Thursday, 14 June 2007

And tucked in between the breasts...

what do we find? Well knowing that the idea of women exposing themselves in public would be fine so long as they had babies hanging off them, would grab the publics attention. The Lielabour Party neatly slid out amoungst all the new anti-discrimination laws a concealed kick to the nuts of the British Public.


Police forces will be able to give favoured treatment to ethnic minority recruits under new 'balancing measures'.

The NHS will be allowed to open special facilities for gays and lesbians and ethnic minority groups to target illness and diseases particular prevalent among them.

But the consultation paper insists that this remains 'positive action' and does not cross the line into employment quotas or 'positive discrimination' that would mean minority members would be preferred for jobs and services over others.

With regards to the Police. What is "favoured treatmetn" if not positive discrimination by another name.?

Then the diseases. They don't actually name the disease - someone come to my Aids please - that is prevalent amoungst the sick homosexuals who like to dip parts of their bodies into equally sick excrement dispensers but these people will be given treatment despite their illness being caused by a dangerous lifestyle choice.

But people who are overweight because of mobility issues will of course be told to bugger off. As will those real abusers of the system, the old soldiers who still smoke. No treatment for them.

And what would be the disease that is now starting to run rife in Our Country after almost being eradicated and then as a part of our enrichment process reintroduced by millions of illegal immigrants and bogus refugees, Oh and the occasional sacred cow called Shambo?

Yes you knew all along. T.B. Its in all the papers (and schools) these days but of course there is nothing to be concerned about. Unless of course your the the parent of the child choking for breath.

So if your a sick native Brit unfortunate enough to wind up in a filthy NHS hellhole and wonder what the private ward at the end is for, now you know. Just another "balancing measure" and one of the new special facilities for gays and immigrants in this our new equal society for all - except the real True Brits.

Get real. Get active. Join the the BNP and save some lives.

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I had just found an article in the the Telegraph on how they will be adding another test to job applications. To uncover covert racism. We seem to be being controlled by the thought police. Each day and each story I see it makes my resolve even stronger that we need to win back this country.

Celtic Morning said...

We will stand for anything . What will it take for complacent Britain to get up off its complacent fat arse and fight for its ancient rights and freedoms ? Dont talk of a future civil war - we would lose it . Look at Gazza today, look at Iraq ,look at all the moslem countries and see young men at ease with automatic weapons , at ease with taking life and losing their own life . Would our present population of couch potatoe Coronation Street addicts and binge drinking drug scum cope with these men , patriots for their own cause, ruthless in their aims ? We would be swept aside and it would be no use looking for our armed forces or police to fight on our behalf - they would be outnumbered and quickly overwhelmed . They cant be everywhere . Hard times are coming and our native Briton had better get used to his new role as second class citizen in what used to be his own country - for we lack the collective will to defend it . Dont tell me that the British always leave it to the last moment - that was a different generation . As GA pointed out in an earlier post , we lost most of our real men in two world wars , apart from a very few ,only the effeminate dregs are left it seems . The cuckoo is in the European nest and well on the way to pushing the rightful residents out into oblivion .

Anonymous said...

Never mind all the morose predictions, what a cracking pair on this loverly lass....petite frame, large appendages...amazing!

Celtic Morning said...

Well said anonymous , just the attitude we need to keep our country safe !!!

Anonymous said...

I like your style, Celtic morning. Shame you don't have a blog of your own.

CelticMorning said...

Mrs. Smith , I'm just an old dinosaur and I dont have the time , or , more importantly the talent for that, we are in the capable hands of people like GA , what a great job he does . But I expect it encourages him if he gets plenty of comments - shows we appreciate his efforts and take notice.