Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Bins, barcodes and Brown

Come on the BNP. Let us start our own recycling rounds and damn the councils

Despite the wishes of their electorate, over 170 councils have now scrapped weekly bin collections and rubbish piles and rats are now free to multiply for a fortnight or longer.

Now the councils would have you believe that this is done in order to make people recycle more waste. More spin and more lies.

There is a grain of truth in that statement but only a grain. The true reason is that the councils are getting increasingly desperate to find more ways of squeezing the last drop of blood money from their ever suffering ratepayers.

And why do they need this money? Not for services, that is for sure. It is to fund their managers huge salaries and the massive, ever increasing bills for funding the inflation proof pensions for all the politically appointed non jobs disguised under names such as outreach workers for gays, lesbians, immigrants whose true jobs are to support the Lib/Lab/con pact parties as activists.

That is the true reason. And now in order to squeeze the public purse even tighter they are arranging for wheelie bins to be bar coded so automatic fines of £100 can be send out to those who might put out too much refuse.

Another thing you should consider is the money the councils make from recycling. It is big business these days with decent sums of money being paid out by companies for tins, cans, glass, newspaper, cardboard and cooking oil.

So there you go. If any senior BNP guys read this blog, why not think about recycling in your regions. 60 crushed beer cans come to about a kg in weight and can be sold for around 60p. Arrange collections in your area. The people I am sure would rather fund a patriotic party then a self seeking council. I shall do my bit by increasing the amount of cheap lager I drink in my lonely world.

But the problems that councils are having with finding the money to pay pensions is also magnified on a national level. In this post, I revealed how many people now work directly for the government. Jobs created to buy Labour votes. Read it and wonder at how much that little lot costs the ever dwindling band of real producers in the country.

So the unelected Prime Minister needs money to retain power. He has stolen our old pension money and as sold of our gold reserves to prop up the euro. A currency that will one day be as valuable as the Old Confederacy Dollars. Worth nothing and our gold gone to buy the Lib/Lab/con politicians a few more years in power.

And now with the British National Party on the rise and their cash tap called the honours list gone they are now about to make the public pay for political party funding. You can bet they will try to find a way to exclude the BNP.

I wont go into that story (but please read the link) as I have to do some data input work on the Liars, Buggers and Thieves blog that I have now take over from the Bournemouth Nationalist who is going to be busy elsewhere. He has done a great job and I know we all wish him well.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

X Factor star in knife gang shock

Ahhh. Look at the kids playing.

X Factor star Emily Nakanda has been caught up in a knife gang row. Why are some of us not surprised.

Sweet Child

The X factor finalist, 15, is seen apparently threatening to cut out a boy's eyes in a shocking video that has appeared on YouTube which has now been removed with the following message replacing it.

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Fremantle Media

Why they find the video shocking, I am not to sure. After all knives and guns are just part of some sections of the communities culture.

I wonder who owns Freemantle Media? Oh thats right. They are the production company responsible for the X-Factor. How convenient. Convenient but a little too late.

The youngster, who for some reason captured the hearts of the show's judges Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne and Dannii Minogue might remember to make sure there are no cameras around the next time she wishes to remove someones eyes.

The Freedom of the bog

Personally I would much prefer to S**t on it then sit on it.

You thought I meant blog did'nt you? No, I said bog and I mean bog.

The Italians, who you remember are famous for inventing a tank that went faster in reverse then forward have caved into the Cult of The Dead Paedophile and prevented the sale of toilet seat covers that are covered in the ramblings of the greatest turd of all, Mohammad (may he rot in hell). Whats their book called? Ah yes, I remember the Crapon or is it Quran?
Following Muslim complaints, police raided the four braches of the company in the town of Latina, 60km south of Rome, and seized 2,000 such pieces on sale.
Italy has over a million mad cult colonisers polluting their land and as usual they are offended, outraged and ready to riot. Go ahead. Burn Rome. If that is what is needed to wake up the World to the evil of Islam, burn Rome. Make our day.

If you want freedom in the Bog then start thinking about the real Freedom Party - The British Resistance - The one and only British National Party.

BNP man accepts invite to become Parish Councillor

The British National Party has gained its first council seat in Cumbria.

Nigel Williamson has been co-opted on to Broughton Moor Parish Council. Nice one Nigel.

Parish council chairwoman Cath Ferguson said she was aware of his political ties before he was invited to take up his seat.

Now the Tri-Axis parties that make up the Lib Lab Con pact will say. "So what. It is just a parish council". But that is because they are stupid.

The message is plain to see in the chairwoman's statement that she was aware of Nigel's political ties and still invited him to take up his seat.

The British People have began to finally realise that the British National Party is not the monster it is made out to be by the globalist controlled main stream media.

What will be even more worrying for the marxists is the feedback they are getting from their more responsible activists that the BNP people are in fact decent people with a genuine care for the communities they live in.

It will not be long now before many decent councillors from the old guard start to realise that their parties no longer speak for them or are even closely related to the parties that they originally joined.

When they do realise the truth, there will homes for them within the growing family of the British National Party.

Austrian billboards display sayings of Dead Paedophile

Austria has always identified with fascist movements

Austria appears to be begging its true citizens to become vandals by allowing the rantings of the Dead Paedophile (may he rot in hell) to be displayed on 426 electronic, lightening and moving billboards in 12 Austrian cities.

This is what some of the dumb Dhimmi morons are saying about the vomit displayed.

"In a world governed my materialism, the needy yearn for someone to extend a caring hand to help make ends meet," Katherina Ladsttter, a student, told
"The spread of good words in society, regardless of their source, promotes social solidarity and helps offer disadvantaged people a chance for a dignified life." said Max Schuler, an academic and asshole.

Austria which has over 400,000 cultist colonisers now firmly embedded in its flesh has acknowledged that Islam is now recognized as the second religion of the their dieing Country.

The rantings are due to stay up on the green background billboards for at least two weeks and cost over e60,000 and was paid from by Moslem groups.

One thing revealed in the article, is the scale of the assault on Western Europe and the forces arraigned against the white, host populations. Consider the next statement that was reported.
pointed out that they received positive responses from all Muslim congregations in the country and particularly received special thanks from Arabs, Bosnians, Macedonians, Bangladeshis, Austrians and Pakistanis.

