Saturday, 16 June 2007

Windsor; "You are all white scum" claim.

Maybe, but some of us are looking up at the stars wondering when the British People are going to wake up and kick the enrichers who feed off us back to their own lands.

Then they can play at Hamas and Fatah and hopefully wipe each other of the face of the Earth they are polluting with their evil, sick cult.

I have taken the following from the Regional News of the BNP. The only political party that defends the interests of the True Brits and fights for the future of their children. Here you go. I am off out for a few beers.

The kind of odds Moslems like when taking on a White Boy

Regular readers will be familiar with the story of the Windsor dairy that has been given planning permission, partly as a result of the intervention of a Labour MP from outside the town, to be partly converted to a mosque. Readers will also be familiar with the violence that erupted outside said premises last year when local people were attacked by a gang, said to be Muslim, apparently having associations with the premises.

We today learn that an Asian man from Slough (note- not Windsor) admitted before Bracknell magistrates, spitting in a girl’s face amid violent scenes outside the Muslim-owned dairy (formerly owned by Dairycrest). One Nadeem Hussein pleaded guilty to the common assault of 18-year-old Nicola Pegg in Vale Road, Windsor. Lesley Gilmore, prosecuting, said: “Nicola Pegg was on the ground and Mr Hussein kicked her in the back - that cannot be self-defence and cannot be justification for anything she may or may not have done.”

Hussein explained his presence in Windsor by saying that he had come over “to see the new mosque that was being built” in Shirley Avenue.

Miss Pegg said: “An Asian boy started on my friends and I was fearing for them. When I told him to go away he sucked his teeth at me then spat in my face. I didn’t do anything. Then he hit me in my eye and pushed me in the chest. I fell to the floor and when I tried to get up I fell backwards on my side. I had two of the Asian boys standing over me and one of them kicked me. It was the same one who had spat at me.”

An eyewitness to the assault added: “A big group of Asian lads came over to us six girls. One of the Asian lads said, ‘Where are all the white boys. You are all white scum’. Then one of the Asian boys spat in Nicky’s face and started swinging punches at her. When she fell on the floor one of the Asian boys was kicking her.”

Their evidence has also been confirmed by a police officer who said: “I saw a group of three males gathered round a girl on the floor. A male wearing an ‘AJ’ jacket kicked the female on the back. I chased after him and I caught him. It was Nadeem Hussein.“

Not surprisingly Hussein had his own account of events and told the court: “I saw a group of white people on one side of the road and a group of Asians on the other side. They were shouting abuse at each other - one said, ‘Get out of my country’. Then someone spat at me - it was a girl. I did spit back at her. She pulled me to the ground, then I got up and started running. I did not hit anyone and kick her.”

However it appears that the district judge presiding was not overly impressed with Hussein’s explanation as he is quoted as saying: ”The defendant went to Windsor, to the Medina Dairy site where a new mosque was being built. There had been tension on that day. I find that he went to the area knowing about the problems. He does not attend the mosque and does not have reason to be there. He alleges that he has been a victim of racism but I would say that he needs to analyse his own behaviour and the way he treats others, particularly young women.”
The judge’s final comment is interesting as the Muslim attitude to women in general and to non-Islamic women in particular, is not regarded by many as being a healthy one!

Hussein has to attend Slough Magistrates’ Court on July 3rd for sentencing.

Have a peaceful weekend. I suspect there are not many left.


LionHeart said...

Exactly the reason why the men of this country should be standing up and saying 'Enough is Enough'

Now more than ever our women need protecting from Islam.

Imagine what it will be like in the future if we do not stand up now.

How would you feel if that was your daughter being kicked around on the floor and spat at?

This situation is the epitome of Moslems views and treatment of women, Our women.

God bless you Green Arrow


Helena said...

Hi GA and Lionheart (I'm glad you keep checking in..I worry about you!)
Although this is a small incident tucked away in Windsor it is significant because of the judges remarks.
Do I sense a sea change in the air?
This is the most blatantly racist sexist homophobic strain of fascism out there under the banner of the RoP.
Perhaps the judiciary are beginning to wake up and smell the coffee?
I consider this site to be patriotic informative (occasionally exhibiting the frustration we all feel) but essentially NOT a racist site.
Contributors are almost without exception not given to vitreolic rants about different races colours and creeds but are united in their despair about the way the government have made Islam and its violent undercurrents almost untouchable.
Its a very British civilised site and Green arrow is to be applauded for that.

najistani said...


"Prosecuting, Fergey Prokoviev told of how the three had been part of a gang of around seven men who hit Mr Hannam’s 12-year-old boy on the back of the head as he got out of a car near the China Chef in Manchester Road.
"He had done nothing and said nothing to provoke the attack," he said.
Watching his son fall over the bonnet to the floor, the 39-year-old challenged the group, but was then knocked unconscious.
Witnesses, including Mr Hannam’s other son, who was in the car, said some of the men then stamped on his head and ribs."

