Saturday, 30 June 2007

Which Planet is Ken Livingstone from?

Red Ken is really off his trolley. Counting all those cars and sucking in their exhaust fumes whilst checking on if they have paid their congestion tax as pickled what remains of his brain.

By all accounts Ken reckons that whites are more likely to be terrorists than the Mad Moslems who are currently trying to blow up Londonistan, their capital of which he is known as a bad, mad mayor. This is what the lizard said yesterday on BBC radio;

"In this city, Muslims are more likely to be law-abiding than non-Muslims and less likely to support the use of violence to achieve political ends than non-Muslims,"

"They have played a good and active and growing role in creating a multi-cultural society,

Comparing the British National Party to to Islamic terrorist, the drug addled fool went on to say;

"that that doesn't mean that all white men are potentially a threat to society".

How many white men have been trying to fry themselves alive by driving burning vehicles into the Departure Lounge of Glasgow airport so they can pull a couple of virgins? Not to many I don't imagine.

Poor brain dead Red Ken. Poor, poor London.

We want Our Country back and we want Our Capital back. Who can get them back? Only the BNP with you as a member.

Why did they put him out?

Unfortunately the terrorists were not trapped in their vehicle

So it looks as if a couple of the home grown turnips up in Scotland decided to bake themselves and a few of our fellow citizens by setting fire to their car and driving it into the departures terminal of Glasgow Airport. If there was a bomb in the car, then fortunately it did not explode.

One of the men described as Asian looking got out of the car with his clothes on fire and was restrained by passengers. They finally extinguished the flames and the police arrested him. Why did they put the flames out? Let the creature burn. In fact they should have sprayed pork fat onto him to keep the flames going.

Wannabee Martyr. Put him in with the big boys.

Anybody out there still doubt that we are at war with an insane enemy? You need a government with the will power to fight back and defend you and your families. You need the British National Party and they need you. Join the BNP now or forever hold your head in shame.

What is democracy?

How do bloggers choose what to write about when there is so much ammunition out there to use? Well I cannot speak for others, but in my case a subject pops into my head and my thoughts must out.

The thought that as prompted this post is a result of a comment I read the other day made by, I believe a Danish politician. You must take my word for what I write as I do not have the time or inclination to go searching for the link. The thought was. What is democracy?

Well this Danish Dhimmi said that if Muslims became the majority in his country and then they voted in Sharia Law, then that would be right as it was democracy in action.

Now that comment is what is troubling me. Is this to be the future. One Man, One Vote, Once?

If a majority votes for something evil, then that does not make it good. No more than the Moslems repeating that 1.5 billion turnips cannot be wrong. If 99% of the entire world were to say that 2 + 2 = 3 the truth would still remain that 2 + 2 = 4.

And here we are on very thin ice. Because if we say that we must outlaw Islam as being a political terrorist organisation that does not respect democracy, then the Government could use the same weapon in a lie against the True Brits of the British National Party.

The problem seems to be, to me at least, that democracy can only work with a certain type of person. A person who believes in noble causes and democratic principles and the truth. If other people are driven by evil intentions from whatever cause or so called religion then they will use Our Tolerance and Our Democratic ways to destroy us by electing evil leaders who will then destroy our democracy and way of life.

And so where does tolerance and love of free speech lead us. Why to Kosovo of course. Where else would this post have been going. That is what I must write about next.

The British National Party is the only political party that truly believes in Freedom of Speech, true tolerance and democracy. Be one of the elite. Be a member of the BNP.

Poland - The stiring of the pot.

Out of the Soviet Union frying pan into the European Union fire

We read this week that the amounts of money now being sent from Our Country to Poland by our unwanted guest workers is becoming so large that is is starting to have an effect on our economy.

By all accounts it all adds up to a staggering £4 billion a year. Thats a lot of money we will not see again. What percentage of that would have come back in VAT at the shops?

So large as this amount grown to, that shops and services where these required immigrants live have started to bleat about lost income for their businesses. Hint. Stop employing them.

You see, the Poles are not spending. All that money they earn is flooding out of Our Country like blood from a wound. Poland is becoming rich, very rich and now has money to spend.

Meanwhile of course, the British Workers in those areas where the Poles have settled, are being made unemployed whilst being maligned as malingerers and work shy. Complete tosh. But some fools believe the Newspeak of Big Brother and the media he (the state) controls.

But in an ironic twist, the Polish people will pay an heavy price. Because whilst they have been encouraged to leave their homeland. Those Machiavellian devils that wish to rule over a mud coloured One World have now started on the process of destroying Poland.

Poland is now supposedly, so desperate for workers that they are bringing in Azeris and Tajiks to do their work. In fact Poland has quietly informed the Arab and Asian world that they are looking for workers to replace their losses to Western Europe.

I wonder what those new workers will also bring? Disease? Most certainly. Rape? Undoubtedly. Corruption? Goes without saying. Islam? Oh yes ... and there is the real rub. Islam.

Welcome to Europe Poland. I am afraid you will live to regret it. Sadly some of you will also die.

The only way we can stop the madness of our masters is to overthrow them, either at the ballot box or on the streets. Let us start with the ballot box. Join the BNP and be proud to tell your grandchildren that you were and still am, a member of the British National Party. Join today. The resistance needs you.

hat tip: Victory or Death

Friday, 29 June 2007

The Brown Clown Cabinet

Crash Gordon - The Brown Clown

So the Brown Clown as finally arrived after waiting for ten long years. What was said in that restaurant all those years ago when Blair promised the Clown that he would be Prime Minister one day, we shall never know. But a deal was done and a promise finally kept.
The only thing we do know is that the British People were never consulted as to who should take over from the liar Blair when the heat got too hot for him and he skulked off, like a dirty stinking jackal. Even now he is only one step in front of the law and we all hope that even now he will be dragged back for trial.

So if Brown does not have a mandate to govern, then does this motley crew of a cabinet have rights to our respect? Of course not. But I suppose this list will be useful as a check list down the road when justice will finally prevail in Our Country.

The full details of Gordon Brown's first cabinet are as follows and I shall be editing as and when I get time to do research on the parasites that make it up. In fact any assistance would be very welcome in the comments section. Information such as

Name ....................
M.P. For ................
Nationality ..............
Religion ...................
Sexuality ..................
Information .......................
Any links to information..........

