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Don't be lied to by Labour and don't be conned by the Conservatives

They say you can always tell when a politician is lying because his lips are moving, and similarly you can always tell when there’s election fever in the air because Labour and Tory politicians come sneaking around the BNP’s website looking for policies to steal.

The LibLabCon men – the failed old politicians from the failed old parties - know that our policies are popular (an independent opinion poll for Sky News last year found that our policies have the support of the majority of the population) and that is why they have to smear us as ‘racists’ and ‘extremists’ in order to con the public into not voting for us.

They know that if the people knew the truth – that the BNP is a sensible, traditional, fair and democratic party – the old parties would be out on their ears and we would be in power.

But the LibLabCon men know that telling lies about us isn’t enough, because more and more people are seeing through the stupid smears and are voting BNP in increasing numbers at every election, so they have to skulk around our website like pickpockets looking for policies to pinch which they can then pretend to support – for just long enough to con a few gullible voters and win the election. After the election, of course, the promises will be forgotten and it will be business as usual.

So like political transvestites Labour and the Tories have been trying on BNP clothes.

First off was the PR Con-man, David son-of-Blair Cameron. Desperate at the way he was falling behind in the polls and the dissent within Tory ranks he furtively tried on the BNP’s mantle and announced that immigration was “too high” under Labour. Unfortunately the poor little pratt forgot to adopt any policies which would seriously reduce immigration, and thus just made a fool of himself.

The pension-thief Gordon Brown was not to be left out of this attempt to coral a few BNP supporters. In a blatant smash-and-grab of the BNP’s employment policies he announced that he believed in ‘British jobs for British workers’.

Have you ever heard anything more ludicrous? The man who was number two in the government which flooded the British jobs market with more foreign workers than ever before in British history suddenly pretending to care about British workers.

Immigration – which Gordon Brown supports - has forced wages down and unemployment up, while at the same time reducing job security. So for him to pretend to be the friend of the British worker was truly vomit-inducing.

The party conferences have provided more opportunities for flaunting stolen goods.

At the Labour conference serial policy-thief Gordon Brown vowed to deport foreign criminals. Well, no, not ALL of them, he couldn’t quite bring himself to copy our policy entirely, but he promised “any newcomer to Britain who is caught selling drugs or using guns will be thrown out”. Lies. All lies. It simply won’t happen. EU laws and the Human Rights Act introduced by Labour will stop this ever happening.

You don’t need a crystal ball to realise this, just a decent memory. Remember that Learco Chindamo, the Italian who murdered the headmaster Philip Lawrence in 1995, could not be deported, and that Gordon Brown has ‘previous’ on this issue, having pledged in July that he would deport 4,000 foreign criminals this year. It’s all gone quiet on that front, for some reason …

Not wanting to be left out Jack Straw, the failure of Justice minister, decided to dip into our policies on crime and came out with the brainwave of reviewing the self-defence laws.

The BNP’s policy on this is clear and unambiguous: victims of crime will be allowed full freedom to defend themselves and their property.

What Jack Straw-man is proposing is merely a woolly review which will come to nothing.

Again, you just need to let recent history be your guide and remember that Labour have refused to change the law despite repeated reviews in the last few years.

Jack was put firmly back in his box as political observers also pointed out that he did nothing about the injustice of the self-defence laws in his four years as Home Secretary. That’s the problem with trying to put on stolen clothes, Jack: they just don’t fit.

And now we have the spectacle of the childish David Cameron, desperate at his collapsing support (both inside and outside the Tory party), trying to win back some of the voters fleeing his party and seeking refuge in the welcoming arms of the BNP.

First his pet Muslim peeress, Sayeeda Warsi, tried to make reassuring noises by saying that BNP supporters have some “very legitimate views”. Gosh, thank you for allowing us to have an opinion. Thank goodness you agree that “immigration has been out of control”, or we would all just have to go to bed without supper.

If the Tories really believe that this patronising garbage is going to win back the voters who have turned their backs on the party of Con-men and the little son-of-Blair they really do not understand the depths of disgust with which they are held.

But still they try to steal our policies.

The latest crime took place when George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, copied the BNP policy of raising the threshold for inheritance tax to £1 million.

Unfortunately, in his haste to escape from the scene of the crime he left behind the other vital balancing component to this policy, which is the BNP’s policy of raising the threshold for paying income tax to £15,000 per annum.

It is only by having a combination of these two policies that you can reduce the tax burden equitably across the income bands. By only adopting one of these policies Georgy Porgy has disproportionately benefited the better off. Ah well, he is a Tory; plus ça change, as they say in South Kensington …

If you agree with our policies – see HERE – then VOTE FOR US. Only the BNP can be trusted to deliver these policies. The other parties will try to con you into voting for them by pretending to adopt our policies and to sympathise with your concerns but they will betray you like they have always done in the past.

The BNP is YOUR party. We are your voice. We are the only party you can trust to deliver the policies you believe in.

Hat tip: Aberdeen

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