Allah is well pleased, for as the Koran says "Fight those who believe not in Allah until they feel themselves subdued."


Anonymous said...

This week Blair will sign away the sovereign UK into the melting pot of the EU hell hole. May his arm wither and die and he and his family suffer a plague of boils and warts and eternal damnation for this act of treason upon the British people.

Meanwhile the sheep people are talking about Big Brother, how ironic, and the latest goings on in the soaps.

What a sad state of affairs.

The Land of Hope and Glory flushed down the pan by our own government.

However once the sheep realise whats been going on behind their backs and under their noses we just may have a chance to revive this country.

Read more below.

Interesting article from a Danish blog.

EU-agreement with 10 Asiatic and North African countries kept in the dark
Filed under: — siad @ 12:02
Extract from a pamphlet of Foreningen Dansk Kultur:

EU-agreement with 10 Asiatic and North African countries kept in the dark

Extract from the Barcelona-declaration of 1995. (Published by Foreningen Dansk Kultur to claim observance of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Denmark Act of 1953.)

The Euro-Mediterranean agreement concluded between Morocco, Algeria, Tunis, Egypt, Jordan, and the self-governing Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and Israel includes among other things political partnership about the following issues:

1) Establishment of a free trade area, and from 2010 the start of financial merging with the above mentioned countries.

2) A considerable increase in the amount of EU-money to the parties, and

3) Cultural partnership

The agreement guarantees respect for Islam.

Guarantee is hereby granted as to respect for multiplicity, i.e. measures must be taken to increase tolerance between various groups in society. Importance of a resolute campaign against racism, xenophobia, and intolerance must be stressed. Close mutual European-moslem influence by radio, TV, newspapers, and magazines must lead to cultural understanding. EU will take active steps to ensure that such steps be preceded. Htt://

EU has offered free movement into EU to citizens from 9 moslem countries

In return for palpable political and financial reorganizations within the above countries EU promises full membership of the parties in the enlarged European Single Marked with the possibility of free movement of goods, services, money, and employees. Association agreements have been concluded with all parties with the exception of Syria which will soon participate. (Extract of 28.11.03 from the Euro-Mediterranean foreign minister meeting in Napoli).Confirmed by the Danish Prime Minister on 29.08.06 by correspondence in which he does not want to reveal why he and the government has kept the European-Mediterranean project in the dark for 11 years.

EU tries to draw public attention from terrorism by means of the Euro-Mediterranean project

The Danish government reprodiated any sign of equation between terrorism and the Arabian Moslem world as dangerous as well as groundless. In this connection the importance of the Barcelona process was stressed and considered a suitable and acceptable instrument to encourage contact between equal cultures and civilizations. All ministers agreed to work for further elaboration of the contact with a special view to education of the youth and TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines. (minutes of 5.06.01 from the Euro-Mediterranean meeting of ministers of foreign affairs in Brussels)

EU and the Council of Europe want our 1000 years old identity destroyed.

Cultural politics must erase the ordinary distinction between “them” and “us” because this will lead to a common feeling of identity and self-understanding. (Traugott Schoefthaler, head of the Anna Lindh Foundation, Euro Mediterranean propaganda department) “Identity is the root of all conflicts”. (World Culture ForumAlliance)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is now educating us to abandon our “rigid prejudices” to accept the Islamic culture (as follows)

“We shall start removing rigid prejudices and ignorance, and change the daily news journalistic” to describe ordinary peoples’ daily life which can create enthusiasm, mutual identification and encourage various peoples’ mutual understanding. We shall remove rigid pictures of foreigners by means of pictures in public places, radio, TV, magazines, newspapers, and advertising. We shall arrange common projects with them. We shall develop international knowledge of journalists, students, and artists, and we shall exchange people from these groups with moslem colleagues. We intend to control art and cultural productions. We shall exert influence on the education of teachers and study plans in schools to make them multiple by means of new study materials and by changing school books.

We shall arrange big Moslem festivals for the youth. Everything in order to promote conversation and understanding. (Speech in Rabat 13.05.05 by Olaf G. Hansen who was head of the Centre for Culture and Development under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

In his correspondence of 12.09.06 the Danish Prime Minister does not want to reveal why the Danish government must accept the education policy of EU, UNESCO, the European Council, and the Arabian League.

EU and the Centre for Culture and Development under the Danish government have entered into a cooperation agreement with the Islamic Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the aim of which is to spread Moslem ideas and way of living in the whole world, cf. the ISESCO-charter, clause 5a.

Euro-Mediterranean is a stop towards the one-world state