Cabinet of Shame

Prime minister: Gordon Brown
  • M.P. Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath
  • Scottish
  • Checking up on
  • Hetrosexual??????????????????
  • The man responsible for the theft of billions of pounds in pensioners money and dozens of stealth taxes. Another liar and a thief.
  • Checking up on

Chancellor of the exchequer: Alistair Darling

  • M.P. Edinburgh Central

Foreign secretary: David Miliband

M.P. For ................
Nationality ..............
Religion ...................
Sexuality ..................

Home secretary: Jacqui Smith

Health secretary: Alan Johnson


Schools and children secretary: Ed Balls

Justice secretary and lord chancellor: Jack Straw

Commons leader and party chairman: Harriet Harman

Defence and Scotland secretary: Des Browne


International development secretary: Douglas Alexander


Work and pensions, and Wales secretary: Peter Hain


Communities and local government secretary: Hazel Blears

Culture secretary: James Purnell

Transport secretary: Ruth Kelly


Business, enterprise and regulatory reform secretary: John Hutton


Environment secretary: Hilary Benn


Innovation, universities and skills secretary: John Denham

Chief whip: Geoff Hoon


Lords leader: Baroness Ashton

Cabinet Office minister and chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster: Ed Miliband

Chief secretary to the Treasury: Andy Burnham

Northern Ireland secretary: Shaun Woodward

Also attending cabinet:

Minister for the Olympics and London: Tessa Jowell

Minister for children and youth justice: Beverley Hughes


Lords chief whip: Lord Grocott

Attorney general: Baroness Scotland


Minister for housing: Yvette Cooper

Minister for Africa, Asia and the UN: Mark Malloch-Brown (to be made a peer)

There you go. Please help me fill it in. It will be useful information some time down the electoral road. Start getting the informations straight after you have joined the British National Party. Then start work as a member of the resistance. A member of the BNP.

Bent Licences fetched £2,000

The driving examiners sometimes had problems with identification of applicants

Back in the 90's when I was up in Town working for SG Warburg, I had a chat with this Asian (Hindu) guy who told me over a drink that many Asians who had recently come to Our Country were "buying" their driving licenses as they either could not or would not learn the highway code or in the worse case even drive.

By all accounts it was very common then and is even more so now. The only thing that has changed is the price of the illegal licences.

TWO men have been sentenced in an elaborate scam which involved impersonating learners during driving tests.

Shazad Akhtar, aged 34, and 38-year-old Mustaq Ahmed, both from Oldham, admitted supplying illegal driving licences which they sold for up to £2,000.

Manchester Crown Court heard how examiners at a number of test centres became suspicious about the number of licences issued during 2002

What concerns me about this article, is first the length of time it took to bring these men to justice and secondly the ridiculously lenient sentences that both men received.

A slap on the wrist brought this response from our zero tolerance police service.

Detective Constable Darren Grafton said: "Having unqualified people on the roads puts other road users at risk. These individuals have never proved that they are able to drive to a safe and legal standards and their inability to do this could cost lives.

"I hope this sends a stark warning out to anyone thinking of making money in this way.

Laughable. However, even more frightening was my Asian colleagues statement that Asians preferred to go to White British doctors when ill, as they knew that many of their doctors obtained their medical qualifications the same way they obtained their driving licenses. No wonder MRSA as been increasing in our hospitals.

I think that all members of the Asian Community who supposedly took driving tests in that area over that time period should be forced to resit their tests again. This time with stringent checks on ensuring that they are who they say they are.

A British National Party Government would ensure the safety of road users by making sure these checks took place. Support the BNP and help put Our Country on the right road to recovery.

Road Cameras , MRSA and Drunk Drivers

Difficult to understand if English is not your first language

This article was prompted by the reply I had from the Downing Street Petition site with regards to reducing the numbers of Tax Collecting Cameras around the Country.

Their expected arrogant reply in defence of their daylight robbery, job losses and contributions to the misery of the country in general was to be expected;

Thank you for taking the time to register your views about safety cameras on the Number 10 website.

Speeding kills. It is a contributory factor in 26% of all fatal accidents in Great Britain.

The facts are stark. If a child pedestrian is hit at 30mph they stand an 80% chance of surviving. But if they are hit at 40mph they stand an 80% chance of dying. That is why the Government is committed to achieving appropriate vehicle speeds on the roads as part of its integrated road safety strategy.

We are succeeding in changing attitudes, and in making drivers realise that one of their responsibilities is to comply with speed limits. The proportion of car drivers who comply with the 30mph limit has greatly increased over the last few years.

Safety cameras provide a valuable and cost-effective method of preventing, detecting and enforcing speed and traffic light offences. Their use is based on solid evidence. All reliable research from around the world clearly demonstrates that cameras reduce speeds and save lives.

Independent research (new window), published in December 2005, shows that safety cameras had saved around 1,745 people from being killed or seriously injured, and had prevented around 4,230 personal injury collisions on Britain's roads each year.

And while they are saving lives, safety cameras will remain a key part of our road safety strategy

Now if it was about really saving lives, then that would be fine. A life is a life after all. But I got to wondering that if they really wish to save lives, then why haven't they put cameras in hospitals when the immigrant cleaners are supposed to be cleaning and the third world nursing staff and doctors are not washing their hands.

Because the official figures show, that there are almost 4 times as many people dieing of MRSA in our stinking hospitals then are being killed on the roads in ALL traffic accidents.

Every week over 100 people die as a result of MRSA according to Government figures that you can read here. Kind of frightening. I am also wondering if some of those deaths attributed to speeding were a result of a cut finger being infected in hospital.

It also seems that MRSA is twice as deadly as a drunk driver. This is from a well respected Knight of the Realm. Where he reports that twice as many people die of superbugs in dirty hospitals than die on British Roads as a result of drink driving. Since his report, the numbers of MRSA related deaths as quadrupled in line with projections.

So if we can have zero tolerance towards drunk drivers who apparently kill less people than dirty doctors, why can we not have zero tolerance to dirty hospitals and their lazy staff?

You want the hospitals cleaned up? You want you and yours to survive a routine visit to the hospital? Then bring the cleaners in. The British National Party will do the job no problem. The BNP, ready to clean up the mess made by Labour.

