Sunday, 18 January 2009

Choices, what Choices?

By Albion

We are offered a large variety of books when we go to the library. We have a large choice of foods when we shop. There is even a large choice on offer when we eat at fast food outlets. Where our choice is extremely limited is the choice of a political party that will bring this country back from the edge of a precipice where the impending loss of its English character is already taking place in many of our major towns and cities.

When the policies of all three parties’ are identical it reduces the choice even further.

A Statist government is one that forces an ideology on its people. The active words here are ‘force’ and ‘ideology’ the forced ideology on its people is Multiculturism, any dissent it then uses a heavy authoritarian rule to enforce that ideology. Multiculturism IS an ideology, have no doubt about it, we are governed by a Statist Government.

It seems pretty obvious to me, if I am denied a choice whether I want any alteration to my countries constitution, which the Lisbon Treaty effectively does, or whether I do not want a foreign consortium to govern this country then I do not live in a democratic society. The people who refuse to give me that basic human right will swear blind we are governed democratically.

This unholy European Union has little to do with trade between European nations and all to do with the subservience of its peoples and who will in good time create the world’s largest dictatorship. It gives power to a few

I am not allowed a choice on this matter because our democratic government are terrified I might not vote the way they want me to vote. So they deny me that democratic right to a vote. Is this called British democracy? A country that was once was able to boast to be the cradle of democracy, what went wrong?

‘I had no choice
’ I am sure you have heard that said before. Today choices are deliberately narrowed. We have three political Parties who ideologies are identical. Between them they have caused immeasurable damage to this country, possibly irreversible. A new party, whose allegiance is to Great Britain and its people first and not Europe, appearing on the scene really put the cat amongst the pigeons. This is the first time I can ever remember a new party gaining so much popularity in so short a time. It reflects the dissatisfaction with the treachery and indulgence of the self ingratiating incumbent pigs at the trough.

If you want to read the extent of the moral and social decay within our political scene at all levels visit Green ArrowsEnemies of the People’ and ‘Liars, Buggers and Thieves’ If it is lists you want to read about forget about BNP membership lists, they are not very interesting, read what your political representatives are up to, it is awesomely breathtaking in its criminality.

I liken it to the days before the fall of Rome, when society began falling apart, exacerbated by the criminality of its leaders and the overwhelming of its people by foreign hordes. The hypocrisy is also breathtaking when they accuse the British National Party of everything except starting WW2 and of course the usual infantile name calling. I won’t repeat it you have heard it all before.

It doesn’t end there. These entrenched parties are using a proxy thuggish, Fascist organization the UAF, to discredit, vilify and slander this new party. These supposedly democratic parties are hiring uneducated thugs to discredit a legally constituted political party, and on orders from within the government. They are being funded by many organizations that feel threatened by the new party.

The British National Party are being attacked from all sides. The thugs of the UAF, the TV and print media, some trade unions, local councils, education authorities, CPS, Clergy, Police, the Moslem bloc, and it goes without saying, ‘Common Purpose

The creation of this New World Order who gestation is taking place right now in Brussels must be of immense importance for a relentless, vile, prolonged attack on any group opposing them using at every means at its disposal.

Read who funds the Fascist UAF. They are the people who have most to lose. Their donors have lived off the backs of the tax payers for a long time and last thing they want is to be forced to leave the trough. No wonder it’s worth the money to employ the professional thugs.

The common denominator for the huge social problems plaguing Europe stem from Brussels, it is the birthing pangs of this European dictatorship that are affecting the lives of ordinary people in Great Britain, France, Holland, Sweden Norway, Spain and Germany. The whole face of Europe is changing and fragmenting.

It has nothing to do with trade! Ask the globalists, ask the social architects, ask the smug, grinning Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who oversees RAI, the state broadcaster, and owns the country's leading private television networks. Now that’s power. Ask Sakozy, who in his election manifesto was going to sort out the out-of-control Moslem youths in the Paris Ghettos, what happened, nothing. He answers to his masters in Brussels and The Hague! Ask Mr. Brown he will sign anything put before him.

Then there is the glum Ms Merkel, whose face would frighten a guard dog.

One day in the future your personal details will be listed on a huge EU data base along with your identification picture, your birth details, your banking details, car registration and insurance details, driving licence, Bank loans, credit history, medical history, employment history, traffic infringements, Passport details, criminal conviction petty or serious, tax information and if known, your political affiliations.

In time your children’s DNA and fingerprints will be added. It will become standard throughout the European Socialist Federation.

By then any criticism of the European Federation will constitute a criminal offence and extradition will cease to be an issue. A dictatorship does not need the irritation of seeking extradition; by then through your inaction you will have agreed to surrender your sovereignty and your freedom.

Do you recognise this strange world? Aldous Huxley wrote about it.


Anonymous said...

Very good article Albion, when will the British people realise that there is no difference between the lib/lab/con and you will only get more of the same no matter who you vote for.

The only point I would disagree with it that the ideology in question isn't multiculturalism it is marxist-socialism.

Multiculturalism is the weapon marxists are using to brainwash the masses into surrendering their own nation and identity. And as we are seeing, the EU will be ruled by a totalitarian but privileged "more equal than others" elite. It was ever thus with marxist-socialists.

Thank God we have the BNP.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous (Reconquista):

I have to disagree, the ideology is Social-Marxism, not Marxist-Socialism. Essentially it is about equality (not necessarily a bad thing) and the destruction of national identities and cultures. But they have given up on the economic aspects of socialism. That's my view, anyway.

Anonymous said...

I'm not too bothered what kind of ism it is or isn't, I don't like it! Than God for the internet too, I say.

Anonymous said...

Anon (Reconquista)

I think a lot of politically aware people using the internet now know that there is no difference between the EU loving Lib.Lab/Con parties. The problem is those who do not use the internet and those who are not paticularly bothered unless the evidence is shoved under their nose.
Just imagine the penny dropping over the whole of the British Isles if the newspapers spelt it out on their front pages, the media is not going to dicuss it as they are under the jackboot of Nu Liebour. So it has to be the slow process of word of mouth, time which we have not got.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:35

Marxism, socialism, schmarxism whatever. Let'snot get into a PC debate about what term to use. The issue is about how multiculturalism is one powerful, single weapon - there are many others - being used against us by marxists to destroy us.

Anon 18:19

While I have breath - and while WE have breath - we have time. The problem is nothimg to do with those who do or do not use the web, you could use the same argument for those who read books and those who do not.

The problem is OURS. We have to accept the responsibility of getting our message out no matter what. Our Arab enemies have a saying:

"Death by a thousand cuts."

Do you know something? We can use this tactic too. Every bit no matter how snall helps. What our enemies think empowers them can be thier biggest weakness and our biggest advantage and it's time we realised it.