Sunday, 10 June 2007

Call up and Cawnpore

Cawnpore 1857

One of the host of vampires that feeds of the True British people is Darra "Skim" Singh, chairthing of the Commission on Integration and Cohesion. You know, the organisation that was set up by the proven liar and boy friend of Peter Mandelson, Tony Bliar to help destroy the British Way of life. Whilst of course giving away lots of our money to his boyfriends and cronies.

Well, this vampire first of all wants a form of National Service to be enforced, and get this, to tackle the dual threats of Islamic extremism and the British National Party. Now you might think that the man is deranged and on the surface he appears to be. But there is a method in his madness. He attempts to tar the BNP by association. Stupid clown. That tactic might work in his homeland but not with True Brits.

The spokesman for the almost a majority minority, went on to kindly say that it might also be a good thing that as well as learning about the terrorists Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and the cross dressing Gandhi that perhaps children should have the chance to also find out a little about the likes of Winston Churchill and David Lloyd George.

Yep and while we are there we could teach them about The Black Hole of Calcutta, the horror of Cawnpore and The Well of Bibighar which you can read about here. Scroll down to the "The Massacre of the White Women and Children at Cawnpore Bibighar". These acts were carried out by both Moslems and Hindus working together.

"Stepping out from under the dark shadow of the mulsuri tree, the burra memsahib (the leading White woman) opened her mouth to speak. Sarvur Khan felled her with one stroke.

"Fearful shrieks rose from the courtyard . . . Closing the doors behind them, the five men fanned out and worked their way forward, slashing at the straggling wounded crawling along the floor.

"From behind a pillar Mrs. Jacobi suddenly lunged forward and knocked one of them down with one blow . . . his comrades came to his rescue. First they hung her daughter Lucy on a hook by her chin and then silenced her mother by cutting her throat.


Only the British National Party knows how to make a stake to drive through the hearts of the Vampires that are bleeding Our Country dry. Join them and be a Vampire Slayer.



Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. If you read the article you will see the chap is already promoting one aspect of BNP policy for you.

Take a look at the article again. And make sure you read this bit ...

"children must have a chance to find out how Winston Churchill, David Lloyd George and Emmeline Pankhurst shaped history"

Well I for one think that reintroducing British Economic Political and Social History to the GCSE syllabus in place of all the crap my kids were forced to learn about Prohibition and Depression America can't happen fast enough.

BFB said...

British history should have been at the forefront of education all along.The suggestion that we should only now start to teach white children their own history illustrates just how racist against whites the education system is.

A BNP government can't happen fast enough!

Anonymous said...

Totally correct, bfb. When I was at school, I barely learnt about any British history. We had about a week on WW1 and about two weeks on WW2 but really that was about it and it more or less concentrated on other countries. Winston Churchil once said that a nation that forgets its own history can have no future and that is sadly the case in Britain today.