Thursday, 28 June 2007

What do we make of Sarkozy?

Will France put up more of a resistance this time?

Well, I first expressed my doubts about the new President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy back in May of this year. In truth I had my doubts a long time before that and you can read the reasons why, here.

So on the one hand we read about him blocking the free entry of millions of moslems into Western Europe by holding up Turkey's membership. But then we see him building a Mediterranean Union of Muslim countries as a precursor to ALL joining the undemocratic, soviet style United States Of Europe as a block some time down the road. Welcome to Eurabia.

You would think that Sarkozy as a True Frenchman would want to protect the interests of France. And that is the problem, Sarkozy is not French. He is the son of a Jewish woman and Hungarian immigrant. He will not, cannot identify with a Country the way that True Brits and True Nationalists do. So it is an easy matter to betray the country that feeds him. This is from the BNP site.

It has now emerged that Calais town council has top-level approval for the construction of a “Sangatte II” transit camp. A whistleblower on the French council has revealed that it is to be deliberately sited at a crossroads where lorries bound for Britain have to slow down to make a right turn and is a spot much favoured by asylum seekers determined to enter the backs of Kent-bound lorries! In addition, it is reported, the same road has been the location for many attacks on British lorry drivers. Despite objections from many French residents of Calais, no few of whom would have switched their vote from Le Pen to Sarkozy doing the recent elections, Calais Council have confirmed that construction of the facility will go ahead.

So his he helping France by removing their immigrant problem to Kent? I wish he were. That would mean, he was at least a sort of French Nationalist. But Non, I think he is working to a plan in hastening the destruction to the only Nation with a political party in the shape of the British National Party that could and would put a spanner into the works of Eurabia.

I sadly suspect that the French People have been conned much as the people of Our Country was conned by Lady Thatcher.

The time for talking is coming to an end. Best join the BNP now and get to know your future comrades now before the fun really starts.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Thank God he has gone.

Dhimmi Blair and his creature earn a new living as washer women

Gone. Thank God he has gone. Thank God also he has taken that thing with him. I was getting totally fed up with friends and family greeting me with. "Hi, how are you? I hate that bastard Blair and his Bitch".

Even people who you or I would consider sheep people, with no interest in how their Country is being stolen from them managed to find something about this self seeking duo to hate.

And what is he to be? Well he and his charity stealing wife are off to the middle east to first walk on water, feed the masses and then save the World. After that he will be of to save the Universe. Look out Flash Gordon.

Well they are gone and now we have the Brown Clown, who according to the news this morning informed me that he was very well respected by the electorate for his handling of the economy. Nothing. Nothing at all about how many thousands of peoples lives he ruined when he stole their pension money. Nothing about the dozens of hidden taxes he brought in. Just simpering praise for a man without a mandate. Vomit inducing stuff.

And do you think Tonie is worried about going into the Lions Den? Of course not. He thinks he is the new Messiah and so if anything happens to him, he will of course be reserected.

Well I think the British National Party will have a few questions to ask Mr Blair some time down the road. The sooner you join the BNP, the sooner they can ask those questions.

Crocodile Tears adding to the flood.

Now I do not know who or what the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, Department of Institutional reform are when they are about. But they want to give a pat on the back to the turnips in the United Kingdom Islamic Mission for urging imams to make special prayers for those who have died as a result of the recent floods.

The Department Head further stated about the Mosques, "The UKIM should stand proud for what it has asked British Mosques do to. This is the first time ever in the history of British mosques that an organisation with over 60 branches has asked its Institutions to open their doors to those who are suffering."

Big pat on the back for a big deal nothing. So they asked the Mosques to help? Help who? Themselves?

Just a publicity stunt. They do not care how many True Brits die. To them we are less than human. But now they can say they offered help. No thanks.

Swallow the Red Pill. Wake up. Get real. Join British National Party. Save Country. Have a pat on back. Now thats doing something for others.

Nick Griffin and the BNP

I have copied the following from the Britain Backwards site as it might reach a wider audience......

Why do stories about alleged 'corruption' within the BNP surface with such monotonous regularity on the Internet? Well, there are two possible reasons:
First, that they are true, with BNP leader Nick Griffin leading a gang of about a dozen crooks who conspire relentless to rip off the party and live the life of Riley.
Second, that they are untrue, but that the powerful and fanatical interet groups, which routinely spend vast amounts of money and energy trying to halt the rise of the British National Party openly, also run covert black propaganda operations designed to hit the party's donations and so hamper its progess.

Which is more likely? To work this out we need to look at half a dozen key FACTS:

FACT 1) Nick Griffin has a Cambridge Law degree, has run rings around the best barristers that the Crown Prosecution Service have thrown at him in three free speech trials, and has demolished every Establishment 'big gun' radio and TV interviewer he has ever faced. If the man was in it for the money, he certainly wouldn't be in the BNP!

FACT 2) Land Registry records confirm that Nick's wife brought their home in Wales on a mortgage for £25,000 in the early 1990s. Obviously prices have gone up since then, but it's hardly the price of a palace.

FACT 3) When travelling on speaking tours, Mr. Griffin invariably stays at the homes of BNP members. All other political leaders use plush hotels. Who's on the gravy train and who isn't?

FACT 4) The finances and financial records of the BNP, which the Electoral Commission classifies as a 'major party', are therefore by law closely monitored not only by internal staff but also by an independent auditor who is bound by his professional code to ensure that everything is handled properly. His complete audit is in turn gone through with a fine toothed comb by officials from the Electoral Commission. The chances of money being illictly raised, spent or stolen under such a system are effectively zero. The fiances of the modern BNP are the most open and transparent of any party in the history of British nationalism.

FACT 5) Let's face it: Far from being a passport to luxury, high living and privilege, running the BNP - in a country with Islamic terror cells, endemic violence among certain immigrant communities, left-wing thugs and a Politically Correct legal system operated by a totalitarian government - is a dangerous as well as a thankless task.

FACT 6) The BNP is the only household name party in the UK which is 'in the black'. Alll the others are mired in massive debt, because running a political party's central machine is a very costly exercise.

