Sunday, 3 February 2008

The Religion of Peace in action


Anonymous said...

just copied and pasted this link but my btinternet email wouldnt send it on to my contacts which is a bit weird, i sent several different emails to myself which arrived, but this link wont work. any comments anyone.

The Green Arrow said...

Anon 14:14

No ideas what the problem sorry and have not time to investigate. Am really busy at moment but will check when I can.

I wish I had gone down the club:)

bernard said...

What a shocking thing. I'm surprised YouTube passed this.
It's hell on earth; the devil & islam are walking hand in hand across the civilised world.

PaganBrit said...

Despite what proponents of the 'Religion of Peace' like to say, this sort of thing is entirely justified by the Koran. It's simply the practical application of Islamic ideology.

Anonymous said...

I've seen this one they were supposed to be gay

najistani said...

They start learning hatred of the kuffar from infancy. Take a look at this Muslim kindergarten:

No wonder Muslim schools don't want kuffar inspectors finding out what they teach.

najistani said...

Hospital porter fired in crucifix row

A HOSPITAL porter has been sacked after a row over a crucifix being covered up in a prayer room.

Joseph Protano, 54, was suspended four days after the incident last month at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, Pendlebury.

He has now been dismissed for gross misconduct, but intends to appeal.

Police quizzed him for four hours last month, on suspicion of religiously aggravated assault, but he was released without charge.

He denies the allegations and must wait to see if police take any action.

The row centres on a prayer room available to staff and visitors of all faiths at the hospital, which contains a Virgin Mary statue and a crucifix.

Mr Protano, a Roman Catholic who has worked two years at the hospital, entered the room when three Muslims were using it - two patients and a doctor.

An argument broke out after he asked them to remove a cloth covering the crucifix and statue and to turn a picture of the Virgin Mary face up.

He said he was unable to comment on his sacking as the police probe and his plans to appeal were ongoing.

But a friend said: "He was very shocked at the decision.

"He thinks he has been treated terribly.

"He loves his job and doesn't do it for the money - until recently, his employers were paying just £5.88 an hour.

"They are saying he should not have gone into the prayer room and it is alleged he used racist language, which he totally refutes.

"His pay has been stopped, even though he intends to appeal, and he has had to sign on for benefits."

The friend said Mr Protano went into the prayer room about six times a day to check the statue and crucifix were not left covered.

He said as a Christian, he felt it could be upsetting for visiting parents to find them covered up.

The case has angered many hospital staff, who think he has been treated unfairly.

Police said a file had been passed to the Crown Prosecution Service to decide on any further action.


najistani said...

"A MUSLIM fanatic is funding terrorists killing British troops in Afghanistan while SPONGING off our state benefits, the News of the World can reveal.
Gloating extremist Mohammed Nawaz Raja (above left) runs a network of door-to-door money-raisers collecting thousands for his fake ‘charity'...

Incredibly Nawaz, who owns a five-bedroom £350,00 house, is himself being funded by the taxpayer.

He pockets £250-a-week in handouts — and boasts: "I'm a British national. The government pays me to live."

And referring to his "charity" he adds chillingly: "We are supporting a lot of jihad (holy war) organisations. They need our support. They have to buy weapons!"

We nailed Nawaz, his ‘treasurer' Mohammed Shakeel Akhtar (above right), and his shifty accountant after a perilous three-month investigation by an undercover team of reporters...

He handed us leaflets—giving his NatWest bank account and details for one in Pakistan—outlining the work of his madrassa, based in Islamabad, which he said were to be handed to people on the doorstep.

Nawaz told our reporter to grow a full beard to appear more religious when knocking on doors. He then gave detailed instructions on how to raise funds and boasted of his own experience in Slough.

"In just four hours, I collected £150 pounds. If you work for four to five hours a day it is very easy."

Yet his organisation is not registered as a charity in Britain and cannot lawfully seek donations. He falsely uses the charity number 1112702, which is registered to the Thara Welfare Trust, a wholly legitimate charity based in High Wycombe, with no involvement with Nawaz or any terrorist activities...

"We have the contacts with the jihadis," he confided. "Both in Kashmir, and with Jaish-e-Mohammed."

Jaish-e-Mohammed, formed by Maulana Masood Azhar in 1994, is a banned terrorist organisation which has direct links with Osama Bin Laden.

Azhar is known to have had meetings with the Al-Qaeda terror boss. The group have been responsible for a series of bombings, and a plane hijacking, and the kidnapping of Western tourists. The group were also implicated in the brutal kidnap and murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl.

More at