Wednesday, 13 June 2007

BNP Leadership Challenge

There is a new blog called Britain Backwards that has sprung into existence as a reaction to some of the wilder allegations made over on Britain Forward about Nick Griffin, the rather class Chairman of the British National Party.

I am not keen on the term Mission Statement, but theirs appears to be;

Britain Backwards is a public information service set up to expose the lies expounded on the "Britain Forward" blog. We have chosen our name on the basis that all that the writer of the "Britain Forward" blog wants, will set the BNP backwards, and, ultimately, Britain as well.

Well why not go and check out their answers to the anonymous challengers of Britain Forward. There is also a previous post on the BNP Leadership Challenge here.


Helena said...

I cant help feeling having looked at both blogs that the fingers of the Left/UAF/MCB are all over this.
Britain Backwards may have the best of intentions but he's feeding the Forward agent Provocateur by replying too and publicising the blog.
The one step forwards three steps back dance move has dogged Nationalist Movements in Britain for decades. Nick Griffin is the first leader to increase councillors, increase support and have a fighting chance of actually winning.
By their fruits shall we know them and the poisoned fruit of Britain Forward should be discarded and binned before it contaminates anyone else.
Starve it of publicity.

British National Party member said...

I thoroughly agree with Helena, publicising either of them will unwittingly help them along.

Anonymous said...

Not true. The Britain Forward thing is clearly a set up, and the Internet rumours need to be knocked on the head, once and for all, to prevent Searchlight/UAF from using this destablising tactic again. Britain Backwards has killed this attempt.

Helena said...

Well I hope so anon. The last thing the BNP needs as it enjoys continued support and increased votes is supposed anarchy within the rank and file.
Many attempts to destabilise the party have been made and shrugged off this year, the ridiculous guardian "expose" by an "ex member" exposed as an unpopular wannabee that resulted in the hounding of Simone the ballerina.
The two show trials of Nick Griffin and Mark are also worth a mention.
Its obvious that Searchlight and their masters in the MCB are behind this.
Nick has never enjoyed more support and popularity than he does now.

Anonymous said...

I find the link between Richard Edmonds and Peter Rushton strange. Rushton is a Searchlight agent and Edmonds is running the Jackson campaign. Chris Jackson was very involved in exposing Rushton himself in 'Reasons for Proscription'. All very odd.

I also find the bleating of the Jackson campaign about the rules pathetic. 200 words in a members bulletin and 750 on the website is more than reasonable. Three weeks is long enough for a General Election campaign so why not a BNP leadership challenge. I feel they are just making advance excuses for their inevitable defeat.

As to the financial allegations against Nick I note that Pat Harrington of Solidarity is getting the same treatment. The obvious idea is to put people off joining or making financial contributions. It's an old Marxist trick.

I don't believe Nick is motivated by money but by ideas. He has been persecuted because he has had the gumption to stand up and be counted. I really despise the cowards and traitors with their snide allegations. They will be beaten.