So why do a handful of people tell lies about the BNP's finances, and a slightly bigger group constantly recycle them? There are four KEY POINTS:

POINT 1) Any head of any organisation will at times have to discipline individuals within that organisation, and to defend the interests of the organisation against rivals. Both the punished guilty and jealous rivals have clear motives for lying about the man who has put them in their place, or the successful organisation that blocks their own personal or group ambitions.

POINT 2) Liberal-left journalists and editors are always looking for ways to damage the party, and recycling black propaganda lies is an obvious way to try to scare off potential donors and members.

POINT 3) Well-financed organisations like Searchlight have been shown over and over again to run 'moles' in nationalist organisations, and to use them to spread lies and rumours intended to destablise their targets and set genuine nationalists against each other.

POINT 4) Under English law, political parties cannot sue for libel, and a libel action by an individual about whom lies have been told costs somewhere between £50,000 and half a million pounds. And who is a London (multi-racial) jury going to say it believes - Nick Griffin or some bitter old has-been or opposition 'grass'? The only people who benefit from libel actions are the lawyers, and the only people who can afford them are the mega rich. So the lies will keep coming, and the only sensible thing to do is to ignore them.

So don't do the enemy's work for them. The next time you come across tales about the BNP or its leadership, don't pass them on as gossip, delete them for the baseless lies they are. And tell whoever is spreading them to get off the back of the people who have done more than anyone else to throw a whole bag of spanners into the evil workings of multi-culturalism in Britain - the British National Party, as built and led by Nick Griffin.

NO2ID: Glasgow interrogation centre protest

The Identity and Passport Service have started interviewing first-time passport applicants in Glasgow. This is the start of the process that will eventually see every resident summoned.

At interrogations for ID cards, biometric data (e.g. fingerprints and iris scans) will be recorded on a central database along with other personal information that will enable the government to link together all the information that they hold about you.

Currently a personal dossier is collected before the interview and questions asked based on that, but fingerprinting has not yet started as far as we know.

NO2ID will be protesting outside the interrogation centre on Saturday.
Please come along if you can.

Date: Saturday 30th June

Time: 11 am

Place: Blythswood House
200 West Regent Street


For further details, please contact Geraint Bevan (

NO2ID Glasgow:

Shambo to walk the Green Mile

Artists impression of how Shambo might look after treatment

Well it looks as though Shambo will walk the Green Mile on his way to the Great Processing Plant in the Sky. I will take no pleasure out of his demise. As Sacred Bullocks go, he was an OK type of bovine. Although there are those of his detractors who said that he sometimes acted like a right miserable cow. I honestly do not know.

However, the Shambo affair, apart from drawing attention to the growing T.B. epidemic that is now starting to sweep the country also revealed the spinelessness of the Labour Government in not having Shambo dispatched as soon as his tests revealed him to be a threat to the people of Wales. Do you think the BNP would have jeopardized public safety?

Now what will be interesting to see is the reactions of the Hindu's, both in Wales and around the world.

For some reason many people believe Hindu's to be a peaceful religion. And it is a peaceful religion. Much as is the Cult of the Dead Paedophile a religion of peace.

Bangalore (AsiaNews/Cbci) – A group of Hindu fundamentalists yesterday set upon a Carmelite priest and four Christians who were with him waiting to undergo medical tests, accusing them of wanting to convert the local population of Karnataka (Southern India) to Christianity. Currently all five have been hospitalized suffering from severe shock: doctors say they are badly bruised and have given them a seven day prognosis.

Fairly peaceful then?

A group of Hindu fundamentalists attacked the seminary run by the sisters. After smashing their way into the premises through a window, they reached a small grotto dedicated to the veneration of Our Lady. Here they desecrated and then destroyed the statue of Our Lady, eventually fleeing after a student sounded the alarm.

Well maybe not as peaceful as we thought.

The first is of violent assaults on Christian priests, rape of nuns of numerous denominations, destruction and desecration of churches and chapels, and burning of Bibles. These have recurred with growing frenzy since 1997-98, when a priest was paraded naked in Dumka, and nuns were raped in Jhabua and Mayurbhan. In the same district, a priest was murdered in 1999. Churches were destroyed in the Dangs in Gujarat in 1998. India’s then Home Minister LK Advani admitted in Parliament that there were 400 attacks on Christian priests, nuns and churches between 1998 and 2000.

These attacks have continued unabated in the new century and recently spread to cities. The intensity of these attacks may be gauged by the fact that in the month of May 2007 alone, physical attacks on priests were reported from locations in Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Kerala, Orissa, Maharashtra, Chhatisgarh, Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. There was a common pattern, of armed mobs of Hindutva activists thrashing the priests, often in front of their families, sometimes proudly before the cameras of invited television channels, accusing them of propagating a ‘foreign’ religion by fraud, insulting the Hindu faith and demanding that they are permanently expelled. The police, on occasion, accompanied the mobs, but rarely restrained or registered complaints against the attackers. Instead, at times, it arrested the priests

Oh dear. Not peaceful at all

So what will be the Hindu reaction when the Vet turns up on their Temple Door? Will they really defend this sad piece of beef with their bodies? We will wait and see what we see. Check out this peaceful Hindu here who is on his way to help out Pastor Reginald Howell.

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Tuesday, 26 June 2007

One Cannot be a Muslim, and Secular

Now the fluffy bunny brigade, who think that we True Brits and Western Europeans could live in perfect harmony with the Cult of the Dead Paedophile do not understand the nature of the beast we fight against. They think that if only we were to comprise more with the Disciples of Death then we could all live side by side in Never Never land in a wonderful Secular Society.

They do not listen or heed the warnings. Will you? The following are the words of the Turkish Prime Minister;

'In the West they say, Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God's. But this country's interior minister says that Caesar has rights but God does not!'

"But the fact is that 99% of the people of this country are Muslims. You cannot be both secular and a Muslim! You will either be a Muslim, or secular! When both are together, they create reverse magnetism [i.e. they repel one another]. For them to exist together is not a possibility! Therefore, it is not possible for a person who says 'I am a Muslim' to go on and say 'I am secular too.' And why is that? Because Allah, the creator of the Muslim, has absolute power and rule!"

You can read more of the thoughts of this deranged World Leader here.

Once Turkey is allowed entry into the planned Eurabia, the floodgates of hell will be truly opened and the rivers of blood predicted so long ago will truly flow.

