Thursday, 14 February 2008

The Green Arrow Forum

Back in February of last year, I created a forum that was called by a strange and curious coincidence, The Green Arrow.

The original purpose of the forum was to act as a repository for negative information about Islam, other political parties, political correctness, etc.

In the end I decided not to activate the Forum but mothballed it, as there were many other forums out there, that served the same purpose.

However, as a frequent visitor to Stormfront, I found it a tad frustrating to discover that the site is currently down. Therefore I have activated the site for emergency purposes so people may still quickly communicate information and news. BNP members have their own private forum but now have the choice to use a less heavily moderated site.

You must obviously register, as on all forums to post but that process is automatic and non registered user may browse at will.

The email addresses provided will be respected and will never be disclosed or used. You have my word on that. Besides you should be using homail or yahoo mail accounts for security purposes anyhow.

Moderation will only be enforced in the News Information areas and the BNP area. Elsewhere, feel free to rip each other to bits.


Sarah D said...

It would be great to have an additional forum, I have felt quite bereft (and angry) whilst Stormfront has been blocked.

The Green Arrow said...

Sarah D,

So have I. Do you have any information on why it is down?

Sarah D said...

It is due to a deliberate Denial of Service attack
by some political group who want to shut them up. It happens from time to time.

Don Black explained what was happening in his and Dr Duke's latest radio broadcast, which I think you can still download from David Duke's site.

Apparently Stormfront's enemies have tried this a few times, usually not so successfully.


The Green Arrow said...

Thank you Sarah.

I have added a Stormfront Lite section to the new forum for people do use if they wish.

Could other bloggers please promote the new forum. Thankyou.

Peter said...

In view of all the bugging and tapping news lately,I was starting to think that my computer had been blocked from getting on Stormfront. However after seeing my BNP friends last night, everyone else is being denied Stormfront also.

The Green Arrow said...

It would have helped if I had enabled registration which is now done.

The Green Arrow said...

Hi Peter, that is why I have activated this dormant forum. So that people can either use it when this kind of thing happens.

Why not join?

So far there is just one member - me:)

The Green Arrow said...

Sarah is the first official member of the forum. This is like the Magnificent Seven.
There are now two of us.

Peter said...

And now there is three, just waiting for my activation email green arrow.

Thought Criminal 14 said...

I imagine that makes me number four.

Anonymous said...

There are already forums or as well as more well known ones

Thought Criminal 14 said...

And now there's one more, which will make things more bearable should the more well-known forums be attacked again. Nice one, GA.

Anonymous said...

I shall also join the forum once i get my system sorted. Tried to register but my download is too low the engineer has called in contacted my ISP it will be sorted within a few days.