Friday, 29 February 2008

Lib Dem, Labour, Conservative Councillors - all rotten.

Been really busy today, working on an idea for the new forum and hope to have a post of interest to all Nationalist Bloggers that support or broadly support the British National Party and its leader Nick Griffin in the near future.

Now although, there are many more important things to write about, I have decided to link to another site so those of you not familiar with it may learn of its purpose.

You will read in the state controlled press and on the state funded anti-BNP sites such as the Stalinist UAF and the Marxist Searchlight that the BNP councillors are a bunch of no good, knuckle dragging scum. They just state this information as if it is proven fact despite no evidence to support their wild claims. Buy hey. Since when have the communists ever cared about the truth. Or anything except power if it comes to that.

You will notice that they never attack councillors from the Lib/Lab/con pact. Is that because those people do no wrong or is it because they are in their pay?

Well check out these posts I have made recently to the Liars,Buggers and Thieves site, that attempts to record all crimes committed by their perfect councillors. The sooner the British National Party sweeps rubbish, like those named below the better.

I could have posted more but I think you get the idea.

No longer acceptable to be proud to be English

If you have a problem with this flag, then you have a problem with the BNP

I am not sure from which angle this story is to be taken, so I shall leave it up to each individual reader to form their own opinion. You always do at any rate. And so you should if you are a True Brit. Only sheep follow blindly without thought.

The Sun newspaper? carries a story on a 76 page report for Children's Secretary, Ed Balls which concluded:
“The general perception among parents was that it was no longer acceptable to be proud to be English.”
My feelings about the story, reading between the lines, is that the the authors of the report, that was you must remember carried out on the governments behalf, are trying to walk a tightrope of telling the truth in such a way as not to "offend" the pre-set opinions of its paymaster.
“Political correctness and perceived health and safety regulations were felt to have systematically undermined communities and the quality of their children’s education."
On discovering that school children (I dislike the word kids) were being punished for flying the English Flag by wearing clothing featuring the St George Cross. The report authors must shift the attention away from the fact that the majority of school teachers today are the storm troopers of political correctness and shift the blame onto a worried public.

So how do they do this? Because they cannot acknowledge the mistakes in the education system, they use the words "perception" and "perceived" to imply that the concerned parents are mistaken.

By all accounts children are even being "told off" if they have been dropped off in cars display the Proud Flag of England. This is bullying by adults and must be stopped and its perpetrators dismissed.

Now these teachers, who are banning the flag and stifling competitive sports, are a danger to our children and a danger to our future. They are being paid to teach, not indoctrinate our children with their mad Marxist ideas of a blue sky, pink fluffy cloud world with no boarders or flags.

It is going to take the British National Party a long time to clear out the stable of education and weed out these simpletons. Sadly, by then, God only knows how many children will have been infected with their madness.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Why does David Cameron continue to support the UAF?

Listen to some of the lies spread by the UAF

i just cannot understand why David Cameron, the Boy Wonder of the Blue Rinse Brigade continues to support the undemocratic and Marxist organisation that we know as, Urinate Against Freedom(UAF). By all accounts, his signature on the document of support is the one beneath that of Lee Jasper. Click here for a list of those who have added their names to this shameful list.

The Chairman of the UAF and Mayor of London is Ken Livingstone who faces possible investigation into his friendship and links to Lee Jasper, the professional black who also sits on the Steering Committee of the UAF. Jaspers jaw dropped earlier this week when he found out that the Old Bill had been asked to reopen its investigation into his dodgy dealings.

You may read The Livingstone Dossier here in pdf format. Go on - dig into the dirt.

The UAF, who never stands for elections, has only one purposed in life. And that is to destroy the British National Party on behalf of their pay masters. The Moslems and via the trade unions, the Labour Party.

Last month the British National Party informed the Electoral Commission of £80,000 of trade union donations to a group called Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) which is organising against the BNP in the run up to the London Assembly and Mayoral elections in the capital on May 1st.

"The Unite trade union has donated £50,000 and the PCS civil service workers' union has given £30,000," a spokesman from the British National Party's Election Department told Freedom, the BNP paper. Do the members of those unions condone the way their donations are spend? One would expect Unions to be more concerned with the loss of British Jobs then paying to subvert the democratic process.

LMHR, which is allied to the violent UAF and a tool of the Communist and possibly state funded magazine, Searchlight makes no secret of the fact that the money is being specifically raised to organise against BNP candidates standing for election to the London Assembly.

It comes as no surprise that the Unite trade union is using its members' money for such an anti-democratic campaign. Its boss is hard line Communist Derek Simpson, who only joined the Labour Party when it came to power so he could wield more influence. Communists, like the Muslims are more than prepared to lie to achieve their goals.

So why does Cameron continue to toady up to this violent organisation that is an enemy of democracy? Well perhaps it has something to do with the fact that many marginal seats now depend on the votes of the colonisers, and so, Diddy David, betrays his true countrymen and country in the hopes of being the man to carry out the orders of Brussels in return for a pocketful of silver. His following words published in The Guardian here, should be enough to start the alarm bells ringing in anyones head.
'Many British Asians see a society that hardly inspires them to integrate. Indeed, they see aspects of modern Britain which are a threat to the values they hold dear. Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around.'
So perhaps David does have something in common with the UAF and Islam. A desire for violence and the crushing of free thought and democracy. After all, these days, the Lib/Lab/con pact is nothing more than 3 arms of the Destroy The United Kingdom Party.

So when you look at the image below and wonder why the young thug pictured, No 2 in the image grew up to become a traitor, now you know.

Who is No 6?

If you are curious as to who number 8 is in the lineup then click here.

Henry Webster - Another Seven Asians Convicted

Another seven Asians have been convicted of the brutal and cowardly attack on schoolboy Henry Webster from Wiltshire. Several other Asians involved in the attack were convicted at an earlier trial. Now we will be able to put the whole story together.

This was the attack that Wiltshire Police first tried to cover up until the campaigning British National Party made an issue of it on their website and in the local press.

For some reason, I wonder what, Judge Carol Hagen imposed reporting restrictions on the trial and the verdict which was reached on the 14th of this month. They have now been lifted and the British National Party and their supporting sites will soon be reporting the horrific attack that has been compared to something out of a "Quentin Tarantino film".

Ok, here is where the story was first described as a racially motivated attack, something the state controlled media now seems to have dropped. This second link is to Henry explaining that he thought the fight was going to be a one on one. He does not know these people the way we do. One on one. They laugh at the idea of fairness.