If the rest of Europe is unable or unwilling to save itself, it does not follow that we the True Brits must go down with them. We must demand a Referendum and we must leave the European Union now.

Take your place in the BNP firing line. Our Fathers and Grandfathers fought for our right to be free. You must now fight for your children's right for the same.

The British National Party needs resistance fighters and they need them now.

It has been said that those who do not have a history also do not have a future. If so, maybe the reverse is true as well. Westerners have lost sense of much of our own cultural heritage. We have forgotten who we once were. Perhaps if we start reclaiming our past, we will discover that we have also gained a future, as an added bonus.

I have seen your future, and you will not like it.

EGF Training in Italy. Click for larger image

The words in the heading were spoken by a former Soviet dissident who rightly fears that the European Union is on its way to becoming another Soviet Union. And yes, the Soviet Union did collapse in the end, but only after its people had suffered decades of oppression, terror and poverty. Is that what you want for your children?

Now with the betrayal of Our Country by The Traitor, Tony Blair to Brussels, we are one step closer to that nightmare of the Island Gulag.

Even now, the Eurabian Gestapo called the E.G.F. are training in Vicenza, Italy and when the new powers that are in the process of being passed are signed, detachments of this elite, armed force can and will be stationed in Our Country. An army of occupation.

Our Police Service, already flooded with anyone who is not White British will support them. These enrichers loyalty will not be to Our Country but to their evil paymasters who also give them dominion over us.

Juries will be replaced with "Politically Appointed Judges" who will imprison those of us who stand against them. No open courts to see justice done. Closed rooms with closed minds dispensing an unjust justice.

Once this Constitution is ratified by our rubber stamping parliament, the only way to recover Our Freedom will be with violence. Let us not let it get that far. Demand a Referendum now.

This is like crying WOLF. But there really is one and only the British National Party can slay it. Join the BNP now and help save the country for your children and their children or be prepared to live as a slave.

Monday, 25 June 2007

A glimpse into Our Future

If you want to see what Our Future is to be under Islam then look at this video from Sweden. Look and learn and if you still cannot see the danger, then you are either blind or a part of the problem.

Frightening wasn't it? So who is going to do the fighting in your family? You? Or are you going to leave it to your children? Swallow the Red Pill. Wake up and see the real truth.

Join the resistance. Join the British National Party and stand in line with the real men and women of Our Country. The BNP members and supporters.

Hat Tip: Aberdeen BNP

Blair has betrayed us and Brown will to

One day Blair will travel through Traitors Gate to his new home

The proven liar, Blair signed away the Freedom of Our Country to Brussels and the increasingly powerful Eurabian vote of the Moslems in Turkey, Germany and France and then slipped away in the night.

There are no words to adequately describe this foul specimen of a man who has brought shame on his family name and on Our Country. For the man who ripped up the Magna Carta that has enshrined and protected Our Freedom for hundreds of years, that man is beneath contempt. I was wrong. There is in fact one word. Traitor.

His reward for our betrayal into slavery? Well we shall have to see but you know that his future is feather bedded with the proceeds of the silver he has sold us out for. This filth. This Judas Iscariot thinks he may spend his silver freely. But he is wrong. His future home will be entered via Traitors Gate and his stay there will, hopefully not be long.

Feeling the hatred of the people, Our People, he discards the highest office in Our Land as if it was nothing but a soiled tissue paper and the equally foul, Brown Clown picks it up for his own sordid use.

I recognise that the State has power over me but I do not recognise the legitimacy of it or the european union to govern. We are at war with our leaders. We live in an occupied land. We are members of the resistance and for some there will be a price to pay for trying to defend freedom. I will pay that price if necessary.

But where are the Leaders of the Resistance? There is talk everywhere of angry dissatisfaction but no organised protest. We, the people should be making demands.

We demand a General Election. Brown has no mandate to govern.

We demand a referendum on Europe with a real question. A question much like the one that was proposed by the Referendum Party years ago when they won us the promise of a referendum on Europe that we have yet to see. The question?

"Do you want the UK to be part of a Federal Europe? or Do you want the UK to return to an association of sovereign nations that are part of a common trading market?"

If the True British people are to vanish from the face of this Earth, at least let them have a chance to vote on their genocide.

Around the net, now, are dozens of petitions. Too many. We need one petition and that petition itself will be the referendum by the numbers of signatures. We need leadership and we need it now. I urge, no beg the British National Party under Nick Griffin to come out fighting and lead the Campaign. BNP members and supporters are waiting for the call to arms. Strike now.

"If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Corporal John Rigby of "The Rifles"

The Rifles have suffered another loss of a brave soldier. Corporal John Rigby has died of injuries received when a road bomb exploded as his unit was returning from patrol on Friday.

Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Sanders, Cpl Rigby's Commanding Officer said his battalion was "utterly heartbroken".

He said: "The death of any soldier is a tragedy and in death all are equal, but there are some whose loss is particularly hard to bear. "The force of their personality, their personal and professional qualities and the love, respect and popularity they inspire set them apart. Corporal John Rigby was such a man. "We are utterly heartbroken. But we are also unbowed, tough and determined: John would have it no other way."

I am sure our hearts go out to his family and friends and to his twin brother who is also serving in The Rifles and was at his brother bedside when he passed away from his wounds.

We want Our Boys home. We do not care what happens to Iraq and Afghanistan. They can kill each other in their thousands, we do not care, so long as British lives are not lost in an illegal war. A war started by a man who now flees from office but will never flee the wrath of a British National Party government and the BNP members and supporters. Your can read more about The Rifles here.

Mohammed Sarwar and his sons

Shambo on discovering he was in fact a God

OK, I am sure we are all over the Moon that Mohammed Sarwar, the UK's first Moslem MP is to stand down at the next General Election. But don't start celebrating until you finish reading.

We will never be allowed to know the truth about the real reasons he has decided to remove his snout from the trough of public money that he consumes on a huge scale. Was it a case of; "Best go now Mohammed - things might come out otherwise?"

He has certainly become very, very rich whilst enriching Our Country with his complete disregard for our democratic principles and cavalier attitude towards his host country.

Perhaps forgetting that we like to do things the British Way, he was suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party over allegations of bribing political opponents. An accepted practice in some of the third world Countries.

