Friday, 29 June 2007

Bent Licences fetched £2,000

The driving examiners sometimes had problems with identification of applicants

Back in the 90's when I was up in Town working for SG Warburg, I had a chat with this Asian (Hindu) guy who told me over a drink that many Asians who had recently come to Our Country were "buying" their driving licenses as they either could not or would not learn the highway code or in the worse case even drive.

By all accounts it was very common then and is even more so now. The only thing that has changed is the price of the illegal licences.

TWO men have been sentenced in an elaborate scam which involved impersonating learners during driving tests.

Shazad Akhtar, aged 34, and 38-year-old Mustaq Ahmed, both from Oldham, admitted supplying illegal driving licences which they sold for up to £2,000.

Manchester Crown Court heard how examiners at a number of test centres became suspicious about the number of licences issued during 2002

What concerns me about this article, is first the length of time it took to bring these men to justice and secondly the ridiculously lenient sentences that both men received.

A slap on the wrist brought this response from our zero tolerance police service.

Detective Constable Darren Grafton said: "Having unqualified people on the roads puts other road users at risk. These individuals have never proved that they are able to drive to a safe and legal standards and their inability to do this could cost lives.

"I hope this sends a stark warning out to anyone thinking of making money in this way.

Laughable. However, even more frightening was my Asian colleagues statement that Asians preferred to go to White British doctors when ill, as they knew that many of their doctors obtained their medical qualifications the same way they obtained their driving licenses. No wonder MRSA as been increasing in our hospitals.

I think that all members of the Asian Community who supposedly took driving tests in that area over that time period should be forced to resit their tests again. This time with stringent checks on ensuring that they are who they say they are.

A British National Party Government would ensure the safety of road users by making sure these checks took place. Support the BNP and help put Our Country on the right road to recovery.


Anonymous said...

The murderous pedophile-worshipping parasites are at it again:

Celtic Morning said...

These scumbags should certasinly have gone to jail and , as you say , the fiddlers should all be made to sit tests and have their licences withdrawn until they pass . And also be charged with obtaining their licences under false pretences or whatever offence it may be . But this is Sheepland . They will all be allowed to continue on their merry way and the ludicrous sentences can easily be justified . After all , the poor people knew no better , its part of what passes for " culture " where they come from and look how they enrich us by passing on their habitual greed , particularly to our politicians . After all , we have just got shot of the biggest crook to have graced the threshold of numbet ten for many a year . His wife liked nothing better than dressing up in sari's - Tony "dressed up " in the clothes of the liar and the cheat .

Celtic Morning said...

Be fair , her with the yellow head band looks really nice !

Anonymous said...

What a picture!