Thursday, 21 February 2008

Is vote rigging an 'enrichment' we can do without?

Just got back after a long day and a bit tired so am going to cheat a bit and throw out a link to a news item you may find interesting.

The British National Party activists who campaign for the noble cause of saving Our Country for Our Children's future, are the most hard working of any political party. They never stop, never allow themselves to get demoralised and like the Rabbit in the battery advert, they just keep going.

And that takes some doing during an election when they know from the start that they are playing in a game with a "stacked" deck.

Ever since Labour realised that their days were numbered and decided to flood the Country with colonisers whose votes they could buy, the BNP activists have had to work doubly hard to get the maximum, True Brit vote out, to compensate for the invaders.

On top of that, Postal Voting was introduced with no real safeguards in place to ensure the voter making a X next to Liebour was indeed a legitimate voter or even a real person.

But Labour did not worry about the legality or integrity of the system. All they cared for was the vote going to them.

They did not worry too much either when their Labour party officials started trying and in some cases for sure, succeeding in rigging the results of elections. Check this out (note add to The UK Enrichment News and Liars, Buggers and Thieves) and so it is nice when they get caught with blood on their hands.

A SECOND Labour party official has been found guilty of trying to rig an election. Maqbool Hussein (52) had hoped to get himself elected in Peterborough's Central Ward in local elections in June 2004, by abusing the voting system.
Convicted of four counts of forgery by majority verdicts after a four-month trial, he was joined in the dock by disgraced former mayor Mohammed Choudhary who has already been found guilty of four counts of forgery.
And in case you think or read that Ballot rigging by the enrichers is unique to the Labour Party, then think again. Wherever you have enrichers involved in politics, you will find their enhancements.

Click here and go to The Liars, Buggers and Thieves. I have already set the Category to "Vote Rigging" so you should get a list of all their dodgy, vote winning practises that I have been able to find. So far.

If you are worried about your vote being stolen and the Government response to ballot rigging then please go here.

And that is it for the day. I need a drink.


cymrubach said...

Maqbool Hussein cannot even wait till the demographic changes are in his favour. As soon as I read the article I knew we would have some foreign name on the charge sheet.

Guilty!!..Now deport him.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I got a letter delivered to my house telling me that the four of us were on the register and that I was tagged as a postal voter. Which I am.

Point is I've NEVER had a letter like that before.

Mind you, my postal vote was stolen and almost cast for me by a stranger last time. It was only my awareness of the timescales that alerted me to the fact that my postal vote had not arrived.

When I went to complain ten years ago that my postal vote against the establishment of the welsh assembly had been interfered with I was ignored.

This time they acted.

Maybe the electoral registration officers have finally realised being caught up in the tidal wave of contempt for the vote riggers isn't where you want to be.

But CHECK your mail for one of those letters and DONT chuck it CHECK it. And if the scum in your rotten borough haven't sent out a letter asking you to confirm your details, ask why. Loudly. After all, if they can do it in the rotten state of Newport, they can aford to do it everywhere.