There was also the small matter of his arrest on fraud charges. However luck was with him and he was acquitted on both counts. Are there chickens coming home to roost?

However they say that the apple never falls far from the tree and one of his sons, Athif Sarwar has just been convicted for fraud and will be sentenced later this month.

But another apple has dropped, this time it is his other son Anas Sarwar who it seems is likey to replace his dodgie dealing daddy at the trough of Our Money as an M.P.

Sarwar supporters are the best money can buy and dominate the local Party and membership. It will be interesting to see if he succeeds in having his Commission bought for him.

If he does, will he be fast tracked to the Cabinet? It appears that the Brown Clown, Gordon who takes over from the liar, Tone Bliar next week, is very keen to be a leading Dhimmi traitor. He wishes to employ a member of the Cult of The Dead Paedophile in a Senior Government Position. Scrabble in the muck Brown and go for those votes.

Who knows, perhaps the strapped for cash Labour Party might receive a nice little donation further down the line. Maybe from a grateful ex M.P. who by all accounts should be rotting in prison prior to deportation.

If you want honest people to run Our Country then join the British National Party and start voting and working for the BNP.

Yes I know Shambo the T.B. carrying cow is in fact a bullock but there are very few images of T.B. infected bullocks jumping over the moon.

Youth Abductor jailed

Again, two more of the enrichers of Our Country have carried out a paedophile attack on a young child and again the press reports the victim as a youth. Although I suppose by the standards of the society these sick perverts are from, the child was almost an old age pensioner to them.

AN Oldham man has been jailed after pleading guilty to abducting a vulnerable 13-year-old girl from outside her local care home.

Mohammed Suleman, 39, of Derby Court, Werneth, was sentenced to 12 months in prison and given an indefinite ASBO outlawing contact with any child under 16.

The same sentence was passed on his friend Shazad Masood, 33, of New Moston.

What do you think of the sentence these evil perverts received? Do you think it was too harsh? Do you think a British National Party appointed Judge would be so lenient? Of course not. If you want justice for Our Children and Our future then you must join the BNP.

Man jailed for raping 13 year old boy

What is it with the enrichers our Society and young boys? We read yet again of another paedophile being convicted of raping a child.

And yet if and when the press reports these attacks they always refer to the victims as teenagers and youths. Why? These are children?

A father-of-four has been jailed for nine years after being found guilty of raping a teenage boy in a multi-storey car park.

Suleman Vapiwala, 45, escaped detection after his attack on the 13-year-old boy in Blackburn 1999.

But a drink-drive offence led to him being unmasked after a DNA sample linked him to the crime

How much longer can some of you sit on the fence and do nothing? Swallow the Red Pill and wake up and see The Truth. You must join the British National Party and take your place in the firing line with the men and women of the BNP in our fight to reclaim Our Country for Your Children's future.

Friday, 22 June 2007

Solidarity - The Only Trade Union for Patriots

Solidarity Trade Union - not to be confused with floundering far left political party set up later by Tommy Sheridan - has produced a new A5 recruitment leaflet.

Solidarity is an independent Trade Union, but one which all True Brits support wholeheartedly. It was formed as a reaction against the betrayal of the internationalist Unions affiliated to the TUC who many have sold-out their members. Solidarity fights for the rights of the British worker above all else.

Solidarity say, "We are the only union that recognises that the true purpose of a union is to defend the rights and jobs of British workers against the globalists who put British workers out of work by encouraging Mass Migration and do little or nothing to prevent the Off-Shoring of jobs. We understand that the true function of a Union is to represent and promote the interests of its members and British workers generally."

Solidarity encompasses all industrial and service sectors within the economy - in one big Union and is already establishing itself as a major independent Trade Union.

The Green Arrow urges all members and supporters of the BNP to read the leaflet, visit their website and to consider joining the Union. For far too long British Workers have been betrayed by the Marxist leaning Unions who are only too happy to support mass immigration and EU expansion which they know full-well has done nothing but adversely affect the Scottish labour force. We have already lost the vast bulk of our manufacturing base, leaving the majority in low paid service industry work, which is the number one sector for employing cheap new foreign labour.

If you support the British National Party then the only Union for you, should be Solidarity!

Plagarised from Falkirk BNP

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Major Paul Harding of "The Rifles"

Blair has cost Our Country another good man in his illegal war. This further sad loss is Major Paul Harding, a company commander in the superb 4th Battalion "The Rifles".

Maj Harding had been in Basra just under a month before he was killed. On one of his first days there, the base was attacked by over 200 armed militia who tried to overrun the building. Maj Harding led the defence, which fired 9,000 rounds during the four-hour operation.

That pitiful excuse for a man, defence secretary, Des Browne, said in the Guardian;

"Major Paul Harding was an exemplary soldier; brave, courageous, and committed. He was respected by his peers and loved by those who worked for him. I am sincerely saddened to learn of his loss, and my thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues at this difficult time."

Those weasel words will not save him or his master, the liar Blair when the British People see them go on trial for War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity. I only hope that the Death Sentence is restored by then.

You can read an account of a previous heroic action by "The Rifles" by following the link here.

This Government has said that they intend to remain in Iran and Afghanistan for as long as it takes. If you really want to bring Our Boys home, then start supporting the British National Party and voting and supporting the BNP at every opportunity.

Clouds over Corsham

A "local" demonstrator. How local is local in Corsham?

I am not sure what planet Tim Lezard of the NewStatesman is on but it is certainly not ours. Unless of course I have slipped into another dimension where black is white and white is black, in which case I apologise.

Now we all know how many locals turned up for Kylie's Curry and Bongo day, which incidentally coincided with the excellent BNP member, Michael Simpkins attending one of his first meetings as a democratically appointed Councillor.

But Tim, nice but Dim, who appears to be incredibly stupid for believing the likes of young Kylie Thornhill. You remember. The wannabe politician who was not even aware of the elections and whose first demo failed because of his failure to tell anyone about it. Wrote in the rag that employs him;

When people in the genteel Wiltshire market town, famous otherwise for being the home of Camilla Parker Bowles, realised what had happened, they turned out in force to protest.

This being the Cotswolds, it wasn't your average demo: the 400 locals who attended tucked in to chocolate cakes and sandwiches provided by local businesses

Now make your mind up guys. Was it Curry or was it Chocolate Cakes?