Well their writings may be on Austrian billboards but the writing is clearly on the wall for us here in Our Country. If the British National Party do not wake the people then the sheep will die in their sleep and take us and Our Children with them.

Monday, 29 October 2007

Muslim Awareness by Najistani


I'm surprised the BNP aren't drawing the public's attention to the way that the two main parties are being infiltrated and subverted by Muslims. Here are a few examples of sedition and treason prospering under the protection of Political Correctness:

"TWO Labour Asian peers called yesterday for Salman Rushdie to be stripped of police protection, claiming that he was obsessed with self-publicity to the point of flaunting his new relationship with a model. They said it was time Jack Straw, the Home Secretary, removed the round-the-clock Special Branch protection that Mr Rushdie still received, which is estimated to cost taxpayers up to £1 million a year. Lord Ahmed and Lady Uddin, both Muslims, said the author of The Satanic Verses was hooked on publicity "whether it's with a model or saying his life is in danger" and the money would be better spent providing more police for everyone else.

OK These Muslim peers aren't actual terrorists, but they do seem to be acting as facilitators.

Then there's the case of the Muslim MP who objected when he was searched at an airport:

Britain's first Muslim government minister said he was "deeply disappointed" Monday after his luggage was searched for explosives at a United States airport as he returned from official talks.

Malik, who said the same thing happened to him last year at JFK airport in New York, added that he had received apologies from the US authorities following the incident. He said he was stopped along with two other Muslims -- "the other two were black Muslims, both with Muslim names," he said. Malik, 39, was elected as a MP in 2005 and became a minister in Prime Minister Gordon Brown's government in June.

Yeah, he's got a Muslim name alright. His given name 'Shahid' is a variant spelling of 'shaheed' which means 'suicide terrorist' in Arabic . So with a name like that he certainly seems to come from a sinister family background. Obviously the security guys are targetting travellers with a terrorist profile, though no doubt the Muzzies would rather they were strip-searching Quaker toddlers (in fact, the Muslims would probably like to do that job themselves).

If Labour has been infiltrated and subverted, then the Tories are no better. To quote Cranmer " The Conservative Muslim Forum, a body established by Michael Howard and supported by David Cameron to advise the Conservatives on Muslim issues, has articulated some of its policy demands. In summary: Iran has a right to nuclear weapons, the Party should cease its support for Israel, a compulsory history curriculum in schools should give ‘full recognition to the massive contribution that Islam has made to the development of Western civilisation’, and preachers who advocate a rejection of democracy and its institutions should not be denied entry into Britain. They even support al-Qaradawi’s message of ‘gay-hate’.

Are these Muslims really Conservatives, or are they plants intent on subversively undermining the Party’s liberal foundations and Judaeo-Christian heritage? "

C.A. Moron said that the term ‘Islamic’ or ‘Islamist’ terrorism is a form of ‘racism or soft bigotry’ and that those who employ such terms help do the terrorist ideologues’ work for them, confirming to many impressionable young Muslim men that to be a ‘good Muslim’, you have to support their evil campaign. On Planet Cameron, the phrases ‘Islamic’ or ‘Islamist’ terrorism are to be expunged from the lexicon. All this despite the fact that Mohammed himself said "I have been made victorious with terror"

And then there's C.A. Moron's protege, Sayeeda Warsi. According to the London Times, Warsi described the government’s anti-terror proposals as “enough to tip any normal young man into the realms of a radicalized fanatic.” She also wrote that “if terrorism is the use of violence against civilians, then where does that leave us in Iraq?”

In a BBC-reported press conference outside Downing Street in 2005 just days after the 7/7 bombings, Warsi urged the British government to engage with Islamic extremist groups:

We must engage with, not agreeing with, the radical groups who we have said in the past are complete nutters. We need to bring these groups into the fold of the democratic process. As long as we exclude them and don’t hear them out, we will allow them to continue their hate. It may not achieve results immediately, but it may stop the immediate violence.

Warsi also dismissed the idea that pressure should be placed upon British Muslims to root out extremists within their midst, commenting that “when you say this is something that the Muslim community needs to weed out, or deal with, that is a very dangerous step to take.” .... She has also made a series of other controversial foreign-policy statements in recent years, on issues ranging from Hamas to Kashmir. In a January 2006 BBC Any Questions? debate, Warsi welcomed the election of Iranian-backed terrorist organization Hamas, a brutal movement officially proscribed as a terrorist group by the British government. Hamas murdered 377 Israelis in 425 terrorist attacks between September 2000 and March 2004, including 52 suicide attacks.

Warsi has also entered the fray over the highly sensitive issue of Kashmir and, according to the Press Association, suggested in a July 2005 BBC One Politics Show interview that new antiterror laws should not prevent support among Britons for “freedom fighters” in Kashmir. Comparing Islamic rebels in the disputed province with Nelson Mandela and the ANC, Warsi observed that:

It is hard to see how such extreme views will actually enhance “community cohesion” in Britain’s inner cities, and it is difficult to think of a more explosive issue than Kashmir in fomenting tensions between British citizens of Pakistani and Indian origin.

As Britain faces a mounting terrorist threat in the coming months from al-Qaeda-linked Islamic terrorist groups, it is imperative that leaders across the political spectrum unequivocally condemn all forms of terrorism, whether it be in London, Kashmir or the Palestinian territories. At the same time they should refuse to engage with or appease radical groups that have sympathies for terrorist groups and the use of violence. If Britain is to win the war against Islamic terrorism, there must be a united front in defeating the greatest threat to national security since the Second World War.

Posted by najistani to Home of the Green Arrow at 29 October 2007 22:50

Sutton-In-Ashfield West by-election 1st November

Nick Griffin - Leader of The British Resistance

By all accounts, the Marxist trade unions of GMB, NUM, Amicus and Unison are spending a small fortune of their members money in blanket leafleting in advance of the Sutton by-election in order to "give the BNP a trouncing". The candidates are as follows:-

  1. LD (Fiona Asbury)
  2. LAB (Kier Barsby)
  3. BNP (Michael Clarke)
  4. CON (Michael Peter Laing Halls)
  5. GRN (Mark Harrison)
  6. IND (John Ross)

The British National Party has made a post giving background information that you can read by clicking here.

