism” pushed by politicians.

Racial theories on improving the racial stock are used to justify immigration. In the second reading of the Commonwealth immigrants Bill (16/11/1961, Lord Royle said, “wouldn’t we be better off with a dash of darker blood?” The multi-racialist Fenner Brockway(later Lord) wrote glowingly of mixed race people which is similar reverence as Nazis had for pure Aryans, “Fifty years ago I read a book by Sir Sidney Olivier, who had been Governer of Jamaica, recording what splendid human specimens, physically and mentally, were the progeny of mixed marriages on that island. Many of us who know the sons and daughters of mixed marriages will bear out this judgement.(8)

The group Hitler valued, us, is the pariah, whereas the groups he persecuted are privileged. It is social engineering to give power to ethnics and displace whites. The Independent 21 April 2004 reported that “British school-leavers could be denied places leading universities for overseas students. Oxford University is to increase the number of overseas undergraduates, who pay higher fees, while freezing the total number of undergraduate places, thus cutting the number of places available to UK school-leavers.”

The large corporations expect their “diverse” work force to be loyal not to country but the company. This goes well with free markets, which have always been Utopian and supra national.

Racial Awareness Training is a method of brainwashing that local councils send their employers, employees and decision makers on to be conditioned in correct thinking: “to challenge individual prejudices and values and change them”. It stemmed from the ideas of the American Judith Katz who held that “racism is inherent in whites”.

There were examples in the USA of blonde haired people, usually women, being racially abused until they broke down and sobbed. The fact that it was done to blondes shows that we are victims of racism in the guise of anti-racism.

The “Commission on the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain’s”(Runnymede Trust 2002) Parekh Report We are told the way forward is for the ”United Kingdom to formally declare itself to be a multi-cultural society” page xxi. (9)

We are inducted into our culture, community and our history and traditions, quite naturally, as we grow up. The abstract method though, requires a sort of schoolbook learning process as in the republican “Citizenship classes” which are supposed to make all foreigners British.

This process only acts on the surface, on the conscious minds of the pupils, whereas our natural traditional way imbues the very nature of the person as it is slowly internalised into the deep unconscious mind as a uniting bond. The totalitarian method advocated by Parekh has to be forced by brainwashing and politicised police. At the same time the immigrants are allowed to perpetuate the divisions by inducting their own children into their own traditions. They are exempt from Multi-Racialism!

The police are being turned into a race-gestapo. Judge Mapherson began his investigation into the murder of Stephen Lawrence prejudiced against the police. With his mind already made up he used British law as social engineering to mould the police into an anti-racist thought force.

They know what we should think, from the start and the idea is not for fair and open enquiry to ascertain the facts of a case but to reach the right conclusion. This added more totalitarianism to law: Recommendation 12 states,” A racist incident is any incident, which is perceived to be racist by the victim, or any other person". Recommendation 13 adds, “That the term “racist incident must be understood to include crimes and non-crimes in policing terms. Both must be investigated with equal commitment”. Now we can be investigated for committing non-crimes.

There are purges on the police as former chief of the Metropolitan police, Sir John Stevens introduced planted informers into police training classes to spy for and report on “racist” officers. An interim report into police handling of their own racism, which was established in 2004 after a television documentary, The Secret Policeman, showed racism at a police training centre in Warrington.

The report was produced by a panel led by Sir David Calvert-Smith, a former director of public prosecutions who, like Macpherson began from prejudice not an open mind.

The “enquiry” apparently looked at internal police attitudes to race, including monitoring of race policies and training, recruitment and grievance procedures, rather than operational policing. Like Macpherson this panel had decided the outcome before they started.

Smith admitted that his team had decided before they started that police racism was a "major" problem. It was "commonly accepted", he said, and reinforced by The Secret Policeman, that "racism is still a major problem within the service. We have not set out to prove that it exists. We have taken it as a given".(10) This is discrimination against “white” police officers.

The labelling of innocent people as “racists”, “bigots”, “haters” etc is dehumanisation setting us up for persecution for not conforming to establishment diktats. It is pure totalitarian thinking straight from Nazi Germany if any speak out against being dispossessed they are persecuted by the state.

No man survives when freedom fails,
The best men rot in filthy jails,
And those who cry 'appease, appease'
Are hanged by those they tried to please.


(2)Salisbury Review. Spring 2003. Vol 21. No3. (


The Great Immigration Scandal by Steve Moxon

(5) Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1971)pp 646, 655



(8) Immigration: what is the answer? (RKP.1965) pp83,84 Fenner Brockway and Norman Pannell

(9) ;


British Jobs for British Workers

British Jobs for British Workers. A good statement. A true statement. A fair statement. Or so you would think. But not to the communist controlled trade unions, not to global business and certainly not to the likes of Gordon Brown, who copied it from the British National Party, who unlike Brown, meant what they said.

Before we go any further we have to face up to some hard, cold facts. No matter how just their cause, the British Workers fighting for their jobs are banging their heads against the Brick Wall of European Law. If all goes according to past form they will also be getting their heads banged by the "Run away from the Moslems Police" for being "racists".

For European Union laws, imposed by unelected bureaucrats, have been put in place to stop nation states protecting the rights of their workers. Under their laws, any such actions would be illegal. All part of the leveling down of Our Country, to that of India and Pakistan, where we work just to eat and live.

This government of traitors know this and have admitted that under European Law, there is NOTHING they can do. Because of our foolish membership of the new Soviet Eurabia, we now also have to pay for state funded training courses for foreigners who turn up in our country without even a job to go to.

Neither the Labour Party or the conservatives support the angry workers. Both parties are fanatically pro-European and both seek(and have said as much) to make Our Country a "low wage economy". Cameron has already stated that under the conservatives, the minimum wage would be allowed to be forgotten and had this to say about the strikes.

'Jobs are a concern in every community in the country because of impacts of the global downturn. But we can't and don't support unofficial strike action.'
Not one word did he utter about the 2,000,000 unemployed in this country or anything about the fact that the number of foreign workers in our sad land is now 3,723,000. I can see a solution straight away.

And the Unions? What of them? It is true individual shop stewards are playing their part in the workers protests but the leadership is coming from the men and not their communist Union barons.

The communists views on this are there for all to see if they search on the net. They see these nationwide actions as "reactionary" and "racist".
The logic of the strike were it successful would be to throw those Italian and Portuguese workers on the dole, and for that simple reason the strike as it stands is reactionary. The maxim put forward by Karl Marx and the socialists of the 19th Century – “Workers of the World Unite” – is as valid today as it was then.
To a communist, there are no borders. They are internationalists and they will put others before their own kinds survival in their mad quest for a one world government.
'You are far to kind to the scum who are striking.
Theirs is an openly racist call for british jobs for british workers. As internationalists, we should not give a fig if it is so called british or so called foreign workers are in a particlau job. If jobs on offer were given to foreigners, so what? If this action suceeds, its open season for a general pogrom against foreign workers, with employers being put under pressure to sack foreign workers in favour of british ones. This is where this road leads
I think the first action is to expel any shop stewards involved here forthwith, and for the union leaders to condemn this strike
Secondly, its solidarity action with the foreign workers, making it clear they are welcome here
Thirdly, confronting the racists on the picket line, just as we would a BNP mobilisation''
Recognising that these strikes are Nationalist based strikes the globalists order their attack dogs of the media onto the British National Party with the same tired old statements.