Here is a link to a more recent article about the kind of odds Asian Thugs like when tackling a lone white boy.

Now all we have to do is sit back and wait to see what the national press has to say about Henrys' lesson in enrichment. I look forward to tomorrows Swindon Advertiser, which has said that it will be releasing a full report and analysis tomorrow.

Mother speaks out here.

Just what is the West supposed to do

I wonder where they are heading for? Where do you think?

The new forum is making me lazy. Because people tend only to post things that are of interest into the New and Information area (we rarely have people posting stories about the weather in Hereford and the like), I no longer have to go far to find a subject to write about.

Well Godiva posted a story today that made me think. It is about 300 immigrants who landed on the beaches off the Island of Lampedusa of the Sicilian Coast. Now if this had been another time, an invading army would have been met with machine guns and minefields to cross.

But the new armies of the invaders do not come armed. They come with their children, suitcases and guides on how to claim benefits when they reach the promised land of Great Britain.

The governments of Africa and Asia are happy to see them leave, in some cases it reduces their overcrowded populations and in some cases they encourage people to leave by trying to hack them into bits all the way to their boarders because they hate them for a host of different reasons.

But as the population of the world explodes exponentially, so to will the waves of invaders grow in numbers. And although many of these invaders will have monetary reasons for wishing to trample over Britain, many of them will have an even bigger reason to migrate like wildbeests across Africa. Survival. Hunger will make them march across the World.

What does a Western European government do when an army of several thousand hungry immigrants, many of them holding babies in their arms masses and then slowly advances on their boarders?

They cannot shoot them, they are not bearing weapons. And so they will let them cross into their land, they will feed them and hope and encourage them to just pass through. Pass through to Britain. The one place that all these people think will provide for them.

And then what do we do here? How do we stop them? Because if we do not stop them, then we to will become part of their army and start migrating also to survive.

Enoch Powell saw rivers of blood. I see rivers of starving people. Well my children and my grand children are not going to be part of that river. I will fight first.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Lee Jasper of the UAF, still on the ropes

Baby shambles singer - sorry wrong red. Lee Jasper. Will he eat porridge?

Just when I thought that Lee Jasper, the professional black and Steering Committee member of the Urinate Against Freedom(UAF) thugs was going to walk away from answering questions about the whereabouts of several millions of pounds of London ratepayers money, good news arrives.

Arrives in the form of the Evening Standard, announcing that The Metropolitan Police has been asked to reopen its investigation into Red Ken Livingstones aide and former friend.

I say former friend because it appears that for some time now, Stalinist Ken, also Chairman of the undemocratic UAF, as been trying to distance himself from the doings of Jasper. And who can blame him.
Today Mr Livingstone said Janet Worth, the Greater London Authority's executive director of corporate services, had written to the Yard with details of nine charges of misconduct he believes have been published in the Standard, plus a further charge against Mr Jasper made by Tory group.
The trouble of course for Red Ken and the UAF, is that Jasper knows where the bodies are buried. Will he lead the Old Bill to them. Only time will tell.

Like I said before. If the True Brits of London want to know what has been going on in their rat infested City hall, then they should elect a couple of British National Party terriers to go in and find out. You can check out the latest on the BNP and the London Elections by clicking here.

Pay attention at the back and listen

Mark my words boys. We are going to have trouble with the Huns and after that the Moslems

For the benefit of the blockheads at the back of the class, who still think there are two types of Islam, I say again. "There is no moderate Islam". If you are Moslem, then you accept that the Koran is the word of God. You cannot cherry pick from it. You either buy the whole tin of beans or risk being branded an apostate. Read the words of a moderate moslem speaking in Birmingham earlier this week.
“Let us make this absolutely clear. Islam is not subject to dilution, compromise or relegation.“The behaviour of some Muslims is failing miserably to meet these commands.”
There is no ambiguity in those words. They are crystal clear. They want. No. They demand Sharia Law in Our Country. They want beheadings, they want stonings. They demand them. You must obey. It is the will of Allah. Are you listening to this Jones Minor?

They are only doing what their God has told them to do via the rantings of a deranged paedophile. They must obey. They are programmed to destroy and will not stop unless stopped.

You cannot cure them. There is no cure. Strict quarantine is the only solution. Left alone to their own devices, they will wipe each other out. They cannot live with each other and they should certainly not be living amoungst us.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

If you will not listen to us listen to them

The enemies of our people are gearing up for the big elections in London on May 1st and are determined to use every trick in the book to prevent the British National Party gaining seats on the London Assembly.

But who do Labour turn to for their support first? Not the whites of London. No. They think they have those in the bag already. After all, your average white Labour voter will vote Labour because his Dads dog did. These people are the ones who do not realise that the Labour Party is no longer the party of their fathers day.

No. The votes Labour are after are the coloured and colonisers votes who make up over 40% of the London electorate. Even more if you count the Polish and other Europeans who have been imported into Our Country and Capital to destroy both.

But Labour now has a Tiger by the tail. It may not rip them to bits now but it will. It will.

As more and more of the colonisers pour in, so to does their political power grow and the only way for Labour now to count on their votes is to appease them. To give them whatever they want. Because they know that if they do not, then they are history as a political force.

But the tiger is growing stronger and bigger and starting to reveal its strength to the Tri-Axis parties who now depend on their votes.

"No political party can govern if they upset the Asian vote,"
So says India born, Rami Ranger in the good old Hindustan Times. He is a tad upset over the fact that there may be changes into the rules on immigration from Asia. So he fires this shot across the bows of the Labour Party.
"We can elect 40 to 50 members of parliament from several inner cities... They cannot afford to go wrong,"
So now the tail is starting to wag the Labour Dog. Can you see the light yet? And if you think that the Sikhs are really OK people then read on.
"We have asked (the government) for special visas for 'pujaris' (priests). It is an important function for our community, with priests combining several events at different households and temples in the same visit.
And we know from the religion of peace just how peaceful some of these Asian cults and religions are. Well now it appears they are linking up. This from Pickled Politics.

Britain has been warned of a new terror threat from Sikh extremists who are forging links with Islamist terror outfits linked to Al Qaida.

The revelation comes after the FBI compiled a Watchlist of American and British-based Sikhs who they believe are agitating for an independent Sikh homeland. Names on the watchlist include US-based Sikh activists who are regular visitors to Pakistan which is believed to be backing the movement for Sikh soveriegnty.

