Sunday, 24 June 2007

Youth Abductor jailed

Again, two more of the enrichers of Our Country have carried out a paedophile attack on a young child and again the press reports the victim as a youth. Although I suppose by the standards of the society these sick perverts are from, the child was almost an old age pensioner to them.

AN Oldham man has been jailed after pleading guilty to abducting a vulnerable 13-year-old girl from outside her local care home.

Mohammed Suleman, 39, of Derby Court, Werneth, was sentenced to 12 months in prison and given an indefinite ASBO outlawing contact with any child under 16.

The same sentence was passed on his friend Shazad Masood, 33, of New Moston.

What do you think of the sentence these evil perverts received? Do you think it was too harsh? Do you think a British National Party appointed Judge would be so lenient? Of course not. If you want justice for Our Children and Our future then you must join the BNP.


Anonymous said...

These sick perverts got off lightly and will no doubt be enriching us further as soon as they are released.

Anonymous said...


Muhammad lusted after a crawling baby. This is from the book of Sira by Ibn Ishak, the most authentic biographer of Muhammad. Most other biographies are based on this monumental work by Ibn Ishak/Ibn Hisham

(Suhayli, ii.79: In the riwaya of Yunus I.I recorded that the apostle saw her (Ummu’l-Fadl) when she was baby crawling before him and said, ‘If she grows up and I am still alive I will marry her.’ But he died before she grew up and Sufyan b. al-Aswad b. Abdu’l-Asad al-Makhzumi married her and she bore him Rizq and Lubaba….(Ref.3, page 311)

Why should the Islamic apologist like Mr. Parvez Ahmed and his organization CAIR try to fool the gullible and little informed western non-Muslims? Do they think that their misinformation and blatant distortion of facts will go unchallenged? I would request Mr. Perevz to write a few words about what the authorities like Hedaya and Ibn Ishak had written.

Let us now take up the last misinformation/disinformation propagated by Mr. Parvez/CAIR.

Muhammad married Zainab (or Zaynab), his adopted son’s wife to set an example; it was not a marriage out of love/lust.


This is an absolute nonsense. We can demonstrate from various authentic Islamic sources that Muhammad’s marriage to Zaynab was completely based on his desire to have a ‘good time’ with her (I’m borrowing this term to be in tune with modernity!) and nothing else. This truth can never be suppressed no matter how much any Islamic apologist tries to the contrary.

First, we turn to Qur’an. This unholy union was a matter of great shame in the Arab society of that time. The Arab society of those days could never imagine that the father of an adopted son would marry his wife. It was because the Arabs treated their adopted children as their own.

Thus, this type of marriage was completely unacceptable to them. Muhammad knew about this and feared that he would be ostracised/shunned by his community if he plunged into fulfilling his carnal desire for Zaynab without the intervention of Almighty Allah. So, Allah promptly sent down 33:37 that permitted Zayd to divorce Zaynab and gave the licence to Muhammad to sleep with her.