Blair clone Cameron hopes to woo the disillusioned traditional conservative voters by playing the race card. A dangerous play these days as it may just remind the voters that only a few weeks ago he was saying that immigration was great for the country. It may also remind the voters that only the BNP has consistently been warning about immigration for decades.

So if you live in the area, I am sure any and all assistance would be welcome.

Campaigners call for closure of detention centre

Yeah right. Do these look like True Brits to you? Deport them as well.

For once I am in agreement with The Voice and Emma Ginn, the co-ordinator of Anti-Deportation Campaigns who want the Yarl's Wood immigration Removal centre closed down.

But for different reasons. They want it closed down because they feel that the people there who are awaiting deportation should actually be allowed to stay in Our County.

I want it closed down because it costs £1230 of taxpayers money to keep each of the 400 inmates per week.

Conditions there are so horrific or so they would have you believe with rapes happening almost daily, lack of expensive interpreters and some of their legal aid solicitors demanding money that you would think they would be pleased to leave this terrible land that is Ours. But no. They want the gravy that you and I pay for.

I wonder what the real cost of running the place actually is with regards to all the extras required to keep them there. As well as the rebuilding of the place after they rioted and burned it down the last time when one of them was physically restrained. For what one wonders?

Yep. Deport them all and close the place down. But DNA them all first so they can never ever return. Don't hold out much hope of that though. They have enlisted the help of our real masters. The European Court of Human Rights.

Christian Council of Britain

Sometimes as a Christian you think that your priests and preachers are so removed from reality and the teachings of The Bible that you wonder why they even entered the Church let alone thought they were fit people to guide others.

Well OK, they may have betrayed you and turned you away from Your Churches Door but when one door shuts the Lord will open another. Check out the Christian Council of Britain. The site appears to be still under development but I do believe that these people are the true Christian Crusaders we need now. There is a nice background song that you can either turn off or down on the front page.

We wish them well and pray for their success.

Islam is a Religion of Peace

Click for larger image

Pale, Male and stale

Harriet Harman(left) and Hazel Blears

Those two poor sad bovines, Harriet Harman and Hazel Blears, both suffering from mad cow disease have shown what they think of democracy and the best person for the job.

Announcing that the government has set up yet another tax eating commission. This time it is one to encourage women councillors from the so called - ethnic minorities. Now the majority in many council wards.

Harman said:
"Traditionally people have seen being a councillor as a white middle class hobby for men.

"The 2.3 million black, Asian and ethnic minority women in the UK make a great contribution to our society and economy and we need them to be represented at every level of our democracy from magistrates and councillors in their local communities to MPs at Westminster."
As a white man, I find the statement that white male councillors do it for a hobby just a tad offensive. This may be true of those in the Labour Party but browsing through the Liars, Buggers and Thieves site, Labour Councillors also seem to be in it to line their pockets with rate payers money.

In the original release that has now been, surprise surprise, edited she also said that too many councillors were "Pale, male and stale". Although they have not yet edited the caption from under her image. So be quick and you might still view it.

The British National Party Councillors are far from Pale, Male and Stale. In fact they are the business, because unlike the Lib Lab Con Councillors they seek to serve others and not themselves.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Exeter University and the BNP

Exeter's answer to a counter argument

Exeter University have organised a debate. Well not so much a debate as a kangaroo court for Friday 2nd of Novermber.

The motion of the fake debate is grandly titled "This house believes the BNP should have the right to express their views on university campuses".

Daryl Scatcherd's (Debating Society President) has stated that the event will be a debate on the issue of "Freedom of Speech" but he is hoping you could debate the reasons why people like the BNP should not be given the same rights as others when it comes to university education."

Mike Ions blog contacted Exeter to see which BNP spokesperson has been invited but surprise, surprise. The answer is none. This is Exeter's reply.


No member of the BNP has been invited to speak at any event. We are hosting a debate with the motion "this house believes the bnp should have the right to express their views on university campuses" and we have asked Unite Against Fascism to come and make a case against members of the debating society of whom believe freedom of speech should be absolute in a tolerant and free society such as ours.

Some debate. Some Freedom of Speech.

As we all know, Urinate Against Freedom (UAF) is funded by marxist trade unions, The Respect/SWP Party (now falling apart) and the Muslim Council of Great Britain. They have no official standing and do not put forward candidates in elections. Such is their love of democracy and freedom.

Their other claim to fame is kicking over tables and spending the night in cells. You can identify them by their smell and the frothing of the mouth as seen here.

Nick Griffin at Clemson

This clip is about an hour long but well worth the listen. I think if those who scream racism every time they hear the words BNP and Islam in the same sentence might actually have a change of heart were they to listen to this clip.

I think this is Nick Griffin at his best. So this being a Sunday. Pour yourself a tea or coffee and sit down and listen to the truth.

Pro Referendum Rally and SIOE Reports

Nothing to see here. Move along

Was there a rally? I don't know. I cannot find anything on the news sites, on the blogs or in the forums despite hunting all night.

Wait I tell a lie, I found this snippet over on Brits at their Best, so if you were hoping for a full blown match report, it seems, that like me you will have to wait and depend upon the kindness of strangers to post something in the comments section.

David left his garden and his daughter, and went to Westminster to attend the pro-referendum-pro-freedom rally.

He reported that the numbers were small - educated and aroused citizens apparently being in short supply these days - but the speeches were terrific.

(The speakers included Nigel Farage, Daniel Hannan, and Roger Helmer.)

I guess that the British people will see off the EU, but they have never responded to previous crises with any alacrity, and seem unlikely to make an exception in this case. Whether this languor could be described as a virtue is debatable.May your week be good.

So that is all I could get after hours and hours of surfing the web. Total frustration.

If the main stream news will not disseminate information then it is left to the forums and blog sites to get the information out. And we can only do this if we get information in. So far we have none. If any readers did go could you please post a report on either of the events mentioned.