Read the rest of the rubbish here. Especially the hard man of politics little speech;

"We're careful now to lock our windows and doors. Every sound at night takes on a different significance, and we're always watching our backs, checking behind us,"
says cowardly Thornhill. You can catch up on the story with this link.

So what should you be doing now? Yep. Applying for membership of the British National Party. Unless of course you are an aborigine or an Eskimo.

So who done this?

No True Brits? So who done this then? Click for Larger Image

When the one world marxist enemies of Our Country say that there is no such thing as an Englishman, what they are really saying is that there are no True Brits.

By implying that we, the True Brits who have inhabited these, Our Islands for thousands of years are no more than Johnny come lately immigrants ourselves, they justify their planned genocide of the True Brits.

This of course is swallowed up hook, line and sinker by all the turnips and immigrants that have been encouraged to come here to hasten the destruction/genocide of the True British People.

It justifies their comments such as; "This not YOUR Country. You are immigrants just like us". Whether in their cold black hearts they really believe this or not, I have no idea. But it is a lie. You know it. We all know it.

But the next time someone says that, then point them at the image above and say. "If there are no True Brits then who done this" Then tell them. "That was done by the Greatest People in the World. The people of a United Great Britain. Scots, Irish, Welsh and English. The True Brits who will take Their Country back".

Be a True Brit and join the BNP and be proud to say; "I am a member of the British National Party. I am a True Brit.". Then hold your head up high because that is what we expect of you.

The Satanic Verses

Sura an-Najm (Star) 53:19-22

Now tell me about Al-Lat, Al-Uzza, and Manat,
The third one, another goddess.
What! For you the males and for him the females!
That indeed is an unfair division.

So what is it about the Satanic Verses that causes the turnips to get so upset?

Well it seems Muhammad who as we know made up the religion on the fly, said a few things that calls into question the validity of the whole cult. If thinking people were allowed to study these verses the whole Cult would unravel and their religious/political leaders be unemployed and control of their countries lost to them. Check this out.

The true, vital issue about the Satanic verses is this. If Muhammad were unable to distinguish Satan's voice from God's voice, then could there be verses in the Qur'an that Muhammad assumed were from God but were really from Satan? Maybe much of the Qur'an is Satanic in origin, in spite of Muhammad's conviction that it was entirely from Allah.

The Qur'an clearly states that Muhammad spoke in the name of God and that he said things that God had not commanded him! Next, he charges that all the prophets of God voiced Satanic statements! According to the holy law of God, Muhammad ought to have been put to death as a false prophet! According to the Holy Scriptures, if a prophet spoke anything in the name of LORD that was not from Him, the prophet must be put to death! Muhammad spoke in the name of Allah and then admitted that he had really spoken the words of Satan

But a prophet who presumes to speak in my name anything I have not commanded him to say, or a prophet who speaks in the name of other gods, must be put to death. Deuteronomy 18:20 (NIV)

This is what the turnips have been waiting for

Pakistan needs Our Foreign aid for humanitarian purposes

The Turnips are over the moon. They now have something that all 1.5 billion of them can start screaming about again. Well done Salman Rushdie. The man deserves a Knighthood for bonding the turnips world wide.

Now they have the excuse to start burning flags, murdering people and in general just carrying out the usual acts that devotees of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile are required to do by their Terrorists Handbook known as the Koran.

Now Malaysia has entered the fray with not just the usual threats to old Salman head Rushdie but but also threatening Our Country to retract his honour or risk the consequences. Bring it on I say. Let us have done with these people once and for all.

Of course having Traitors within our midst does Our Country no good when we get people like Lord Ahmed of Rotherham telling the Daily Telegraph;

''I would urge and plead with all Muslims around the world to remain calm." But he warned that honouring the author put "Her Majesty the Queen in a very difficult position" as head of the Church of England as The Satanic Verses had offended Christianity as well as Islam
". Rubbish. The man is either a fool or a liar!

No wonder Islamic Countries are so poverty struck. The people have no time for work because of their religious duties. Smelling each others behinds five times a day, burning at least two flags a day, at least one stoning, then the street parties where they all get to bond by smacking their own heads and their children's untill the blood flows whilst screaming that their God is Great. A great what? Steaming Psychopath.

Then I reread the article and saw that the same dishonourable Lord had also said that Moslem British (never) businesses were organising a nationwide shutdown in protest over the Knighthood....Great idea. Why not close them for good.

I then thought that perhaps it was time that the True British People organised a protest of their own. A boycott of anything that is imported from Pakistan and so trotted of to see what their exports to Our Country are. Very few I am afraid.

It seems that the only major export from Pakistan to Our Country is people. Diseased people and mentally sick people cursed with the disease of the Dead Paedophile. Only people. So let us stop importing them and start making more of our own again.

I am also curious as to why Britain is giving that exporter of evil, country, £480 million pounds a year in foreign aid when True Brits are denied medical treatment that would prevent them going blind, etc. Then again, perhaps Pakistans humanitarian needs are greater.

The British National Party would stop that aid within 24 hours of forming a Government. Be a member of the Resistance. Be a BNP member.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Charlene Downes and Wikipedia

Charlene Downes - Murdered by Asian Paedophiles

All of us should know the horrific story of the sexual grooming and subsequent murder of a 14 year old child for which immigrant Iyad Albattikhi and his boss, Mohammed Reveshi allegedly dismembered her body and fed her remains to an unsuspecting Dhimmi public who frequented their fast food shop. Details here.

But there is a new twist, Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia has deleted all references to this young girl and the details of the paedophile acts carried out against her and other young white girls. The link in full is;

and was deleted by a moderator called Strikeit who posted that the article was removed for the following reason; "The discussion has been blanked as a courtesy to the surviving relatives."

I don't buy that. Other horrific acts are not removed from Wikipedia, the removal of any information for whatever reason is censorship and this on closer examination appears to be a very form of selective censorship. Check out the details for the moderator/censor, Strike it.

