Friday, 15 February 2008

Freedom of Speech and the UAF

Freedom of the Press - Click for larger image

In Nick Griffin to visit Hastings I wrote about, obviously, Nick Griffin planning to visit Hastings:) and went on to mention that the Hastings Observer had invited comments from their readers about the planned visit.

And some of the comments posted were excellent publicity for the British National Party. So good were they in fact, that I regret not having cut n pasted them. Because if you look at the image above, that is all you will now see of those comments. Check it out yourself here.

Only the British National Party has the courage to speak the truth and the truth is something the LIB/LAB/cON pact do not want you to know. Why? Because if the people really knew the truth they would rise up and burn Parliament to to ground.

Well you have a choice if your not already a supporter and member of the BNP. You can accept statements like those shown above "Comment Reported Unsuitable" or you can discover the truth by visiting the British National Party Website here.

Update 20:45
I thought I would try an experiment and it was as I guessed. The "deletions" were triggered automatically by a reader complaining. This causes the suspension of the post until a human being checks out its contents.

The one post shown, if you enlarge the image, has now gone having been reported as unsuitable by myself.

No this is more in line with the work of the Unite Against Freedom(UAF) mob. In recent days there have been attacks against forums including this sites new forum. They are starting to panic.

Update 23:39

Well it is fairly obvious where the Hastings Observer stands on this story and as you probably guessed, it is not with the British National Party. Check this later story out.

Michael Foster MP, who last year slammed the BNP candidates as "Hitler clones," said: "Hastings has been welcoming visitors since 1066 but this is one who is certainly not welcome."

Cretin. Obviously the product of a New Labour Edukation. In 1066 men died trying to stop Our Land being invaded. They certainly did not invite them over and then pay for them the way our Dhimmi masters do now.

Our friends from the UAF are still removing the posts of pro BNP supporters in their continued attempts to deny the British Public the right to learn the truth. They might as well try and stop the tide coming in.

Do not forget to Vote in their Is Nick Griffin welcome poll. Results look a bit dodgy to me and I suspect have been hacked to fit.


Mr Cognisant said...

Sir; we have no freedom of speech in this country and perhaps, in modern times at least, we never have.

BFB said...

GA, I saw the original article and the comments, the only reason I didn't post the story is because you had already done it. There were many good comments regarding the BNP and all have now been censored. It doesn't stop there: a follow up article has been published

again comments have been deleted!

Welcome to Britanistan!!

Sarah D said...

If this isn't proof that Britain is under ideological seige I do not know what is. We live in an Aldous Huxley novel.

The Green Arrow said...

Anon: I respect your wish not to post your comment and will see what I can do.

Thank you for the link.