'One fear is that the strikes could be exploited by the far right British National party, which has been leafleting in Grimsby" Daily Mail.

"Not only was he incapable of delivering on it under European Union law, but the slogan was bound to be exploited by the far right in the shape of the British National party - who coined it in the first place". Guardian.

"When this newspaper observed that the Prime Minister's slogan was echoed in the propaganda of the British National Party, Downing Street responded extraordinarily that, in fact, Mr Brown had used the slogan first ". Times

"In the uncertain atmosphere, the far-right British National Party attempted to capitalise on the unrest by sending activists to the picket lines." Herald

And yet they know, but sadly not enough True Brits know, that the British National Party were not responsible for the laws that make British Workers jobless, homeless and dependent on the state for their survival.
The turmoil comes as about 2,500 people are being made redundant every day, nearly 600 small firms are collapsing every week and unemployment has jumped to 1.9million.
It was not the British National Party that passed laws allowing foreign companies like Total to exploit the system (they helped create behind the scenes), to increase profits at the expense of the British People.

The British National Party are getting the message through to the British People, but it is a hard, slow slog. But they will get there and they will destroy the Brick Wall of European Law, within 24 hours of forming a government.

The BNP support all those workers who feel they are being dispossessed.

Wish I lived near to an action so I could take a huge Tea Urn to the protesters on Monday.

Thank you Iceland

Could have done with one of those myself

By Ancient Brit

Even though you have desperate economic troubles of your own, your thoughts turned to the plight of poor pensioners in the UK where 1 in 12 of them will die of cold during our winters.

Yesterday, a large consignment of warm clothing arrived at Hull docks, kindly donated by your warm hearted people. The garments were made of unique Icelandic wool and very colourful and I’m quite sure they will be very much appreciated by those who will receive them. The appeal was sent out by Heimir Karlsson and Kolbrun Bjornsdottir presenters of an Icelandic radio show who were responding to an article in the Daily Express about the plight of our senior citizens.

When I saw the containers being unloaded at the docks I unashamedly cried, some tears were for the compassion shown by your people towards our suffering elderly, but most of my tears were for the anger that I felt knowing that our own people, those who had paid into the system all their lives were now reduced to third world status.

Nearly every week our government gives away millions of pounds in aid to anyone who holds out a begging bowl while our own people suffer, we have a Prime Minister who salivates over the words ‘Global’ but dismisses the word ‘Local’ He speaks of a ‘New World Order’.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of a ‘New World Order’ I think a reversal of fortunes where we in the west become the third world, maybe I am wrong, but it certainly seems that way to me.

So will your kind gesture make our government ashamed of its failure to protect our own people, I doubt it very much, every time we here of of cuts having to be made by local authorities, it is always the care of the elderly that is at the top of the list.

Moslem population rising 10 times faster than rest of society

Well we are certainly building up our own funeral pyre and when it alights, it will make Kosovo look like just a burning matchstick.

According to research carried out for The Times, the Moslem population colonising Our Country has grown by more that 500,000 to 2.4 million (that we know of) in just four short years.

I would like to see some extrapolation charts on these figures, because these enrichers are multiplying quicker than rabbits on Viagra. In fact 10 times faster than the True British people.

Oh well, no one can say we were not warned and at least, when "Peace Walls" start going up in all our cities and towns there will be plenty of space for some of us to write: "We told you so".

Friday, 30 January 2009

Nick Griffin - Solidarity With The Construction Lads

The British National Party says what it means and means what it says

The following article is by the Chairman of the British National Party and copied from the BNP Website.

Nick Griffin - Chairman of the British National Party


The grass-roots “British Jobs for British Workers” sympathy strikes campaign is going viral! After years of watching and grumbling as our jobs are taken by foreigners and wages undercut by cheap imported labour, British workers are standing up in solidarity with the hundreds of thousands most at risk of seeing their livelihoods ‘globalised’ away.

The spark which burst into the flames of unofficial and defensive industrial action at the Lindsey Total oil refinery at NORTH KILLINGSHOLME is setting off a chain reaction.

The Immingham refinery workers have come out in sympathy with the construction workers whose jobs are threatened by hundreds of cheaper and less skilled imported European workers. It was announced last night that workers at WILTON on Teesside and at the GRANGEMOUTH refinery in Scotland were walking out this morning in solidarity.

In fact, on top of 400 out in Teesside and 700 in Grangemouth, we are now getting reports of wildcat “British Jobs for British Workers” protests all over the country. While the news reports are still mainly focussed on Humberside, at present Scottish workers are leading the way.

Here’s the list we know of (as at lunchtime on Friday 30th – check our map for later updates):

STAYTHORPE, NOTTS. Hundreds out at the giant power station near Newark.

MILFORD HAVEN, WALES. Work on the giant South Hook and Dragon liquefied natural gas terminals halted by mass walkouts.

WARRINGTON, LANCS. Protests reported at the Fiddlers Ferry power plant, but no picket line visible at 1 p.m..

ABERTHAW, BARRY. Power station walkout.

MOSSMARAN, SCOTLAND. Workers at the terminal north of Edinburgh have downed tools.

St FERGUS, ABERDEENSHIRE. Workers at the giant gas terminal out on protest.

DOUNREAY, THURSO. Reports of workers downing tools to support the call for “British Jobs for British Workers”.

MOTHERWELL BRIDGE, SCOTLAND. Angry workers “on the fence” - ready to walk out but waiting for just a few more signs that the protest is truly national.

SELLAFIELD NUCLEAR PLANT, CUMBRIA. Meeting this morning expresses huge sympathy for construction workers, anger over the growing use of foreign cheap labour, and a readiness to come out in solidarity if workers are victimised or the strike grows.

We are getting repeated reports of workers at other big energy-related plants and construction sites saying that if Gordon Brown sticks to his anti-worker, anti-British “no retreat from globalisation” line and refuses to take the protesters seriously, then they will come out too.

“The use of more than 60 mounted riot police to try to intimidate us was a bad move by the Government,” one group of Total refinery workers told a BNP observer this morning. “They must have known full well that we’re peaceful and intend to remain peaceful. Our problem is with the bosses exploiting foreign labour, rather than with the foreign workers themselves. Bringing in riot cops to make out that we’re about to go on the rampage is typical Labour spin and lies.”

Workers are also angry at the pro-immigration, out-of-touch internationalism of many left-wing union leaders. Derek Simpson, general secretary of Unite is a particular target of well-deserved criticism after his ridiculous statement that “it’s not a question of foreign workers” and his treacherous suggestion that the union doesn’t mind its members being replaced by foreign workers as long as they get a chance to ‘compete’ before being thrown out of work!

We in the BNP, and our comrades in the independent nationalist trade union Solidarity, call on workers to reject Simpson. With an income of more than £200,000 a year and a ‘secret’ £800,000 grace and favour mansion for life – all paid for by his members, who generally take home well below the average wage – he has no right to preach surrender and inaction to angry workers.

