Thursday, 21 February 2008

OK Just one more post

I said in a previous post that local papers had discovered the magic letters of the BNP in helping to increase sales.

Here we have the Bognor Regis Observer giving a good bit of space to Nick Griffin, Chairman of the British National Party, speaking out against the proposed creation an eco-town at Ford.

The speech is Nick (Do you mind if I call you Nick?) on real fine form and there is a link to a video interview with the Chairman but I could not get it going. You might have better luck.

Then we leap over to the Huddersfield Daily Examiner, who are advertising a Dopes Don't Rate conference in Heckmondwike on March 9th. Not really worth reading but I have put it here in the hope that if one of our people goes along they might be kind enough to send me a report on the turnout, speakers and attendees.

That really is it. I really am going. See you on the Forum and try out the chat.


Anonymous said...

try the video again GA it was fantastic, it was like a party political broadcast.

i cant quite believe it got through!

Anonymous said...

A truthful and very effective message from Nick.
Yes BNP TV we need much more of this.