Those interested in how the SIOE protest went, can read about that thanks to the excellent A Tangled Web.


The following was posted by thetruemerlin over on the SF Forum. He makes a good point.

To answer your question. YES there was a rally but the turn out WAS pathetically small ( about 3 to 400 by my reckoning ). However, despite the low numbers. Never before have I seen such a colusion of differing political agendas coming together under one banner to speak out against a single issue. It really was quite remarkable.

Although the overall afternoon wasn't so bad. I can't help but feel overly disappointed by the whole affair. Simply because of the dismally low turn out. It seems that the EU just isn't an important issue with the British public. Why it isn't? I cannot even begin to guess. My only fear is that most folk will only wake up this very major threat, when it has become far too late to do anything about it. It does seem that intelligent educated people ARE in short supply in this land.

So where were you? Infact, Where were any of you? Out of all the people that come on here and rant their self righteous drivvel. And appear to be oh so concerned about the fate of our nation. That when it comes to a time of need, when numbers DO matter...That only SIX can be bothered to attend! What does that say about the nature of the people that write on here. My apologies if you were unable to attend because of work commitments, illness and such. But to anyone else. YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE!!!!!!

So many thanks to JB, WL, BP, GWS and TT ( The ones who have the courage to back up their words and show true concern for this mess of a country ). I salute you. The rest of you. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER. GET ORGANISED. And when there is a next time, and there will be a next time...BE THERE!

The government must've been p*ssing themselves at us yesterday. Next time that smirk must be wiped from their arrogant faces..... Only increased numbers will do that. So what are you lot going to do?

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Brussels Is to Learn the Power of the Turks

The Brussels Journal is advising people to stay away from the Brussels neighbourhoods of St Joost and Schaarbeek today.

They believe that there is going to be a major demonstration by Turks with upwards of 10,000 mad moslems loose on the streets. This demonstration is likely to coincide with another demonstration by their local Kurdish Community. Nothing like importing a war to pass away a quiet weekend.

Both these demonstration have been banned by the police but we shall have to see what notice the followers of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile take of the laws of a country they are in the process of colonising.

Word on the street, it seems, is that Brussels is about to learn the power and discipline of the Turkish people. May God forgive me but I hope the turnips burn the city to the ground. Perhaps then the British people will wake up to the danger that threatens the future of our children from allowing the Cult of Islam to flourish in Our Country.

This is the score so far.

The Daily Mirror reveals the truth

The Mirror. A rag wrong on everything

For once the Daily Mirror has printed the truth and I think I had better copy the whole shooting match in case they do a BBC and delete it when they realise what they have done.

Posted by Kevin Maguire on 26 Oct 2007 at 12:58

Gulp. One in the eye for the odious BNP in this town council by-election in Essex but the racists came perilously close.

Their candidate was pipped by just 18 votes in Waltham Abbey, and is further evidence, if any were needed, of the rise of the extreme right.

Incidentally I hear good things of Eric Pickles, the Tory Shadow Secretary for Communities and Local Government.

The Conservatives won this council seat, but Labour MPs of my acquaintance report that if the Cons aren't standing in an area where they've little chance but the BNP's a threat, one call to Pickles and he ensures the Tories are on the ballot paper.
As you can see they will work together in order to prevent democracy breaking through in the shape of the BNP. Stop letting them use you.

Irregardless of what the ordinary activists and supporters of both Labour and Conservative might think, they are both now effectively the same party and only exist to give the voters the illusion of democracy.

In fact we live in a rotating Dictatorship where the political leaders take tries and turns in carrying out the wishes of their real masters in Brussels in return for the obscene amounts of tax payers money they can then consume. For this, they betray their country and fellow True Brits. For this treason these politicians will one day be brought to justice.

You might like to check out the rag Mirrors views on Our Servicemen here. If you are a Mirror reader then shame on you.

Friday, 26 October 2007

I really dont care any more

I don't know about you but I really have had a gut full of the collapse of our society and am fast getting to the stage that just says "Bring it on and do your worse. For I shall do mine".

It is a drip, drip, drip process of reading about the snout in trough antics of our politicians and little things like Muslim prisoners in Leeds Prison threatening to sue a prison for up to £2 million pounds compensation because they were offered ham sandwiches during Ramadan. Some poor white pensioners cant afford ham you pathetic pieces of dog excrement. Every prisoner now costs £36,000 a year to keep in jail and the jails are fully of Muslim filth.

None of them were actually given ham but they were given the wrong menu which had ham listed on it but this menu was changed as soon as the followers of the dead paedophile started crying, screamed the place down and again are deeply offended.

Well I say sod them and the plane they flew in on. Once their sentences are completed these pieces of filth from half way around the world should be deported.

If you want a return to sanity they you really had better start supporting the only hope that you and your family have. The British Resistance that we call The British National Party.

Muslims Riot In Amsterdam and Brussels

Like it or not you will have to face them one day

So what is the date now? The 26th of October. So lets see, the mad moslem riots that started in Amsterdam have been going on since the 14th. !2 nights of riot, burning cars and violence on the streets. Seen anything on the news? No. Me neither.

And what kicked it of this time? Well this time they do seem to have some justification. Justification that is, if you are completely barking mad and your brain eaten away by some mad disease called Islam.

The violence and madness are a response to the death of Bilal Bajaka, a 22-year-old ethnic Moroccan with extremist ties who was shot dead after repeatedly stabbing two police officers in the breast, face, neck and back. The riots “aim to drive the police from Slotervaart and turn the neighborhood into a new no-go area—yet another pocket of Eurabia on Europe’s soil,” the Brussels Journal reports.

And over in Brussels, the carpet eaters are also rioting on the streets and and the blood red flags of Turkey with the killer Crescent are everywhere. And why are they rioting against the country that took them in and fed them? To be honest. It does not matter anymore why they riot. They are insane. There can be no peace between us. Only walls and wire. But first we must prepare for the rivers of blood.

Brussels - One day we will have to fight or surrender

You might care to read this article here and also this one here.

When push finally comes to shove, I am glad that I will have the family and friends of the British National Party to stand with. Who will you stand with?