No wonder his attempts to stop the protests are failing. Unite are so busy plotting their campaign to try to stop the BNP winning Euro seats in June, that their website isn’t even mentioning the growing wave of protests.

But Solidarity members and BNP activists in places of work all over the country are enjoying the sea-change in popular feeling on the “British Jobs for British Workers” issue. All have been told to raise the matter on their sites and shop floors. We must do whatever we can to spread the protests.

The nationalist message is simple: When the bosses and their foreign scabs come for your job, it may be too late to fight back. We’ve got to draw a line in the sand and force the Government to protect our own people now. These strikes and protests are spreading, but they need to do so further and faster.

Middle management jobs are under threat from the Brown Bust too, so we’re all in this together. Now’s the time to stand up and defend the rights and livelihoods of British workers. Everyone out next week!

"Get the BNP rep up there”

Italian workers showing their solidarity with British Workers.
Deport them now

"Get the BNP rep up there" was a shout that rang out yesterday at the protest by workers outside the Lindsey refinery. Sadly the man was shouted down by representatives from the:
Unite union, which did not sanction the strikes, attempted to retain its influence over members who are angry that British jobs have been lost to European competitors.
The Union, which as betrayed their workers are now saying that the British National Party are trying to hijack the unofficial strikes for their own purposes.

Balderdash and fiddlesticks. The British National Party has been campaigning for "British Jobs for British Workers" for decades.
Paul Elvin, 49, a scaffolder from Scunthorpe said he was braving the icy morning “because my 19-year-old son is sitting unemployed at home while a barge load of Italians have been brought in to meet a supposed shortage that doesn’t exist. I’ve got three children’s mouths to feed, a mortgage to pay and I lost my job on this site yesterday. What’s Gordon Brown going to do about that?”
Perhaps if more people had switched of their TV's and visited the BNP website all those years ago, they would not now be standing in the cold fighting for their jobs and their families today.

No, if anyone is trying to hijack the rage of British Workers, it is the corrupt trade Union Unite who have still not officially sanctioned their members actions.

Now they are truly caught between a rock and hard place and hopefully those two entities will crush them in the middle. All Unite members should now join Solidarity, who will speak out for them.

The British National Party supports all the British people who have already lost their jobs and those about to lose their jobs and homes to foreign workers brought in to displace them in their own country.

BNP Truth Truck in action at Warrington

One already here. Another on the way. More to follow.

The British National Party have deployed their Truth Truck to show their support for the spontaneous and growing protest by British Workers across the country. Workers who have finally had enough of seeing their jobs taken by imported labour. Workers fed up with being accused of being work shy and lazy. Workers who are striking back.

We hope to bring you images of the Truth Truck later today from Fiddlers Ferry Power Station where more workers are joining the protest for "British Jobs for British Workers" campaign.

Unite, the trade union that should have been leading the men have now been reduced to becoming mere followers of their members, who should remember this statement from one of their spokesmen Billy Jones.
"The BNP will not be welcome under any circumstances. The Italian workers have every right to be there as their firm won the contract and the issue is not their nationality.
No Billy. What you dare not say, is that the leadership of Unite are in agreement with the "leveling down" of British Workers in your kinds mad marxist dream of a one world government where all workers are paid the same. In reality people working just to live and everything owned by the state, including their former homes that have been repossessed. The BNP will be at every protest across the country to show their support and your threats mean nothing to us.

The Italian workers might and I say might have some right to work here providing they are doing work that no British person is available to do. But that is not the truth. They are just pawns in a bigger plan.

These Italian and other job stealing workers, who have been photographed making crude gestures to British Workers, however are living on floating invasion barges/hotels. They are not paying rent, rates, British Taxes, paying for mortages, travel or food. There will be more of these floating hotels arriving

How can any British Worker homing and feeding a family compete? Simple answer. They cannot. No more than they can compete with Polish workers living ten to a room and who are being paid minimum wage to undercut British Workers.

And what are the so called left saying about these strikes. I have seen comments on a social site that the British Workers should be sacked!!!

Well they are saying nothing or in the case of UNITE union Baron Dereck Simpson frightened by the anger of his members is refering to "British Jobs" as "UK Jobs".

If he really believed in "British Jobs for British Workers", the spontaneous actions now being carried out by his members would have been properly planned protests led from the top. He is as guilty as the rats in Parliament and if his members have any sense, they should boot him out of their union asap. He will not care. He has his big house and huge pension for life. Another champagne socialist who should be hung.

All True Britons who feel displaced by the foreign invaders should join and support the refinery protestors now.

Best place to stay up to date with this developing situation is Simon Darby who appears to be updating his site by the minute. Well done Simon.

Brown of course is saying nothing but waffle. He is still talking about globalism and the New World Order. He will pay for his part in the betrayal of the British Workers and Our Country.

If any BNP supporter has images or news please email details to

Anger over use of foreign workers grow

Brown said it but he did not mean it

So more and more British Workers are waking up to the fact that their jobs are being taken by imported labour brought in to replace them.

Finally they have began to realise that these actions are not an act of God but deliberately planned to drive down their wages by the New World Orders attempt to "level down" Our Country to that of nations where people work just for the price of a meal.

Perhaps now the people of this country will realise that only the British National Party has consistently warned them and told them the truth. The following has been cut n pasted from a Press Association Release of just 10 minutes ago....

Strikers will hold a mass meeting outside an oil refinery in a dispute over the use of foreign workers on a multimillion-pound construction project.

They are angry about a decision to bring in hundreds of Italian and Portuguese contractors to work on a new £200-million plant at the giant Lindsey Oil Refinery at North Killingholme, North Lincolnshire.

Meanwhile, seven hundred workers at a Scottish oil refinery walked out on unofficial strike. The mechanical contractors, who work for BP and INEOS at Grangemouth, took the action after a union meeting.

In south Wales, police were called to Aberthaw power station near Barry after a protest was staged there. And around 400 workers at a refinery in Wilton near Redcar, Teesside, have also walked out, Cleveland Police said.

Police said around 800 people took part in a demonstration outside the North Lincolnshire refinery on Thursday, but union bosses claimed the numbers involved were closer to 1,000.

It is understood 100 Italian and Portuguese workers are currently on the site. They are expected to be joined by 300 more next month. The foreign workers are being housed in large, grey housing barges which are moored in Grimsby docks.

Cleethorpes MP Shona McIsaac said the decision was "like a red rag to a bull for people in our community who are out of work and who have skills that could be used in this construction project".

Unite union regional officer Bernard McAuley said workers at the refinery were joined by hundreds of trade unionists and other supporters from around the UK.

He said: "They've come from all over the country. We reckon there were almost 1,000 people here. We've also had huge numbers of messages of support from people who are incensed by this decision. It's a total mockery. There are men here whose fathers and uncles have worked at this refinery, built this refinery from scratch. It's outrageous."

