Thursday, 21 June 2007

The Satanic Verses

Sura an-Najm (Star) 53:19-22

Now tell me about Al-Lat, Al-Uzza, and Manat,
The third one, another goddess.
What! For you the males and for him the females!
That indeed is an unfair division.

So what is it about the Satanic Verses that causes the turnips to get so upset?

Well it seems Muhammad who as we know made up the religion on the fly, said a few things that calls into question the validity of the whole cult. If thinking people were allowed to study these verses the whole Cult would unravel and their religious/political leaders be unemployed and control of their countries lost to them. Check this out.

The true, vital issue about the Satanic verses is this. If Muhammad were unable to distinguish Satan's voice from God's voice, then could there be verses in the Qur'an that Muhammad assumed were from God but were really from Satan? Maybe much of the Qur'an is Satanic in origin, in spite of Muhammad's conviction that it was entirely from Allah.

The Qur'an clearly states that Muhammad spoke in the name of God and that he said things that God had not commanded him! Next, he charges that all the prophets of God voiced Satanic statements! According to the holy law of God, Muhammad ought to have been put to death as a false prophet! According to the Holy Scriptures, if a prophet spoke anything in the name of LORD that was not from Him, the prophet must be put to death! Muhammad spoke in the name of Allah and then admitted that he had really spoken the words of Satan

But a prophet who presumes to speak in my name anything I have not commanded him to say, or a prophet who speaks in the name of other gods, must be put to death. Deuteronomy 18:20 (NIV)


Celtic Morning said...

Many years ago a few doddering old Arabs and Jews spent their time wandering about in the desert , halucinating or simply mentally deranged , and upon returning to what then , and even now , passes for "civilisation " in those parts of the world set themselves up as " prophets " or even son of the omnipotent God , telling strange tales of flying to heaven on a winged horse , living in the belly of a whale ,constructing a wooden equivalent of Titanic and filling it with animals , walking on water , virgin births and , perhaps to cap it all , rising from the dead . And if you failed to believe all this then someone called satan would get you into his clutches and drag you down into a fiery furnace where , again miraculously , in spite of the great heat and flames , instead of just burning away , you would suffer everlasting torment . What a load of old rubbish ! I can understand why the dopes who still inhabit those unfortunate lands still believe in such tripe but surely modern man should now be educated enough to laugh at it all . Look at Blair , look at Bush . Big Christian men so they tell us yet they lie and kill and cheat so according to their belief they are headed straight into the eternal flames . Look at churchmen of all denominations , at the very head of their sects who abuse vulnerable members of the flock even though their master told them "Suffer little children to come unto me " and " whosoever shall harm a hair on their head etc etc ". Jesus was a poor man of simple tastes who preached at the road side , not in luxurious temples - what a contrast to the Peacocks of the modern church in their finery and plumage -and hypocracy . . Maybe a politician will rise from humble ranks and lead by his true example and save us from our present mess , even at this late stage . How we need such a man .The Bible is ,on the whole , a positive and uplifting book and contains , in spite of its miriad contributors ,a road map which , if followed , would lead to a wonderful life but what sort of an example do its practitioners offer ? So its not for me . By contrast the holy book of Islam tells of beatings and revenge and slaughter , a frightening creed yet still described by some as a "peaceful religion ." If thats peaceful then I wonder what you have to be to be called cruel or warlike !My God is personal to me , he's mine and lives in my mind and guides me and , at times , helps me and I dont need a book or a church . And my God would not allow me to kill innocent people though he would allow me to personally take such revenge against paedophiles and murderers . My God used to be called conscience and when I go , so does he . We all have such a God only in this day and age he is often under devoped or seriously neglected.Unfortunately ,I will never meet my maker , for my Mam and Dad passed away almost fifty years ago though they still influence me. I understand those who draw strength and consolation from their various faiths and sometimes envy them but I think the history of the middle east and the people it has spawned should encourage the thinking persons to put such mumbo jumbo behind them. The Cult of the Dead Paedophile is just one prime example of the real perils of placing faith in myth and fantasy . Its very difficult to overcome it or even to fight against it . As a now dead comedian used to say , " may your God go with you " - though who knows where he will lead you .

The Green Arrow said...

I must confess Celtic to saying a nightly prayer for those I care about. We all interpret parts of Christianity in different ways. I see the reserection in a new child and even a new day. Like you, my conscience is there all the time. If there is a man without a conscience then he is not a human being.

May Dave Allen also go with you.

Ayisha ex Muslim said...

The three "goddesses" you mentioned are the daughters of Allah a Persian deity from around 700BC. They are the three stars and Allah is the crescent moon on the flag of Islam.
They still watch for the New Moon rising before they start Eid. Thats how stupid these neanderthals are worshipping the remnants of a Moon God cult and paying homage (unknowingly ) to the three daughters of the Moon God Allah.

najistani said...

Lord Ahmed, and his Muslimah sister in Islam the virulently anti-British 'Lady' Uddin are both terrorist facilitators with a long pre-9/11 history of attempted intimidation of law-enforcement authorities and involvement in conspiracies to murder Salman Rushdie.

"TWO Labour Asian peers called yesterday for Salman Rushdie to be stripped of police protection....They said it was time Jack Straw, the Home Secretary, removed the round-the-clock Special Branch protection that Mr Rushdie still received, which is estimated to cost taxpayers up to £1 million a year. Lord Ahmed and Lady Uddin, both Muslims, said the author of The Satanic Verses was hooked on publicity "whether it's with a model or saying his life is in danger" and the money would be better spent providing more police for everyone else.
Lord Ahmed said: "It is debatable whether Mr Rushdie should still receive protection, bearing in mind the amount of money he earns. Do we pay for all important people in private industry to receive police protection because they may be the target of criminals? And that is what Salman Rushdie is in, private industry."
His comments were endorsed by Lady Uddin who said Mr Rushdie was too ungrateful. She said: "Public money should be used for someone who is grateful. We should not pay for this protection when he has so little gratitude. It is a mockery of democracy."
Mr Rushdie, who is currently in London, said he was "furious" at the remarks, not least at claims that taxpayers were funding Special Branch protection when he was abroad as well as in London. He said that it was the police who insisted on protection in Britain,"


How these pedo-worshipping murderous vermin have managed to infiltrate themselves so far into the British political system is beyond my comprehension.

They both need to be given far more publicity - if you know what I mean.