Muslim officers will fight Islamaphobia

The force with the force.

We had better wake up quick, because the Enemy is not at the Gates, he is in the castle and attacking our way of life.

Now I am not sure why Manchester needs to provide funds for the Greater Manchester Muslim Police Association, but I do know one thing. These Muslim Police Officers will not be loyal to the Crown or the Community they are supposed to serve. In fact do you think that a White Christian Police Association be allowed to exist? Of course not. It would offend the followers of the Dead Paedophile.

And the purpose of this tax eating monster? Not to protect the public but to assist them in their mad religious beliefs.
"Our aim is to assist Muslims in the police service to observe their faith, and to promote understanding of Islam within Greater Manchester Police so we can help better serve the wider community."
Check out the kind of crap they will be dealing with.

"For example, a recruitment officer contacted me a few weeks ago enquiring about a Muslim trainee who was about to take some physical tests whilst fasting. The officer wanted to know whether it was fair to let the trainee take part in tests.
Of course I explained it will be difficult as the trainee would not have eaten or drank anything and may feel tired."
"We also get called by officers who may be visiting a Muslim household and they want to know about the etiquettes of entering the house and we are on hand to explain to them."

If you want to be policed by your own people rather than those of the colonizers, then first you must help the British National Party reclaim Our Country. Your choice.

Remember this story when one of the cults followers refused to shake hands with her new boss because he was a man.

Or this story here when another mad turnip refused to carry out his duty on moral grounds.

Waltham Abbey Honey Lane ward by-election(epping forest)

Every vote really counts

The rise of the British National Party continues with Peter Cooper and his activists coming a very close second to the bed wetting Tories and thrashing the Lib Dem and Labour parties into 3rd and 4th place respectively over in Epping Forest.

  • Tories 299 (30.4%)
  • BNP 281 (28.5%)
  • Lib Dem 274 (27.8%)
  • Labour 131 (13.3%)
It was a close run thing and there will other close races like Abbey Honey, all over the country in the coming weeks, months and years. That is why it is important for people like you, who care about their country to join the BNP and get the message to those people who still continue to vote for the Tri-Axis of evil parties because they do not yet know the danger their country and future is truly in. We need people like you to tell them.

Thursday, 25 October 2007


There is only one political party now, that can save not just the wildlife but also Our Children's future and that is the British National Party. If you have any pride or respect, you must join them in the struggle to keep Our Country in trust for Our Children. You can sign up here.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Suffer Little Children

There appears to be doubts about the authenticity of the above images. However nothing the mad moslems do surprises me. Check out these following links which are 100% genuine and reveals their madness.

Hat tip: Jim

Is British aggression towards Muslims a fact of life?

A Dhimmi fool listens to the Mad March Moslem Hare

Mad as a March Hare. Who? The mad moslem who has just posted an article here that he thinks will make the True Brits will roll over like some dog and believe that black is white and white is black.

Why not go check it out and put the poor guy straight.

We can never life in peace in Our Country so long as Islam remains locked in the past and takes as gospel the ramblings of a Dead Paedophile.

Insha’allah (God willing) this leaflet will undo some of the lies and propaganda as seen through Muslim eyes and help explain some of the causes for the oppression which Muslims face in Britain today.

Well read it yourself and see what you think. Because this poor brainwashed fool goes onto say:

In fact, unlike any other religion, Islam has rulings on every single aspect of life one can imagine, from inheritance laws to laws which set out how to raise revenues for the state and also foreign policy. Indeed an Islamic state implementing this unique law and order was existent from 622 CE until 1924, first established in the life-time of the Messenger Muhammad and finally destroyed through the efforts of the European powers in 1924 after the 1st World War, turning the Ottoman Caliphate (which was implementing the Shari’ah) into what is today called secular Turkey.

Well he was right about the fact that everything they do is done according to the rantings of a madman. From which finger to wipe their behinds with to when is the best time to drink their own Urine. Even how to pray for forgiveness after committing the Secret Sin. Search that one out.

Check out the following link here and take the time out to brouse through their fatwas on how to live. Be warned, there are 96 pages of insanity but it will give you a glimpse into the minds of the Moslems who believe they must change the world into an hell on earth or face damnation for all eternity.

After reading it, I am sure you will realise that we can never live in peace with these people and that perhaps it would be better to wade through the rivers of blood now, whilst the river is only knee deep rather then wait for it to be up to our necks.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Cumbrian BNP and The Zealot

I know we should not mock the afflicted but you just must watch the following clip of some moron by the name of Jenkins from the Urinate Against Freedom Crowd try to prevent British National Party activists in Barrow selling their papers.

Hats of to the Cumbrian BNP guys for showing such patience in putting up with the clowns rantings.

Also of interest is the fact that the public continue to buy the BNP material, accept their leaflets and just carry on as if the clown was absent.

Good stuff hey? And the lads have promised more clips to follow. So bookmark their site and check it regular to see more madness from the maniacs whose hearts still dream of Moscow.

Barnsely BNP Attacked - Update

In case you have missed it, there is an update on the disgusting attack by the Urinate Against Freedom mob (two is all they could muster) against the British National Party activists on Saturday.

There are also some links to some very interesting articles that I am sure you will find enlightening.

Well done Barnsely BNP


MRSA - The Blood on the hands of the NHS

Yesterday. Yesterday, I intended to write about the defeat of the English Rugby Team by South Africa. Offer commiserations on behalf of the True Brit Welsh and move onto the press coverage in which they were foolishly portraying the South African victory as a unifying event that would bring black and white South Africans together. Dream on, I thought. The country is sinking, slowly but surely sinking and within a few years its plight will equal that of Rhodesia. That is the subject I had planned to expand on yesterday.

But events from home overtook me and I received news of the death of an acquaintance. No, not an acquaintance. A friend. Even if the only time we got together was in the British Legion. He was a friend and along with other family and friends we had spend days out of our lives going to the same weddings and funerals in a Welsh Valley town. Another broken link to the past who can no longer jog memories on a Sunday morning in the Legion.

And his mother survives him. How will she cope? He worshiped her and despite her age he would drag her into the club occasionally for a brown ale and we of course would treat her with the respect she deserved has the mother of a friend.