US authorities are concerned that Sikh radicals are being trained alongside Kashmiri militants at mobile terror camps run by the Pakistan secret service the ISI. Most of the main Sikh terror group leaders, who feature on the Indian Government’s Most Wanted lists, are based in Pakistan from where they occassionally deliver fiery speeches to supporters over the internet.

An FBI source said: “Though the Sikh groups are relatively ill-equipped and not very effective in their own right we have evidence to suggest that they have the ability to tap into the resources of pan-Islamist groups like Al Qaida. “The link has been established for a number of years now but recent incidents point to a hardening of these connections.”

He added: “The British authorities have been made aware of our interest in certain individuals residing in the UK who may have connections to Sikh terror groups based in Pakistan.”

Last October six people were killed and 32 injured when a bomb exploded in a packed cinema in Ludhiana in Punjab. According to Punjab Police the alleged mastermind Gurpreet Singh is a Sikh militant who had been trained in Pakistan from where he had smuggled explosives across the border into Punjab.

Dr Ajay Sahni, from the independent Institute of Conflict Management in New Delhi said interrogation of Sikh terror suspects revealed that British Sikh recruits had also visited the training camps. He said: “We are aware that at least about 100 Sikh radical elements, just from Europe and the UK alone, have trained in Pakistan-based terror camps

“The presumption is that they’re training as a reserve to act in India when the opportunity arises.”

He added that Kashmiri militant groups like Lashkar e Toyba (LET), who have established links with Al Qaida, have worked closely with Sikh militants.
He added: “The co-oepartion between the Sikh militants and Al Qaida can only be opportunistic and cannot be a permanent settlement.

“It is only that at this juncture they see a common enemy in India.”

Britain is home to more than 700,000 Sikhs, the vast majority of whom are well-integrated respectable members of the community. The call for an independent Sikh homeland called Khalistan, gained momentum in 1984 when the Indian army stormed the Sikh’s holiest shrine the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

There followed a decade-long Sikh insurgency which included bringing down a trans-atlantic airliner which until 9-11 was the single deadliest terrorist attack involving aircraft. In 2001 the Home Office banned two UK-based Sikh organisations, the International Sikh Youth Federation and Babbar Khalsa International, under the Terrorism Act 2000.

The issue of Sikh militancy is explored in a BBC Radio Four File on Four documentary tonight (TUE 26 February) at 8pm

I understand why you jumped Ronbo. I really do.

Searchlights Grand Plan to defeat the BNP in London

Searchlight and their paid accomplices of the UAF have posted their grand plan to thwart the patriotic British National Party from winning seats in the London Assembly.

Clearly rattled by the tremendous growth of the BNP across the country, they have turned to America for Leadership and guidance on ways to block the will of the people. Here are some clips from their Grand Strategy.

Given the size of the London constituency, with around 5.3 million potential voters, there will be a much bigger emphasis on internet and email campaigning, though this will not come at the expense of community work, especially the enthusing of minority communities and the mobilisation of faith communities.
By that we must assume they are after the votes of what they call minorities and what we would call the coloured vote. By "faith", they mean the Moslem Vote.
The election will also be an important dry run for next year’s all-important European elections. Victory here, rather than in London on its own, would take the BNP out of the political margins. Each MEP would receive at least £200,000 a year in salary and allowances, so would be able to employ several BNP members as staff, but just as importantly MEPs would give the fascists a credibility they currently do not have.
No doubt about it. The BNP could clearly use the funds that an MEP would provide. We, the True Brits who have paid the money into the corrupt EU would certainly enjoy taking some of it back to help destroy the alliance of Marxists and Big Business.
London has particular groups that need to be mobilised. One third of Londoners are immigrants or the children of immigrants and this figures rises greatly if you include people who have moved into the capital from other parts of the UK.
As you see the BNP are playing against a stacked deck. Over 35% of the voters are made up of the colonisers brought in to defeat the British People by the ballot box. These elections are probably the last chance for the True Brits of our former Capital City. The enemy are pouring out of the wombs and into our homes in increasing numbers.
The internet will be vital in this. There are over four million people registered to vote in London. There are another million who are of voting age but are not yet registered. It would be foolhardy to believe that we can speak to anything but a fraction of these people so the internet and email networks provide the best way to spread our message more widely.
So there is the battlefield for those of us in Cyberspace. The Internet. And because none of their Marxist Leaders have half a brain between them, they bring in their hired gun-slingers from the US of A.
Searchlight is fortunate to be able to draw on the skills of political and community campaigners in the United States. They have shared their experiences, provided us with free software and given us advice about internet campaigning. Anyone who has visited our updated website or received one of our weekly email bulletins has, we hope, noticed improvements in recent weeks.

Our changes appear to be paying dividends. In December over 34,000 unique users (different computers) visited our Stop the BNP site, viewing over 400,000 pages. This was a massive increase over previous months and can only be considered a taster for the real campaign over the next few weeks.
I am not sure that I would be crowing about the figures above. Give me the funds that they have available and I would rock the country.

Even this lowly site recorded 14,270 unique visitors in December 2007. I honestly do not have a clue how many hits The British National Party - London site took, but I imagine it is considerably more the paid state assets sites. No wonder they want this blog and others like it shut down.

Simple reason for that is. BNP sites reveal the truth, they inform about the corruption of the government. They reveal the truth about the colonisation of Our Country. The list of information they provide is endless.

And what do the Marxist Searchlight have on their sites? Just one message. Stop the BNP.

Finally, they end on a begging note;
Searchlight cannot stress the importance of the London elections enough. A significant BNP break-through here will give the party a major platform for the European elections. We urge all of our readers to do whatever they can to get involved in the campaign.
Well bring it on. We in the BNP, will out-post you, out-leaflet you, out-canvas you, out-comment you and we will win. Because we are fighting for Our Country whilst you are fighting for yourselves.

Meanwhile in this article, Using democracy to destroy democracy, you can read how Labour are planning on gaining the votes of the East Europeans.

And here are the plans for Operation Black Vote.

London. The stepping stone to power?

Voting in London 2008

Londoners will vote for the mayor and London Assembly on 1 May 2008. there is a very good chance that the BNP will gain one Assembly member and possibly more.

The Assembly has 14 constituency members and 11 London-wide members. The constituency members are elected using the first-past-the-post system in constituencies that comprise two or three boroughs. In 2000 and 2004 all the constituencies elected Labour or Conservative members.

