Thursday, 21 June 2007

Major Paul Harding of "The Rifles"

Blair has cost Our Country another good man in his illegal war. This further sad loss is Major Paul Harding, a company commander in the superb 4th Battalion "The Rifles".

Maj Harding had been in Basra just under a month before he was killed. On one of his first days there, the base was attacked by over 200 armed militia who tried to overrun the building. Maj Harding led the defence, which fired 9,000 rounds during the four-hour operation.

That pitiful excuse for a man, defence secretary, Des Browne, said in the Guardian;

"Major Paul Harding was an exemplary soldier; brave, courageous, and committed. He was respected by his peers and loved by those who worked for him. I am sincerely saddened to learn of his loss, and my thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues at this difficult time."

Those weasel words will not save him or his master, the liar Blair when the British People see them go on trial for War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity. I only hope that the Death Sentence is restored by then.

You can read an account of a previous heroic action by "The Rifles" by following the link here.

This Government has said that they intend to remain in Iran and Afghanistan for as long as it takes. If you really want to bring Our Boys home, then start supporting the British National Party and voting and supporting the BNP at every opportunity.

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johnofgwent said...

I read this and your points about des browne hit home.

Yesterday Gordy offered Paddy Ashdown a cabinet job.

It's a damn shame that Paddy, the eldest of seven children born in India to a lapsed catholic father serving as an officer in the Indian Army in the last years of the Raj, and a protestant mother, and who was then raised in ireland just before the troubles really kicked off, who finished his education in Bedford before signing up first with one, and then a second ELITE british military force, serving a total of thirteen years as an officer, before leaving to lead a british political party in westminster, didn't demand the job of Defence Minister.

I think he's rather more qualified to do that job than the current holder of the post. In fact, he's probably the best qualified to hold the job of anyone else in both houses...