Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Amherst, New Hampshire goes Dhimmi

Young Boy in Amherst - Shame on his teachers and parents

What the hell is wrong with the West. You know what happens in America happens here the day after and the latest piece of multicultural madness news has just arrived.

Amherst in good old U.S.A. has had an Islamic Day where the children dressed as Moslems and ate Halal food but hopefully did not behave like Moslems and start killing everyone.

During this sickening day long lesson for the children, who had been given traditional Arabic names they ate food prepared in the traditional Arabic way. Did they check the contents for human flesh, I wonder.

Insulting the females of our species, only boys were allowed to serve the food and do the Arabic dancing as in that disgusting Cult, females are not allowed to participate in these kinds of public events.

Dressed in traditional Arabic wear—long plaid kilts, white shirts and turbans—the boys offered food and entertained guests. The Arabic dancers enthusiastically performed to music and encouraged male visitors to join their dance.

Meanwhile, the girls were practicing for their future under Islam by wearing the hijab and veils. I wonder if they taught the children that the veils were to cover the bruises given to Moslem women by their deranged boy loving menfolk?

Prayer mats were provided and compasses supplied to visitors so they tcould practice finding the direction of the Muslim magic rock in Mecca.

Also shown were video clips from Saudia Arabia. The article here, does not say whether these clips showed any Stoning to Death or beheadings which are very popular pastimes in that sick land.

Do you think a British National Party Government would allow that to happen in Our Country? Of course not. Then why did some of you vote Labour. Wake up or be a Dhimmi tool and kneel at the feet of your Moslem masters whilst they abuse your children.

hat tip Always On Watch.


Anonymous said...

What was that old song, "I wish I could shimmy like my sister Kate"?

or was it really "I wish I was a Dhimmi like my sister Kate"?

Dhimmi is not for me, Zimmer is not far off, that'll do me.


Still saddened to see no comment anywhere on today being D DAY. How soon we forget those which die for our country.

Anonymous said...

awww, I find this quite cute...don't see any harm at all in exposing children to diff. cultures!

The Green Arrow said...

You know why I use the word Moslem anon but the benefit of those who do not, here is why.

For many years Muslim and Moslem were interchangeable but the Moslems started complaining about the word Moslem for the following reason:-

Muslim in Arabic means "one who gives himself to God".

But Moslem in Arabic means "one who is evil and unjust" when the word is pronounced in English as Mozlem.

All the people of the world who really understand the evil of Islam use Moslem. Are you a Moslem anon.

Anonymous said...

Okay, green arrow..i found the explanation on your blog in a post somewhere as I was browsing..but thanks for posting it here (since I asked the question). I had just never heard that term before, surprisingly....I think it is a british/european thing, because I've noticed it on a lot of blogs originating from there.

Yes, I am a muslim. There is a lot I could say, but I have tried engaging with a lot of bloggers that are anti-Muslim, to no avail and know that you are most likely the same. It was just very interesting to read this because I come from a place in american where all muslims I know are integrated into society and not segregating themselves like your and other blogs seem to suggest.

Green Arrow said...

Anon there is no point in engaging in debate. I have been forced to study Islam for awhile now and it is not even a religion. It is a cult. A vicious cult that has murdered away across the world and is now infecting America.

According to the "good Moslems" those who do not push Islam are as bad as the Jews and Christians and must die.

Why should people die because they leave Islam? Why is no other Religion allowed except Islam?

The list is too long. Study Islam, get your brain back and leave if you are allowed.

There are bad times coming for all of us. Be careful which side of the fence you are on.

Anonymous said...

All religions can be considered "cults" under your reasoning.

If you actually do read the Quran, you will find that other religions ARE allowed. One of the main thresholds of the Quran is that "people of the book" will all go to heaven. People of the book refer to Jews/christians/and Muslims. This is clearly stated in the Quran, and I can find a citation for you if you would like (i have a feeling you won't).
So, if anybody has told you othwerwise, they are clearly incorrect. Many of the problems stem from people that havne't actually READ the quran and don't know what they are talking about.

