Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Is British aggression towards Muslims a fact of life?

A Dhimmi fool listens to the Mad March Moslem Hare

Mad as a March Hare. Who? The mad moslem who has just posted an article here that he thinks will make the True Brits will roll over like some dog and believe that black is white and white is black.

Why not go check it out and put the poor guy straight.

We can never life in peace in Our Country so long as Islam remains locked in the past and takes as gospel the ramblings of a Dead Paedophile.

Insha’allah (God willing) this leaflet will undo some of the lies and propaganda as seen through Muslim eyes and help explain some of the causes for the oppression which Muslims face in Britain today.

Well read it yourself and see what you think. Because this poor brainwashed fool goes onto say:

In fact, unlike any other religion, Islam has rulings on every single aspect of life one can imagine, from inheritance laws to laws which set out how to raise revenues for the state and also foreign policy. Indeed an Islamic state implementing this unique law and order was existent from 622 CE until 1924, first established in the life-time of the Messenger Muhammad and finally destroyed through the efforts of the European powers in 1924 after the 1st World War, turning the Ottoman Caliphate (which was implementing the Shari’ah) into what is today called secular Turkey.

Well he was right about the fact that everything they do is done according to the rantings of a madman. From which finger to wipe their behinds with to when is the best time to drink their own Urine. Even how to pray for forgiveness after committing the Secret Sin. Search that one out.

Check out the following link here and take the time out to brouse through their fatwas on how to live. Be warned, there are 96 pages of insanity but it will give you a glimpse into the minds of the Moslems who believe they must change the world into an hell on earth or face damnation for all eternity.

After reading it, I am sure you will realise that we can never live in peace with these people and that perhaps it would be better to wade through the rivers of blood now, whilst the river is only knee deep rather then wait for it to be up to our necks.

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Anonymous said...

There's a similar load of taqiyya from a Muslima at,,2197844,00.html

Check out the comments section, she gets shot down in flames! Quite a surprise response from the readers of al-Grauniad. Are they finally developing some critical faculties?