The London-wide members are elected by means of a separate vote for a party list or independent. Votes are allocated in a way that ensures that that the number of Assembly members for each party, including the constituency members, approximately reflects the percentage of votes each party obtains. It works like this:

1. Each party’s London-wide vote is divided by one plus the number of constituency candidates it has had elected. For example, in 2004 five constituencies elected Labour members so Labour’s London-wide vote was initially divided by six.

2. The party that then has the highest London-wide vote (after dividing) takes the first London place. That party’s total London-wide vote is then divided by the number of seats it has taken so far (constituency plus London-wide).

3. Step 3 is repeated until all 11 London-wide seats have been allocated.

There is no set percentage needed to win a particular number of seats. It depends on the precise way the votes fall among the other parties. However because the Assembly has 25 members, any party that reaches the 5% threshold in the London-wide vote is guaranteed a seat. With 8% of the vote the BNP could win two seats.

The BNP is hoping to attract votes that went to the UKIP last time so every single vote for the common sense policies of the BNP is now very important. Remember almost 40% of the voters in London are the enrichers of Our Country. This is what the Marxist Searchlight is doing for the remaining True Brits in London.
The focus for much of our work has to be the BME and newly arrived communities. Most should have an intrinsic dislike of the BNP though the threat would have to be explained.

Another element of our campaign must be voter registration, particularly for the newly arrived communities from eastern Europe. This should be done in conjunction with the trade unions and linked to campaigns to improve their working conditions.
Do readers need further proof that the trade unions are working against the interests of the True British Workers?

Anyone aged 18 or over can register to vote if they live in London and are British, other EU or Commonwealth citizens. The last date for registration in time for the Assembly election is 16 April 2008.

Husky Dog

Monday, 25 February 2008

Green Arrow Forum Under attack by dead sheep

Help get this ad removed from The Green Arrow Forum

It is often quoted, that you know you are over the target when you are taking flak. Well this blog has been taking it from almost day one. But now the enemies of free speech have another target to aim at. The Green Arrow Forum. I do not mind. I welcome their attacks.

For whilst they are shooting at the Green Arrow sites, their fire-power is reduced in making up lies about the British National Party. The real Anti-Fascists, who I am more than prepared to take a few hits for.

The Urinate Against Freedom(UAF) thugs, who, alarmed at the fact that their Chairman, Ken Livingstone, the Stalinist Mayor of London may get dragged into the ongoing investigation of professional black, Lee Jasper, one of the UAF Steering Committee, have renamed themselves as "Unity", are now trying to discredit the forum and get it closed. I will not link to their lies here, because that is what they want me to do. But I will post this clip to give you an idea of how they seek to close down those who speak the truth.
Antifascists everywhere may like to join up and post away, giving the Bigot a moderating nightmare. And others may like to remind Proboards of its own terms of service:
Bring it on I say. I am used to it now. Let me suck up your time and efforts. I feed on your lies and your obscenities, they drive me on to greater efforts.

Equally alarmed at a previous article, in which I revealed that they post to papers and forums under multiple aliases, they attempt to return the volley by accusing me of the same act. Not true. For a start, I could not do such a thing. It is not in me. Second. I have no need to act in the same, false way.

They also point out that because currently, the board is provided free and displays ads for which I have no control over, they find it amusing that one of these ads is for a Muslim dating agency. Now I personally find it hilarious - I do. But thats my old service sense of humour coming through. I can laugh at the irony of it all.

But seriously now. The board should be ad free. It will cost $7 per month to do this. I am fully committed financially even for such a small amount. There is a Paypal button on the right. Please use it. There is also a method of donating as little as $1 direct to the owners of the board who will then provide me with credits. The link is on the bottom of the forum.

If you cannot donate then fine. Support the forum by joining it and contributing.

Use hotmail or google to get a private mail account so your personal identity is not known to me or others. I prefer it that way but give my word of honour that I would never reveal any personal nformation that I may learn as the admin of the forum.

Finally as a result of this post, a generous website owner has offered to provide a home for the forum to move to should it ever be required. This backup forum will be created as a background task.

David Cameron and the Holocaust

The word 'Holocaust' does not belong to the Jews.

I was just about to write a really positive item about something good happening in Our Country and then I was forced to change my mind.

First I could find no good news and secondly I found yet another article in the press attacking David Cameron, for labeling the visits to Auschwitz by school children as a gimmick.

On the first point about the good news, it is extremely depressing to discover that apart from the continued growth of the British National Party, there is nothing to write about of a positive nature.

Our Country, from which so many great inventions and ideas sprung from, now leads the world in nothing but despair and self hatred of our skin colour and history. So moving on.

Of course the governments plans for the visits to the concentration camp are a gimmick. But a gimmick with a duel purpose. The children will return with a sense of guilt and a feeling of obligation to support any actions carried out by Israel and the Jews and more shameful. Distraction.

The holocaust was a terrible time in the history of the world. The deaths of 6 million people dieing in horrendous ways is right up there with the quoted figure of 20 million people who died because of Stalin and communism. However, historians have since calculated that the true numbers killed, should be nearer 62 million.

Should we send our children to the Gulags to learn about the evil of communism? A disease still with us.

But you cannot measure such atrocities against humanity in how many died. Did the families of a tank crew, killed whilst liberating Europe grieve any less than the families of those who died in a concentration camp? Everyone loses and grieves in a time of evil.

And what about the mountains of skulls created in Cambodia by Pol Pot, another crazed communist? What about the 2 million deaths there, when another madman took his country back to Year Zero. Should we send our children to see these mountains of skulls to remind them of the evil of communism?

And then there was the genocide of the Armenians, when the Turks murdered 1.2 million, or is that figure too low to warrant a trip to those mass burial grounds by our children?

No. David Cameron, a man I personally loath, should stand his ground. This is a labour gimmick. Millions of deaths used by Labour to start an argument that detracts the sheep people from the crimes and corruption of their government. A shameful gimmick. Nothing more.


There is a poem here that you may like over at Quod in mente.


Sunday, 24 February 2008

War on the streets

When the One Worlders planned the destruction of the United Kingdom all those decades ago, I wonder if they really thought it through.

They knew of course what the dumbing down of the population would do. They knew what the exporting of jobs would do. They knew what the destruction of family values would do.

But when they planned for the flood of immigrants did they really think that through to the end?