The refinery covers 500 acres and is the third largest in the UK, processing 10 million tonnes of crude per year - 200,000 barrels per day. Total, which runs the site, said the contract for the new HDS-3 unit at the centre of the controversy was awarded to the Italian-based firm IREM after a tendering process. IREM has a permanent specialist skilled workforce which it employs directly.


Imported Italian Workers make crude gestures to watching British Workers whose jobs they are taking. Anyone got a better image please?

And what about the multi-national Total that have imported these workers. What do they have to say:
Total has pledged that the Italian workers for Irem will be paid at UK national rates and will have the same conditions as British counterparts. The oil giant also said that there will be no redundancies in Britain.
Not bloody good enough. We do not give a toss what you say. Those are British Jobs and should go to British Workers. Neither do we believe your bare faced lies about redundancies.

So much for the myth put about by our globalist government and big business that the British are Lazy and will not work and that is why they require cheap labour from abroad.

And True British Workers should not be fooled by the words of the Unite trade union. They are marxists who also wish to see a one world government but are being forced into supporting their membership now, in order to protect their own positions.

Fenham by-election results

Let the world burn without us for a moment and take a look at yesterdays by-election in Fenham, Newcastle.

The result with percentages was as follows;-

  1. Mitzi Emery - Lib- 1049 33.9%
  2. Helen McStravick - Lab - 1025 33.1%
  3. Ken Booth - BNP - 836 27.0%
  4. Sarah Armstrong - Cons - 186 6.0%
Before we continue, let us remind us what our excellent candidate Ken Booth had to say just prior to the election:
"Everything depends on today. Either Labour, the Lib-Dems or ourselves could win. We will do everything we can to get our vote out. But what is most important is to look at our vote share. We are coming up from just 10%, where the other two parties are working from a base of 35%. That's a huge amount of ground to make up."
Well we came third and no doubt, both the Lib Dems and Labour will be openly crowing about their success. But behind the scenes their senior officers are very, very frightened and the BNP should take heart at what in fact is an excellent result for us.

The British National Party managed to win over another 541 voters since the 2008 election there. All the other parties lost votes:
  • Lib Dem vote down 442 from 2008 down 11%
  • Lab vote down 163 from 2008 down 3%
  • BNP vote up 541 from 2008 up 18%
  • conservative vote down 104 from 2008 down 3%
So whilst it was thought that the BNP were mainly taking votes from Labour, it is clear to see that we are in fact, taking votes from all of the Tri-Axis of Evil parties.

It should also be remembered that there is a very large and continually growing Asian community in Fenham itself and one must assume(tongue in cheek) that very few of the colonisers of Our Country are going to vote BNP.

Now, I watch with interest the campaign activities of the Liberal Democrats and believe their elections organisation to be much superior to those of either Labour or the conservatives. The Lib Dems are very pro-active and able to bring in motivated people from around the country but they were still down 11%.

Labour just tend to throw taxpayers money in and the conservatives just seem to wander around like zombies.

The British National Party also has excellent elections officers who are getting better at every election and soon will be as polished as the most highly paid professionals from the Lib/Lab/con alliance and in the end they will prove to be the superior side, for they fight for truth and the others fight for money.

Now I do not have the right to teach my granny how to suck eggs but I do have the right to reiterate the obvious and I know what will happen next.

Our activists will shortly be on the streets of Fenham thanking the people who had the good sense to vote for us and reassuring them that their votes were not wasted but simply the foundations for future victory.

One tiny disappointment. Again we failed to have our candidates details posted on the Votewise site. In some elections, where every vote counts, a little omission like that makes the difference between victory and defeat.

That said, it was a brilliant result for the British National Party and Ken and his campaign team deserve a big vote of thanks for their sterling efforts. Well done the lads.

Now looking towards the Euro Elections, I was hoping for the BNP to send one MEP to Brussels, maybe two. Now I am thinking four or more.

More information over on the British National Party home page.

Tipping - Where in our evolution did this germ appear?

By Albion

For a change from discussing politics I want to show that we really are just Sheeple. We follow the herd. We do not want to be seen as being different, we are afraid to think for ourselves, to break away from the flock and be our own person. The ‘yoof’ today wear the latest fads in clothing and hair styles to be different but they are not being different, they all look the same. Take the girl with her thong showing just above her jeans, which are resting below her hips? I have just passed a dozen of her sisters looking the same but sporting different coloured thongs.

Take taxi drivers for example. Why the hell do we tip them? They earn a percentage of the money they take as fares, so why do we also give them more money. I liken it to benign begging. There are first world countries where tipping is unheard of. Australia comes to mind. The London cabbie hates Aussie tourists they think they are tight. They are not; they refuse to play this silly game. I find tipping quite disgusting and demeaning for the beggar.

Even the Asian taxi driver would never have received a tip pulling rickshaws around Delhi, or the Pakistani selling a curry delight from a roadside stall on the outskirts of Islamabad. So why expect it here? taking advantage of first world begging maybe?

To make your point when you finally refuse to play this game anymore, to wean yourself off this awful practise, try this. Where the fare might be say 4 pound 80 pee, tell the cab driver you are from Australia and you do not normally tip on principle, but in an isolated case such as this you will make an exception. You then give him a fiver and tell him to keep the change, its one small step at a time to wean oneself off this stupidity. You have to be your own man…or woman depending on your personal topography.

I wish it ended there but it doesn’t. Again WHY do we tip hairdressers? What is special about their service that warrants a tip? I don’t tip my doctor; I don’t tip the bearded Asian gentleman in ‘Mohammed’s Kitchen of Asian Delights’ when he serves me my bacon sandwich and a cup of coffee.

My barber gets a salary, why am I supplementing his salary by giving him more than the price list charges? Is it because his wages are not enough to live on? Well Doody bloody Doo! whose fault is that? He should ask his employer for a raise, he should not have to beg off his customers. But the hairdresser knows too well his client will be shamed for his non-generosity by the waiting customers staring at him as he heads for the door.

The Busker in the street I can understand, he may have been a commodities trader, financial adviser or very big in hedge Funds that has hit hard times, he may have no means of support. Maybe the bank has confiscated his mansion and he has had to sell the Bee Em and the yacht to pay his debts and to pay for his wife’s share of a shattered marriage of what is left of his worldly assets.

The fact he can also play the Banjo admittedly is in his favour, so I give the poor man a tip, don’t I?

Politics is no exception. Who are you voting for at the next election? Labour. Why? Well my husband voted labour didn’t he? See what I mean?

What about the British National Party you ask? Oh no, the BBC says they are the far right and they started WW2 and are going to open up the concentration camps. You say, what if I told you the BBC lie on order of the government? Impossible they say!

Well times have changed. Who your husband or dad voted is not going make one iota of difference to your future or to your quality of life. Your dad and your husband’s dad are from a different generation, England was not being sold to the highest bidder. It just might surprise you to learn that you are an individual not a mirror image of anyone else. Don’t believe the lies of the establishment. For them there are still rich pickings at the trough.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Peter Hain urges thugs to drive BNP out of town

Reverting to type, the former communist terrorist, convicted criminal, possible bank robber and proven liar, South African, Peter Hain has stated his intention to "drive" the British National Party out of Neath.

