Saturday, 17 January 2009

Are any of these people Searchlight or UAF?

I have written in the past about what motivates the thugs of the UAF and Searchlight besides money.

As well as pointing out that their key activists are well paid for their treason and how they exploit foolish dupes into parting with money to feather their own pockets, I also pointed out that according to information received, many of their activists across the country had been "gifted" undeserved houses by sympathetic councillors. Please read the link for a laugh and a glimpse in the mad minds of red rubbish.

That is an old trick and very much similar of councils employing communist activists from neighboring boroughs in highly paid non jobs which is then reciprocated by the home borough. What do you think all those out reach workers do? Perpetuate their own existence that is all.

Not having hard evidence I could only allude to it but the BNP will get to the truth one day. They always do.

Now reading this article here about how associates of Labour Councillors and Council Officers in Nottingham were allocated council houses makes me think we might be getting a break at last.

I wonder if any of those people who received those homes will turn out to be members of Searchlight/UAF?


Sir Henry Morgan said...

Common Purpose would probably be nearer the mark

Anonymous said...

Derek Simpson, joint general secretary of Unite, has a deal to remain in his £800,000 grace-and-favour house in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire


Anonymous said...

It should be stated quite often that when the BNP get into power we will find out who the touts were/are. Do these traitors ever consider this.
They should be reminded that there are BNP supporters in Special Branch,lieing low keeping their nose to the ground. These touts will have a shock coming one day.