Friday, 8 June 2007

Join the Protest - Say Yes to the BNP Corsham

The Moslem sponsored Unite Against Freedom are organising a protest against the legally and democratically appointed British National Party, Corsham Town Councillor, Mr Michael Simpkins on Monday 11th of June at 5.30 pm. We can expect to see the likes of the fearsome class warrior on the left. Be warned.

Speaking for the Socialist Workers Party, The Respect Party and the Muslim Council of Britain who are behind this front organisation of evil, will be the self appointed Secretary of the UAF, Weyman Bennett.

Weyman Bennett of the Trotskyist SWP, is the guy who wrote to the Guardian saying he had been attacked by white racists at a meeting he was chairing. So colour blind is this creature of the night that he failed to notice that the whites were in fact Blacks, Hispanics and Arabs from a rival SWP/GLA faction. Kind of spoiled his story really when this information came to light. Not even a decent liar. Nice piece on the plonker here on The Nationalist News site and also here.

The response from local residents to the election of this BNP councillor unopposed has been one of anger and united rejection of racism and fascism. The protest publicity and food on the day is being provided by local businesses. There will be musicians etc. performing and regional and local newspapers, television and radio will be covering the event- it will be a great opportunity to show united opposition to the fascist BNP.

So angry were the local residents at Michael Simpkins standing for Councillor that they put forward a mind boggling number of no candidates to contest the election, such was their fury. Their fury continued to grow until a young Kylie Thornhill organised a protest to which nobody came. This he freely admits was due to the fact that nobody knew about. A real professional is young Kyle - I see him as a future John Prescott.

You might remember Cllr Simpkins writing the following letter to the Wiltshire Times.

I offered young Kyle the chance of a live TV debate if he dropped his pointless protest in order to protect my fellow councillors and not waste our police resources. He declined, you'd think with his university degree in how to be a kennel maid he'd wipe the floor with me, especially as he has now researched the BNP fully from the Searchlight handbook. So as his demo is still going ahead, you are all invited along in support of the BNP (Kyle is providing curry & bongo's)June 11th Corsham Town Hall. They are getting there about 5.30 but as most of you have jobs, perhaps about 6.30 for us. Save me some curry.

So if you live within striking distance of Corsham, Wiltshire then your support would be very much appreciated. Enjoy the curry but be careful. You never know what is in them these days.
You can also check out what the Doc has to say about it here on Doc's Diary.


Felicity said...

The corpulent creature in the red hoodie never fails to make me smile no matter how many times I see that pic.
Its a reason to eat well, sleep well and only couple with members of the same species never mind race.

The Green Arrow said...

There's Felicity. Thats for remembrance.

Nice to see you back where you belong.

He is kinda cute though I guess.