I am sure they expected an increase in the spread of diseases such as TB and Aids, a small price to pay to destroy a proud nation. But did they think what would happen when you try to mix different cultures? Probably not. Mixing cultures is like trying to mix oil and water. It just cannot be done.

Check out this article from The Press about a pitched battle in Ravensthorpe, between a mob of Hungarian and Pakistani rioters brandishing machetes and knives.

The Police, burying their heads in the sand as usual, reported it as "an isolated incident". But that is a lie. Because last year there were similar battles but then they were between the Pakistanis and Iraqis and as an idea of who else is new in town, we have:-

"A lot of residents were scared but we have had this before involving Iraqis and Kurds. It goes on all the time."
It goes on all the time? Think about that, all you readers who continue to bury your heads in the sand like the Ravensthorpe Police and continue to vote for the Lib/Lab/con pact that is killing Our Country and your Childrens future. It goes on all the time. Bet the One Worlders never thought about that. Or did they?

Some times you just have to wonder

Sometimes I just do not understand the thought processes of some of our fellow subjects here in our wounded Country.

Every day, through sites like UKTabloid and the British National Party The Truth is put out for people to read, think about and help them form an opinion.

Look at the work done by Michael Barnbrook, a retired police officer who has worked tirelessly in exposing the corruption of the politicians who rule over us in the name of Brussels.

Not because he wanted to score political points for the BNP but because, quite simply, corruption in our leaders is wrong. It undermines what is left of our democracy.

Mr Barnbrook was instrumental in bringing down the corrupt MP Derek Conway, the man whose son, nicknamed, Queen Sloane wore a t-shirt with "F**k off. I'm rich" to a party the day the news of his fathers misdeeds broke. Rich at our expense.

Then our own intrepid searcher for the truth, revealed the shenanigans of the Speaker of the House, Michael Martin who is currently heading an inquiry into MPs' expenses. One must ask. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

The question is put to Socrates, "Who will guard the guardians?" or, "Who will protect us against the protectors?". Plato's answer to this is that "They will guard themselves against themselves. We must tell the guardians a noble lie. The noble lie will inform them that they are better than those they serve and it is therefore their responsibility to guard and protect those lesser than themselves. We will instill in them a distaste for power or privilege, they will rule because they believe it right, not because they desire it."
Well, Speaker Martin obviously did not buy into the noble lie. He is in it to fill his pockets.

So you see. The truth is out there for all those who seek it. For those who do their own research. It is like a blinding light. Unless of course you choose to be blind, like the blog writer Graham Pointer who is the one I am wondering about. He had this to say with regards to the investigation int The Speaker.
And Martion himself is under investigation by John Lyon, the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, over an alleged misuse of "Air Miles".

However, I should point out that the allegation was brought by the British National Party, who for reasons best known to themselves are making allegations left, right and centre against MPs. I am of the opinion that if an allegation is made by the BNP it should be rejected immediately. Whatever the BNP are up to, it cannot be good for the people of Britain.
Sometimes I just despair. I read once, an article by a former Russian Communist who said that the only person who really understood the truth of communism, was the one with the gun pressed against the back of his head, as he knelt before an open grave. Let us pray it never comes to that.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

I am impressed by the bravery of the enrichers

I must confess, having being filling The UK Enrichment News for some months now, with a cross section of the crimes committed by the enrichers of Our Country, nothing I have posted impresses me as much as their bravery.

In dozens of cases I have read, grown men are quite prepared to attack not just young men but even school children with odds of as low as 5 against 1. Must take a lot of courage, what if the child has a school-bag and swung it at them?

What gives them the courage to kidnap a young school boy, bundle him into a car, drive him to a secluded spot and then kick the kid half to death?

Such courage - remember there are only 5 of them

Honour. That's what. Honour. No matter the odds, this boy must pay for speaking to the female cousin of one of the five strong gang.

Only by giving the child a severe beating will their honour be restored and only by giving him a kicking will they get their sadistic kicks.

You can read the details of this gangs bravery here.

Back? Good. Now lets remind ourselves of what could have happened. Remember Ross Parker? We should. And let us never forget Kriss Donald.

Green Arrow Forum goes green

I am playing - sorry, working today on The new Green Arrow Forum. One of the comments posted was that they quite liked the new colour scheme as it reminded them of Peas and Carrots.

Which is I suppose is quite appropriate, because the sites Local Economic Activity is starting to really grow in size, as the owner of the area, loughrigg adds more articles on subjects such as tea growing, home brewing and the like.

As I said in a previous post, where I also gave instructions on setting up an online email account, for greater personal security, the site is primarily a place for BNP members and supporters.

There they are free to drop in and express their opinions on the news subject posted or anything else they wish to chat about.

But the forum is also a good place for those interested, to learn more about the British National Party to join and hopefully become aware that we are not the knuckle dragging, baby eating monsters portrayed by the state controlled press. We love our children. That is why we fight.

Today, I have added the Calendar Display option where registered members can leave information on coming events such as by-elections, Farm Day sales and any events that they wish to post.

The online chat area is an hit and miss feature at the moment, depending on how many members are using the forum at the time but I am always there for those who want to chat, ask questions or to listen to suggestions.

But a forum needs members to breath. It needs members who will contribute or like a plant without water it will wither and die. Join it and support it. It is there for you.

Now lets go see how I can get message alerts to pop up.

I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want.

Why this image? No idea. I just went with the flow

A Grumpy Old Git, has just joined the new Green Arrow Forum and made it perfectly clear what he really really wants and I am very much inclined to agree with him. No pie in the sky stuff here. Just reasonable demands that we would all expect from a "decent" government.

