Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Drug dealing Law Student

Just what is it they do in these Mosques besides sniffing each others rears?

A Moslem teenage Law Student, was spotted dealing drugs after leaving straight from prayers at his mosque.

Ahmad Bhana, aged 19, of Hopefield Street, Daubhill, made £110,000 supplying heroin and crack cocaine on the streets of Bolton. The real price of heroin is shown above.

How much suffering behind that amount of money? How many crimes committed by the young to pay for their fix? How many young girls forced into prostitution to pay for their hit of drugs?

I am just wondering now, if the private designated room being provided in service stations for the sole use of Moslems contains weighing scales and cutting equipment.


Anti-gag said...

The Preston Pals organisation are demanding an apology from Muslims for the Heroin trade, in the same way as an apology has been demanded from White people for slavery.

Well done Preston Pals.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

The Paki poison is everywhere. Its part of their jihad along with the destruction of young white women and girls.

Celtic Morning said...

They come to our country , peniless so we are led to believe . In no time at all they prosper and fly backwards and forwards between their new home and their old country . What do they carry beneath their black tent clothing and in various orrifices ? A recent case in Cardiff found a benefit cheat with nine thousand pounds ,in cash , in " his" house . Most people in south Wales have never and will never ever see nine thousand pounds in cash after working all their lives . That is , if they are fortunate enough to work all their lives without being cast aside . In the Cardiff case the judge was lenient . Now theres a suprise ! He said that the man's children were doing well in school . He was an asylum seeker ( failed ) , from Pakistan . As he was a moslem , and obviously not homosexual ,what had he to fear from living in Pakistan ? He said the nine thousand pounds was a loan from a relative !! He should have been on the first flight out together with his kids no matter how well they were doing at our expense and , no doubt at the expense of other , British children . Blair and his traitors claim these aliens do well by their hard work and application . Many do well by dealing in drugs and their only application is for benefit after benefit . " Grant us " they say , but the request is not to their Allah but to our Social Services . Grant us this , grant us that . And we , stupidly , usually give them all they ask for .

Cat said...
Remember Charlene Downes? The child supposedly ground into kebab meat b y two "enrichers" well Wikipedia is in the process of removing it from the site. The case is still ongoing in secret and with NO media coverage.
Please, please, all Nationalist bloggers keep an eye on this as its so horrific and potentially explosive that the media have drawn a veil over it.

Anonymous said...

Ed said...
go have a laugh at the true voice of the RoP.
pity their demo got "hi-jacked" by the NF (God bless em')