But he is dead. Gone from us. Stolen from us not by an accident, not by cancer or any of the other things that take us. He was murdered by the NHS. A simple operation should be followed by a fast recovery. Not MRSA and death.

And so my friend becomes another statistic, another name to be added to the 20,000 people who now die of MRSA or E Coli Dificil each year. 20,000 dead and 20,000 familys left grieving because of the ineptitude of this government and NHS staff.

But what kind of super killers are these slayers of men, women and children that they cannot be defeated in a supposedly advanced society? Well they are not super slayers, they are just killers allowed into the hospitals by lazy cleaning staff, visitors and even lazier doctors and nurses who cannot be bothered to wash their hands.

Read beneath or follow this link to see how easy it is to defeat these killers of our family and friends and perhaps one day us.

Hospitals have always been dangerous places , I know because I went in for what should have been a one day operation and came out 4 years later. Cross infection in hospitals is probably now at its highest and most dangerous level since Lister introduced hand washing as a procedure to combat Puerperal Fever(childbirth fever) over 100 years ago. In Listers day doctors would go straight from dissecting cadavers to delivering babies without washing their hands between with the consequence that thousands of mothers died from Puerperal Fever.
Today it is MSRA and E Coli Dificil that are the big killers with E Coli Dificil implicated in twice as many deaths as MSRA. Liam Donaldson, the UK s Chief doctor, blames the poor hand washing culture in the UK for the spread of MSRA in hospitals.

Ironically it is the methods used to combat MSRA that has led to the increase in E Coli Dificil. ; the surgical gels which hospital workers now use to clean hands kill MSRA but are useless against E Coli Dificil. E Coli Dificil is not a new problem , it has been known for years and the best preventative measure is to wash your hands thoroughly in soap and water at regular intervals. The rise in use of antibiotics has raised E Coli Dificil to super-bug level because the antibiotics also kill the good bacteria contained in our guts which combat E Coli, without that good bacteria the E Coli can run wild and is now appearing in increasing numbers on death certificates as cause of death..
Where I live in China, hand washing is carried out fastidiously whenever we come into the house or before we eat anything. Hand washing is almost a religion.
If MSRA and E Coli Dificil are to be beaten in Britain then ,not only medical workers but everyone must relearn Listers lessons and wash their hands thoroughly in soap and water frequently Whatever you touch ; money, handrails etc., that has been touched by others could carry the E Coli Dificil infection. If you do not wash your hands then you not only put yourself at risk but anyone you have contact with.

For example if you are visiting a relative in hospital you can transfer the infection to them and if you shake hands with the person in the next bed you can infect them as well or infect yourself from them.

Medical workers in particular have to relearn the importance of soap and water to wash their hands between attending to patients, even if only making their bed more comfortable. It is not uncommon to see a nurse walking from bed to bed fluffing up pillows or attending to other needs of patients but you rarely see them wash their hands between patients-it is little wonder these infections have spread so rapidly.

Another dangerous practice also observed is seeing nurses wearing their uniforms to travel to work in ; thereby carrying infections on them into our hospitals.
Listers’ pragmatic procedures saved thousands of lives; he must be turning in his grave at ther the thought modern society has been stupid enough to ignore the lessons taught and practiced for over a hundred years.
Biological weapons are the most terrifying weapons of all; the thought of terrorists spreading Anthrax or Botulinus is frightening but we are spreading an infection with a killing power just as hazardous. Why ; Sheer laziness or ignorance?
Protect yourself and your family-wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water.

But what else has changed besides hygiene habits in the last 30 years, to increase the number of our fellow citizens dieing unnecessarily? MRSA/Edef deaths have increased from less than 300 a year to 20,000 a year remember?

The size of hospitals. We used to have community hospitals that were easily managed and cleaned. Where local staff took a pride in their hospital and where very often the patients were known to the nursing staff as either friends or family of friends and so received the best of care. A nurse would die of shame if just one of her patients developed bed sores. Such was their pride in their work and hospital.

But those days are gone. We have the super hospitals managed by politically appointed people who care more about cutting costs in order to ensure their salaries are topped up with big fat bonuses and their inflation proof pensions topped up on a regular basis.

To these people, patients are not human beings, they are numbers and are treated in the same shameful way of battery hens where deaths from poor care are accepted. Besides they have private health care plans.

But there is another killer lose on the wards. Multiculturalism. We are told that the health service could not survive without all the immigrant nurses and outsourced cleaning staff to do the work. Fiddlesticks. Complete and utter tosh.

Were we to deport all the illegal immigrants swamping the NHS, we could soon start to manage the hospitals properly. We would no longer need (if we ever did) this army of overseas workers who or are depriving True British Doctors and Nurses of jobs.

Do you think a nurse, doctor or cleaner from overseas gives a damn about your Uncle Burt or feels pride in the huge hospitals they work in? Of course not. To them the patients are just something to be ignored untill they can finish work for the day. And if they do not care about the patients then why take the time to wash their hands? It is not their friend who is dieing and it not their friend who died yesterday.


You can get details of how the massive NHS pension funds are now costing every family in the UK over £8,000 here.

Monday, 22 October 2007


Solidarity is raising funds for a legal action. The following has just been posted on their website (


Many of you will have heard of the Mark Walker case. He is a teacher at the Sunnydale Community College in Shildon, County Durham. He is 36, a former RAF weapons technician, a popular Design and Technology Teacher, a husband and father. He and his family have now been hit by a body-blow!

He has been suspended from his job since March, allegedly due to misusing school computers whilst at work, but our Union believes his real "crime" was standing as a candidate for the British National Party. Mark has fallen foul of political correctness.

Our Trades Union Solidarity welcomes all members whatever their political background and takes a hard line against political discrimination. Freedom of Association and Expression and the right to earn a livelihood, regardless of political affiliation, are things we value. Our Union is vigourously defending Brother Mark.

Beyond all the pickets, petitions and letters condemning this persecution it looks likely that the Union will have to support and fund legal action to protect Mark's rights.

How can you help?

Well if you believe in Free Speech, Freedom of Association and a mans (or woman’s) democratic right to a livelihood then please send a donation.