Knowing full well that most members of the British National Party have to work for a living, he has called at short notice, for a demonstration for tomorrow (30th January) in The Square, Neath at 10.00am.

To protect him from the voters of Neath he is counting on the support of the trade unions that have watched as British Jobs have been exported and foreign workers imported. Also being bussed in are some brain dead students bunking off their Sociology courses.

Peter, who knows that his days are numbered and that one day a BNP government will make him answer for his crimes both national and international, hopes that this action will divert attention away from the £103,000 that was supposedly spend on his failed attempt to become Deputy Leader of the Titanic.

Hain is still furious and fuming over the success of the BNPs day of action held there just a short while ago, where the video posted by WalesBNP showed our activists receiving a warm welcome in Hains own continuency. A contstituency that he has no links with and was parachuted into by labour years ago against the wishes of the local labour party and people.

Well the BNP warn Peter Hain now, that we may or may not be there tomorrow to greet you but either way the BNP are going to become a regular sight in The Square and will do so, until it is you Hain, you faked tan oranutang is "driven out of town".

In fact Peter if you wish to avoid justice why not go back to South Africa. You know that Utopian murderland that you helped create. But first remember how you had so much to say about Rhodesia and its failings, well what about your dreamland Zimbabwe now? Why not flee there and team up your old with your old hero Mugabe.

Previous articles from this site that mention Peter Hain. Please take the time to browse them.

Fenham Ward by-election today

The following post has been cut n pasted from the site of Martin Wingfield, the editor of our newspaper Freedom. Please check it out after reading this piece from there...

Fenham Ward by-election today and I am very lucky that I am able to still give you the latest news from Newcastle. That's because Ken Booth, our excellent candidate, wasn't happy with me yesterday because someone told him that I had described him as "a boring old fart" on the BNP website. What I actually said was "a rather dry old stick" which is very different. After checking for himself, Ken agreed to this latest run-down. He told me:

"Everything depends on today. Either Labour, the Lib-Dems or ourselves could win. We will do everything we can to get our vote out. But what is most important is to look at our vote share. We are coming up from just 10%, where the other two parties are working from a base of 35%. That's a huge amount of ground to make up."

Cumbria's elections officer, Clive Jefferson, was at the opening of the postal votes yesterday. Of course he is sworn to secrecy about what took place, but what I did glean from what he was able to tell me was that neither Labour, nor the Lib-Dems had built up an unassailable lead and Clive confirms what Ken told me . . . "Everything depends on today".

If anyone can get to Newcastle today to help, activity will be going on till 10.00pm.

Interesting quote from Gerry Gable in the Bexley Times yesterday:

The newspaper reported: "But anti-BNP campaigners said the result did not reflect a rise in the party's popularity in the area. Searchlight publisher Gerry Gable said: "They have always had a strong base in the Bexley area, so this is no great shock.".

Our antagonist-in-chief acknowledging that we have a strong base of support!!!!

Normally he says we don't have any support and that anyone who has voted BNP "has been duped".

So why the change of tack?

I'll tell you why. Searchlight has just been handed a huge budget by the Labour Party and Trade Unions to try to keep the BNP votes down this year. Gerry knows this is a forlorn hope so in order to keep the funding coming in he will be dismissing every significant BNP vote with the quote: "This result does not reflect a rise in the Party's popularity. They have always had a strong base in the area, so this is no great shock."

I predict that Gerry's next three quotes to the press will be:

"This result does not reflect a rise in the Party's popularity in the area. They have always had a strong base in Newcastle, so this is no great shock."

"This result does not reflect a rise in the Party's popularity in the area. They have always had a strong base in Tameside, so this is no great shock."

"This result does not reflect a rise in the Party's popularity in the area. They have always had a strong base in Croydon, so this is no great shock."

Experience teaches you to always keep your feet on the ground, and that is what everyone must do during these exciting times. I have the greatest antidote when I suspect my expections are running away with me - the Mid Staffs by-election in March 1990.

I was the National Front's campaign manager and spent nearly a month in the constituency, working every day to try to maximise the Nationalist vote.

This was the result:

Mid Staffordshire (Lab gain from Con)
S Heal (Lab) 27,649
C Prior (Con) 18,200
T Jones (Lib-Dem) 6,315
I Wood (SDP) 1,422
R Saunders (Green) 1,215
J Bazeley (Ind) 547
D Sutch (Monster) 336
C Hill (NF) 311

It was a 'throat-slitting' result, just 0.6% of the vote and beaten by the Monster Raving Loony Party. But little did I know at the time that those four, what appeared to be wasted, weeks would provide me with so much stability today.

And that's because it taught me to take nothing for granted and to appreciate each and every day that our Party is making progress. The membership of the BNP is growing every day and our election results are getting better every week. That is a massive feat considering what our enemies have thrown at us.

BNP constable back on the beat

If the Metropolitan police think that by "exonerating" two police officers who had been suspended from the force after their names were found on the Roll of Honour, is the end of the matter, they have another thing coming.

And who gives a monkeys fig for what the Black Police Association as to say on the matter. In an equal society there should be no need for a parallel organisation and so their days, like those of the corrupt politicians who oppress us are also numbered.

The British National Party will not forget that PC Cutting's, whose name was on the list was frog marched out of Southwark police station by so called fellow officers after stripping him of his warrant card.

The Met confirmed that Pc Cutting had been cleared to return to work and said that a full investigation had found "no evidence to prove" that he was a member of the BNP.
Who cares whether or not the man was or is a member of the BNP. A persons politics should not be an excuse for political opponents to deprive him of his living, home and freedoms providing he does his job properly and without bias or favour.

It will be interesting to find out what exactly in this matter as been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission. I hope the two PC's involved are suing the Police for harassment and persecution.

The British National Party will also allow people to elect Senior Police Officers so that the Association of Police Officers, currently run by politically appointed officers, acts in the interests of the public and not their marxist masters who promote them way above their ability. The duty of the police is to prevent and detect crime, not promote racial equality.

The Met it must be remembered are one of the Police Authorities who have also been rejecting more qualified white applicants from joining and giving preference to those who so enrich us.
Gloucestershire is the second force to fall foul of race relation laws, which allow for 'positive action' to boost the number of ethnic minority candidates but not discrimination.

Avon and Somerset were also embroiled in a 'race row' claim after it rejected 186 white applicants at the first stage of selection.

In November 2005 the force received 800 applications for just 180 jobs. The force admitted they also deselected the applicants in a bid to increase its ethnic diversity.

Avon and Somerset Police Chief Constable Colin Port admitted he had 'over-stepped the mark.'

The Police Federation believes other forces are guilty of operating similar policies, but have yet to be found out.

Yesterday's ruling paves the way for any white male who believes he has been discriminated to go to tribunal, provided they have proof against their force.

Support for Lindsey Workers grows

REPORTS are coming in to the Grimsby Telegraph this afternoon that contract workers at sites in and around the Humber were planning walk outs in support of their colleagues contracted at Lindsey Oil Refinery.

ConocoPhilips confirmed 80 workers at Fabricom who walked off the LOR site today would be joined by their colleagues who are currently working at the neighbouring ConnocoPhilips site tomorrow.