As far as I can see from the list posted by the Grumpy Old Git those would be demands that the British National Party would be more than happy to meet. Tidied up a bit, here they are:

  1. I want to be able to live my life without fear, oppression, discrimination.
  2. I want to expect protection from hooligans, criminals and undesirables.
  3. I want a government that will instill a culture of respect and unselfishness in the general population.
  4. I want a government that will insist on higher moral standards.
  5. I want a government that will listen to the general will of the people.
  6. Not to have my government jeopardize my safety or the environment I live in.
  7. I want a government that practices truth and honesty.
  8. I want a government that respects the rights of citizens and instructs the population to respect other people, the environment they live in, public and private property and the rights of others to have freedom of choice.
  9. I would like to see an end to minority groups of all persuasions having disproportionate influence over the silent majority. I would like to have a government that promotes morality and the Christian ethic.
  10. I want a government that governs for the whole of the country and not just the towns and cities.
  11. I want a government that recognizes that rural communities have a legitimate right to their way of life, in all aspects, and that the countryside is not a theme park for urban dwellers to exploit at weekends, or worse, open space to build on.
  12. I want a government that lets me choose how I spend my hard-earned money and not the state decide through taxes.
  13. I want this country to be governed by our government and not Brussels.
  14. I want less political correctness.
  15. I want to be dictated to less by do-gooders, health & safety freaks and other busy bodies.
  16. I want my government to interfere less in the affairs of other nations unless specifically requested by the UN.
  17. I want more efficient government with far fewer employees.
  18. I want the Regional Assemblies abolished.
  19. I want immigration controlled.
Well thats what he wants. I should imagine it is what all True Brits want. And we can have them all if we work together to get those demands met. Not sure about point 16 though. I personally have no faith in the UN but at the end of the day it is not my list.

Sorry about the Spice Girls but on down market, tabloid blogs we like to throw in a few girlie images now and again.

Friday, 22 February 2008

How the UAF create the story

The UAF are attempting to stop the BNP from speaking The Truth

For a long time now, this blog has been forced to have comment moderation enabled to prevent the obscenities that the undemocratic and Stalinist UAF post daily.

The enemies of free speech know that moderators of Free Speech blogs are unable to monitor the comments 24/7 and that most posters like to see their comments up immediately the submit button is clicked. People often go into a semi chat mode responding to each other in unmoderated forums. This cannot happen when moderation is enabled.

So fewer comments are posted, giving the mistaken illusion to those not in the know that no one is interested or supports the article that prompted the comments. That is why it is important to comment despite moderation.

With free speech silenced on the blogs, the UAF then move onto the public forums where they pose as supporters but seek to cause dissent or division amoungst the True British Patriots.

Another favourite ploy is to make extreme statements that they may then cut n paste to their own sites revealing the evil of the BNP.

To provide you with a classic example of this tactic in action I point you backwards in time to Canada where a very public enemy of free speech was caught red handed.
It also raises the question: How many other faux-racist frauds are out there? Thanks to Warman, it's a question I now think about every time a Canadian hate-speech activist or blogger publicizes an email he gets from some or other.

These poisonous messages are held up as dramatic proof that there are still plenty of Nazi types out there -- and that without hate-speech laws to shut them up, the country's gays, Jews, Black and Arabs will remain at risk of verbal assault, or worse.

But if the picking are so slim that anti-racists have slid into second careers as fiction writers, what does that say about the scale of the problem? How many of the other examples of "hate" that you see out there are similarly bogus?
And take it from me, those actions against the BNP are happening around the clock on the blogs, forums and comment sections of the News sites.

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The tolerance of the Turks

Nice legs. Shame about the bandages

Remembering that the soviet style European Union is hell bent on forming an even larger marxist style empire with the Moslem world of maniacs, it is wise to remind ourselves of what sort of people the Turks are.

The images above are of two young Turkish girls from the town of Mersin who were attacked in separate incidents with acid.

Turkey of course, likes to promote itself as a secular Country with freedom for all religions. But of course this is not the truth. There is no such thing as a "moderate muslim". They either buy the whole tin of beans or risk death.

In both attacks on the girls, groups of young men approached them from behind, commenting on the length of their skirts before spraying each girls legs with acid.

I have worked with acid. Very, very nasty stuff. The acid melted the girls stockings and then burnt deep into the flesh of their legs leaving deep lacerations.

According to the story reported here, uncovered women in Mersin are living in fear of similar attacks. The Moslems know that they cannot win over people by their arguments so they do what they also do. Seek to impose their will by terror.

Should the EU grant Turkey "membership", then millions of Turks carrying the disease of Islam will flood into Western Europe and the UK bringing their "tolerance" with them.

But OK. Enough on Turkey. So what do you think about a father who stones his 14 year old daughter to death. Talk about tough love. That happened in Iran. Details here.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

BNP - Nick Griffin on UK flag and the BNP

Chairman Nick Griffin took questions from a packed audience in Hastings earlier this week about the British flag and the way the left have accused the British National Party of appropriating it.

He dismisses this as nonsense and explains how rights should be balanced with responsibilities so that society should recognise the importance of a social order which ensures cohesion.

He also lightheartedly makes a point about the farcical pc theories which have confused the natural roles of men and women, and promptly draws laughter from the good humored audience in doing so.

OK Just one more post

I said in a previous post that local papers had discovered the magic letters of the BNP in helping to increase sales.

Here we have the Bognor Regis Observer giving a good bit of space to Nick Griffin, Chairman of the British National Party, speaking out against the proposed creation an eco-town at Ford.

The speech is Nick (Do you mind if I call you Nick?) on real fine form and there is a link to a video interview with the Chairman but I could not get it going. You might have better luck.

Then we leap over to the Huddersfield Daily Examiner, who are advertising a Dopes Don't Rate conference in Heckmondwike on March 9th. Not really worth reading but I have put it here in the hope that if one of our people goes along they might be kind enough to send me a report on the turnout, speakers and attendees.

That really is it. I really am going. See you on the Forum and try out the chat.

Is vote rigging an 'enrichment' we can do without?

Just got back after a long day and a bit tired so am going to cheat a bit and throw out a link to a news item you may find interesting.

The British National Party activists who campaign for the noble cause of saving Our Country for Our Children's future, are the most hard working of any political party. They never stop, never allow themselves to get demoralised and like the Rabbit in the battery advert, they just keep going.

And that takes some doing during an election when they know from the start that they are playing in a game with a "stacked" deck.

Ever since Labour realised that their days were numbered and decided to flood the Country with colonisers whose votes they could buy, the BNP activists have had to work doubly hard to get the maximum, True Brit vote out, to compensate for the invaders.

On top of that, Postal Voting was introduced with no real safeguards in place to ensure the voter making a X next to Liebour was indeed a legitimate voter or even a real person.

But Labour did not worry about the legality or integrity of the system. All they cared for was the vote going to them.

They did not worry too much either when their Labour party officials started trying and in some cases for sure, succeeding in rigging the results of elections. Check this out (note add to The UK Enrichment News and Liars, Buggers and Thieves) and so it is nice when they get caught with blood on their hands.

