Friday, 12 October 2007

A short Intermission

Those of you who are my age will remember The Potters Wheel clip shown on T.V. during the Intermissions between programs that they used to have. I am having a day or so off blogging to do some work on other things. Normal service will be resumed on Monday. That probably means Sunday.

One thing I have been occupied with, is the populating of The UK Enrichment News with data from all around the Country. Link on the right.

Because of time constraints, I am only able to capture just a small percentage of the crimes committed against Our Society by the colonisers, whom we call The Enrichers.

What is alarming, is the number of people whose lives have been harmed as a result of the failed social experiment called Multiculturalism. The costs in health treatment, policing and imprisonment for the few criminals captured must be horrendous and is sure to impact on the needs of the True Brits whose views no longer seem to matter.

Please could fellow bloggers link the site alongside your links to the political information provided in Liars, Buggers and Thieves that you should also carry on your blogs.

The ferrets amoungst you may also email me at with links to stories that should be logged and also any requests for articles on a particular subject that you would like to see written. Albeit badly.


Anonymous said...

British Blog Directory

Anonymous said...

The Green Arrow said...

Thank you Anon. I had already read this and plan to write about it later today after I tie in with some similar events around the country.

Keep the info coming.

Anonymous said...


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