Reports are also coming in of contract workers planning to walk off site at PSN on the North Bank, though this has not been officially confirmed by either company.

As reported on workers at the Total Lindsey Refinery have gone on strike in protest to the influx of foreign workers.

It is estimated that as many as 600 contract workers have staged a walk out and will form a picket line at the refinery in Immingham tomorrow morning at 6:30am.

As reported, bosses at the refinery have confirmed the workers, believed to be from Italy, will be accommodated in off-shore barges in Grimsby docks


It seems that a day of action is needed to support these workers. Let us hope that local British National Party activists are there with membership forms and that representatives from the trade union Solidarity also be there recruiting.

Also well worth a visit is the The Editor of the British National Party's newspaper Freedom, site - Martin Wingfield. He also covers this story but as some interesting information concerning Searchlight. The guys blog is almost as good as his Newspaper, Freedom

Nick Griffin speaks at a BNP meeting in North Wales

Firstly sorry about the digital camera quality - Latest BNP meeting in Wales January held at a welsh village hall January 2009 one of the questions was about crime and punishment and once again Nick came back with a great solution to broken Britain. Amateur footage by Chesternationalist

Damn this dial up connection. I have still only seen the first two minutes and I want more. More I tell you more. Oh well I will post it anyhow on the strength of the first two minutes.

When you have watched it, please follow this link, rate the video, favourite the video, read the comments and leave one of your own. Well done Chesternationalist for bringing us this clip.

Mass walkout over foreign labour

Finally, British Workers are beginning to realise what is happening to them.

Over 300 staff took part in an "unofficial" action at the Lindsey refinery near Immingham and walked off the job in protest at their bosses fetching in 90 foreign workers. Further action is being planned.

One of the communist led Unite trade union shop stewards, Garry Scales said:

"We are angry that workers have been taken on from outside the UK when people here are out of work."
However if, from reading the above you think this action was led by their trade union, whose leadership really does not give a damn, think again.

Workers told BBC Radio that they had been advised by their union officials not to take action but had gone ahead and made their own protest.

The workers, were no doubt angry at the lack of leadership from Unite, that is more concerned with taking their subscriptions to fund organisations that work against the true interests of the British Worker. Lions led by donkeys springs to mind.

Any British Worker belonging to Unite, should be kicking them in to touch and joining the independent trade union Solidarity which really does believe in "British Jobs for British Workers."

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Spy Blog - Watching Searchlight and BSD

Searchlight and their hired American gunslinger (BSD), have come to the attention of Spy Blog whose mission statement is:

This United Kingdom based blog attempts to draw public attention to, and comments on, some of the current trends in ever cheaper and more widespread surveillance technology being deployed to satisfy the rapacious demand by state and corporate bureaucracies and criminals for your private details, and the technological ignorance of our politicians and civil servants who frame our legal systems.
They seem to believe, quite rightly in my opinion, that the state sponsored software that BSD are going to use in their attempts at manipulating the elections of a foreign country are of dubious legality and that those who sign up for Searchlight emails are going to get left a little bit more than what they expected on their machines.

To understand the communists game, it would be best to pop over to the Spy Blog site and read the details for yourself.

Hi GA: A quick edit by john of gwent if i may. That link above returned a 404 Page Not Found for me. Try this one instead and search from the front page !

Spy Blog did attempt to get a public response from Hope Not Hate (a part of the Gable Family Searchlight business) but unsurprisingly received no response.
Since the Blue State Digital server infrastructure is based in the USA, with lax Data Protection and large scale snooping on foreigners (and on US citizens) by US Government agencies, who else gets to read the Communications Traffic Data of any particular group of political activists or campaign supporters who have been targeted this way ?
Spy Blog have asked anyone who receives one of Searchlights/BSD tracking emails to forward it to them for analysis. Rest assured, we will.

When the ball really gets rolling we will be posting instructions on how to help us cost Searchlight a small fortune for abuse of the Whitelist(more later) system.

Those patriotic people who are signing up for the British National Party Euro Elections email Newsletter, can rest assured that the BNP will only be sending you political news that will be trojan and virus free. But then again, the BNP is fighting against Big Brother government and we will always say:- 2+2=4. We will never love Big Brother or submit to him and we will bring him down.

By the way. Just had the latest BNP Euro Elections Newsletter. Good stuff.

Long live the BNP

This perverse society

Seems about right to me

By Ancient Brit

Today we have an army of grandparents doing a sterling job of looking after their grandchildren while their own children go out to work, unlike other child carers grandparents do not get paid by the government for their services even though children are far better placed with family members who share their norms and values, so why was I so repulsed at an article written in the Daily Mail today.

It would appear that ‘grandparents’ were ruled to be too old - at 46 and 59 to care for their own grandchildren, so they were placed in the "care of a two ‘gay’ men" instead.
  • What sort of perversion is this?
  • Who has the right to place these children with gay men instead of their own grandparents?
  • Why did they choose gay men over heterosexual couples?
  • Which perverted individuals thought these gay men would be more suitable than the children own grandparents?
I would like to know who this individual is. I would like to know how their twisted minds work, especially as it was known the little girl was already wary of men.

Is this how gay men get their ‘equal rights’ to have children by stealing them from their families, or by using blackmail to get grandparents to comply?

Some women are now having their children in their 40s, including Cherie Blaire who had her last child at the age of 45. Are they also not capable of looking after their own children. Will they also be stolen to order so that the gay community can have their ‘equal rights’.

I myself frequently look after my own grandchildren, taking them away for short holidays, or general babysitting, and more worryingly still I am a pensioner, but I’m just one of an army of able bodied capable grandparents looking after their own.

Just look around any city, town, village or seaside resort and you will see these armies of workers, an army neglected and undervalued by this present government, they are more capable of looking after children than many of the present generation because they grew up in an age where morals, discipline and respect were valued, but maybe that is what this government are afraid of, all these principles that held a society together have vanished into a politically correct vacuum where anything goes as long as it is lowering standards of behaviour.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I get up each day wondering what sort of new horrors I will be faced with as I switch on my computer, each day brings news that is worse than the day before, but when the news is about robbing children of normality and innocence I get angry, really, really angry.

Associated story:

Abuse of sanity
(Disturbing reading but must be read)

The Grandparents Association(Recommended reading)

Note by Green Arrow

Just who do you think a British National Party controlled authority would have given the children to to care for?

It is too late to help this child. Help others in the future by supporting, voting and joining the British National Party now.

The Persecution of Prince Harry and the Secret War

By Mister Fox

We are in a battle of more than ideas it is a battle for our country and our dealing with it begins in showing what is really going on in actuality and that the establishment view that the multi-racial society is working can only be sustained by deceiving the population into seeing a good but false picture.

If you talk to the average person in the pub or shop you find most are oblivious to what is actually going on and unaware of the danger growing in their midst.

The news in January 2009 was dominated by Prince Harry calling an army colleague of Pakistani origin a Paki. This is the same as us being called a Brit - a compliment if you are proud of your country. He joked that the equipment another was wearing made him look like a raghead.

