Sunday, 10 June 2007

Pakistan to show us how it is done

Heathrow departure lounge. Don't forget to call into the Duty Free before you go. Bye.

This is going to be interesting. Pakistan is going to teach the West something for once other than the meanings of terror and exploitation.

No mucking about with Human Rights for this country that breeds Crazy Cult killers quicker than a rabbit farmer can breed.....well rabbits I suppose.

They intend to deport two million refugees back to their homelands after they first started arriving in Pakistan over a 27 year period. Did you get that? 27 years. And how long do they estimate this huge undertaking to last. Why just three short years.

Wake up you Mohammedans there at the back planning sedition. Yes you to Jamal. If Pakistan can send their unwelcome guests back then it shows the True Brits that we to can do the same. The time for Hegira approaches. Why not go early and buy an house out there now before prices start rising due to the increased demand from returning "refugees".

Imagine a British National Party with the will to deport all the illegal immigrants and their offspring going back over just 20 years. Then there really would be a recognizable Great Britain again.

Why not join the BNP and become an activist and help our guests pack their bags.

When a person goes to a country and finds their newspapers filled with nothing but good news, he can bet there are good men in jail.



Anonymous said...

Hi Green I have had busy weekend so sorry for not keeping up with normal posts, I have read both your posts brill stuff, and I have been over at the Scotsman.

Keep up the good work

Aberdeen WED

Anonymous said...

Interesting article from a Danish blog.

EU-agreement with 10 Asiatic and North African countries kept in the dark
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Extract from a pamphlet of Foreningen Dansk Kultur:

EU-agreement with 10 Asiatic and North African countries kept in the dark

Extract from the Barcelona-declaration of 1995. (Published by Foreningen Dansk Kultur to claim observance of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Denmark Act of 1953.)

The Euro-Mediterranean agreement concluded between Morocco, Algeria, Tunis, Egypt, Jordan, and the self-governing Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and Israel includes among other things political partnership about the following issues:

1) Establishment of a free trade area, and from 2010 the start of financial merging with the above mentioned countries.

2) A considerable increase in the amount of EU-money to the parties, and

3) Cultural partnership

The agreement guarantees respect for Islam.

Guarantee is hereby granted as to respect for multiplicity, i.e. measures must be taken to increase tolerance between various groups in society. Importance of a resolute campaign against racism, xenophobia, and intolerance must be stressed. Close mutual European-moslem influence by radio, TV, newspapers, and magazines must lead to cultural understanding. EU will take active steps to ensure that such steps be preceded. Htt://

EU has offered free movement into EU to citizens from 9 moslem countries

In return for palpable political and financial reorganizations within the above countries EU promises full membership of the parties in the enlarged European Single Marked with the possibility of free movement of goods, services, money, and employees. Association agreements have been concluded with all parties with the exception of Syria which will soon participate. (Extract of 28.11.03 from the Euro-Mediterranean foreign minister meeting in Napoli).Confirmed by the Danish Prime Minister on 29.08.06 by correspondence in which he does not want to reveal why he and the government has kept the European-Mediterranean project in the dark for 11 years.

EU tries to draw public attention from terrorism by means of the Euro-Mediterranean project

The Danish government reprodiated any sign of equation between terrorism and the Arabian Moslem world as dangerous as well as groundless. In this connection the importance of the Barcelona process was stressed and considered a suitable and acceptable instrument to encourage contact between equal cultures and civilizations. All ministers agreed to work for further elaboration of the contact with a special view to education of the youth and TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines. (minutes of 5.06.01 from the Euro-Mediterranean meeting of ministers of foreign affairs in Brussels)

EU and the Council of Europe want our 1000 years old identity destroyed.

Cultural politics must erase the ordinary distinction between “them” and “us” because this will lead to a common feeling of identity and self-understanding. (Traugott Schoefthaler, head of the Anna Lindh Foundation, Euro Mediterranean propaganda department) “Identity is the root of all conflicts”. (World Culture ForumAlliance)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is now educating us to abandon our “rigid prejudices” to accept the Islamic culture (as follows)

“We shall start removing rigid prejudices and ignorance, and change the daily news journalistic” to describe ordinary peoples’ daily life which can create enthusiasm, mutual identification and encourage various peoples’ mutual understanding. We shall remove rigid pictures of foreigners by means of pictures in public places, radio, TV, magazines, newspapers, and advertising. We shall arrange common projects with them. We shall develop international knowledge of journalists, students, and artists, and we shall exchange people from these groups with moslem colleagues. We intend to control art and cultural productions. We shall exert influence on the education of teachers and study plans in schools to make them multiple by means of new study materials and by changing school books.

We shall arrange big Moslem festivals for the youth. Everything in order to promote conversation and understanding. (Speech in Rabat 13.05.05 by Olaf G. Hansen who was head of the Centre for Culture and Development under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

In his correspondence of 12.09.06 the Danish Prime Minister does not want to reveal why the Danish government must accept the education policy of EU, UNESCO, the European Council, and the Arabian League.

EU and the Centre for Culture and Development under the Danish government have entered into a cooperation agreement with the Islamic Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the aim of which is to spread Moslem ideas and way of living in the whole world, cf. the ISESCO-charter, clause 5a.

Euro-Mediterranean is a stop towards the one-world state.