Friday, 15 February 2008

Rioting in Denmark unreported in the UK Press

The riots which started six nights ago (Feb. 9th) in Nørrebro have spread out to the rest of Copenhagen and other cities around the country (see Google map of the fires). Witnesses in one case described the rioters as "second genreation immigrants". The riots included burning cars and trash containers, throwing molotov cocktails at schools and municipal buildings, and throwing stones at police and emergency services. I will not be listing every car set aflame, but I try here to give a general overview of what's been happening, as reported in Denmark's major newspapers.

Schools in and around Copenhagen were the target of molotov cocktails Thursday night. The worst hit was the Værebroskolen in the Copenhagen suburb of Bagsværd, where ten classrooms were burned down. The fire brigade was called in to deal with at least 20 fires in the city. Berlingske Tidende offers a picture gallery of the fires in Greater Copenhagen.

Police are being accused of using racist language against immigrant-background youth during the recent nights of unrest in inner Nørrebro. There are complaints of needless ID checks. Social workers were also accosted by the police and treated harshly. One of them reported that though he showed his ID, he was searched and forced to take down his pants.

There were disturbances in other parts of Denmark as well. North-Zealand police received reports of 7-8 cars burning in Kokkedal in the evening. Later the situation escalated with container and car fires in Farum and Birkerød, all in North-Zealand. The police don't know the motive behind the attacks but say the rioters are clearly inspired by the exposure in the media.

In Aarhus there were also riots, concentrated around Brabrand, but there also cases of container fires in Risskov and Viby. One person was arrested for throwing stones at the police.

During the Friday prayers imams in Aarhus and Copenhagen will be urging young Muslims to stop the violence and riots.

Sources: Berlingske 1, 2, 3; Politiken 1, 2, 3; Nyhedsavisen (Danish)

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Britain First said...

I wrote a small piece about this today. I've yet to see BBC News 24 make any mention of it, and Five Live haven't mentioned a word either.

But of course, we wouldn't want to see Muslims portrayed in a negative light now, would we?

gatesofvienna said...

I also sent the same report to talksport radios jon gaunt a man that likes to potray himself as a friend to true Brits.
But due to the fact his words are cheap his wages high he could not give a toss he like most wealthy folk plan to get out when the trouble kicks off.

The bbc radio 4 and 5 live have also received the report their censorship is to be expected after all they keep stum about the massive threat to us all in the EU/ARAB AXIS.

Their bias knows no bounds. they fail to mention also their web page was collecting for Barack Obama so he must be muslim.

While we have rapes. killings. babarism on our streets yesterday the coverage given to smashed windows in the building dedicated to steven lawrence was a disgrace.
While'st nobody should be killed on our streets steven's death compared to the likes of Kriss Donald's torture and hours of pain carried out by muslims hardly gets a mention.
Their bias is more than likely the reason the windows were smashed.

The Saudi arms deal that Blair ended the investigation into.
We now learn that the Saudi prince used blackmail. either cancel the investigation or we shall allow suicide bombers into the uk.
The prince also received his Jizra tax one billion pounds.
Saudis we are told are our friends?


Anonymous said...

Yea I read about this on Awaiting A Western Renaissance will it stop

Anonymous said...

Look what is being done in name of the "religion of peace"!
WARNING, this is particularly shocking and disgusting
Taliban boy cuts head of US spy.