For soldiers to be effective they need to bond into teams naturally but now the new elites try to make them PC. The guy he dubbed "my Paki friend", is exactly that. A friend, who is a close member of the team and gives as good as he gets.

This was started by the salacious News of the World! It’s a bit rum for them to get self-righteous, isn’t it? This shows how morality is being changed from a traditional morality of how to behave behaviour to one of thoughts being controlled by “the Ideological Caste.” This is what Patrick J.Buchanan referred to in his “culture wars” speech. (1)

There are two main functions of this persecution. One, is to punish members of the “Ideological Caste” (2) for erring in their expressions; two, to keep the rest of us in line. A radio phone-in programme had people saying the prince had been educated and should know better than to be so racist. The brain washers love to peddle the 'all racists are uneducated'” nonsense and I am embarrassed when I hear people mindlessly repeat it. But what effect does this attitude have on Muslims here and in Pakistanistan? It tells them they can do what they like and our rulers are on their side against us.

No-one gets excited when the Germans are called 'Krauts', the Italians 'Ities' or the French 'frogs' and remember, homosexuals call themselves “queer, blacks call themselves Niggers. This is how we talk when we get on well or accept one another.

Harry had accepted this Pakistani friend - they had bonded but the “caste” must persecute wrong speech. Once again the ideologues are acting in defiance of human nature. British Asian newspapers mention of people of Pakistani origin is abbreviated to “Paks”. It is only us who are not allowed to say it as the media are training us to be subservient to ethnics.

David Cameron joined the persecution of the Prince which demonstrates that the non-Conservatives will not stand up for our people's norms, let alone our monarchy. Cameron recently visited a mosque in Bolton but ignored the indigenous people.

Another occurrence in January was Dutch politician Geert Wilders being being charged to persecute him for to stop Dutch people following him to prevent Dutch elites letting Muslims take over their country. It gets little coverage because like the trials of Nick Griffin, which were held in camera, he represents a movement and they do not want people inspired to rebel against their being dispossessed. (3)

The persecution of Prince Harry shows how propaganda is used to manipulate what we think is going on for while this is promoted the media keep news of other events from us? What sort of events? The race war on our streets.

On the weekend of 17th January I was London and saw a large number of riot police congregating at Charing Cross Station and by the Embankment. Over head there was a helicopter hovering. Yet there was no mention of any disturbances on the news. It was only the BNP website that mentioned the fact there had been a protest about Gaza at Trafalgar Square and that some Starbucks had been looted.

There is a secret war taking place and the police are capitulating. On January 3rd at a demo in London police were filmed running away from Muslims street soldiers who chased them shouting “run you you poofs!” The media kept this secret as they did the murder of Kriss Donald or the public would begin to realise what is going on and start to react. Muslim protesters attack police: "Run, you cowards! Kuffar!" The street fighters chase them shouting "Allahu akbar," throwing traffic cones and sticks at the police. (4)

This same police have al-Queda members and even fund our enemies. The Evening Standard reported: “Police handed at least £35,000 of taxpayers' money to a Muslim organisation formerly headed by a civil servant suspended for anti-British remarks. Azad Ali, who is an IT administrator at the Treasury, frequently saw former commissioner Sir Ian Blair, acting Commissioner Paul Stephenson and the Met's former anti-terrorism chief Andy Hayman, as chairman of the Muslim Safety Forum.

In July 2006 the forum received a donation of £10,000 from the Met and £15,000 from the Association of Chief Police Officers. In July 2007, when Mr Ali was no longer chairman but still a prominent member, the forum received another donation of £10,000 from the Met. A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "Our funding of the [MSF] is for them to help us as an advisory body." (4) Ali is an "IT administrator" at the Treasury and placed for espionage, subversion, fraud etc., and with his personal blog no doubt transmitting the stuff on laptops, data discs etc. (5)

British Muslims who advise the government have warned Israel's attack on Gaza could fuel a violent Islamist backlash in Britain". Translation: Hazel Blears' taqiyya gang use blackmail and threaten jihad. (6)

The police running away is what they have been trained to do - to avoid direct confrontation with Muslims, but not un-PC groups. This sends the message to Muslim terrorists that this country is ready for taking. They are probably making plans for more street riots confident that our impotent PC police are afraid of them. The police battered the Countryside Alliance protesters; they have covered up the drugging and raping of young white girls; they arrest people for distributing leaflets complaining about it and then torture them in Liverpool police cells!

The poll tax demonstration in 1990 turned violent in its later stages, but police on horseback mounted charge after charge, then, at the centre of Trafalgar Square, they battered the demonstrators! This is selective retreating.
Their response should have been to slow the march right down and show the more violent demonstrators who was in charge. If the police were outnumbered - as they might have been - they should have called for back-up.
Commander Bob Broadhurst,(7) in charge of public order policing for the Metropolitan Police, said: "Once again what we have witnessed in London today is a group of “thugs”, who are not interested in lawful protest, run through the streets smashing shops without care for the alarm they caused the public.

Why no k9 units , a vital element in riot control and past experience of the police dealing with riots in the capital made it more than apparent they were executing their orders as required by their political masters .

These protesters are not thugs, but Islamic insurgents. Testing the resolve of the enemy on the streets of our historic capital city. They are they measuring resistance, counting our guns so to speak. A classic military tactic is it not, in preparation for more severe action. This couple with the fact that every 9 days there are terrorists being tried here.

Extremists” were blamed for clashes near the Israeli embassy in London, as tens of thousands marched in protest over Israel's offensive. Police believe a small number of activists tried to hijack the demonstration and turn it into a riot. It is believed coach loads of Muslim youths of Pakistanistani origin driven from Yorkshire and the Midlands. Slogans “Jihad for Israel” and “Jihad the only solution for Palestine” were daubed on buildings in Stamford Hill, Golders Green and Manchester, and outside the main entrance of Finchley Synagogue.

But last April 2008 after the “Torch protests” against China holding the Olympics. Broadhurst said the 37 arrests were for "minor" public order offences, committed by a "relatively small number of people... I don't think we were heavy-handed at all," he said, adding that the role of the police was to maintain public safety and order while thousands of people were on the streets of London.” (8) Then why run away from aggressive Muslim insurgents?

Jack Straw’s constituency Blackburn was already a divided, rival community but is worse since Muslims for Gaza rally in Corporation Park on Sunday 11th January 2009. Establishment figure Lauren Booth, Cherie Blair’s sister, who lives in the south of France, addressed a crowd and called on the Muslim community to bring 40,000 next time and “go to the centre of your city and stay there” until the Government agreed to close down the Israeli Embassy in London.

We have had establishment journalists inciting hatred against the BNP, but she incited the crowd. Against Jews: “Today we are all Palestinians ...Israel is the nation of hate,” then to Jews in general - “you are the criminals that we detest”.(9)

Jews around Europe have been attacked since Israel fired on Gaza and we are told very little. There have been arson attempts on synagogues in Britain, Belgium and Germany. Muslims who tried to storm the Jewish quarter in Antwerp were arrested; schools in Denmark with Muslim students say they won't enroll Jewish children because they can not guarantee their safety; in France, a group of Muslim teenagers attacked a 14-year-old girl, calling her "dirty Jew" while kicking her.

