Saturday, 16 February 2008

Three magic letters to motivate your local council

The three magic letters

I will not bother digging for the links to support this article. Regular readers will know from previous posts that what I write on this subject is the truth.

The three Magic Letters I refer to are BNP. If you have a problem with graffiti or crime in your street, just write your local council a letter saying you are going to contact the BNP and ask for their help and the Council will swing into action, after first cleaning themselves up after wetting themselves.

We have had reports of areas receiving extra policing, public places cleaned up and graffiti removed in record time just at the mention of these Magic Letters. Try it.

Look at the latest piece of panic by Dagenham Council when Cllr Richard Barnbrook was warned that British National Party community activists should not remove graffiti as it "contravened the constitution".

Cllr Barnbrook, who is also the British National Party candidate for London Mayor, has been removing graffiti in his ward for the last 4 years at the request of local people. Can't imagine Red Ken getting down and getting dirty, can you?

However the council did say this;
"As a direct response to residents' concerns about graffiti, the council has expanded its graffiti service and there are now three teams dedicated to removing graffiti from the borough."
Residents concerns my ass. It was the magic letters at work again. BNP.

The Tri-Axis councillors of the Lib/Lab/con pact do nothing for no one except themselves. Bin collections cut to once a fortnight. Public Lighting switched of at night and services cut whilst their expenses and perks increase.

Now worried by the increasing support the British National Party is gaining they are now trying to shut the stable door and win back support before the elections. But too little, too late. The horse has bolted and the truth is out. If people want things done they know who to call on. The BNP.

If that is the power of just three letters, then just imagine what a BNP controlled council could do for your area. The BNP are the people and the people are the BNP. Be a member. Be a community activist and help save your area and your country for your children.


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I put a comment on the page you linked to about Richard Barnbrook, praising his actions. It was removed a while later by persons unknown. Obvious "not in the best interests" of the readers! So much for "free speech".