Christianity also murdered throughout history....remember the crusades? Do they teach you about that? None of it is right, but it happened.

You tell me to get my brain back, yet you have basic misconceptions about Islam written all over your website. How about using your brain to fnd the real answers...I know God gave you one.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Had a look at the moslems for America site.
Looks like honey-coated subliminal
brainwash to me.
Subliminal warfare is very interesting stuff, I had occasion to investigate it for a marketing exercise a while back. Tonys Nu lab rats are very good at it.

Now for some words of love and peace from the religion of peace.

Take not to yourselves friends of them, until they emigrate in the way of God; then if they turn away seize them and kill them wherever you find them and take no friend nor helper from among them" ~ Sura 4:89.

“We will put terror into the hearts of the unbelievers. They serve other gods for whom no sanction is revealed. Hell shall be their home.” ~ The Imrans; Sura 3:150.

“When you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks then, when you have made wide slaughter among them, tie fast the bonds; then set them free, either by grace or ransom, till the war lays down its load.” ~ Women; Sura 4:47 To “smite a neck” means to decapitate).

“Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Deal harshly with them.” ~ Repentance; Sura 9:123.

“The unbelievers are your sworn enemies.” ~ Sura 4:101.

When the sacred months are over, slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, lie in ambush everywhere for them." ~ Repentance or “Al-Tawba“; Sura 9:5.

“Mohammed is Allah’s apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another. ~ Victory; Sura 48:29.

“Let the unbelievers not think they will escape Us. They have not the power to do so. Muster against them all the men and cavalry at your disposal, so that you may strike terror into the enemies of Allah and the faithful, and others beside them. All that you give for the cause of Allah shall be repaid you.” ~ The Spoils; Sura 8:60.

Are you telling me anon, that moslems do not belive, support or practise these verses? You know you cant because that would get you into deep trouble with your fellow moslims and lead to mental stress for you because, by your belief, you would be in denial of the holy word of the koran.
In your own words, "How about using your brain to find the real answers...I know God gave you one." unquote.
Yea but the moslem teaching took it away. There is no free thinking for the majority in islam.


The Green Arrow said...

Thanks for that Harry. I was going to post something similar and ask our Moslem visitor whether he was born into the Cult or converted.

Depending on his reply, I was going to ask some questions about various links.

Bit pointless though really. Once they have gone mentally they are usually lost to the real world for ever.

The Green Arrow said...


Sorry to delete your post. I do not have the ability to edit it and I am not prepared to publish an email from an anonymous poster. I am sure you can appreciate the reasons why. One being that it may not be your email address but that of someone you may have a grudge against.

If you would like to get a a blogger posting profile then you could show your email on that and then I would display whatever you post. We in the BNP are not into censorship or lieing.

Here is the edited post........

If any of you would REALLY like to engage on Islam (I'm guessing not), here is my email: xXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

I have tried posting/answering questions on some anti_muslim sites to no avail. Actually, a lot of bloggers would just delete my posts OR delete part of my post to make it look like I did not know what I was talking about...unbelievable, they didn't have to agree, but they could have at least left up what I said for others to read. In any event, I offer my email in case you REALLY want to engage....

Oh, and just FYI because you were curious, I am a female that was born into the religion :).

Take care...peace.

Anonymous said...

Green Arrow,

I at least understand your editing. I must commend you, at least we can agree to disagree...whereas other sites just wholly deleted my points or said I was a "terrorist" because I live where I live in the U.S and am Muslim. At least you are open to engage, and I know that I can't change your mind.....but at least I feel like I could engage with some intelligible debate with you, rather than being edited to look like I did not know what I was talking about.


Anonymous said...

Oh sorry, just one thing I thought of...I think if you had left up the part of me deploying and just a little bit of what I do for a living and invest my life in, that would help with a little bit of understand as well.

Thanks for your time :)

The Green Arrow said...


I emailed the address you gave and have had no response. You might like to check your emails and respond.

Anonymous said...

Okay, will do now...sorry, not constantly on my email..check it just a few times a day.