Hi, I'm Srikeit from India. I found Wikipedia due to a googling "accident" in late 2005 and discovered the "edit" button in January 2006. I am an administrator since July 2006 and an Arbitration Committee clerk. I also volunteer for the Wikimedia Foundation's OTRS response team. If you need any kind of assistance (admin or otherwise), have any queries regarding my actions or just want to drop by to say hi, please feel free to leave me a message on my talk page. Cheers & Happy editing Srikeit

I rest my case Your Lord but anyone with a Wikipedia account could email him and ask him why?

Do you want to be the Token White?

The Token White - Nick Berg - You know the rest

You know they do it. I know they do it. The members and supporters of the British National Party know they do it. And salt in the wound for us, they know we know they do it.

At every opportunity your enricher of Our Country will seek to gain an advantage or special treatment from his hosts because of his unique cultural differences.

So it is nice to see that one of them has the decency. No sorry decency is the wrong word. One of them has chosen to write gloatingly about their exploitation of the True Brits whose Country has provided for them. The title of his work is the Token Asian that you can read in full here.

From getting halal food at a haram event to stiffing the council by translating a leaflet into arabic - the token was in his prime.

Once I saw the token take eight days off work for Eid...he had them eating out of his hand.

In the best of times the token was put in the same bracket as the disabled person. I saw one token then claim he should be allowed to use the disabled toilet. The brother nearly pulled it off.

God how they must laugh at us. And not just behind our backs. Now it is in your face. You want the future? Then I will leave it to the gloating token who finished with this.

As times have changed a new kind of token has emerged - the reverse token - also commonly known as the token gora (White).

If you thought the token Asian was clever - you haven't seen anything yet..

He is right there. You haven't seen anything yet....and neither have they.

So what do you want to be? A token or a man? If your a True Brit there is only one answer and one thing to do. Join the British National Party and campaign with the men and women of the BNP to reclaim Our Country for Your Children.

Pakistan ranked 12th among ‘failed states’

Tweedledee and Tweedledum

Diddy David Cameron is wetting himself over a trip to Pakistan in the future. Speaking at an event hosted by the Conservatives to mark the independence anniversary of Pakistan he said;

"that as the world's centre of gravity is moving from Europe and the Atlantic to the south and the east, the time is right for Britain to build a special relationship with the countries of the Asian subcontinent."

He then waffled on about a new special relationship with the Country that is only an ace away from descending into complete anarchy whilst dictating policy to Our Country over who we should honour. Dumb David obviously has not done his homework. Otherwise he might have read the following.

LAHORE: Pakistan has been ranked the 12th most unstable country in the world – worse even than North Korea at 13th – in the 2007 Failed State Index issued on Monday by Foreign Policy magazine and the Fund for Peace.

For the second year in a row, Sudan tops the index, largely because of the humanitarian catastrophe in Darfur.

Iraq now ranks as the second most unstable country and Afghanistan the eighth.

The other seven countries in the top 10 are all in Africa. They include Somalia, Zimbabwe, the Ivory Coast and Congo.

The index of 177 countries gives each country points out of 10 for 12 “social indicators of instability”, with higher scores indicating greater instability.

Pakistan’s highest scores were for ‘security apparatus’ (9.5), ‘factionalised elites’ (9.5) and ‘group grievance’ (9.0). Its best score was for the economy (5.8).

Iraq fell from fourth place last year to second. “The report tells us that Iraq is sinking fast,” said Fund for Peace President Pauline Baker, according to the Washington Post. “We believe it’s reached the point of no return. We have recommended—based on studies done every six months since the US invasion—that the administration face up to the reality that the only choices for Iraq are how and how violently it will break up.”

In a parallel series of reports, the Fund for Peace, a research and advocacy group, suggests a policy of managed partition for Iraq. The experiences of Iraq, as well as Afghanistan, show that billions of dollars in aid may be futile unless accompanied by a functioning government

Unstable Country. Unstable Cult followers. The British National Party knows how unstable Pakistan and it so called religion is. You would think Diddy David would to. But no. He wants more people from the "ethnic - soon to be a majority" as M.P.'s and Councillors. Scrabble in the muck for their votes David. It is all your fit for.

Stop this idiot ever getting to lead Our Country. Real Conservatives should wake up and join the classless fighters of the resistance in the ranks of the BNP.


Drug dealing Law Student

Just what is it they do in these Mosques besides sniffing each others rears?

A Moslem teenage Law Student, was spotted dealing drugs after leaving straight from prayers at his mosque.

Ahmad Bhana, aged 19, of Hopefield Street, Daubhill, made £110,000 supplying heroin and crack cocaine on the streets of Bolton. The real price of heroin is shown above.

How much suffering behind that amount of money? How many crimes committed by the young to pay for their fix? How many young girls forced into prostitution to pay for their hit of drugs?

I am just wondering now, if the private designated room being provided in service stations for the sole use of Moslems contains weighing scales and cutting equipment.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

The trouble with Shambo

Try not to breath on me whilst I take your photo.

Well it looks as though the fix is in to ensure that the pampered piece of meat called Shambo is spared to continue spreading T.B. to all who comes to pat its cute little head.

Just a few day ago on IC Wales, the news site that likes to ban comments from British National Party supporters for speaking the truth, the Welsh Assembly laid the first plank of the fix by publishing the following;

Veterinary expert David Taylor also put the risk of Shambo infecting the public or the farming community at “less than zero”.

However they called a spectacular own goal when the went on with a follow up piece yesterday and said;

The risk of people contracting TB from cattle in Great Britain is considered very low.

At present, less than 1% of all confirmed cases of TB in humans are due to infection with M. bovis

Well according to my research from sites like HealthServiceTalk, I make that 1% to be about a 1000 people a year are going to be coughing their lungs up and choking for breath.

But that 1% is dependent on infected animals which spread the disease by breathing - and we all breath - being culled. Is Shambo in a self contained environment bubble with his own air supply? Watch that 1% grow.

T.B. kills 2 million people around the world each year. Our Country is under attack from a disease we had almost eradicated untill we allowed multiculturalism to destroy our defences. Remember this post about immigrants to get special treatment at the expense of our elderly. Better look after them. They are the future.


JohnOfGwent has posted a reply from the authorities with regards to Shambo's health.

Makes interesting reading as does JOGs point about there being no difference between a cow being kept as a pet and a cow being kept as a God. Keep an eye on JOGs site. It is going to be big.

Get with the programme. Get with the British National Party. Join the BNP now.