Monday, 11 June 2007

What is wrong with our Fellow Subjects?

We begin to Lose Our Real Men

We in the United Kingdom are technically subjects of Her Majesty the Queen and were she doing the job with the same determination and dedication to Our Country as Queen Elizabeth the First, then there would not be a problem. But she is not and neither is her government. Perhaps it is time for a Republic or new Monarch but not Charles. No way.

At the end of the day and when push finally comes to shove, it is the people who determine who the King will or will not be as Charles the First found out when he paid with his life for the privilege of having been a King. By the same token, a Government should be afraid of The People and not the people living in fear of their Government which is the case now.

The thousands of laws constantly being passed are to ensure they can continue to control us - The People - and why? Because they(the rulers), are afraid. They hate us and they really do fear us. Remember their panic during The Fuel Crisis Petrol strikes?

They bluster, swagger, play croquet and take on extra trappings of power and wealth to wrap themselves in. But these are just security blankets and in their hearts they know that these can be stripped from them in a blink of an eye and they will stand naked before the justice of the people. And they will.

Tony Blair thinks that he may abdicate his crown to another traitor, walk away and enjoy the plunder that he and his various partners male and female have tucked away. But he is wrong.

His nightmare of being dragged from Downing Street, as Ceausescu was dragged from his Palace in Romania, summarily tried and then executed along with his wife must make this vampire fear the wrath and stake of the British People. And he is right to.

So why have we in Great Britain not yet overthrown our own Ceausescu? I have an idea why we have allowed the vampires to control us and it does not make for pleasant reading.

I think the start of the decline in the Real Power of the British Population goes back to the 1914-1918 Great War. Before the main slaughter began and conscription became necessary to feed the War Machine and rid the Western Nations of our young men, there was a Volunteer Army.

Then, when the War began, millions more of our ancestors rallied to the Flag for love of Country and died in their millions. If you like, the Cream of Our People, the bravest and the most patriotic went from both the ruling class and the working class and died. And in most cases, left no children behind with the courage and inherited attributes of their fathers.

Those who did not go to the war were those who through no fault of their own were in reserved occupations, too old or too ill. Some of these were real men. Thankfully for us now.

But there were also those you chose not to go because they had no concept of loyalty or love of country or indeed of mankind. They were the self obsessed and to them the soldiers who died were fools. A view today shared by the Labour Party in general.

The descendants of those people are the Jerry Springer and Big Brother watchers of today. But there were a few survivors of the Volunteer Army of Patriots from the trenches. You can see their descendants today in the ranks of the British National Party.

So today we are paying the price for the politicians/Kings of the early 1900's. And you can say the same of France and other Western Countries.

Much as been written about the rapid collapse of France during the Invasion by Germany during the second World War. They had more tanks (they did) and they had a bigger Army but such was their fear of suffering the tremendous losses of the First War that they surrendered rather than face them again. The majority of their real men of honour had all died in the trenches along with their British Cousins. Those who had not, died fighting in their Resistance Army. The descendants of the weak now ruled.

But Germany had also lost millions, so how did they come back after 1914. Well the answer is simple, forget the rights and wrongs. Angry men who had survived the trenches, grabbed power and in trying to reclaim their Countrys Honour they created hell and cost the lives of not just the remaining men of honour in the British and French Armies but also the last of their real men.

Which is why you see Germany is in the situation with Islam it is today. Their real men like ours, died in their millions in the Battles of the Somme. They then went on to lose the remainder of their real men in places like Stalingrad and all along the Eastern Front.

They, like France have very few real men left. Bit like us really.

The British National Party truly is The Band of Brothers. We few, we happy few.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully it will be better when William becomes King as the Army will instill some national pride in him, as well as his buddies in the forces. He will see how important Britain is, and how important it is that we remain British.


Drake's Drum said...

From the quite entertaining and informative islamophobia watch I found this.
Of the Western countries polled, the UK comes out reasonably well, as does Italy. Only 15% of British respondents and 14% of Italians think a violent clash between "Muslim and Western cultures" is inevitable, compared with 31% in the USA and 39% in Germany.
We most certainly have our heads stuck in our rear ends but the Germans? Could it be 'been there, seen it all and got the t-shirt' and are accepting their fate. Or could it be quite the opposite and when a bombing occurs in the heart of Western Europe all hell will break loose? After all their trouble, to see their beloved peaceful and finally democratic Fatherland destroyed not by world powers, but a bunch of medieval 'Kanaken' really would be too much.

LionHeart said...

Im being blocked from posting and thought this was important.

God bless


Felicity said...

Once again GA you've hit the nail on the head. The Lefties pump more testosterone on the distaff side, like Lyne Jones the revolting member for Selly Oak who thinks wounded soldiers should take their chances in MRSA central, attended by Muslim "doctors".
Things ant continue the way they are for much longer.