We all know that Legal costs can run into many thousands of pounds and there is no guarantee of success but we believe that injustice must be challenged.

Do you wish those opposed to freedom to win without even a fight?

Trade Unions supporting New Labour have already been given the green light to ban membership from individuals belonging to parties they don't like. This was one of the reasons for the formation of Solidarity; to enable workers to protect their employment rights without fear of discrimination on grounds of political belief.

This time we need to do our utmost to protect Mark.

We urge you to send as much as you can afford. If you are a member of an association ask your local Branch to send a small donation. Consider making a collection and sending it in. Our website will chart the its progress. Please help us to protect you. One day they might come for you. Let us take the battle for freedom and democratic rights to them, first!

Use the PayPal link on their page to contribute by credit or debit card or send your donation by post to: Solidarity Trade Union , PO Box 93, Spennymoor DL16 9AN.

Utter Dhimmitude

I have copied the following from the superb site North East Scotland Nationalists. I copy in full so that in the event of a blog closing the post still lives on. I do so with this post to show how, our so called Leaders of the Church are betraying the Christian Religion.

On Saturday the 20th of October 6 members of Aberdeen BNP attended an open event at Queens Cross Church Hall in the centre of Aberdeen. The event organised by Queens Cross Overseas Committee, was to be an education day, “Examining relations between Islam & Christianity around the World”. The event was publicised in one of the local free newspapers, and invited everyone, from any group to come along and ask questions.

We took our seats at 10 am spreading ourselves out amongst the crowd of over 70 people. It was a good turn out with the makeup of the crowd being in the middle to late age groups.

The event kicked off with an outline in the basic tenets of Christianity & Islam, & their teachings on religious tolerance. Rev Clarence Musgrove (Former minister of St Andrews Church Of Scotland) read some passages from the bible, which outlined the basic meanings of Christianity, and highlighted the need for tolerance. Touching on love thy neighbour, and even our enemies.

We then had Iman Ibrahim Alawawi (Aberdeen Mosque) who started his talk by chanting versus from the Koran, and then redoing them in English. His whole talk never veered far from telling us that Islam was about Peace, Harmony, Tolerance, Integration, the need for us to love each other and the need for co-operation between different faiths’s and cultures.

I am sure that not many of us who take the time to educate ourselves of the finer points of the religion of peace will recognise the version of Islam that Iman Ibrahim Alawawi was trying to portray. Anyway it was now time for the first round of questions.

The questions were chaired by Roy Sutherland, (Chairman of Overseas Committee) and were to be directed to Rev Musgrove & Imam Alawawi. The first question was asked by one of the BNP group, “How can you sit their and preach about tolerance, peace, and love for all, when Muslims all over the world are responsible for killing thousands of innocent Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and people of every other religion, and how can you justify praying to a man that was a paedophile”.

The gasp’s and tut tut’s from the assembled crowd would have drowned out the nosiest part of any football stadium. But give him his due the Imam applauded the questioner for having the guts to be honest.

He passed over the question about the around the world killings and answered the question referring to the Prophet and his relationship with young Aisha. (Aisha was the Prophet Muhammad’s third wife. She married Muhammad at the age of 6 when Muhammad was 53, and they consummated their marriage when she was at the age of 9).

The Imam defended the accusation of the prophet being a paedophile by stating that “Aisha was already engaged before meeting Muhammad, and that she had reached puberty by the time they had sex at 9 years old", he then stated that such practises were normal as girls reached puberty much earlier long ago.

The BNP questioner by this time was quite rightly annoyed by the Imam’s lack of condemnation as regards underage sex and his refusal to answer the question on the lack of tolerance shown around the world by Islam, the discussion was becoming more heated.

At this point one of the elderly ladies in the crowd got up and tried to shout down the BNP questioner, shouting that we should show tolerance and want peace with Muslims, for this she received a rapturous applause.

It was at this point we realised we had stumbled into the land of utter Dhimmitude. A rather flustered Roy Sutherland (chair) stepped in to end the so called question and answer session, it was obvious he did not want any of the crowd asking searching questions about Islam. It was time for a cup of tea, and a welcome break from the all too apparent isn’t Islam great fest that this event was turning into.

Part Two (Further into the Abyss)

The second part of the event (Submission to Islam) consisted of various talks from mainly Muslim’s on different subjects.

The first was by Habib Malik (Islamic relief) who seemed to focus on the colour of a baby’s blood, saying that it did not matter if a baby was black or white the blood was still red. He touched on the various countries around the world that he had visited in his capacity with Islamic relief, obviously most of these countries had sizable Muslim populations, and we did agree with him that hunger was a man made problem, and that it could be solved if man wanted to.

But yet again the gravitas of his speech was on how it did not matter if a man was Muslim or Christian, when he was dieing of starvation he would pray to the same god. It was obvious that he was trying to use disasters to paint Islam and Christianity as the same thing, thus giving us nothing to worry about as the Islamic takeover of our country gathers pace. Of course the liberal Dhimmis in the gathered crowd were lapping it up, how they cooed and aahed at the tales of wonderful Islam rescuing the world.

Next Up was Chahararazed Ahriz from the (Aberdeen Muslim’s Woman’s Association) giving a talk about North Africa. Her barely legible speech focussed on a tape she was sent of Islamic preaching’s from an Islamic country, and how she was amazed that you could hear what she described as church bells in the background. She then spent ages trying to convince us that churches co-exist quite happily alongside mosques in mainly Muslim countries, using the fact that the alleged church bells on the tape had not been edited out as proof. Yet again the liberal Dhimmis cooed and aahed at how wonderfully tolerant Islam is and gave a rapturous round of applause.

We then had the Rev Musgrove back up giving a talk about Israel and Palenstine, pretty standard stuff except the way he mentioned the Jewish people. It was a case of Jew’s, The Jew’s not really endearing terms if you were listening to the way it was coming across, perhaps this was due to the Muslim element in the room.

I think most people will agree with me if you were referring to Israel you would say the Jewish people. Not Jews or The Jews, this reference and tone was carried over from the refreshment break earlier when I was speaking to the Rev Musgrove. This talk finished with the liberal Dhimmis shaking their heads at how terrible the Palestinians suffer at the hands of Israel, yet again they gave a rapturous round of applause.

