Sunday, 24 June 2007

Mohammed Sarwar and his sons

Shambo on discovering he was in fact a God

OK, I am sure we are all over the Moon that Mohammed Sarwar, the UK's first Moslem MP is to stand down at the next General Election. But don't start celebrating until you finish reading.

We will never be allowed to know the truth about the real reasons he has decided to remove his snout from the trough of public money that he consumes on a huge scale. Was it a case of; "Best go now Mohammed - things might come out otherwise?"

He has certainly become very, very rich whilst enriching Our Country with his complete disregard for our democratic principles and cavalier attitude towards his host country.

Perhaps forgetting that we like to do things the British Way, he was suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party over allegations of bribing political opponents. An accepted practice in some of the third world Countries.

There was also the small matter of his arrest on fraud charges. However luck was with him and he was acquitted on both counts. Are there chickens coming home to roost?

However they say that the apple never falls far from the tree and one of his sons, Athif Sarwar has just been convicted for fraud and will be sentenced later this month.

But another apple has dropped, this time it is his other son Anas Sarwar who it seems is likey to replace his dodgie dealing daddy at the trough of Our Money as an M.P.

Sarwar supporters are the best money can buy and dominate the local Party and membership. It will be interesting to see if he succeeds in having his Commission bought for him.

If he does, will he be fast tracked to the Cabinet? It appears that the Brown Clown, Gordon who takes over from the liar, Tone Bliar next week, is very keen to be a leading Dhimmi traitor. He wishes to employ a member of the Cult of The Dead Paedophile in a Senior Government Position. Scrabble in the muck Brown and go for those votes.

Who knows, perhaps the strapped for cash Labour Party might receive a nice little donation further down the line. Maybe from a grateful ex M.P. who by all accounts should be rotting in prison prior to deportation.

If you want honest people to run Our Country then join the British National Party and start voting and working for the BNP.

Yes I know Shambo the T.B. carrying cow is in fact a bullock but there are very few images of T.B. infected bullocks jumping over the moon.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if it were divine intervention when Mohamheed named his sons Athief and Anass?
If Brown has any sense he'll keep this lot at bay, but then he's just a poor little dhimmi lamb, hungry for support and power, who will no doubt be slaughterd at the next general election.

Get with the program people, this is your country, support the only party, THE BNP, that will put us, the Brits, first and bring an end to pig trough politics.

Tariq Hamza Child protection officer said...

I came across this beautiful wedding pic of the Prophet and Ayesha. It will bring tears to your eyes. Please go have a look, no longer will the filthy infidel pigs/monkeys/apes etc (you get the picture)have anything but blessing to heap on his head;

celtic Morning said...

The laugh is on us .