Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Bins, barcodes and Brown

Come on the BNP. Let us start our own recycling rounds and damn the councils

Despite the wishes of their electorate, over 170 councils have now scrapped weekly bin collections and rubbish piles and rats are now free to multiply for a fortnight or longer.

Now the councils would have you believe that this is done in order to make people recycle more waste. More spin and more lies.

There is a grain of truth in that statement but only a grain. The true reason is that the councils are getting increasingly desperate to find more ways of squeezing the last drop of blood money from their ever suffering ratepayers.

And why do they need this money? Not for services, that is for sure. It is to fund their managers huge salaries and the massive, ever increasing bills for funding the inflation proof pensions for all the politically appointed non jobs disguised under names such as outreach workers for gays, lesbians, immigrants whose true jobs are to support the Lib/Lab/con pact parties as activists.

That is the true reason. And now in order to squeeze the public purse even tighter they are arranging for wheelie bins to be bar coded so automatic fines of £100 can be send out to those who might put out too much refuse.

Another thing you should consider is the money the councils make from recycling. It is big business these days with decent sums of money being paid out by companies for tins, cans, glass, newspaper, cardboard and cooking oil.

So there you go. If any senior BNP guys read this blog, why not think about recycling in your regions. 60 crushed beer cans come to about a kg in weight and can be sold for around 60p. Arrange collections in your area. The people I am sure would rather fund a patriotic party then a self seeking council. I shall do my bit by increasing the amount of cheap lager I drink in my lonely world.

But the problems that councils are having with finding the money to pay pensions is also magnified on a national level. In this post, I revealed how many people now work directly for the government. Jobs created to buy Labour votes. Read it and wonder at how much that little lot costs the ever dwindling band of real producers in the country.

So the unelected Prime Minister needs money to retain power. He has stolen our old pension money and as sold of our gold reserves to prop up the euro. A currency that will one day be as valuable as the Old Confederacy Dollars. Worth nothing and our gold gone to buy the Lib/Lab/con politicians a few more years in power.

And now with the British National Party on the rise and their cash tap called the honours list gone they are now about to make the public pay for political party funding. You can bet they will try to find a way to exclude the BNP.

I wont go into that story (but please read the link) as I have to do some data input work on the Liars, Buggers and Thieves blog that I have now take over from the Bournemouth Nationalist who is going to be busy elsewhere. He has done a great job and I know we all wish him well.


Anonymous said...

We now have 2 large bins and a box where I live. We can save paper glass & tins in the box, household waste in the black bin, and gardening waste and cardboard in the green bin. I also recycle plastic but there is no collection for that so I bag it up and take it to the dumpit along with other recyclable stuff that they don't collect. Before we got the green bin this summer I used to take my gardening waste to the dumpit and my household waste was collected every week, but now we have the green bin I have to forego a weekly collection on the household waste which Is necessary, in exchange for a monthly (in my case)collection of stuff I used to take myself.

It seems with every additional bin they extend the collection period, you aren't going to fill all the bins in one week or even 2, but that's not the point, it stands to reason that individual types of waste aren't going to accumulate as quickly as general household waste. My garden only gets a pruning once a month (roughly) My black bin gets filled every week, and the household waste is far more attractive to rodents than is the shrub and lawn clippings, but my black bin has to remain in my drive now for 2 weeks, festering and stinking, especially in warm weather, so luckily this year it hasn't been too bad due to the lack of currant bun. Even disinfectant and bleach can't combat the accumulated stink of a fortnight. These bloody councils are crazy, they haven't an ounce of common sense between them. Just money grubbing tin-pot dictators.

The article in the Daily Mail says it all, I had an argument with my neighbour over the microchips in the bins, she said it was so they could tell what you were putting in the bins, which is ridiculous, I told her then it was because they were weighing them and eventually we would end up getting charged separately for the weight of our bins but she wouldn't listen... needless to say I'm going to print the article here...
and give it to her.


Anonymous said...

modern life eh,dont you just loathe it!.(Shieldwall-Plymouth)