A SECOND Labour party official has been found guilty of trying to rig an election. Maqbool Hussein (52) had hoped to get himself elected in Peterborough's Central Ward in local elections in June 2004, by abusing the voting system.
Convicted of four counts of forgery by majority verdicts after a four-month trial, he was joined in the dock by disgraced former mayor Mohammed Choudhary who has already been found guilty of four counts of forgery.
And in case you think or read that Ballot rigging by the enrichers is unique to the Labour Party, then think again. Wherever you have enrichers involved in politics, you will find their enhancements.

Click here and go to The Liars, Buggers and Thieves. I have already set the Category to "Vote Rigging" so you should get a list of all their dodgy, vote winning practises that I have been able to find. So far.

If you are worried about your vote being stolen and the Government response to ballot rigging then please go here.

And that is it for the day. I need a drink.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

What is wrong with this picture?

Something not quite right

Take a look at above image, you can enlarge it by clicking on it. Use the zoom on your viewer.

What is wrong with it? Well two things that I can see straight off.

Lets make it a game. Your excluded if you live in the area and recognise the building. The flag on the left has been flying now for a couple of weeks and will be up until the end of the month.

Check on the logo on the waste bins in front of the Centre and see if you can find the council that is flying the strange flag next to the Union Flag.

What is that flag on the left? Who is it for? I'll give you a clue. The councils across Our Country use the code letters LGBT instead of the full words. Some people might find the fact that their council wastes their money in supporting groups like these a tad wrong.

If you give up or are busy you can find out the Council, the Flag and the meaning of LGBT here. Either way I will tell you what else is wrong with the image or rather the ineptness of those who work within as Councillors.

Believe it or not, there is a precedence of which flag goes where when the Union Flag, Our Flag is flown. Leaving aside the fact that I personally find the flag on the left offensive, the Council obviously do not know their Jack Staff from their jacksie. Let me remind them.

A guide to the order of precedence of more than one flag should be as follows:

(1) Union flag
(2) Any other National flag
(3) Flag of Europe
(4) Flag of England/Scotland/Wales
(5) Regional/City/County flag
(6) Corporate/House/Club/School/Organisation flag

Where there are two or more flagpoles next to each other, the home national flag should be flown from the flagpole on the left when facing a building. In the event one flagpole is taller than the other, the home National flag should be flown from the tallest.

So there you go. Our Flag should be on the left. Neither am I wild about the fact that the evil symbol of Eurabia takes precedence over that off England, Scotland and Wales. Those are proud symbols, the Eurabian rag is a symbol of oppression.

So if you live in the area why not pop in and tell them?

Nick Griffin sells local newspapers

No doubt about it. The very mention of the words British National Party sells newspapers. Mention Nick Griffin, the Chairman of the Party and sales double or at least their online visitors do.

The Hastings Observer is still running with the story of the Chairmans visit and has come back with a response from the Dhimmi Leader of the Borough Council, Someprat Pragnell who takes pride in saying:

"We have more than 90 different nationalities living here in relative harmony and it is our aim and intention to keep it that way.

"Any suggestion that we stop working with the various black and minority ethnic groups is a non-starter.

"As for the comment about removing foreign nationals to make Hastings a more attractive town to tourists, what nonsense".
Well much as Mr Pragnell would like to keep it "that way", it sadly does not work "that way". They keep coming and coming and coming. He knows this. He wants them to come. He wants their votes.

When he says working with "black and minority ethnic groups" he means, buying their votes by giving them everything they want at the expense of the True Brits in Hastings.

Well you can get that story here. Do not forget to vote on the poll on the right of the page and again leave a nice, polite comment for Cllr Pragnell.

Picking up on the realisation, that there is money to be made in using the Magic Letters, BNP. The Bucks Herald has published a story, again about Nick Griffin speaking at a meeting in Aylesbury.

The local MP and council are of course frothing at the mouth as usual.
Cllr Khan said: "It is unwelcome to have people with such unsavoury views approaching Aylesbury. I am sure they will not find Aylesbury fertile territory as Aylesbury enjoys excellent inter-cultural relations."
Anyhow let us leave the last word with the Chairman of the BNP.
I'm sure we will get a negative reaction from local politicians who do not like having a new kid on the block. Anywhere we go we have people who welcome us with open arms and other people who are already politically committed who run around kicking up a fuss saying that we are not welcome."

Marlborough, Harrow by-election 13th March

View Larger Map
There is a by-election coming up for the Marlborough Ward of Conservative controlled, Harrow Council and I am very pleased to hear that there will be a British National Party candidate standing.

The election was caused by the death of Councillor Dhirajlal Lavingia of the Labour Party. The Conservative candidate for the election is Kam Chana, who has already caused outrage among sports users who are unhappy with his support for the reduction of facilities at their leisure centre.

Let us hope that the good people of Marlborough have the sense to vote for Howard Studley, the British National Party candidate. The BNP have never been deaf to the wishes of the people they seek to represent.

The full list of candidates is as follows:-

  • Peter David Budden - Liberal Democrats
  • Kam Chana - Conservatives
  • Herbert Winford Crossman - Independent
  • James Krishna - Labour Party
  • Tony Rablen - Green Party
  • Howard James Studley - British National Party
We wish Howard and his campaign all the best. If you would like to help bring about a BNP victory in this area then please contact your local BNP Organiser.

This blog will be reporting on this by-election during the run up.

The Green Arrow Forum - Update 1

Lets talk about all of the above

Well the Green Arrow Forum as been up and running for a few days now and although membership is not growing as fast as I had hoped, it is growing and will get there.

There have also been teething problems but they have now been resolved(mostly) as I have discovered how to use the different tools available on the forum.

A couple of points about the purposes of the forum and in no particular order.

It is true that the British National Party has an excellent well moderated forum. But it is for members only (and you should be) and so this forum is for those supporters of the BNP who are not yet sure about making the step of joining. Or in fact may not be able to because of possible persecution at work.

Another purpose, is the gathering of information revealing the corruption and criminal acts carried out by our so called government and other organisations that work against the true British People.

To provide an home to all those interested in Local Economic and Community Activism. This is an open area for all to read and deals with issues such as Litter picking, checking on the elderly and the creation of Purchase groups. This is looked after by a non party nationalist.

Finally, as a courtesy to other forums, an area that they can use should their sites be down because of actions by those who would deny free speech. Hopefully it will not be used often.

Because of attacks on this forum, by those who would seek to deny the True Brits discussing their concerns, many of the areas on the forum are for registered members only.