At rallies in Germany and the Netherlands in January, protesters shouted, "Hamas, Hamas... Jews to the Gas." In Amsterdam, Socialist lawmaker Harry van Bommel and Greta Duisenberg, widow of the first European Central Bank president, fronted one "peace" demonstration and while marchers chanted for another Holocaust they chanted, "Intifada, Intifada, Free Palestine." Terrorists during the last intifada murdered over a 1,000 Israelis.

Muslims were rioting before this. In December - in Malmo, Sweden - but the media hide the reality by describing it as:” Swedish city hit by youth riots.” More than ten fires were lit -
"There have been fires burning since this afternoon... extensive damage to public property, and... stone-throwing and bomb threats against police." The catalyst was the closure of an Islamic centre.

On New Years Eve in France there were more “youth riots.” The French press reported that the Interior Ministry released a final "verified" count of 1,147 vehicles burned in France over New Year's Eve and the number is up 30.64% from last year's total, 878. Burning cars is common in France. While riots in Athens caused worries that the economic crisis will spark a resurgence of the violence seen in the "banlieues", 35,000 police were mobilised on New Year's Eve , 7,000 more than in 2007! Five sticks of dynamite were left in a Paris department store just before Christmas by a so-far unidentified group demanding a withdrawal of French troops from Afghanistan.

There were around 50 burnings in the eastern city of Strasbourg, where police made 17 arrests, including four people caught while setting fire to cars. In the southern city of Toulouse, 12 cars were burned in areas at the edge of the city limits, while in Nantes, around 10 cars were torched although police in the western city said New Year's Eve had been "pretty calm". The anti-semitic violence is by immigrants who must be classed retrospectively as guest workers for a limited period and repatriated. (10)

The media also cover up the new anti-Semitism from the nexus of Socialist-Totalitarians and Muslims in various ways. They don’t ignore everything but use deceitful methods to falsify what is actually going on. What methods do they use?

There are different techniques for preventing us understanding what is happening. The use of the passive voice: “Windows were smashed and policemen were injured - with one officer knocked unconscious in the running battles and two requiring treatment for facial injuries.”

There were violent clashes between 20,000 protesters outside the Israeli Embassy in London - with an estimated 100,000 protesters around the city. “Windows were smashed” - by whom? Who were the protesters? Actually, they were young Muslims and they smashed the windows.

Abstract terms: “The protesters - mainly young men - knocked down barriers threw missiles including eggs, red paint, sticks and shoes as 300 officers in full riot gear tried to maintain the peace.” Protesters is abstract and avoids naming the real culprits. They try to avoid telling us it was “Muslim youths”.

In the police running away mentioned above was probably on the orders of Home Secretary Jacqui Smith but this feminine approach is wholly inappropriate in a macho situation. There other problems of effeminacy: news reports of conflict in Israel are about how many were injured and hospitals as if we should all want to nurse them.

The real issue is who is right and who is winning and what tactics are being used.. The news media are likewise concerned with injuries and this sentimentality weakens our response to attacks on our people by immigrants. War is a pattern of life and condemning it for its own sake is foolish and puts us in danger as we see from the girly response to immigrants crimes and terrorism.
What about Hamas firing rockets from the BBC building in Gaza and using staff as human shields - the BBC did not report it. Even after their reporters escaped the building it was kept quiet.

A group of about 15 men demonstrated in support of Palestinians in Gaza but then rampaged along Golders Green Road, attacking a man. They tried to crash into several kosher restaurants and Jewish businesses, and actually got into Solly’s restaurant, but were ejected by staff and diners. The gang will be on camera but will the police release it?

Acting Detective Chief Superintendent Dave Tucker, acting borough commander of Barnet police, said: “We were aware that the activity in Gaza was going to have an impact on anti-Semitism because of the very large Jewish population in Barnet.” Translation: The police knew that Muslims were going to attack Jews but allowed it. “People have a legitimate right to demonstrate but that cannot be a front for anti-Semitism or any other type of crime.” He said” urgent talks were taking place with police to ensure a visible police presence around synagogues and other Jewish community sites.” Why have the media kept this quiet? To allow anti-Semitism to develop to a point where it can not be stopped.

The EU and Tony Blair want Turkey to join but we are not told the Prime Minister encourages hatred against Israel in his speeches which influences the general public against individual Jews: there are demonstrators besieging the Israeli consulate in Istanbul shouting hatred against Israel and Jewish people; around Istanbul billboards carry propaganda posters like; “Moses, even this is not written in your book” and “Israel Stop this Crime.” On the streets the people are writing such graffiti as: “Kill Jews,” “Kill Israel,” “Israel should no longer exist in the Middle East,” and “Stop Israeli Massacre.”

The slogan, “We will kill you” was witten on the door of one of the biggest synagogues in Izmir. Near Istanbul University, a huge poster was put on the door of a shop owned by a Jew: “Do not buy from here, since this shop is owned by a Jew.” Posters on his wall saying that: “Jews and Armenians are not allowed but dogs are allowed.” “Some young people are even threatening others with violence if they are seen as pro-Israel in social networking websites such as Facebook and Hi5.” What young people are threatening and which young people are threatened? This is kept hidden from the public.

All this trouble above was caused by immigrants who were brought into Europe from idealistic reasons “to create a multi-racial society, “free movement of peoples” or just as cheap labour for corporations. It has not worked. Then what is to be done? The idealists who can not face what they have done want a weak, idealistic solution -
The Daily Mail of 29th August 2008 reported that the Government has been attempting to appease Muslim communities since July 7 terror bombings in London which murdered 52 innocent people.

Ministers gave £12.5million for Muslim communities to fund projects which aim to 'undermine extremist ideology'. The Government announced plans for state school pupils to be taught Islamic traditions and values in compulsory citizenship lessons. Another measure will see Muslim children being taught citizenship lessons by imams in mosque schools in the hope they will be better equipped to resist violent extremist messages. (11)

Rather than hate attacks on our people and the Jewish communities there is a practical solution - Repatriation is on our statute books and the present Government has set a precedent by repatriating illegals. The Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) repatriated 1,200 Chadians for entering Nigeria illegally the private Guardian newspaper reported . The sudden influx overwhelmed council authorities.

First we have to face the reality that this multi-racial experiment is a failure and leading to a nexus of hate and persecution with Muslims and Socialist-Totalitarians against the indigenous peoples and Jewish communities while the media mislead the public about this and the war on our streets by people they have brought here.

The Muslim communities have strong links with family and communities in their ancestral homelands and it would be little upheaval for them to go back which if things continue to deteriorate will be the lesser of the two evils.. Further, it is the deceit of the media in misleading our people into thinking there is nothing wrong that prevents a clamour for that solution.

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(2) By Ideological Caste I mean a group exclusive to those who hold the correct opinions and persecutes or pillories dissenters or those who make verbal errors and this distinguishes it
from a traditional division of society based on differences of wealth, inherited rank or privilege, profession, occupation, or race.




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