Abdulai Fofana, Dhimming the Audience

Next we had a talk from Abdulai Fofana, who was speaking about Sierra Leone, his talk was power point based, and went through the demographics of the country.

This led to the continual highlighting of how the country was 70% Muslim and 30% Christian, and the fact that Sierra Leone has a Christian president was also something else that kept getting mentioned, the only conclusion I could bring from this was that the speaker felt that this was an injustice.

He also went into great lengths about the number of Christian-Muslim marriages that there are in that country, and how happy the different partners were going to their separate places of worship. He told us about what a wonderful place Sierra Leone was, and how it was an example of how Islam and Christianity can co-exist. Granted Sierra Leone has been at peace since 2002, but with a 70% Muslim population you wonder how long it will be before the percentage rises. Anyway this talked finished with a rapturous round of applause and the liberal Dhimmis cooed and aahed at how wonderful it must be to live in Sierra Leone. I did wonder if it was so wonderful, why the speaker has not gone back.

Part Three (The Abyss is finalised)

The final part of the event was another question and answer with the above 4 speakers answering questions with Roy Sutherland yet again chairing them.

A couple of the Dhimmis asked none obtrusive questions that gave the speakers the chance to further the Islamic cause, by putting over what a wonderful religion Islam was to the ever eager to lap it up crowd.

That was until one man asked about Shariah law, this then lead to Chahararazed Ahriz from the (Aberdeen Muslim’s Woman’s Association) stating that “we should allow Muslims to practise 100% their beliefs and law’s, anything less is not good”.

At this point the chair knew what was coming and he said that time’s up no more questions.

Their was no way that we could leave an open statement from a Muslim expressing that they did want to see Shariah law in Britain, one of the BNP contingent stood up and asked the question “would this mean that we could except to see some of the more barbaric sentences used in the UK”,

We could not believe when no condemnation was given towards the barbaric use of honour killings, stoning to death of adulterers, limbs being chopped of for what we in the west would regard as minor crimes. We were told that the laws in other countries are different. The chair then stepped in and called an end to the question’s as yet again he could not see any searching questions being asked about Islam.

The BNP contingent left then, we did not want to stay for the closing readings and prayers. We did not want to hear Islamic prayers in a Christian church; we had seen and heard enough and now knew that a good number of the British public are being taken in by the Islamic use of taqiya a form of lying used to further the Islamic takeover of countries.

We came along to this meeting expecting to hear some challenging questions put forward to the panel of speakers but what we found was utter and total Dhimmitude towards Islam.

We felt numb that our own people could be so gullible in the face of these smiling assassins; they heckled and jeered us, while at the same time ignoring the victims of the Twin Towers, the London and Madrid bombings and the almost daily occurrences of Islamic atrocities. And they justify this stance by saying that Christianity was not all good a few hundred years ago and that we are sorry for the atrocities that Christians have carried out.

So here we have it folks Islam has taken a strong foothold into what should be the bastions of our Christian faith and way of life, our churches. Stuck in a perpetual time warp from centauries ago it seems that the majority of church goers in Aberdeen have bought into the wonder’s that Islam has to offer, not only will they stand back and let the takeover happen without a mutter of protest, they will offer apologies on our behalf as it happens.

As the days to remembrance Sunday ticks down, I only hope in-between their self loathing these people can find time to reflect on the sacrifice our brave forces made on our behalf, and ask themselves why they are so happy to see the new Nazism that Islam clearly is take over our country.

Although initially numb and dumbfounded by our fellow citizen’s reaction to Islam, it left the BNP contingent even more determined to safeguard our children’s future in our own country. A future without the fear of everything Islam has to offer the West. Please wake up Britain.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Germany had better wake up fast

They are quite clear about their aims. We should be clear in our aim.

Over in Kosovo, the Serbian land that we handed over illegally to the Moslems, the number of moon bats has increased from 45% of the population to now making up over 90%. At the end of the 2nd World War, when Serbia bravely fought for us, the population was less than 10%. Churches are now burned to the ground and the remaining Christians murdered on an almost daily basis.

History has shown that the normal pattern for the colonisation and transformation of a country into a Muslim land under Sharia law follows the same, well tested plan.

When they make up around 10% of the population the turnips become more vocal. They are entrenched in their enclaves of the host country and can now start to expand by driving out the surrounding, indigenous population by intimidation and violence. Their demands become more threatening.

At around 40% of the population they now feel strong enough to reveal their real aim of complete domination of the host country by increased threats and acts of terror, whilst increasing further their demands for change of culture or else.

When their numbers have risen to around 50% by either immigration, both legal, illegal and massive breeding programs they are into the final stage for the enslavement of the true owners of the land. By both democratic means and acts of terror the two pronged attack continues, until like Kosovo they have either exterminated the non believers or forced them into a life of servitude as Dhimmi Slaves.

Here in Our Country, their numbers are increasing rapidly and soon we will be entering the 2nd stage of their conquest of Our Land. Only the British National Party has the courage to face up to this truth and foil their plans. Only you can help them achieve a future for your children.

Meanwhile, the same plan is being followed all over Western Europe and our Dhimmi leaders convince themselves that they can control the host from hell. Some of them will only learn the truth as their heads are being removed from their bodies. I have no objections to that but they will take us with them if we let them.

In Germany the Moslems are now flaunting their power by announcing plans to double the number of Mosques in just two years. But these are not ordinary mosques. They are Mosques aimed at showing the power and dominance of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile. And where is the money for these symbols of oppression to come from? You know. The Center of Hell itself. Saudi Arabia.
"We are talking here about buildings with a dome and a minaret, which are clearly recognizable from the outside, and not the 2,600 prayer areas housed in various buildings throughout the country,"
However there is some resistance to the moon bats plans to build the biggest mosque in Europe in Cologne. Let us hope that the resistance prevails.

The truth is, we can never co-exist with this cult of madmen. The followers of this cult, like the followers of all cults are totally brainwashed by their leaders. The only solutions are complete segregation, death or slavery.