Understandably most people are or should be concerned with giving out their personal email when registering with anyone. I assure you that I would never divulge or use any information I might learn in my position of administrator. On that you have my word.

But better safe than sorry, so I would recommend that all those wishing to register setup up alternative email accounts with either Microsoft Hotmail or Yahoo Mail. Just click on the links and follow the instructions.

Takes a few minutes, but then you will have an online mail account that you can use anywhere or give out. My email is, none but close family and friends gets my personal email address and that is the way it should be.

So visit the forum, get an overview and then register if you want to be a part of this particular community.

Normal service will now be resumed.

When two tribes go to war

It seems that one of the benefits of being a multicultural country is the fact that we have to pay for services to treat, keep and act as referees when the differing groups start beating hell into each other and in some cases, killing each other.

I do not know the full background story of how David Haynes died but I do know we are having to pay to act as referee between the Asian and Afro-Caribbean communities in Wellingborough.

A meeting between community leaders and the police was also held following David's death, to discuss community relations in the town.
It all costs and every penny spend on the enrichers of our society is a penny that cannot be spend on the treatment of our elderly and our own people in genuine need.

We can expect more of the above. A lot more.

Reclaiming a Civilization's Dreams to Save its Soul


A BRILLIANT ARTICLE on our spiritual malaise and why we must move from cultural defence to cultural attack. And why we must educate our children and re-educate ourselves in our national spiritual heritage, including our dreams and mythology - The Vision of Albion, not the prospect of Britainistan.

Reclaiming a Civilizations Dreams to Save its Soul

The surest way to destroy a people is to kill their dreams because when you destroy a people's dreams, you also destroy their sense of self-worth, their ambitions, their principles and their goals. Men and women are not animals that need nothing but survival and creature comforts, yet the surest way to destroy a people's soul is to reduce them to just that, to gluttons chasing after creature comforts and finally rats living in the walls of their own society struggling to stay quiet and survive. [COMMENT this sums up Gordon Brown's vision of Britainistan]

If you think this imagery is far-fetched, consider that it is already a reality. Where nations like America, Europe and Israel once lived by dreams of the greatness they could achieve and went out and achieved it, today they walk the edges of their own shrinking frontiers trying to understand how to justify their existence to their own people.

....The Archbishop of Canterbury accepts the inevitability of Islamic law in Britain. American pundits wonder whether America has a right to exist and puts forward three candidates who think it does not even have a right to control its own borders. Canada persecutes critics of Islam while protecting Islamic terrorists and Israel dithers in the face of Islamic terrorism from Gaza, the very territory it forcibly ethnically cleansed Jews from in order to make room for the terrorists. All across the oceans and the seas, the oasis' of civilization are faltering as their peoples bow their heads in apathy and confusion to the knife.

How did it get this way? Part of the answer is that when their dreams died, these nations dried up and became husks without the life-giving virtue of faith in their own destinies......

The human spirit by its very nature must expand or contract, seek out new horizons and broader destinies or wither and shrivel up. But there are no frontiers left and on all sides the frontiers of civilization shrink in the face of a great southern tide of immigration. The rear guard action being fought by anti-immigration and anti-Jihad activists are not nearly enough because they can never hope to rouse these nations without reviving their spirits without restoring their dreams.

How do you restore a nation's dreams? It isn't enough to shout about perils and warn about invasions, such things do not move a people that has learned to be apathetic, to grasp after a handful of material comforts and hold its place in the great bureaucratic queue that is the new place holder of civilized societies, that great endless line at which paltry social benefits are distributed and taxes are collected. And this is why conservatives who fail to articulate a national vision all too often flail about when trying to connect with voters.

To revive a nation you must give it something to believe in, something to strive for and something to truly fight for beyond survival. If you can rally a people to believe in itself again then the threat of rogue barbarians quickly becomes something petty and paltry to be brushed off. If you do not, then building tall walls and isolating yourself only walls in the rot and the declining birth rates and culture will take care of the rest, as Japan is amply demonstrating for us.

What then are these dreams that a nation must dream to truly live? There will be different opinions on this matter, but they are in the doing of great deeds, in the bending of frontiers and the transcendence of merely human limitations. Only in the shadow of heroes and great men can a civilization flourish and only a people that truly believes in its own greatness can be happy and free....

Tens of millions of young people across the world hunger for a dream and instead find only apathy and cynicism. They reach for fraudulent mockups of the real thing, for politicians who offer hopeful rhetoric and the set dressings of optimism and destiny but no true vision. When those shams stand revealed and all their allure is stripped away by betrayal and disappointment, apathy and cynicism rule in the ruined houses of their minds and spirits. They learn to distrust everything, to display contempt for their country, to believe any snide remark about their own civilization and beliefs and embrace it, thereby triumphing over the pain of their betrayal. Yet within them they still carry the flickering embers of a betrayed faith, one that now becomes displaced onto terrorists and killers.

Saving our civilizations will take more than winning an argument or ringing the warning bell, it will mean restoring a dream and raising it high so that there stands a clear choice between the appeasers and the defeatists of the status quo and those who strive to see the nation rebuilt in all its glory. Let the dream fly on the wind."

Source Sultan Knish

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Introducing the North Devon Patriot

Our Country. Don't let them steal it.

Having spend a major part of my life travelling the world and Our Country, it was nice to find, at least (to me), a new British National Party support site based in North Devon.

I spent a year or more working in Bideford and lived in Appledore. Great place, great people and great times. Though I doubt I could walk up the street in Clovelly now. Get the donkey out.

But I digress. Check out the North Devon Patriot and add them to your bookmarks. Fellow bloggers please link the site.

Today there is a very good report on the weekend efforts by BNP activists from all over the Country delivering leaflets at the "Weekend of Action".

"And gentlemen in England now abed shall think themselves accursed they were not here".

After a moment of guilt I checked out this bit:

patriot noun [C]a person who loves their country and, if necessary, will fight for it:
patriotic adj., showing love for your country and pride in it

I liked that. I also like their recruitment statement but I will let you read that yourselves.

Good Luck North Devon.

Nick Griffin in Hastings

Well the local press in the Hastings area are certainly making use of the magic letters, BNP to bring the readers to their sites. They are also on the ball inviting comments to encourage the debate to continue.

Speaking exclusively to the Observer the morning after the secret meeting, Mr Griffin denied targetting the town because of its large white working class population, deprivation and increasing ethnic diversity.

You can get the full story here and do not forget to leave a comment.