Monday, 4 February 2008

Lisa Brooksbank - Barnsley BNP

In a previous post I brought to your attention the efforts of Donna Bailey, a young British National Party activist who is standing for election to her local Parish Council this coming Thursday.

Donna was promptly dubbed The BNP' blonde bombshell and whilst I agree that Donna is an exceptionally attractive Lady, it would not be the title of my choice.

But moving on I would like to introduce those of you who do not know her, another fantastic female BNP activist and candidate for the St Helens Ward, Lisa Brooksbank of Barnsley BNP. When you have checked the link, sit back and listen to what Lisa has to say. Being an equal opportunity blog, Lisa is brunette.

Good stuff? Thought you might like it. Certainly dispels the myth of the British National Party monster.


br said...

Nice, what a wonderful, attractive, strong and proud lady.

the BNP are learning fast, they have refined their political tactics well.

with more attractive women to the fore, it really does shatter the myth of the thuggish BNP skinhead that the UAF and other undemocratic filth have relied on for so long.

i also liked the new BNP TV clip of Donna out and about campaigning as there were around another 5 beautiful women with her delevering leaflets and campaigning!

the BNP also now insist more on canvasing as well as leaflets as this gets far better results along with calling in other areas for combined teamwork help. this together with more women candidates, means the BNP machine is ready for the next level up.

we have the policies
we have the personalities
we have the tactics
we have the will

the UAF must be weeping as they know the end is in sight for them.

Nobody's lemming said...

Well well, the real face of the BNP eh?, not the face the media would like to present too often though!.

You know we could have a BNP beauty contest, and then,in a spirit of fairness and equality (no "No Platorm" here!) invite the ladies of the LibLab=Con to take part as well........Now whats that unique sound of a Harley called?, oh yes potato potato lol.

But joking apart, they are lovely ladies, and a credit to us all.